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  1. He's come to the realisation he won't get his preferred signings and is trying to lower expectations accordingly, so that when he's inevitably sacked he can say "I told you so".
  2. Most impressive about him is his physical game. For a slightly-built 16 year-old he's competitive, combative, and very good in the air.
  3. Would be surprised if Chelsea manage to bring in more than 2 players actually capable of helping them.
  4. Well, Chelsea actually told him he has no future at the club (allegedly by text message, a coward's way of handling matters), then when they saw both the market for him implode (Costa doesn't have to go anywhere he doesn't want to, quite rightly the players hold the power in football) and their own transfer activity not go to plan, they demanded first that he return to train with the Development Squad (a waste of everyone's time) and then the first team in some misguided bid to reintegrate him. Absolutely cannot blame Costa for anything here; he understands the consequences of not returning will impact him financially but had Chelsea had their way they'd have screwed him over just as much. Swings and roundabouts.
  5. Have long been wary of Draxler's physical limitations, he's not quick and he's not strong, and more important he's not really that dynamic. The number of players who've been highly successful in England whilst lacking in those areas is not high.
  6. Because Alexis is nearly 29 with almost 650 senior appearances to his name for club and country and has never had a significant spell off. Buyer beware there as his body begins to break down.
  7. You might want to go back over the countless examples where others have been just as adamant and ultimately lost the player. There are more of those than cases where the player stayed. Still also 100% certain that Christensen is Chelsea's best CB - it's not even close - and he'll prove that this season. Wasting limited funds on strengthening the club's deepest position would be a huge cockup.
  8. Nope, he's been just as fast and as mobile playing for England too. Just hasn't been allowed to for Chelsea.
  9. Should everybody add it to every post they ever make?
  10. Considering he's not remotely good enough, I can.
  11. Wrong, there are no quotas on English players. There are restrictions on the number of non-HG players you can register and there is a significant difference between the two.
  12. Except it's clearly been worked on for months. Even the first real confirmation that this was happening came more than a fortnight ago. Everything seems to happen quicker when it's not your own club and you're not invested in every little step along the way.
  13. Conte will have strongly indicated he has no use for them in his squad. Emenalo isn't acting independently here.
  14. Hector is recently 25. There are 25 loan players atm, Blackman, Van Ginkel, Hector, Kalas, Kane, Miazga, Pasalic, Piazon and Zouma are already over 21. Some players are 21 to turn 22 this season, some are 20 to turn 21. This all works fine for Chelsea though as they're of the opinion that players are theoretically ready to be integrated back into the squad between the ages of 22 and 24. If they're not, they protect the asset with a contract extension, continue to let them develop elsewhere, and use the inflated transfer market to spin a profit. That's entirely the club's stance fwiw, don't agree with various aspects of it myself, but it is what it is.
  15. There is a caveat on Musonda not starting and it's that Gus Poyet was a clown who also couldn't find room for Dani Ceballos, who subsequently got his place back when Poyet was sacked and is now heading to Real Madrid.