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    I have to say I bought an Adidas top when in Sweden that looks similar in design and collar to the one on the Adidas website and its a great shirt - Djurgarden away. I was never a huge fan of Umbro whom I felt always made the kits overcomplicated, a big fan of plain but stylish shirts, look at Barca's one last year . . . I also love the 3 stripes, and was very pleased when we got Adidas as the new manfacturer. Hated the collar of the Chelsea Centenary kit, and the shirts never feel like they are fitted well, I also felt that the way Umbro made their 'cool' air vents a slightly different colour, with the gold was unnecessary. I think I might be the only person who would also prefer to have just the lion on the shirt and not the full crest. Personally I am looking forward to putting Shevchenko 7 on the back and think that when people see the shirt for what it is - as a classic plain but brilliant design - they will change their mind. I haven't got excited about a kit in ages, in fact in the last 15 years only the Hoddle Amiga from the 94 cup final, and then one from the 2002 final were ones I really took to.