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  1. Injury News

    What's the latest on Lampard guys? This is really dragging on now after everyone originally predicting a 10 day lay off!
  2. Injury News

    I'm not going to moan about our bad luck with injuries, I'm going to moan about our lack of cover! Really cheeses me off in the press that we are still being labelled in the 'big spenders' bracket. we've spent next to nothing in the transfer market over the past couple of years and I think we might regret it. I know it'll probably give the kids a chance, but are they really up to scratch?
  3. New Kits

    Think a lot of you are missing the point. They are not introducing red into the kit, they are respecting the Chelsea Pensioners, who have for so long been associated with Chelsea Football Club. Well done Chelsea you've done something good at last. Maybe now we can push on and have a 'Help the Heroes' fundraising game or similar.
  4. Didier Drogba

    Hopefully we will have sold Drogba in a secret January deal and therefore he's at Barca or somewhere slagging us off.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    No. Misses too many sitters and is in and out of games too often. I saw him score a corker in the African thingy, why can't he do that for us?!
  6. Didier Drogba

    Can someone please sell Drogba and sell him in the Janaury Transfer window. He's disrespecting his fellows pros and more importantly THE FANS!!! He's said he wants to leave at the end of the season and we all know it's beacuse he can finish playing in Chelsea's CL campaign. I think we should sell him now and watch him squirm sitting on the bench of AC/Inter/Barca/Real through being cup tied! I think we will be lost without him, but hey no one man is bigger than the club and then we can move on.
  7. New Kits

    I've seen that same shirt around elsewhere, can't remember where though. I think it's just a promotion thing for Samsung, so it don't put 'other' fans off buying Samsung! There are these sort of fans who would avoid buying products from thier rivals, like Spurs banning JVC products in the early 90's! Can't believe that mentality though...
  8. New Kits

    Why can't we have an input as fans, after all we've got to wear it longer than 90 minutes!? Glasgow Rangers get their kit manufacturers to produce three templates in conjunction with suggestions from fans forums. These are then posted to a site such as this and then they get to vote for the best.