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  1. Brentford 0 Chelsea 1

    Got away with one there. Three big saves from Mendy. One clearance off the line. Two shots off the post. Multiple blocks. And that was with half my stream down. Don’t know what else I missed. Blimey. And we walk away with three points. Could barely string a pass, a shot or a cross together for the whole second half. Still, I guess it says something that we could survive a game like that and bag all the points. Credit to Mendy. But we were a long way off our best.
  2. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Frustrating game till we scored the second. Should’ve been 2 up at least by half time if it wasn’t for the ridiculous officiating. Very poor challenge from Chilwell let them back in. Don’t know what he was thinking. At least he made up for it later. Deserved red for Ward Prowse came at a good time for us. Thought we were much more direct going forward than in recent games. Mount makes such a difference to our movement. Chalobah and Werner both had good games. Loftus Cheek got a deserved start. Lukaku kept their defenders busy. Hudson-Odoi started brightly but faded. But today was Werner’s day. Also you cannot underestimate how good Azpi is. Such a sublime first-time cross for Werner’s goal. Just a brilliant player and how he keeps going every game I just don’t know.
  3. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Such a ridiculous decision. A questionable foul several moves before the ball went into the net. Not clear and obvious by any stretch of the definition. Unbelievable to disallow that.
  4. Juventus 1 Chelsea 0

    Not sure Alonso and Azpi are at their most dynamic tonight. Very rarely beat a man and put in a decent cross. Not much going forward. Ziyech and Havertz trying to thread a ball through a narrow Juve defence isn’t really working. No link up play with Lukaku who once again looks very isolated. Something needs to give. Hopefully Tuchel has something up his sleeve. Been pretty boring so far.
  5. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    I guess. Another way to look at it is that Tuchel was really only playing for a point today. So we really only dropped one point.
  6. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Lukaku will score if he’s given service and support. Not if he’s isolated fifty yards away from the midfield. I have no idea what our tactics were today but it was ridiculous. At one point Werner found himself in their half alone surrounded by three defenders. Not one of our players was within half a pitch of him. He took on three players manfully and still no one came to support him. What was he supposed to do? When Havertz came on he instantly set up Lukaku even though it was offside. Why didn’t Tuchel make the change at halftime? At least we’d have given ourselves a chance. It seems like Tuchel was crying out for a striker who can finish, now he’s got one he doesn’t know what to do with him. If anything comes out of this you’d hope Tuchel has learned something. Loftus Cheek was our best outfield player by some distance by the way.
  7. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Don't think I've ever been so disappointed in a Tuchel Chelsea side. Utterly wrong from the start. Much too passive, meek, defensive. As if Tuchel didn't trust his players. We're the Champions of Europe not Burnley. We made them look like the best team in the world. Talk about playing to your opponent's strengths. When Tuchel had the chance at half time to fix things, he just let it carry on. After that it was predictable they would score. Then it was too little, too late. What a wasted opportunity.
  8. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    1-0 flatters us really. Mendy kept the score respectable. We made them look good with our negative tactics. Tuchel had a chance to undo the damage at half time but did nothing and predictably they scored. We got exactly what we deserved.
  9. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    We’re going to have to go a goal behind for this to change.
  10. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Depressing to watch. Defending well. But constantly losing the ball and no counter attacking threat. Mount is a big miss in a game like this.
  11. Chelsea 1 Aston Villa 1 (4 - 3 on penalties)

    Missed the game tonight but intrigued that Barkley, Saul and Loftus Cheek all had a run out. Am I right in thinking that of the three Loftus Cheek did the most to stake a claim for that fourth midfield spot?
  12. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 3

    Even first half. Blew them away second half. And that was with our forwards dawdling on the ball, taking too many touches. Cannot understand why we were trying to walk the ball into the net at times. Thought we were very solid under pressure. Silva was terrific. Alonso seemed to be everywhere. Credit to Tuchel. Kante for Mount at half time wasn’t the obvious change, but it gave us more control and better link up play between midfield and attack. Mount looked knackered and could have no complaints. Top of the league and we’re not really firing yet.
  13. Chelsea 1 Zenit St Petersburg 0

    Did well to dig a win out of that. Not at our best. Lots of misplaced passes, poor crosses, lack of precision. James was unconvincing. Mount and Ziyech were wasteful. Two best players were Kovacic and Lukaku. Early days, but we’re racking up wins and Lukaku is a star. Just need everyone else to step up.
  14. Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0

    Only real downside was the shocking debut of Saul. I know he was thrown in at the deep end, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone give the ball away so much. Or stroll about behind and around the play seemingly like a passenger. Did he even make a tackle or interception? And he’s been playing for a Simeone side? What was that all about? I just hope he can recover mentally as it’s a crucial position for us and Tuchel showed a lot of faith in starting him. I seriously thought we were bringing in a top class starter not someone we’re going to have to bed in over several months. That wasn’t the plan at all. And judging by Tuchel’s starting him straight away, I don’t think Tuchel had any notion to introduce him gradually. What’s our back up to rotating Jorginho and Kante if Saul doesn’t work out and we’ve sent Gilmour out on loan?