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  1. I can't speak Spanish but I'm assuming this is what it says it is...
  2. Looks like this is all coming out now. Lukaku says he's found a new club and hints it's Chelsea. Now we apparently have quotes from Costa saying Conte has sent him a message saying he doesn't want him at Chelsea and he should find a new club. Personally I've got reservations about Lukaku for the £85-100m that's being touted. But I'm not especially upset if Conte wants rid of Costa, as great as he's been for us. If he doesn't want to stay then what good is him being around, potentially disrupting things? To lose your star striker is a big deal so if we've got a replacement already wrapped up then we're avoiding a potentially frustrating summer. Lukaku's 24 years old and a proven goalscorer who has always apparently had his heart set on playing for us. He's also got a great relationship with Hazard (on and off the pitch) which can only be a good thing. Seems Batshuayi will be off regardless, in which case we're going to need another striker to back up Lukaku.
  3. Excellent signing for them, I have to say. Benjamin Mendy supposedly on his way too. With Zabaleta and Sagna both leaving I'd imagine Kyle Walker is likely too. The likes of Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus and Sané could well be amongst the best players in the world in a few years.
  4. To be fair, I will say that I thought Martin Tyler's commentary when we won the CL was pretty great. "What a road, what a journey, what a finish." He was very enthusiastic then.
  5. Very much fear Lukaku will be the replacement. Not in the same league as Costa.
  6. Oof. Thought he'd get a while longer. There were some (albeit sketchy) reports that Klopp's former assistant Buvac had told people he was off to Liverpool. I wonder if they get him now.
  7. Was just about to say I was liking the look of that Cuadrado chap at Juventus. :D
  8. Good grief. The Benteke and Martial goals. Nuts.
  9. Isn't that the book written by the guy who famously hates Mourinho, regularly writes rubbish about him and has little actual access to Jose or his agent? Because that's what I heard.
  10. He looked bloody good in the FA Cup last (?) season for Reading. Remember being very impressed and surprised he'd had 11 loans and taken so long to get into the Reading team. ...but this is Chelsea, not Reading.
  11. It's Papy :)
  12. Wasn't there a picture doing the rounds a few weeks ago of "Pogba" in an airport and it was concluded that it wasn't even him? Could be that one.
  13. Have to say, Joe Gomez was very impressive for Liverpool last night yet again. An 18 year old centre back with less than 30 senior appearances filling in at left back and he's been excellent. And they paid £3.5m for him. Looks pacey, confident, calm. Look forward to our £50m bid next summer.
  14. I think he will stay for this season, yes.
  15. Because Hazard was at Lille and publicly stated he'd be signing for a new club while Pogba is at the Champions League runners-up, has said he's staying and Juventus have said he's not for sale at any price? It's not impossible, of course. But it's fairly different to Hazard.