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  1. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Yes. I don’t know on what grounds it wasn’t given. According to Gary Neville, Maguire’s arm was “resting” on Azpi’s shoulder. I don’t think he was being funny.
  2. Manchester United 0 Chelsea 0

    Pretty solid defensive display and when they did get through Mendy made some good saves. Can’t really complain as we pretty much set up for 0-0. Don’t think we deserved more. Maybe it would’ve been interesting to start with Giroud to give James a target for his crosses. It never looked like we were going to find another way through. That’s two nil-nils in a row. Now we need to find a way to convert those into 1-0 wins.
  3. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Why didn’t Lampard start with Caballero? Why didn’t Zouma just clear it? We might have won and nobody would be talking about how his managerial career is on thin ice. You live and die by fine margins. I feel sorry for Frank. But ultimately he picked Kepa and somebody whispered into Zouma’s ear that he’s a ball playing centre-back. Coming back from three down to draw apparently shows character. What does throwing away a two goal lead show? It’s the same thing really. A soft underbelly. And I don’t know if Frank has the nous or the players to turn this around.
  4. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    What a shambles we are. Just wanted that to end. Couldn’t bear to watch it any more. Commentator said we’re an entertaining side to watch. By entertaining I think he meant comical. Thought we were truly dire. If you can’t defend, then what is the point? Some of our mistakes and decision making was just incompetence. Just when you think Zouma is improving he puts in a display like that. Then we give away stupid free kicks all the time. Just brainless. Nothing to be done other than pray Thiago keeps fit and hope for the best. What a waste of attacking talent when we have the same atrocious defence and midfield as last season.
  5. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    Am speechless.
  6. Chelsea 3 Southampton 3

    We like to make things difficult for ourselves. Looking very comfortable then one mistake and we’re on the backfoot. Need to finish off this game early second half.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    So RLC to Fulham. Alonso and Emerson staying. Rudiger stays too as does Tomori who turned down a loan move to West Ham. No DM as the Partey bid faltered because we couldn’t sell Rudiger. Hope Silva manages to stay fit. Otherwise we have the same central defence and central midfield as last season. Maybe we’ll be in for Rice next summer?
  8. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    Clean sheet. Chilwell and Silva were very good indeed. Jorginho was terrific. Maybe all he needs is a solid defence to give him the space to play. Seriously hope we don’t sell him. Once Pulisic and Zayech are fit it’ll be either Werner or Abraham upfront I expect. Good performance once we got that first goal. You could see the confidence growing.
  9. Chelsea 4 Crystal Palace 0

    Impressed by Chilwell so far. Solid in defence. Has linked up well. Scored a goal. Excellent corner taker.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I guess Barklay leaving on loan makes more sense if Ziyech and Havertz are seen as his direct competitors. The same would likely apply to Loftus Cheek, and I guess Gilmour will be available at some point. This all points to Declan Rice as a likely target in a position we are desperately lacking.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Both Barklay and Loftus Cheek leaving on loan sounds a bit strange. Even if Rice comes in he doesn’t really play in their positions. We’d still be looking a bit light in midfield. What is going on?
  12. Mason Mount could do with a break. Tired pass that failed to find Werner. Tired penalty. Not one of his better games.
  13. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    Relieved we salvaged something out of that disastrous first half. Think I'd keep Emerson and sell Alonso. Disappointed to see Christensen start. Thought he was suspended for three matches. Reece James is now our first choice right-back? Good crosser but pretty poor as a defender. Hope we can bring in a DM before the window shuts. Don't think I can bear another pick n mix from Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante for another season.
  14. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    I really don't know if Frank knows what he's doing. Yes, players make mistakes. But Frank picks them in the first place. Is there a reason why Zouma and Tomori aren't starting and Christensen is? Why Azpi doesn't start ahead of James or Alonso? Why Kante and Kovacic are paired once more? It's the same old issues. I really don't understand his selection, his thinking. Why keep beating your head against a wall like this? He's eating up a lot of goodwill and it's sad to see him floundering like this. But he needs to sort it out fast.
  15. West Bromwich Albion 3 Chelsea 3

    We should never start with a line-up including pairings ofJames and Alonso. Kovacic and Kante.