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  1. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Only caught the second half so maybe my perspective is a bit skewed. But thought we were terrific. Scored two good goals and defended really well. I suspect Lampard will be very pleased by that clean sheet. So impressed by Pulisic and Kovacic. While Zouma, Tomori and James were quick, solid. Kept them at bay. Only blemish was that free header from a corner which they almost equalised from. Set pieces still our weak point. No mistake, that was a tough game, early start, following on from a CL midweek game and we made it look classy, almost routine. Very impressive stuff.
  2. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    I’ve never known a keeper less commanding of his penalty area. The opposition know that he won’t come out for a ball even into the six yard box, so it makes sense to put it there. Especially as our defenders are marking space anyway. Of course he might just be incredibly unlucky that he’s also getting beaten by worldies from outside the box almost every game. But I doubt it.
  3. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    I think the VAR official was drunk. Some very odd things were going on in that game. Looks like the ref settled for a draw in the end. When the dust settles, a point is a great result. Even though Bats should have won it for us. And the Azpi disallowed “goal” was harsh. But considering what we got away with, we can’t really complain. Expect we’ll see more of Reece James and less of Alonso after that.
  4. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Crazy game. Crazy ref. I guess if you're 4-1 down you really have no right to say you should've won it. But we should've won it.
  5. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Ah well. Getting schooled here.
  6. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Alonso hooked. I think Frank had enough of that nonsense.
  7. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    I think Courtois is going to be available soon.
  8. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Ref blowing his whistle early there. I think he felt sorry for us.
  9. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    Damn these opposition coaches who expose our defensive ineptitude. Three crosses, three goals. Why can't they play to our strengths?
  10. Chelsea 4 Ajax 4

    I think that's enough of Alonso. Thank you. And Kepa so bloody poor on crosses. Like a rabbit in the headlights.
  11. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Closer than it should have been due to the VAR jokers. Looking comfortable till then. Win should’ve been more emphatic. Missed some good chances and their keeper made some great saves. Jorginho and Kovacic outstanding. Pulisic and Mount had their moments. Abraham led the line well. Deserved the win, despite the best efforts of the officials.
  12. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    In retrospect, Alonso should've just had the night off.
  13. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    Alonso has done nothing but put us under pressure by giving the ball away. Having a poor game so far.
  14. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    Don't know where that came from. Terrific play from Batshuayi. Very good goal.
  15. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 2

    You just knew that Alonso was going to make that tackle. Christ, I was pleading for him not to do it. And he does it. It'd be fitting if such a mediocre game was decided by a brain fart. Batshuayi and Gilmour living down to expectations. Hudson-Odoi looks really off the boil. Hope things liven up a bit. I'm falling asleep.