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  1. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I'm no expert in businees or finance (believe me that's an understatement), but rather than this being simple "charity" can't it be seen as further investment from Abramovich with the hopes that the team can be self-sufficient in the future? He bought the team in 2003, it's been 6 years. Maybe he has a 10 year investment plan or 15 years. Can't it be more of a plan to make the club stronger financially by putting some money into the club?
  2. Following Chelsea's Loans

    To be fair, Mancienne looked not like a failure when he played right-back for us against Wigan and... who was the other club?... Watford I think, last season. In fact, I remember thinking he could have some use as a backup RB until he gets more time to show what he can do. I'm neither defending him nor criticising him. I just seem to recall him not doing too bad for either game. Though my memory has a funny vision of a cross coming from our right from Wigan which we were poor in dealing with resulting in a goal for them.
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    ^ I think that's unfair ChelC. Surely he should be able to express his frustration at what he doesn't like and still not mean he has ended attachment to the club?
  4. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Thanks, as always, Juni. For some reason this Delac fellow escapes my memory. I remember being linked with a young goalie... oh wait, wikipedia's helping me. So he's training with us? Smart, give him a bit of a feel until he comes a year or so from now (wiki says 2011). But if we delayed his contract going into effect due to the transfer ban, can we at least sign him up now (in January) since we have that ban delay, I wonder. Maybe we've already done that, I don't know. I saw a good part of the Wolves-Man City game (almost all the first half, thought I was flipping the channel to see the Chelsea-Fulham re-run just to catch the good moments) and Mancienne seemed interesting in midfield. One thing that stood out is that Mancienne does have a good long ball capability. However, I missed the second half and I don't know how he coped with attacks there.
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Song is one of the oddest players in the league this season. Sometimes I watch him and am left very impressed, other times I watch him and he is utterly useless. Fabregas, who I have said in other topics as someone I despise, is nonetheless of excellent quality. If there was any chance to get him in the top of our diamond... I'll say it right now, there's no way in hell Man United aren't going to win today. I think they'll drop points sure, but not to Hull. Let's see if my rubbish predicting can keep it going on.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I'm trying to understand what that commentator means, but I'm stumped : )
  7. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I'll say it now, AC Milan will give United more trouble than we will get from Inter. I actually feel an upset is coming from that fixture. But it's a couple of months away and who knows what happens their their form then.
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Enjoying the game. To be honest, Portsmouth was good defensively throughout, but they were quite poor attacking-wise for the first half of the first half, and the commentator was right; if they kept losing the ball, Liverpool was going to score. Suddenly midway through the half, Portsmouth got confident and pushed forward and Liverpool really seemed rather unready for pressure. Lovely goal from Belhadl. I don't think it was offside because that defender made a rubbish header right after, though I need to read a bit more on the rules because the commentators indicate it's not as clear as I think it is. The red card, though, was a straight red. I am not a Mascherano fan. He seems good only when things are going good for his team. When it isn't, he becomes a hacker and fouls to stop any attack. I came to that view at the Copa America, and my opinion hasn't changed. Going on about one of our ex-players, one impressed me alot today. No, no, not Johnson. Ben Haim. He has had a really good game today, excellent positioning and ball control when he has the ball and moved forward. My best player on the pitch.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Thing is, I'd rather he play there like that in the Championship. His challenge now is to help Twente win the Eredivisie and what a challenge it'll be as Twente won it only once in history and that was in 1926 according to wikipedia. It'll be brilliant if he can win it with them. My hope is that next season a Premiership club in need of a winger will be mighty tempted to try their hand in loaning Stoch if he keeps up the good work. But it's good he's not being rushed.
  10. Following Chelsea's Loans

    What confidence he has. A kid, on loan from another country, in a club in what appears to be a fierce fight for top spot (PSV is 2 points behind I read), grabs the ball without hesitation to take the penalty in a game where they are behind 1-0 and the pressure is on as they are unbeaten so far this season. And what does he do with the penalty? He chips/dinks the ball right into the middle. And then add the lovely second half goal... Incredible. And he says he was nervous because it was his first penalty in a "big football" match. What on earth will he do when he's confident? (Lovely one touch through ball right before the penalty he scored from)
  11. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I think someone filmed it from the stands:
  12. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Trust me, I'm so distracted right now I don't even have the mental capability to get worked up in a football discussion. I agree with you on SWP. Seeing how things went last season, I actually would've kept him. Problem is, we're constantly linked to the Aguero's, the Kaka's, but so far we haven't got them. The club in a way perplexes me regarding that. Perhaps we should buy an "Aguero" and then sell whoever should Aguero impress. However, you replied to a comment I was replying to someone else who was making a comment on selling him. You didn't say bring him back to decide. You quoted a one sentence of mine disagreeing with that statement. Since you disagreed with what I said in defence of keeping him, how else can one read your comment? We've seen the same Stoch, just came to different conclusions.
  13. Following Chelsea's Loans

    Fail to see how it's confusing, until you ended that you've already made up your mind on him. Problem is you're assuming I made up my mind on him, and does Stoch being a world beater is "actually likely" is now the criteria in keeping a promising kid? I never said "world beater", only as good as I hope he'll be. I assure you my hopes aren't that high. I haven't made up my mind and I hope the club hasn't either. He's impressing with Twente, That's step 2 I suppose (one being impressing with the reserves). We should take things step by step. Isn't the whole point giving them a shot? He's similar to SWP, I.e. short and fast? As far as I could tell, Stoch's ball control seems kinda good while I'm not sure about his crossing. You seem to be making the argument of concluding first, see what happens later. I have seen enough of Stoch to say he should be given a shot, which is my objective view. Surely that's enough for now to keep him at least for a bit longer. Because if Stoch is dismissed this early, especialy after his performances in Holland, you'd make an interesting youth scout. If you want to know my subjective view, it is that I'm actually rather very hopeful. From the reserve/youth players I've seen, I'd put him as second most promising player to make it after Kakuta. Just how impressive does a kid have to be at 20 years before you don't write him off? You seem pretty black-and-white with kids; sell them or keep them, and frankly you're far more on the sell side. Is there any kid you have a liking to (apart from the probably obvious Kakuta) or would you prefer we raze the reserve pitch to the ground? I'm aware this is a subjective view in general, but for you to find what I thought was a rather uncontroversial comment confused has left me in turn confused. It's almost like the concept of 'wait and see' doesn't exist in your world of youth development.
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans

    He's just turned 20 a month and half ago. Doesn't fit our formation? If he's good enough, he will. The formation used now is not necessarily the one for the future. We've been chasing Ribery apparently, and as far as I'm aware he likes to play as a winger (not sure what he's been doing at Bayern though). The idea of selling Stoch after his impressing at Twente is, my apologies if it comes off as rude, ludicrous. Stoch wouldn't be a first team regular for at least two seasons, could be more if he were to suceed. Why would we decide whether to sell/keep him based on how we play today. Were he to turn out as good as I hope he can be, we'd look like fools of the highest order in selling him. Now, you may have meant that you also don't find him that good on viewing him as a reason for selling him, but I couldn't find that in your post.
  15. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I'm sure I've had more consecutive disagreements... ...never stopped me though ; )