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  1. Just out of interest, what did you think of Hughes when he played for us Pete?
  2. So proud of them all! And a special mention for Gary Cahill who takes a lot of stick, some of it deserved, but what a reaction today. Those scenes at the end............who wouldn't want to give their all for this wonderful manager?
  3. "like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel" But speaking entirely impartially and not a little mischievously, devil's advocate and all that (no offence intended Droy), everyone is entitled to their opinion however ludicrous it might seem to others and it's obvious that Droy likes winding people up and they enjoy taking the bait. I read it all with interest, it adds to my Chelsea education. And for the record, Mikel disappointed me hugely, I like Matic, I love Fabregas and I adore Conte.
  4. Hi Jason, well yes Millwall would be a no brainer I guess. Pun intended.
  5. Obviously every team's supporters detest us with a passion, but am I right in thinking that none of them are on a par with West Ham fans' hate, bitterness (SFL) and nasty mindless behaviour personified by that idiot? I'd love Diego to have squared up to him.
  6. Sounds simple but doesn't work like that unfortunately. The good thing is we are nearly paid up to 18th May. Bit of a breathing space and time to save up!
  7. Ha ha! What about Lord Percy?
  8. .....the female........ Yawn, can't be bothered to expand on that. 'Mrs' SD is one lucky woman though.
  9. Ha ha! 😉
  10. Ooh slight hint of sarcasm there? No, I've never met him either, just jumping on the bandwagon!
  11. Always been surrounded by Bonettis down here. His youngest brother owns a dry cleaners not far from me and the family used to own a garage in the area too. I could go on and on but the name was always in my consciousness and coupled with the fact that my uncle was friends with someone at Chelsea, there was only ever going to be one team for me.
  12. F... Leicester. Hope they get relegated. Disgusting treatment. The players need to look at themselves. They won't though, they never do.
  13. I sort of feel that I shouldn't have found that funny............ the thing is I did and I'm still giggling now.
  14. Good :) Wrong end of the stick on my part. Ha ha! Poor Franco, bless his heart. I bet he wishes it was back in the day. Yes but shows what a humble man he is. I wish I could wave a magic wand for him.
  15. I know you don't like my posts very much but if I might just be allowed to say:- Post of the Season :-)
  16. Oh dear Mrs Nobly, what are you thinking? Would love to have been a fly on the wall when Jose pitched up there.
  17. Indeed indeed. I think you might have said in the past that it's important to be a gracious winner too. Having said all that though, we both know that sometimes all that matters is Chelsea, football and winning!!!
  18. I was once Kev but no longer. We had the best of Jose and all those attributes first time around and that's what I shall remember. What doesn't displease Droy? I'm sure he said not long ago that Antonio's behaviour on the touchline was embarrassing, he was boring and that he needed to speak English better. Quite right too, I mean we might be doing a lot better if he pulled himself together and buckled down a bit......... I've grown to love Antonio. He's doing an unbelievable job but not just that. I love it when managers were great players themselves. I like his schoolboy excitement but also his polite and measured responses and the fact that it's not all about HIM. All that is very attractive in itself but if I want a proper drool there's always Cesc. I think he'd make a great manager too but must not go off topic any more.
  19. Just watched MOTD :) Really don't like Paul Lambert for some reason and extra pleased we won. Cesc and some of those passes....... Because I'm a soppy cow I feel a bit sad tonight though for the thoroughly decent Claudio and the peerless Franco. I think the players are letting down the former and the latter is far too nice to be an effective manager. It's not hard to still love them both and wish them well. Jose on the other hand....
  20. No slight intended Michael and it IS appreciated what you do. Didn't realise how many new topics get submitted etc.
  21. Agreed. I say this with the greatest respect honestly, but there's nothing like encouraging newer members to be proactive! Bit patronising too. Would make me feel like a naughty schoolgirl who had dared to show a bit of initiative. It would be nice just to be told if threads aren't accepted rather than being left in the air.
  22. I know!!! I think scum fans should be careful what they wish for. Mind you, I can't see the club ever sacking SSG, they'd find some other way of doing it.
  23. Totally but hopefully it would end in disaster. Imagine Liverpool having to sack their beloved Stevie G. One can hope.
  24. Klopp's having a go at Costa now too. What a surprise. Blah blah blah
  25. SFL on instagram: For me the greatest and classiest sportsman of the modern era @rogerfederer One of my sporting heroes to another. Couldn't agree more Frank and you should know.