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  1. If the successor will be announced "within days" after the new manager has resigned, it won't be Klopp. There's no way he would resign before the CL final.
  2. Will we only have the gold star on the kits worn in the Champions League?
  3. I would like to see Carefree Chris design the new shirts. What would they look like (genuine question)?
  4. I buy 'Small' and I am fairly small in stature, with no belly. I'm hoping the black shirt comes up small!
  5. Sports World (sports-direct) do the new shirt for just over £30 too.
  6. I read in cfcuk that the club have justified this by saying at least 10 other Premiership clubs do it, therefore we must. I wouldn't mind it so much if they actually made decent ones. This year's home is poor.
  7. No he didn't. He wrote the book in 1945 (if I remember correctly), and his book basically told the story of the revolution and it's consolidation from 1917-36 (the insurrection, the civil war, the trotsky-stalin struggle, the rapid industrialisation, and the degeneration into stalinism). A good book, yes. But it wasn't a prediction.
  8. I am interested in getting a good history of the club. Preferably unofficial as I think these books tend to be more honest. Can anyone recommend a book?
  9. I think Adidas should give orange and grey another go.
  10. "Why do you all rail more at Drogba for his honesty than the board for causing this mess?" That's certainly my take on it. I'm not angry at the player, but the board for this.
  11. Sacking the best manager in the world ruins clubs.
  12. Everyone knows Drogba though. If he's not happy, that will be reflected in his play. Chelsea can try to keep him all they want, but if he wants to go, he'll make that clear on the pitch. This is as gutting as Mourinho going. He is a vital part of our team. Arguably as important as Terry and Cech.
  13. We look like a completely different team when Drogba starts.
  14. Is there anyone I, or a moderator, could change my username?
  15. This is true. He looks too much like Andy Johnson too.