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  1. Media / Press

    I used to watch The Sunday Supplement years ago when it was Hold The Back Page on Friday evenings. Really enjoyed it actually. Might have watched The Sunday Supplement a bit before I 'lost' Sky Sports for years. Got it back now but haven't watched TSS. Don't even know who is on it. Personally I think we ought to have more sports journalists on TV and there are some good ones around. I'm getting rather sick of ex-players (with a few exceptions) getting all the gigs. They are usually ex-Liverpool or Arsenal, and, as we know, biased beyond belief. One in particular can't string a sentence together and another mumbles. I'd like the neutral opinions of some good quality sports journalists for a change. They might have done nothing "in the game" but they will have watched a lot of it and have opinions, just like we all do on here. It's why I've stopped watching BBC Athletics coverage because it's just one giant 'love in' with very little criticism, apart of course from the excellent Michael Johnson. Someone very close to me trained as a print journalist and worked on several newspapers including covering football and other sports, before moving into TV. They have worked very hard and carved out an excellent career so I get a bit touchy about journalists all getting tarred with the same brush on here :-(
  2. Gentlemen please. You two have been voted the most popular posters on here and I love your discussions and opinions, but this stuff.....REALLY? :-(
  3. I’ve said many times on here that Steve Holland was a huge loss ☹️ I just can’t see it happening though. Don’t think he’d be allowed to split his time and Frank’s pride might get in the way too. It shouldn’t of course, having a great No 2 is invaluable. I don’t know enough to criticise Jody Morris in particular but maybe it’s the case that you shouldn’t mix business and friendships 🤔
  4. Why do you do that? Say what you like in conversation and I'm sure you do, but not on here. Thanks.
  5. CFCnet 19/20 Awards

    Many thanks @My Blood Is Blue @Droy was my hero does it again!!!!
  6. I thought Kovacic was many people's player of the season? (low bar though it is)
  7. And that's only 4 of them. Men and boys. I hope Frank has a lovely holiday with Christine and then comes back refreshed and ready to make some hard decisions about our hopeless defence. Even I can see it so it must be bad :-((((
  8. Think you mean Nobly. He'll be gutted he missed this.
  9. Yes, excellent from Tammy. We were never going to pull it back tonight but just don't want an embarrassing score.
  10. I will do my best Nobly but you know what Ham is like 🙄 As for Chara, doesn’t matter how many tellings off he gets he just carries on the same 😂 (You are making us all very jealous btw 🤢) PS. JUST SEEN YOUR LATEST POST. IT SEEMS YOU ARE GOING TO SPOIL OUR FUN. NEVER MIND. HOPE THE FISH ARE ON TO YOU.
  11. Champions League 2019/2020

    He was really poor last night wasn't he. Felt sorry for the guy. And playing alongside Ronaldo. No pressure!!!
  12. 😂😂😂 We are all crazy Mrs C!!! It’s a Chelsea thing 🙃💙
  13. Mange tout Ham, mange tout 🤪
  14. Mais oui, bonnet de douche 👍🏻