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  1. I knew there had to be a reason we signed Gary Cahill 😁
  2. Good try! And I think it's the only way we are going to beat them.
  3. Oh for goodness sake
  4. Ha ha!!! Indeed it could have and we all know what happened. But I've never felt any ill will towards Torres, felt sorry for him more than anything......unlike another 'Spanish' striker who is behaving appallingly.
  5. I'm not being sarcastic when I say I bow to your superior knowledge on this, but Kane scored 29 premier league goals last season and 25 the season before, winning the golden boot both times. He might do 'little else' but who cares? He does what it says on the tin.
  6. I really want to believe this but maybe the key is "(or words to that effect)" Obviously Ham is being ironic but more quality than Kane (to name but one)? I presume you must mean the previous five players mentioned.
  7. If I might be so bold, what a fantastic post SH
  8. Glass half full, it's the only way.
  9. I'm turning everything on its head. Only our first game and home defeat out of the way. I'm not going to let the media get to me, I respect very few of them especially ex players. I'm gutted obviously but determined not to overreact otherwise I'll be exhausted after a few games. We are STILL the champions.....
  10. Oh just go away
  11. What an absolute load of b*******
  12. Oh dear 😔 Shame Cahill has to get sent off within 14 minutes of the first match of the season. Not watching sadly but Pat Nevin says it was a red and you can't accuse him of being anti Chelsea. Come on Chelsea!!!!
  13. Of course. And will probably never be the same player sadly.
  14. And a Chelsea fan? Although Lukaku was meant to be too 🙄 From my limited knowledge I thought Rose was a better prospect than Shaw who's rather gone backwards?
  15. Danny Rose would be an exciting signing! Totally naïve I know, but fed up with clubs like Everton, Spurs and of course Arsenal deciding they are not going to do business with us. If we value a player more than they do then let him come to us and stop taking the moral high ground.
  16. Thank you Pete! I went off at a tangent but you always have something kind to say.............m'dear 😂
  17. So Neymar is paying his buy out fee of £200 million and will be earning £500,000 a week having been sold for £196 million. Meanwhile Mo Farah wants half a million pounds to run in the London Marathon whilst lesser mortals are busting a gut to raise much needed money for charity. And in other news children are still dying because they don't have clean water to drink or food to eat. I find it all sickening.
  18. Well thank goodness you have popped back! I've missed giggling at your posts.
  19. Ha ha!!! I'm not sure if you've just made that up Pete but absolutely spot on!!!!!!
  20. Not stereotyping or anything but foreign players are so much more articulate than home grown ones (yes Cesc), many of whom can't even speak English properly and repeat boring cliches.
  21. They should have got Dennis to come back and give him a hand like he did with Franco 😂
  22. I am..........on here! I just hope nobody starts 🙄 It's pre-season. Lots to see and learn.
  23. Can't wait to see how two intelligent players like Fabregas and Morata link up :-) (I am soooooo sick of Man City buying anything that moves. Like kids in a sweet shop, can never have enough players. And they call us a plastic club who bought the title? And I'll be especially gutted if they get Sanchez)
  24. Yay!!! Who needs Morata??
  25. Apologies if this has already been said but Wilshere can be trouble off the pitch as well, although he might be growing up at last, I'm not sure. He could have had a lot of injuries because he didn't look after his body properly. I hope he looks at Frank Lampard and thinks "If only........."