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  1. Ashley Cole

    Jose gave the impression in his pre-match interview today that he is looking at other LB'S because he dosent know if the Cole deal is going to be sorted.Because of that I am inclined to think that this rumour is false,I dont think Jose would say all those thing if the Cole deal is nearly complete.
  2. Ashley Cole

    I take the fact we went to all the trouble of releasing a statement to announce that no agreement could be agreed as a sign that chelsea are trying to force Arsenal's hand.The statement was used to make our pososion public in order to show arsenal we are very serious about not increasing our offer.Because of this statement arseanl are being pushed into a corner either accept the offer as it stands or keep an unhappy player and risk him putting in a transfer request. This deal is by no means off I dont think.It's very clever the way Chelsea are going about this.
  3. Ashley Cole

    Why are you taking this as a final decision not to persue the player.The statement clesrly says that no deal can be agreed in the current circumstances not that intrest has totaly ended in Ashley. I still think there is a good chance thae he will sign,its just a case of when arsenal accept the fact Cole wants to leave.
  4. Ashley Cole

    So it's now confirmed that we are after Ashley Cole and have made an offer. By the sounds of it that offer has not yet been accepted nor declined. Very intresting, I was not to sure if we were even interested in him, but now Jose has actually said that an offer is on the table it's obvious we are going to get him. He would be a be a great player for us, it's just a shame the deal couldn't have gone through earlier and I do hope it doesn't drag on for another 2 weeks........
  5. Ashley Cole

    quote:Originally posted by James Prescott Cole has not travelled to Austria for Arsenal's pre-season friendly tonight. This means that the Cole deal could be done today and almost certainly means that he won't be playing on Tuesday, with only a week's training and no match practice. He may be in their CL squad but it's all a fallacy as he will be at Chelsea next week for almost certain. What's the odds that he's introduced to the crowd at the Celtic game? id="quote"> id="quote">Have we not been saying "he will be a chelsea player by next week" for the last month or so? This seems to be dragging on for very long time now,ok it is odd he hasnt traveled wth the team for the freindly but he hasnt had that much training so he has most likely just been excused from the trip. Of course I want Ashely Cole to Join us,he would be a fantastic player for us and improve the LB situation.However I get this feeling that he wont join us,I just feel that something should have been sorted by now if we were really serious about buying him.
  6. Ashley Cole

    I'm not totaly sure we are even in for him. I'm sure there should be something going on by now if we are really serious about signing him!
  7. Ashley Cole

    A few of the paers this morning are suggesting that the £16.5mill release clause only applies to clubs other than chelsea Apparentley Chelsea would have to pay at least double that. I dont think we will pay £30mill,but I do wonder why no bid has been mde yet.Its good to hear that the clubs are in talks but Asley Cole is back in training tommorow and I think its Odd that nothing has been sorted yet.
  8. Ashley Cole

    Some rumours are going about tonight that Arsenal have accepted a bid of £17.5mill tonight. Cannot ensure that that is true,infact it could be total bull,but I suppose watch this space.
  9. Ashley Cole

    So Wenger says that no apraoch has been made,witch would nullify all this papertalk about having bids rejected and £25mill transfer fee's. Maybe we are not intrested in him.I can't think why we haven't made a bid by now,we surely wanted him in time for the tour of the U.S.T
  10. Ashley Cole

    We need to be quick if we want Cole.I have a strong feeling that Real Madrid will make an offer soon,madrid say they want to keep Carlos aswell as buying a new LB.With Zambrotta maybe joining Barca it only leaves Cole for them to seriously consider buying.I think we should go for Cole ASAP.I also think Zambrotta is a bargain for £10mill and we should try and snatch him from Barca's clutches if poss to take up our RB slot.
  11. New Kits

    I dont like the GK kit either. However it does seem that the kit that Carlo is wearing is slightly big for him. If it fitted better, it may seem nicer. Liking the home kit alot more every time I see it.
  12. New Kits

    I like all of the kits. I really like the look of the away kit,that looks quality. The 3rd kit look pretty good in that photo aswell.
  13. New Kits

    Apparently the chelses kids team were wearing the new kit at the amsters today! So much for a grand reveal!
  14. Ashley Cole

    The trend of thought seems to be that A.Cole wants to join us,I think thats true.The problem is arsenal,will they let him go unless he puts in a transfer request? I think we need to bid over 20mill in order for Arsenal to even think about exepting the offer.
  15. Ashley Cole

    The story features in a few of the Sunday newspapers. The feeling is that we will buy Ashley Cole AND Roberto Carlos. In turn we will get rid of both ADH and Bridge to Real madrid and Spurs. I personally don't think we will get both players. Why would we do that anyway? Both are first teamers and will not come here to sit on the bench. I dont mind A.Cole coming but if he comes then there is no need for Carlos. The only reason I can think of for Jose's apparent wanting of Carlos is that he is thinking of using wing-backs next season.