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  1. Antonio Conte

    This is not going to be a quick fix, might take 2 seasons to get back to where we need to be. First step should be to get rid of that clown Emenalo, then sort out all of the players that we have on loan. Difficult to see top names coming this summer with no CL football, a good run in last 7 games could still see us in Europa league.
  2. Oh great, the rabble have won the day again. We should all let the lazy players know what we think of them on Saturday.
  3. I still reckon 95% of the supporters are behind Jose. Don't get any of this nonsense about players not wanting to play for him, loads of people have an arsehole of a boss, but still do the best job we can, The doctor left, what a load of **** this is, people come and go every day in most jobs, I don't have a 4 month sulk when someone in the office gets the boot. Players need to shoulder most of the blame for this mess, does anyone really think that JM has told Costa the goal is now situated somewhere outside the box. Did JM tell Oscar to stand still and not touch the ball for 20 minutes against Leicester, maybe JM told JT not to bother heading the cross for the 1st goal, did JM tell Hazard to go and have a rest when Vardy knocked him over and on and on..... Changing the manager isn't the solution, changing the players may well be and for that we need to get that clown Emilano out and someone in that can buy some players that we can use. Costsa, Oscar, Hazard could all go now, actually they could have gone on the way to Leicester.
  4. New Stadium Plans

  5. New Stadium Plans

    A couple of questions, may well have been answered before or elsewhere. Who owns the two hotels, I thought CFC sold them a few years ago, if so it's going to cost a bit to buy them back just to knock them down. Looks like all of the flats at the back of the Shed are also being knocked down, again who owns these, are they on lease basis, are people that live there just going to pack and leave, it's taken other clubs years to shift residents from local houses.
  6. New Stadium Plans

    Whatever we build they need to check the view assuming that everyone is standing up. Anyone have a link to the Times article, without needing to subscribe ?
  7. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    RLC, thought he had a good game and was took off at the right time, always best to leave the public wanting more. I'm sure they decided before the game an give him an hour. Thought we settled for a draw rather early on in the game, but nothing to play for. I never expected Gerrard to come out and thank us all for clapping him, and after the game was a bit annoyed with his comments. But I can see what he means, we've given him loads of clog for the past decade, he's never complained never given anything back, just took it and got on with his game, over the past 12 months the level has stepped up just a little bit, so you can hardly expect the geezer to suddenly think what a lovely bunch we are because we've clapped him for 30 seconds. My lad asked me yesterday why we clapped him. I didn't wait for TSO to start anything, I've seen Gerrard give his all for his club and country for the past 16, 17 years, I despise the scousers as much as the next person but he is for them, a club legend and like I said above he gets dogs abuse from supporters of loads of clubs, he's never got outwardly riled and never gave anything back. As a player 17 years at the top level is some achievement, I think we've seen him around 40 times playing against us. The fact that he plays for another team doesn't mean that he's not given me some entertainment over the years, as for the reception I was sat right behind their bench yesterday and Gerrard certainly stopped and applauded all around the ground, he looked pretty chocked as he left the pitch. We're never going to be 'friends' but I was happy to acknowledge his career in what will be the last time I will probably see him play on these shores.
  8. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 3

    We need to win tonight, these are 4th bottom, yes they have won 4 on the bounce but against West Ham and Swansea both on the beach, Burnley and West Brom, both as crap as Lesta.
  9. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 3

    Lesta fans reckon they were pretty poor at Burnley, most of them are banking on Huth and Morgan keeping us quiet.
  10. QPR 0 Chelsea 1

    Bit of a **** game, several players looking out on their feet. I said it at Villa Drogs is willing but the legs just ain't there anymore, surely Solanki or Brown would be a better bet. What happened to Remy is the bloke made of glass. Couple of points on our neighbours, what an annoying bunch of cnts they really are, throwing the ball away every time it went into the crowd, or hurling it at our players, bravely abusing every player who went near them from the safety of their seats. I tweeted Tony Fernandes yesterday to ask him if it was reasonable to expect to be able to see all of the goal when sitting in a 'Gold' seat, no reply, might follow it up with QPR, still least we wont have to go their next season.
  11. Tottenham 5 Chelsea 3

    We have turned into a one man team. Too much reliance now on Hazard, some other players need to step up again. Defence was shocking yesterday all four of them. Still to be convinced by our keeper, he stops all the shots that I would expect him too, but that's about it. Defensive midfield was non existent. Cesc was awful but stayed on the pitch, and Jose needed to change things around, what has Remy done wrong ? To round it all off paid a tenner to park and then managed to lose my credit card.
  12. CL semi final/ final

    The Away ST thing is a pain, but the rules are pretty clear at the start of the year, and they are better than a few years ago when you didn't even get considered for domestic cup finals. Away leg tickets are on Sale to Members tomorrow, and I reckon anyone with 60 points who wants one will be ok. In fact if I could place a bet I'd go for them not selling out.
  13. CL semi final/ final

    Might be wrong but I can't see this selling out. So members should get a look in on Thursday. Nice PR gesture from the club to knock a score of the price of tickets, but I doubt it will make any difference to anyone buying.
  14. Champions League draw

    From Uefa 22 April: Club Atlético de Madrid v Chelsea FC 23 April: Real Madrid CF v FC Bayern München 29 April: Bayern v Real Madrid 30 April: Chelsea v Atlético
  15. Champions League draw

    Ron Gourlay says he can play.