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  1. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Hallelujah! Well done Chelsea 💙 Now, let's win the FA Cup, give Spurs a run for their money for 4th, and Conte and the club sort out their differences. Job done.
  2. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Unlike the rest of the premier league this season.
  3. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Your wit is just too good sometimes 😂
  4. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    His Labrador?
  5. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    The Belgian who doesn't play in goal. Mind you, he won't be bothered either 🙄
  6. Oh dear, that put me in my place 🙁
  7. I think Drinkwater is a good player who hasn't been given a fair run here yet.
  8. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    I had a good feeling about tonight too till I realised that they will be saving themselves for Sunday, especially you know who.