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  1. Didier Drogba

    This is Drogba's season. With Sheva up front probably taking a couple of defenders with him the Drogs will do the business. Even if he doesn't maybe when he shoots it'll actually end up a great pass to Ron Geremi or someone. Feed the Drog and he will score.
  2. Ashley Cole

    It makes me feel inferior that Pool supporters seem to post more on here than I do. Some of them dwarf my post count. Can't say posting on other teams' websites would thrill me any but each to their own. Got to say just lately though I seem to find myself reading more posts from Pool supporters than Chelsea which is a bit odd. On topic - after Sunday's defeat I was hoping Chelsea would just pay Arsenal or anyone whatever they wanted for another player. Then I realised I impatient I've become in the last couple of years. In my opinion the Cole Price is too high but then again so - I think - were the prices for Drogba, SWP, Essien etc so I don't suppose you can blame Wenger for trying. In conclusion though I am a big fan of Cole and would love to see him in a Chelsea shirt.
  3. Salomon Kalou

    It's great to have young players coming through the club with this level of confidence and desire. It might just help the first choice 11 to realise they have to keep performing well and winning well to keep their places. With two Prem titles and everyone pretty much saying the leagues been won again already the squad players have to remain hungry to carry on winning and playing well. The only downside to this is on the occasions when sume of are younger subs do get a game they try to hard individually and fail collectively like JC used to be a few years ago and possibly a little bit like SWP now. I've never seen the guy or even heard him so my opinion hasn't been formed yet. Though if he doesn't score 5 in the community shield I'll be posting the Kalou: Wast of Money thread. Or maybe not...
  4. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Supporting Chelsea is not - at least for me - a cheap business. Watching world class players at the top of their game week in and week out is surely a dream for every supporter of their club. The romance of 11 lads from the local area turning out is something that will never again win a title unless the FA drastically change the rules. There are supporters up and down the country at odds with their chairman for bleeding clubs dry and refusing to pump funds for players (just look how many managers leave over the next few months due to lack of funds to improve their squads). In addition the effect is probably multiplied on this forum as we happy few, we band of brothers have seen times where the purse hasn't been quite so full.
  5. Didier Drogba

    Drogba's a legend. The bloke never stops running up there on his own. He fights for every ball and yes occasionally he does get a bit fed up when he can't get into the game but the biggest + is I think defenders must really hate playing against him. The next thing is once Drogba's bullied them and they're dead on their feet on comes Crespo, Duff/ Robben SWP with pace and trickery to finish them off. Wonderful.