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  1. Spot on. Although paying £40m for Drinkwater is still dreadful business given the players we've sold or allowed to leave on loan. Watching us gradually pissing away a generation of talented young players has been and will continue to be hard to watch.
  2. You're all over the place. Just stop.
  3. Yeah... "I'm done. This isn't the sport I grew up enraptured with, it's utterly pathetic. " From you, less than 5 minutes ago.
  4. Good grief. Bye Jeremie, best of luck on loan.
  5. Reckless, unnecessary, dangerous. Silly.
  6. Or, a more likely reason: Florentino Perez doesn't want to play ball with United after the De Gea saga.
  7. Matt Law in the Telegraph says it's an initial £58m.
  8. Or buying Tammy Abraham back from some other PL side for 150m. ;)
  9. Kristof Terreur, a popular Belgian source: "Funny games: United camp: deal agreed Everton camp: no deal agreed Chelsea camp: still in for Lukaku" Does look like the two clubs are saying different things. United fans say Norwood is as credible a source as it gets. He says it's done. Everton fans say Jim White is essentially a media mouthpiece for the club. He says it's not done. Quite why Everton don't want people to think that the deal is done, I'm not sure. Could be a number of reasons.
  10. Where are those strong rumours? A google search reveals something in The Sun that has been picked up by Metro, the Daily Express and Tribal Football.
  11. SkyBet. They've been a joke for a while.
  12. I'm not sure I'd give any credence to TalkSport whatsoever, especially when Craig Norwood - one of the most reliable Manchester United sources - has just said it's a done deal. Norwood doesn't have a 100% record but he clearly has lots of sources and has broken stories before.
  13. More from Simon Stone: "United used apparent @ChelseaFC interest in Lukaku as cover. He was their first choice target."
  14. If this is true... I don't even know what to say. Embarrassing.