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  1. Poor old Kante. Wins every award going and then Chelsea fans vote for Hazard as their Player of the Year. I'd feel a bit miffed if I was him.
  2. Obviously gutted and angry with the players but not going to let this disappointment blight the season for me. It always happens with the FA Cup Final, one side are set up as overwhelming favourites and then it just doesn't happen. Their world class player turned up, ours didn't 🙄 Victor Moses hero to zero. PR disaster with the black armbands. Danny Murphy is a d***. I couldn't believe some of the crap he came out with. There's being biased and then there's being biased. He's got the charisma of a dead tortoise too. Still onwards and upwards. We got the important one and next season we will still have Conte and they will still have Wenger. And interesting to see who comes in for Steve Holland, I think he'll be missed. Shame about yesterday David but I still voted for you as my poty. Keep the faith 💙
  3. Cech to be left out..............apparently. Eh?????
  4. Never happy unless they're *offended*
  5. Chelsea have cancelled the victory parade on Sunday. Only right, proper and respectful.
  6. No I don't thanks Peter. It's my absolute pleasure and while I can I will. This forum has given me a lot including a close friend who I would never have met otherwise so I'm very grateful x
  7. I'm really hoping that in the spirit of celebration everyone who can will dig deep so we're not still worrying about money on here when the new season starts.
  8. Stop it you two! Mrs Kev is a lovely lady (as Kev once told us). Mind you, she soooooooo doesn't know what she is missing :(
  9. Good :) And Fabregas is sublime.......in every possible way!
  10. This is epic and wonderful and fantastic and Antonio Conte is a genius with what he's done. Soooo happy for everyone on here too!!! Let's just savour the moment and not start worrying about next season yet etc. etc. etc. A great send off for JT and Steve Holland too. Chelsea FC you're infuriating at times but it's all worth it in the end. Love you to bits! (I hope Droy and Blue Rod are happy tonight too)
  11. Oh yes, that old cliché..... I'll bear it in mind!
  12. Really? I don't think I could ever hate them that much, apart from when we play them next season. I know some very genuine, long term Brighton fans who really deserve this but it will be interesting to see what happens if they go straight back down again.
  13. Well I mean Worthing Actually, not quite as posh! Glad you enjoyed it down here.
  14. Having apparently been voted the least popular team in the Premier League this season by opposing fans (quelle surprise), we are now in danger of having a manager about whom no one can find a bad word. What a conundrum! Saw Jermaine Jenas on MOTD. He was absolutely awful again especially alongside the very articulate and nice Mark Schwarzer. I loved him being at Chelsea.
  15. Don't worry Pete, I identify as gender fluid non-binary these days.