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  1. Happy Birthday, Aniaw! :-)


  2. Happy Birthday, Ania :-)

  3. Musical Tastes

    True and I'd be one of them. When someone is constantly on the front page for being such a tool, I lose all interest and I'm happy to not know about their music ability. That and he's a QPR fan. Anyway, current 5 bands I like : Hard-fi Snow Patrol The Rifles Yeah Yeah Yeahs The Young Knives Ones that I think will pick up more publicity/interest next year : Milburn The Maccabees Hot Club de Paris The Paddingtons Kate Nash All highly recommended.
  4. New Kits

    quote:Originally posted by BluEbOy90quote:Originally posted by rangersfc_chelseafcquote:Originally posted by Rachel HarrisI have to say I am really disappointed with the womens size shirt. I don't mean to whinge but... Its nothing like the actual shirt, and its so short comes up to just below my belly button. Some might say making womens sizes is stupid, but its like getting a smaller kids shirt for a child, you still want the same shirt, just made to fit the body. Why change the style? It looks like a fake cheap t-shirt. I wouldn't be so annoyed but when you pay £50 for something you have hopes it might actually be nice. id="quote"> id="quote"> You would probably of been better just buying the Mens shirt to fit you Rachel. id="quote"> id="quote"> I agree. Although most women prefer the more "Feminine" look. But then again whats the point when it looks nothing like the actual shirt. id="quote"> id="quote">The cut on it is/was meant to be better if you had more feminine features. Bums. Blokes version it is then :(
  5. New Kits

    I'm still not utterly loving it, purely because of the stripes going all the way up the arm, but will buy it nonetheless. The lion at the back towards the tramp stamp area is rather a lovely touch though. Think it was Rachel that made the point, are they not doing the womens version as well? They were cut much better for those of us with boobs.
  6. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by gronkjaer77Well done that lass. Now get some help for that addiction! The first step is admitting that you are a shoe addict......... I'm addicted to Jerry cans ;-) id="quote"> id="quote">Hey, I've only bought 2 pairs since payday and one was a pair of trainers for the gym. That's good going for me. Besides, it's cheaper than some illegal activities though that depends on the shoes. I really should ask Prada to bar me though. Must look into it. Jerry cans? What an odd one to be addicted to but if you've got the room and the inclination then why not? Was Bruce Willis a hero of yours by any chance? Just remember to play safely ;) Am I the only one who has noticed that any facts and figures that don't fit the red misted ones viewpoints, end up ignored and the thread set upon another diverted path that is more to their liking? Showing my age a little here but the whole thing just reminds me of that Harry Enfield sketch, where the "I'm considerably richer than yow" geezer finally gets shown up by the one he's been talking down to for all those years, who shows up in a flashier car, with his missus done up to the nines and with even more money. We're no longer the flash, cocky club that occasionally won a cup or 2. We are the real deal, winning the titles, having the overused phrase "world class" players coming to join us and with plenty of younger starlets too. Whilst your noses may well be out of joint, I have no sympathy. You're on a Chelsea forum, not 606 where everyone hates us, remember? Maybe the blue scheme is a bit too subtle as well as the name. Bring on Friday, when we can actually enjoy the reason why we're all here - football. That and I have a very tasty pair of shoes that I want to buy :P
  7. Chelsea Finances Thread

    quote:Originally posted by gronkjaer77quote:Originally posted by aniawAlright mate? id="quote"> id="quote"> GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *Getting jerry can of gasoline from the shed, along with packet of swan vestas!* id="quote"> id="quote">Ooops my bad, I forgot to put a disclaimer in that my tongue was firmly in my cheek at that point and only used it so pebbles and bam bam would understand. I, personally, abhor text talk and am quite willing to help you set fire to the terrible eejits that use it.
  8. Chelsea Finances Thread

    The long and short answer is no. As for the other hoohaa everyone non-Chelsea fan has been banging on about since at least I've been here and no doubt before, it's boring, ill thought out and has been shown countless times to be false or twisted with a certain red bias. Surely your own team is slighly more interesting? I mean that Crouch fella can certainly move, for example. Alright mate?
  9. New Kits

    I've seen worse but then that's due to the club they're from. My first ever Chelsea shirt was the yellow away shirt with Autoglass on it so it's pretty high up there on my favourites list. As for Mickey, isn't it short for Mickey Mouser = Scouser or are my Sherlock Holmes detective powers failing me? Either way, tool is more accurate for him, unless of course he was actually meaning to reply to another thread that was slagging Chelsea off.....
  10. Didier Drogba

    No, he's not my type. However if JT was offering,.........
  11. Didier Drogba Despite my dislike of that site, I agreed with a lot of his points.