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  1. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Worrying times. On the football, I guess a silver lining is that when matches resume some of our currently injured players will be back in contention. Stay safe, everyone.
  2. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Thought it was going to be much closer what with our having so many players out. Who’d have thought we wouldn’t miss Kante, Kovacic and Jorginho in midfield? Credit to Gilmour and Barklay who’ve both stepped in and up. And all our front three who scored today. Seriously, 4-0 didn’t flatter us. We were that dominant.
  3. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    Willian a better player when he’s decisive! Nice strike.
  4. Chelsea 4 Everton 0

    What on earth was Willian doing there? Just bloody cross it. That passage of play will be his epitaph.
  5. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

    Finally some reward against them this season. We looked up for it from the start and everyone put in a shift. Losing Kovacic was my only concern but we hung in and were unlucky not to score a third. It shows what we’re capable of when we dig in and press, fight and look to go forward. Gilmour was outstanding and gave us a lot of energy and control in the middle. That was some performance from such a young player. A word too for Pedro and Giroud who were brilliant tonight. Fought for every ball and probably deserved a goal each. Barklay, Kepa and Zouma had strong games too and Alonso didn’t put a foot wrong in a back four. Makes you wonder where this team have been hiding lately. Hope this time we do actually kick on and put together a string of results.
  6. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    One point better than none. I think we’ve found our level.
  7. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    Seriously, just play Alonso as centre forward
  8. AFC Bournemouth 2 Chelsea 2

    It’s tough. This Bayern side are different class. We don’t come up against such opposition every week.
  9. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    In retrospect, I’m not sure Lampard couldn’t have picked a less aggressive, less dynamic starting line-up to take on Bayern. Not that he had too many options to choose from. But still, to take on Bayern with such a ponderous starting eleven, was near on suicidal. https://www.football.london/chelsea-fc/news/chelsea-bayern-munich-champions-league-17430883
  10. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Blimey. That was a lesson in where we are as a club right now. Just didn’t think we were as poor as that. I know this is supposed to be a transition year and our manager is on a learning curve, but getting humiliated like that is still hard to take. We weren’t even competitive. The youngsters just aren’t as good as we think they are, the senior players look finished, and the rest are pretty average. Don't know if we reached rock bottom tonight. There’s still the second leg to come. At least they’re so comfortably ahead they can relax and we might avoid a drubbing.
  11. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Need to keep this down to 3-0 to give ourselves a chance in the second leg.
  12. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Jesus. Mount has been so poor when clean through.
  13. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    They’re so far ahead of us, it’s scary the distance in class, pace, technique. Quite an eye opener.
  14. Chelsea 0 Bayern Munich 3

    Caballero’s done well to keep us in this. Bayern look threatening and more composed. We look rushed and lacking in belief. Shame, as defensively we could get behind them. But we’d need Pulisic or Hudson-Odoi to do that.
  15. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1

    Credit to Giroud. Have no idea why it’s taken so long for him to get the nod over Bats. If he was available in January he'd have been a good signing for us. Turns out we had him sitting on the bench all along. Disciplined team performance really. Shout out to Alonso who is actually a decent attacking wing back. And Kovacic and Mount who worked their socks off. Midfield was dynamic. Defence looked solid. Christensen faultless. Maybe should’ve had a third from the Abraham chance as their goal made the last few mins more nervy than it should’ve been. Important result. Players and coaching staff seem to raise their game against Spurs. Really hope we can kick on from here and have a decent end to the season.