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  1. I am..........on here! I just hope nobody starts 🙄 It's pre-season. Lots to see and learn.
  2. Can't wait to see how two intelligent players like Fabregas and Morata link up :-) (I am soooooo sick of Man City buying anything that moves. Like kids in a sweet shop, can never have enough players. And they call us a plastic club who bought the title? And I'll be especially gutted if they get Sanchez)
  3. Yay!!! Who needs Morata??
  4. Apologies if this has already been said but Wilshere can be trouble off the pitch as well, although he might be growing up at last, I'm not sure. He could have had a lot of injuries because he didn't look after his body properly. I hope he looks at Frank Lampard and thinks "If only........."
  5. Martin Samuel is always a good read. He's his own man and, considering he's a West Ham supporting journalist, doesn't seem to have a simmering hatred for Chelsea which is mandatory these days.
  6. Not sure where to post this or if I even should, but PLEASE, Jermain Defoe, SPOTY???? Obviously the Bradley Lowery story has been heartbreaking. He was such a brave little boy with a fighting spirit and as a mother I feel so much for his parents. No child should have to endure what he did. But tragically this isn't a one off and to my mind Jermain Defoe was just doing what any decent human being would do. It's ridiculous to make him into some sort of hero. There are plenty of sportspeople who do similar things without all this publicity. We are getting so 'mawkish' and it deflects from the private and what must be unbearable grief of his family. RIP Bradley.
  7. Hmm........wonder what David Luiz would have to say about that.
  8. I can remember exactly what I was doing when that happened. I was so surprised and excited and rightly so as it turned out. Zola and Hughes.........happy days :)
  9. It's actually chesTnut 😉
  10. This and this 😀😀 I would love David Luiz to be captain. On the other hand Conte was quite happy with Cahill last season so why change anything? Has there been any indication he is going to do so? Cahill will never be a *great*player but my respect for him has grown a lot.
  11. Guys please............😔
  12. Dear James I should never have got involved. You've completely misinterpreted my post which maybe was a bit misguided in retrospect although I do like PR on here. I have absolutely no problem with you either and certainly don't think you're a 'nasty person'. Far from it! And I admire the volume of your posts on here. Peace? Leave it there x
  13. Afternoon :) He's been given extra time off.
  14. Nothing to do with me I know and anyway I can't keep up with all these different 'feuds' on here. It does seem though that some of us dislike fellow Chelsea fans more than fans of our opponents. Just want to say though that I have always found Pete a thoroughly reasonable and nice person on here and he doesn't deserve to be spoken to like that 🙁
  15. I hope I'm right too! As for the avatar, ok I got it wrong. Just kept thinking of The Shining when I looked at it!!!