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  1. Media / Press

    I read that article and thought the same thing. As someone else said, there's a world of difference betwen being liked and respected - they ain't the same thing.
  2. Cheers mate - she's 14 months old now (I really should update my profile!) but she's had her photo taken with the Premier League trophy and the FA Cup - lucky baby!

  3. Just read your info and just to wish you good luck on your impending fatherhood - if I'm not too late! All the best :)

  4. Salomon Kalou

    Have to agree with the comment about Gronkjaer, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for his goal against Monaco in the CL Semi Final when he meant to cross it. Interesting points about Robben, I always felt his first season was his best and I'm sure if you look at his appearances, he probably only ever had something like 20 odd really good games for us where he made a difference - yet in comparison to some players at the moment, he sounds like a model of consistency. Good player when in the mood though. SWP as well divided opinion, I still don't think he's that great a player - witness the recent Germany - England game - sorry but he wasn't MOTM - for every good thing he does, there's always a miss-hit cross or an aimless run into a load of defenders, just round the corner.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    After reading this topic on and off for the past few seasons or so, finally, I have to comment. Is Kalou good enough? No - no he isn't. I've tried defending him at times from other people, I've tried allowing for the fact he's young and still learing his game, but into his third season with Chelsea, I admire his efforts but, he gets caught offside too often, he can't lead the line, he doesn't beat people, his passing range isn't great and his shooting leaves a lot to be desired. The best example this season of his ability came against Spurs, Bosingwa tearing down the right in space, Kalou on the edge of the area with the ball pleading to be knocked out wide, he runs towards Bosingwa, taking 2 Spurs defenders with him, the second of who tackles him and we lose possession. Sorry, but not good enough, full stop. Yesterday confirmed it.
  6. New Kits

    Personally speaking, both my home and away fit OK in XL - the away kit is a bit tight across the shoulders but the home shirt isn't - have no idea why! Not sure about the 3rd kit - I think two new shirts for one season is enough!
  7. New Kits

    You don't work for the megastore do you? ;-)
  8. New Kits

    To be fair - before Roman and Kenyon came along - Batesy was quite happy seeing us all as a bunch of mugs who were there for the taking - even when we used to get 20,000 every week Ken was quite happy to take the michael and screw us for as much money as he could get. Besides - changing the kit every season isn't a new phenomenon - I agree its a highly cynical way of Chelsea getting as much money out of the fans as they can get (remember - the brand needs to be spread worldwide - you're customers these days not supporters) but Chelsea and every football club going would change the kit every 6 months if they thought they could get away from it. But as someone here said - you don't have to buy it (I agree - that's easy for me to say - I don't have kids and I can appreciate how hard it must be when you have them and they want the latest kit) but as someone who's got the new home shirt and the black away shirt - I've bought them in the knowledge we would only use them for one season - that's my choice.
  9. Salomon Kalou

    Best piece I've read on this topic all week. The fans are the soul of the club - any football club - not who owns it or who plays for it.
  10. Salomon Kalou

    Sorry Bazza - I really don't know whwere you're coming from on here - you take the stance over Bates and Harding as if you knew both of them - I'm sure Bates did know Harding better than I did* - but considering I was 18 when he died, that wouldn't have been that hard. Harding might not have been the saint he was seen to be - but unless you were in the inside at Chelsea at the time - you don't know either. Put it this way, when Bates came out with his comments about Harding on the anniversary of his death, did you sit there and think 'Yeah - Ken, you're right - I'm glad Hardings dead' or did you sit there and think the exact opposite? Sorry for the so called PC bull***t as you put it - I thought it was about showing some restraint and some respect - you should look it up in the dictionary. I can see you're not a fan of Roman - if you're prepared to call the man 'scum' and an 'arsehole, as well as accusing him of being part of the mafia and a thief, then that's your view - but I think I know who I'd rather have as my club owner - I wouldn't like to put your theory that we were fine with debts of £90million and assets of £240million to the test - if RA (and the cronies) hadn't come along. I do though see, to an extent, where you're coming from - its a football thing, not just a Chelsea thing. I cringe when I see us 'exporting the brand' to people who wouldn't know who Robert Fleck was if he came up and missed an open goal in front of them, I wonder sometimes who the people I see at the Bridge are and how long they've been coming (see my post after the Carling Cup final - Chelsea fans - what are you scared of?). But, that's how its gone - the past is literally, the past - and things were done differently back then. *For the record I met Harding outside the Bridge one night about a year before he died - the brief 5 min conversation me and a mate had with him - he struck me as an decent enough bloke - I'm sure Bazza can correct me though.
  11. Salomon Kalou

    Bazza - you're not actually Ken are you? Or a relative perhaps? I ask because, while debate and difference of opinion is what makes the world go round, I assume that because of what 'RA and his cronies have changed us into' means you don't actually like any of the changes that have happened to Chelsea the past 5 years? For example - do you cheer when we score a goal or does that not count these days because its ultimately what RA and his cronies have turned us into? When we played in the CL final and won 2 titles in a row - you weren't a little bit happy because that's what RA and his cronies have turned us into? Like RA and his cronies - you don't actually have to support Chelsea football club if the way the club is currently run isn't to your liking. Under Bates - I don't remember us being the most liked of clubs at the time - and I don't think Ken spent most of his life working for Chelsea - even if I was just out of nappies when he took over in 1982. I do rememember his comments about Matthew Harding - sorry - said more than enough about the man to speak that ill of the dead. Class Ken, real class.
  12. Salomon Kalou

    Ken always divides opinion amongst Chelsea fans - yes he did a lot for the club in terms of raising its profile and taking on the football establishment - but he also made us looked stupid, managed to turn a £2m debt into £300m and still walk away with £17m. Bates did it for me when he came out on the first aniversary of Matthew Harding's death and basically rubbished the man - OK fair enough, they had their differences and Ken wasn't happy at Harding's popularity, however to come out basically label the bloke evil was a step too far - unforgiveable in my eyes. He always has to pick on somone for a fight and right now - its us - the piece about the fans he respected - don't make me laugh. Someone else here said if it was comments from someone else within Chelsea or a former player - we might well agree with them - fair point but the fact is - it's from Bates - that's what undermines the entire story for me.
  13. New Kits

    Children please, calm down, don't get too excited before tonight (I know it's a treat staying up past 9 to watch the second half) - if you don't be nice to each other you won't get any cookies or milk ;-) Sorry - couldn't resist.
  14. Musical Tastes

    My ipod has Madness, Hendrix, the Sex Pistols, Sinatra, even Elgar - a broad cross section of musical taste. Personally though, late Beatles onwards (from Rubber Soul to Abbey Road with a special mention to The White Album), Hendrix (esp his version of Hey Joe - the best song I've ever heard), and anything by Blur - Britpop was at its height when I was 16-17 in 1995/96 - I know every generation has its favourites but the Britpop years produced some great music - Parklife is a great album with Modern Life is Rubbish very underrated. I used to like Oasis before they became a parody of themselves and started lifting rifts from The Kinks. Saying all that - my favourite chilled out moments on holiday are sitting on the balcony, plugging in the speakers, putting some Frank Sinatra on the ipod and crack open a beer while watching the sun go down before going out for the night - sheer perfection.
  15. New Kits

    At the second time of looking at it - sorry still don't like it - gut instinct and all that and while I don't mind Chelsea in black (last seasons was OK but much prefer the midnight blue version of 5 or 6 seasons back), this one just doesn't do it for me. I've been amused reading the comments along the lines of looking like cyclists, stewards, policemen etc, etc - all perfectly valid - problem is, it doesn't look like a Chelsea away shirt - and we've had some monsters before this one...