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  1. Players didn't turn up today. Lacked intensity and focus. Looked like it was just one game too far. Officials were poor but we could have lost that by a lot more. Matic was terrible but we were all over the place really. Bit of a reality check after a stunning season.
  2. At this stage the result is all that matters. Huge pressure with Spurs playing first. Costa had a terrible game but he somehow created the first goal and won the free kick for the third. Thankfully others are chipping in and Hazard is playing well. Hope Bournemouth put in a better performance against Spurs next week.
  3. Oscar set to leave Chelsea in £52m China transfer... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-4029516/Oscar-set-leave-Chelsea-52m-China-transfer-joins-Hulk-Andre-Villas-Boas-Shanghai-SIPG.html
  4. Great result. We were outplayed first half, couldn't keep possession and at half time looked like we weren't going to get anything out of the game. We rode our luck with the De Bruyne miss. And Courtois made some terrific saves to keep us in it. But we hung in there and took our chances when they came. Costa was a beast up front and Luiz a leader at the back. The way City imploded at the end tells you how significant a result this was.
  5. We'd have done well to get in at 0-0. Fabregas just a passenger in midfield. Overloading us on the right and getting too many balls into our box. Going to be a struggle to get anything out of this one.
  6. Poor from the manager. No need to change the team so drastically when we're on a roll and not playing in Europe. Some really indifferent performers out there tonight: Terry, Aina, Oscar, Willian, Batshuayi. We'd have won that comfortably with a decent line up from the start. Seven changes just weakened us. In effect we sacrificed the chance for a trophy in order for the manager to assess his squad options. Well now he knows.
  7. Good chance we might actually bore Hull City into submission. I'm optimistic.
  8. Still time to get an effort on goal before half time.
  9. Courtois Azpilicueta Chalobah Luiz Alonso Oscar Kante Fabregas Moses Costa Hazard
  10. I feel sorry for Conte. He's taken the job under a false pretext. The squad needed a major overhaul and the Board failed to deliver. But he's still got to do better than keep playing the same clapped out or out of form players. There's no case for starting Ivanovic, Cahill, Matic and Willian anymore. He's got options. Admittedly not great options. But if Conte was worried of getting slated by starting Chalobah, Aina, Moses, Batsushayi, then at least he knows now he's got little to lose. It's not an ideal situation to be forced to play untried players. But I wonder if Guardiola would persist with the players Conte has or if he'd just use the squad much better.
  11. Don't know if I can take another season of Guus Hiddink.
  12. Absolute rubbish from Pedro.
  13. I think Courtois has just lost interest.
  14. Conte's team selection. Conte's tactics. Sorry, but if the players are performing badly then don't give them a free ride. There is no way Guardiola would have persisted with Ivanovic and Matic. Or Azpi on the left. Or Willian in his current form. Either Conte brings in the likes of Chalobah, Alonso, Aina, Bats, Moses and gives them a go. Or he's done by Xmas.
  15. It's just embarrassing now.