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  1. Chelsea Finances Thread

    That big ugly 3 is going to look shite on future kits. Here's a mock up someone did:
  2. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Absurd. Utter joke.
  3. Chelsea 3 Burnley 0

    I quite enjoy Tony Gale tbh. He’s very negative about us but if you watch other games he commentates he comes off as a bit cynical in general. I appreciate that consistency.
  4. Brighton & Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 1

    We've been pants let's be honest
  5. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    Lampard IN. Can't believe that. We actually came from behind to win. We've been pretty dreadful in the other games as of late but beating Spurs AND Arsenal over the Christmas period certainly helps to balance it out. Chuffed. And congrats to Tariq Lamptey who did well in his first senior appearance. Away at Arsenal in the PL no less!
  6. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Phew. Great news.
  7. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    That was ridiculous. Ref was a joke but to be fair the Gods were looking down on us tonight. Some of those Valencia misses, good grief. How it was only 2-2 I'm not entirely sure. But we needed a draw and we got it. Job done. On to the next one.
  8. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Willian back to the utterly frustrating version of himself.
  9. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    This game is absurd. Could be like 5-5.
  10. Valencia 2 Chelsea 2

    Pulled him down with both arms. No pen and we'll probably lose our top scorer for this and perhaps more games.
  11. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    I'm really not sure Leicester are punching above their weight at this point to be honest. Their starting XI is amongst the best in the league.
  12. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Another Lampard sub comes up trumps too.
  13. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Well, hard not to be disappointed after that. 4 minutes added on was a farce. But we'd have been thrilled with a draw when we were 4-1 down. If James' goal had come in the last few minutes we'd be over the moon. Would have been happy with a draw before the game too.
  14. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    This is too much. Too much.
  15. Burnley 2 Chelsea 4

    Loving all this so much. Yes it was annoying seeing us concede two late goals but hey, we scored four. Two points behind Man City after 10 games is beyond my wildest dreams.