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  1. John Terry

    During the second half, I had a strong feeling he'd score when things looked odd. But you made the post and I didn't, so I bow to your Meggy-abilities :p I felt detached about the whole thing, thinking it was merely an England thing. But to boo him every time he touched the ball? Seriously? The way they were acting it was as if he cheated on them.
  2. John Terry

    I have a complete lack of care on the matter. But if there's a football reason to strip him of the captaincy, you wouldn't find me criticising Capello. I don't think this is a Chelsea issue, and while I have a large soft spot for the England national team, I am firmly pro-African teams in the World Cup, so I don't have the same attachment to the issue beyond how it affects Chelsea and so far I don't think it does. Terry's Chelsea captaincy isn't in question given what I've read. If the stories that have come out before, however, are true, I wouldn't have sympathy for Terry for either the negative publicity nor should he lose the captaincy. On the former part, these footballers court the publicity for sponsorship and fame, so live by the sword... With regards to the captaincy, I am no expert in inner-dressing room politics, but if something did arise with an unhappy dressing room (and I doubt it'd be clear this early, unlike what some reports pretend to know as it's only broke so recently) then Capello would have no choice. Dropping Terry from the team, on the other hand, would be preposterous. Though one could question how effective Terry would be psychologically as a non-captain a few months after being humiliatingly demoted in the World Cup. I think he'd be able to handle it, but it's a question. While it is news, especially given Wayne Bridge is on the other side is an aspect, I do find this obsession with people's personal sex lives on both sides of the Atlantic extremely distasteful and somewhat disturbing. Surely people have their own lives to deal with to bother with having this much emotional attachment to famous people's.
  3. Movies

    Loved it and saw it years back. Saw the sequel too just this past week. Still cracks me up that one of the two main guys in that movie looks like the lead in this sitcom. In his search for true love, he kicks ass while running across rooftops in the Banlieue of Paris.
  4. Movies

    My end of year list: Movie to avoid even on pain of death: X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Absolute garbage. G.I. Joe. Sienna Miller's endless beauty can't save this to make it just bad. 'nuff said. Bad movies: Transformers 2. However, it isn't as bad as they say. Just regular, ordinary, Hollywood bad. The crap written above was far worse. Madea goes to Jail: Why do people say they like it? Knowing: It was decent for a good deal, but the rest (including the end) pushed it down. Not bad movies, and I wanted to like them, but I just ended up not liking them: Inglourious Basterds Watchmen: Really like Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan's flashback was good, the Comedian was interestingly angering me the whole time. Everyone and everything else completely boring. I had the comics for a while thanks to someone, but my life was so hectic I hadn't been able to read them and moved and didn't have them. Will give them a chance in the future, but I'll have to give the movie version time to fade in memory. However, I thought V for Vendetta had an infinitely better story in my view. Decent movies, perhaps DVD for most: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: watch if you like the series, otherwise why would you be interested. More Voldemort and less kissing for the next one, ffs. Duplicity Adventureland Taken. The International Angels and Demons: Better book than Da Vinci Code, thus better movie than Da Vinci Code. Fast and Furious: Leave your brain at the door and watch cars go vroom-vroom fast. Enjoyable I Love You Man The Hangover Funny People Favourites: State of Play: I've seen the first episode of the British version and will work my way through them one day, but I really like the American one. Star Trek: Never watched a ST movie/episode before, but enjoyed this. Go figure. 500 Days of Summer District 9 Movies I've yet to see that I hope to soon: Sherlock Holmes Up Up in the Air Most fall movies. I've fallen behind on them and will go through them as usual in the stale January-March period.
  5. Movies

    I really wanted to like Inglourious Basterds [sic] but in the end I thought it was only decent at best. It started out brilliantly in the scene in France. The actor Christoph Waltz was magnificent in the scene, and his almost academic-sounding discussion on hatred with a nonchalance I found very well written and chilling. I thought the movie was going to continue in that vein, but nope. I got along with the girl, Shoshanna?, story, but I seriously couldn't go with Brad Pitt's men. They were neither funny nor insightful, didn't gain the viewer's admiration nor anger... what was the point of them? If the movie was about a failed/successful attempt on mid-level Nazis by Shoshanna, and Christoph Waltz being given far more scenes, with no Basterds at all... it may've been a much better movie.
  6. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I'm no expert in businees or finance (believe me that's an understatement), but rather than this being simple "charity" can't it be seen as further investment from Abramovich with the hopes that the team can be self-sufficient in the future? He bought the team in 2003, it's been 6 years. Maybe he has a 10 year investment plan or 15 years. Can't it be more of a plan to make the club stronger financially by putting some money into the club?
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    To be fair, Mancienne looked not like a failure when he played right-back for us against Wigan and... who was the other club?... Watford I think, last season. In fact, I remember thinking he could have some use as a backup RB until he gets more time to show what he can do. I'm neither defending him nor criticising him. I just seem to recall him not doing too bad for either game. Though my memory has a funny vision of a cross coming from our right from Wigan which we were poor in dealing with resulting in a goal for them.
  8. Chelsea Finances Thread

    ^ I think that's unfair ChelC. Surely he should be able to express his frustration at what he doesn't like and still not mean he has ended attachment to the club?
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Thanks, as always, Juni. For some reason this Delac fellow escapes my memory. I remember being linked with a young goalie... oh wait, wikipedia's helping me. So he's training with us? Smart, give him a bit of a feel until he comes a year or so from now (wiki says 2011). But if we delayed his contract going into effect due to the transfer ban, can we at least sign him up now (in January) since we have that ban delay, I wonder. Maybe we've already done that, I don't know. I saw a good part of the Wolves-Man City game (almost all the first half, thought I was flipping the channel to see the Chelsea-Fulham re-run just to catch the good moments) and Mancienne seemed interesting in midfield. One thing that stood out is that Mancienne does have a good long ball capability. However, I missed the second half and I don't know how he coped with attacks there.
  10. Mikel John Obi Off To China!

    To the question in topic title, the choices are extreme. Mikel's decent. Does he need to improve? Definitely. Does he demand a start every game? No, not on current form. Does he deserve harsh criticism? No. The world isn't black-and-white, and neither is football. Mikel isn't displaying at the moment the very good possession football he's shown before, he hasn't. I remember some games the previous seasons where he'd hold the ball well and players would try to get it off him and he'd nonchalantly move about and then move the ball accurately to another player. We need more of that. But one thing I think should be done immediately... he should be banned from shooting from outside the box, period. Not until he prepares hours in training and shows he's improved there. To say they were woeful shots he's made, not only today, would be disrespecting the word 'woeful'.
  11. It's not even Spain, it's Madrid. The moment they're linked with a player things go mad. I don't think many players have dropped their team in a minute to join Madrid. Now I know they're considered the biggest club in the world... but even then there must be something I'm not getting. I was under the impression that Man United have been courting Benzema for quite awhile, and were facing difficulty. Madrid get him before I even read they're linked with him. And we're not talking about the neighbourhood Mom and Pop club, but Man United, a team that won three straight Prem. trophies and reached the past two CL finals, winning one.
  12. A thousand thanks zoric. And now Ivanovic saying nice things after Wilkins, I really am getting more and more interested in Matic. Started getting curious when he played so comfortably in his cameo against... Wolves was it? I mean Kakuta and Borini have experience in the club, while Sturridge has experience in the league. But Matic has just popped into the country recently and came injured too. And he was doing a couple of flicks, holding the ball etc... like he's been around for awhile. If he does play in January, I'm gonna have to keep a very close eye on him.
  13. I'm not because I trust zoric (who has been a long-term poster especially with regards to Ivanovic) when zoric says Ivanovic told Serbian media he wants to stay with us, and Madrid's colourful history in trying to get players distracted. Ivanovic, unless he's an idiot or a liar, can't have said to Serbian media he wants to stay but to some foreign media he wants Madrid. Either way, there are liars I'd trust my life with over anything Madrid says. Ivanovic as far as I could tell, is a very composed and defensive CB. I still see him as a CB first and foremost and hope he is a future one of the main CB we have. That's why I like Ivanovic so much.At CB, he's shown to be composed and defensively strong. At RB, he's bombing forward like someone's chasing him with a gun.
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Song is one of the oddest players in the league this season. Sometimes I watch him and am left very impressed, other times I watch him and he is utterly useless. Fabregas, who I have said in other topics as someone I despise, is nonetheless of excellent quality. If there was any chance to get him in the top of our diamond... I'll say it right now, there's no way in hell Man United aren't going to win today. I think they'll drop points sure, but not to Hull. Let's see if my rubbish predicting can keep it going on.
  15. ^ Great to hear. Madrid wanting Ivanovic is answered with "over dead body". If it was any other club, I'd say bah let them try. But Madrid is oddly capable of getting far more players they set their eyes on than most big clubs.