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  1. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Really wasn't looking forward to this game. Away at Wolves. Their record against "top six" teams since they got promoted is fantastic. Only 4 losses out of 13 I think the commentator said. Absolutely chuffed to see us score 5, including Tomori's great strike and Tammy's hat trick. Hope Rüdiger and Abraham are fine and was just precautionary. And we still have our best player to come back into the team plus three more Academy players to return from injury in Hudson-Odoi, Loftus-Cheek and James. Kepa's hands the only real downer there. Hasn't had the best start to the season.
  2. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    5-2! Lovely. And yet ANOTHER PL goal from a homegrown player.
  3. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Very real possibility that we'll start a league game with SEVEN Academy products this season. Crazy. Rüdiger off. Hope he's alright.
  4. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Yeah, sorry. 3-4-3.
  5. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Great half from Alonso. I've been impressed with Emerson this season and he's improved a lot, but if we continue with a 3-5-2 it has to be Alonso. A three of Rudiger-Christensen-Tomori just feels so much sturdier than a Zouma-Christensen two.
  6. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    Wow. He's on fire. Equal top scorer in the league with Aguero as it stands.
  7. Wolves 2 Chelsea 5

    TAMMY! Two more goals from home grown players. I love this lot I really do.
  8. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    I think there probably is an agenda there. But not necessarily an anti-Chelsea one. It's a pro-VAR/pro-officiating one. They've likely been briefed to justify the decisions at all costs. Walton's going to defend it and I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of that over the course of the season.
  9. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Yeah thanks for your time Walton you prat.
  10. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Glad Crouch and Joey Cole are arguing the point at least. Even Jake Humphries, a Norwich fan, disagreeing with Walton.
  11. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Have to say, quickly developing a great affection for Daniel Farke. What a lovely voice he has.
  12. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Lovely moment with Abraham there. Made up for him.
  13. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    My God what a relief. Haven't been that tense about a PL game in a good couple of seasons. Two from Tammy and one from Mount. Lamps getting his first win. Away fans singing Lampard's name. Chuffed. Lots to work on, sure. But I do think Rudiger and Kante being back will make the world of difference.
  14. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Barkley is a very frustrating player to watch. Unfortunately the alternative from the bench, Willian, might be even more so.
  15. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Really missing Kante. And Rudiger for that matter but Kante especially. Still over the moon about Abraham and Mount's goals. But it'll be a hell of a lot more fun to look back on them if we get the win.
  16. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    We're looking good going forward but you just feel like anyone can score against us at any time at the minute.
  17. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    CLOSE. Almost three goals from three Academy players. Madness.
  18. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Now I know we've got issues and a long way to go to get back to where we want to be but I'm absolutely loving seeing two Academy products scoring in the Premier League. We've waited to see this for so long. Overjoyed.
  19. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    TAMMY. Fantastic. That's huge for him. Nice work from Pulisic and Azpi to set it up too.
  20. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    That's rubbish to be fair. Ricardo was one of the best right backs in the league last season and has been linked with top clubs. Maddison created the most chances of any player in the League and has been linked with top clubs. Ndidi is class and has been linked with top clubs. Soyuncu has long been talked about as one of the top CB prospects in world football. Tielemans too but as a midfielder. All of those players could quite easily be playing for top clubs in a year or two.
  21. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    Definitely happy to get a draw there. We started very well but couldn't keep it up and Leicester were all over us at times. That said, was glad to see some good defending. I thought Zouma was fantastic. Willian's cameo was absolutely dreadful. We've had a very tough start to the season. Old Trafford, 120 minutes against the European champions in Turkey and then a tough game against a really good Leicester side. We're a work in progress but there are some good signs. The next three games (Norwich, Sheff Utd, Newcastle) should be a different story entirely. Two promoted side and a pretty **** looking Newcastle team. If we're not winning those maybe I'll start to panic.
  22. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    I'm over the moon with that performance. Against the European champions and we could easily have come out on top. Wasn't sure these players had that kind of fight in them but we really did. Fair play.
  23. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Well said Jane. All I want from this season is to see signs of progress and the young players not looking out of place. Not pleasant to endure us losing 4-0 to United at Old Trafford but there were some positives to take from the game I think. Kanté and Rüdiger, two of our best defensive players, to come back in. As well as CHO, RLC, Willian AND James (which given Azpi's form could be notable). Pulisic will need some time to adjust. There's three strikers at the club with no clear first choice. Point being, there's a lot that can change and when we come around to playing United at home later in the season the starting XI could be almost completely different.
  24. FC Red Bull Salzburg 3 Chelsea FC 5

    Would certainly take a lot more 5-3s throughout the season. So much fun.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fekir's knee is basically held together with gaffa tape by all accounts. Injury concerns are the reason he has gone to Betis and not a bigger side.