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  1. I assumed he meant after Ferguson had won trophy after trophy as Jose has.
  2. Yeah, better bring Loftus-Cheek off.
  3. Easy. ;)
  4. I love RLC.
  5. I'm just looking forward to watching a match without having to repeatedly roll my eyes/punch myself in the face at Ivanovic's errors/lack of pace.
  6. #CFC XI to play #AVFC: Begovic; Baba, Terry ©, Zouma, Azpilicueta; Loftus-Cheek, Ramires; Wilian, Fabregas, Pedro; Diego Costa.
  7. Don't think Enrique de Lucas has got a mention yet. Our sole signing the summer before Abramovich bought the club and we bought everyone. Luca Percassi. Another couple of goalkeepers who had very brief spells: Mark Bosnich and Marcus Hedman, the latter of which never appeared.
  8. Oof. Thought he'd get a while longer. There were some (albeit sketchy) reports that Klopp's former assistant Buvac had told people he was off to Liverpool. I wonder if they get him now.
  9. As bad as we are and as little progress as we're making, I'd want Jose to be given a bit longer to turn it around. Just because why not. It's worth a go and there's still lots of time to get in those CL spots. But watching this interview, I almost want to be done with it now. He's embarrassing himself and it's not helping the situation at all.
  10. This is embarrassing to watch. What is he doing? Also: "This is Chelsea's worst start to a season for 37 years. The last time they had a start as bad, they were relegated "
  11. He has utterly lost it.
  12. Well that's an interesting take...
  13. And Matic off. What. a. mess.
  14. Deserved.
  15. Ivanovic doing his best to undo it.