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  1. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Aren't I always Kev? 😂
  2. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Ok I know. I always overreact. If we were doing really well I daresay I wouldn't be so bothered about the note taking or maybe there wouldn't be so much need for it. I think he might suck a cigarette end during matches actually.
  3. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    It was just a point of view that's all 🙄
  4. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Well yes possibly but for me it just adds to my uneasy feeling about him.
  5. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    I think your wit is underestimated on here...…..
  6. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    I'll leave you guys to discuss all the 'technical stuff' but I don't want a manager who's always taking notes. It looks ridiculous. I want him prowling the touchline taking everything in and yelling at and encouraging the players. I'm not sure I ever saw SAF taking notes or other managers from a bygone age. I'd have to take notes if I was manager because I wouldn't know what the hell I was doing. He's paid to know what he's doing. It should be instinctive.
  7. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    So pleased for Giroud 💙
  8. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Are you on tour Nobly? 🎸 Missed you on here 😔
  9. Trust you to come up with something we'd all have to look up, apart probably from PeteR.
  10. Please, enough. It doesn't reflect well on you.
  11. Haven't we already? As for Jose, you should never go back once, let alone twice.
  12. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    Aww that sounds idyllic. I love the vision of your cat watching behind the sliding door. I help look after some donkeys once a week and they are the most mischievous but gentle and empathetic souls you can imagine. I talk to them all the time and I think they understand. Adore them. (Sorry Michael, off topic).
  13. Media / Press

    I still have one in my cupboard. Watching him and JT play together, how they complimented each other and the understanding between them, is one of my favourite Chelsea memories. Goosebumps...……….
  14. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    I've been saying that all along. But the idea that he's going to leave the England set up to be back on our coaching staff is ludicrous.