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  1. Liverpool vs Chelsea

    I don’t think they can get to 100 points now. I only caught bits of the Arsenal game tonight but heard Souness say at half time that Liverpool were taking it fairly easy.
  2. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Three points. But I’ve had more fun at the dentist.
  3. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    We’re making hard work of this.
  4. Chelsea 1 Norwich City 0

    Great cross by the impressive Pulisic. Giroud finally connecting with the ball. 1-0. A bit frustrating to watch. But we just need to grind out a win.
  5. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Performances like today’s are why I was hoping the season would be declared void. We were incredibly lucky to be in fourth place before the lockdown. Things were only going to get worse.
  6. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    I honestly don’t get why Frank persists with Azpi at left back. It’s not as if Reece James is outperforming. We just look so out of kilter. We clearly have issues at centre-half and it’s a big problem when your defensive midfielders are out injured. So why make things worse? What’s with Abraham? Hudson-Odoi? You’d think they’d come back fit and strong. Looks like they haven’t been near a ball in six months. Loftus Cheek I can understand. Only Pulisic and Willian look like they’re up to speed. Barklay still struggles to impose himself. And he’s one of our better players. It’s all a bit of a mess. I think Lampard should just play the percentages in games like this. Match them physically. Start Giroud. And get Alonso and Azpi to feed him crosses. Hope that Pulisic and Willian can combine. Instead we got hit with two first-half sucker punches and it was game over. We can’t afford any more performances like today’s. It wasn’t good enough and Frank knows it.
  7. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Really just needed to compete today. A point would’ve been a good result. Instead we were second best from back to front. It didn’t help that Kante, Kovacic were missing. We never looked like getting back in it after the first goal. And the second just drained us of what little belief we had. Really poor day from the manager and players. Pulisic excepted.
  8. Sheffield United 3 Chelsea 0

    Strange one. Not sure I would’ve taken Pulisic off when Abraham isn’t doing much to impress.
  9. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    I don’t know what’s happened to Christiansen. I remember a game a few years back against Man City when he was outstanding and Guardiola actually went up to him on the pitch afterwards to congratulate him on how good he was. He had all the attributes. Now he just looks a bit lightweight. Physically and mentally.
  10. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    So I guess an Arsenal win tonight is the best result for us.
  11. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 3

    Jesus. We tried our best to throw that one away. So, so lucky. Looked much better whenJorginho came on. Managed to string a few passes together. Mount and Abraham missing really good chances at the end. We almost paid for it though. If we can squeeze into the CL places at end of the season, that would be some achievement, considering how frail we look.
  12. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    Pretty good performance against a lacklustre Watford side. It helped us that they sat back most of the game and didn’t trouble us at the back until the last ten minutes. Zouma did his job, winning a few headers and putting himself about. We maybe could’ve finished it earlier in the second half. We lost our way a bit after the triple substitution. But a good win. We stayed focused and put away our chances. Pulisic again very good.
  13. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Painful to see Christensen and Rudiger exposed so badly. Credit to Antonio, who gave Abraham a lesson in hold up play and how to pressurise defenders. So many poor performances. Only Willian and Pulisic came out with any credit. Frank will be bitterly disappointed by that result. A missed opportunity.
  14. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Our defensive strategy should be to keep the ball away from our defence, play in the opposition half and don't give away any free kicks.
  15. West Ham United 3 Chelsea 2

    Well that was bloody comical defending. From Rudiger's panicky non-clearance to Kepa's flapping on the cross, to Azpi and Tammy's failure to get near the ball. Seriously, our defending leaves a lot to be desired.