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  1. I don't believe in *second teams* but if I did Brighton would be it as they are very local to me and obviously I've followed what has happened there over the years. Really pleased for them that they are in the Premier League at last............until we play them next season! But I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts (printable!) about TFSW getting Newcastle up as well? I know we don't really care but does he actually deserve a bit of credit for this? (Please don't shout at me!!)
  2. believe Matt!!! believe!!!
  3. Strangely enough I don't often ask myself what percentage of men get a wedding ring and have then discarded it 5 years later but I'll bow to your superior knowledge on this (as with so many other things) because I can't be bothered to argue the toss.
  4. I mean this is just bizarre even by your standards. Why would 'loads of men' be bothered to keep putting their wedding rings on and off? (Unless they shouldn't be married in the first place........). And putting it on when you take your wife to meet an ex-girlfriend to make your loyalties clear........REALLY? How incredibly arrogant and patronising. The ex-girlfriend is well rid and the wife should be too, not least because who wants to go and meet your partner's ex?
  5. It might have been coming but this is hard to take and did it have to be announced now? If you don't want to do it for yourselves then win the title for JT boys, the only player we have left who actually cares about Chelsea and is proud to play for us.
  6. And just when I'd changed my profile pic because he's been so terrific this season, apart from the fact that he's a very charismatic, kind and funny guy.
  7. Haven't watched Sky Sports for years, unless I'm in a pub, but I do remember that Rob Wootton is a Chelsea fan. Thank goodness Frank has started doing some freelance punditry although he hasn't met the qualification of having played for either Liverpool or Arsenal.
  8. I work at Boots if that's any help ?!!!!!! But I guess the pub is a better bet especially after that performance.
  9. Oh nooooooo! Bad day all round then. Wish you better :-)
  10. I fear you won't be dancing a jig tonight Kev!
  11. That would be ridiculous. It's not his fault that Costa is letting everyone down. We are still one win ahead of Spurs +1. I refuse to give up.
  12. Relax, he has the interesting job of 4th Official today. It's Bobby Madley. Don't know what I did there!
  13. Gorillas are actually highly intelligent. Kelvin McKenzie is an odious individual.
  14. Ok, I sort of see where you are coming from now. Not my business to get involved anyway, I just quickly read what you said and thought it was a bit unkind to Kev. Sorry. :-) No disrespect to BR, well actually it is, that made me LOL.
  15. Ooh err NB, bit harsh :-(
  16. Ha ha but not you eh?!!!!
  17. *Chelsea cling on* *Costa let off* Business as usual. I love Antonio. Still struggling with his English so nothing controversial or nasty comes out. It might be a bit predictable but nice not to be holding my breath.....
  18. Yep Swansea!
  19. And thank goodness we have! Absolutely none taken :-)
  20. Oh.........DELIA!!!!! For some reason I read that as Delilah at first which didn't make any sense either! I remember now, Delia a little worse for wear!! Hope I'll be drinking tonight to celebrate not drown my sorrows...
  21. Costa quote on tonight's match "..................so let's try to do our best and make the ball go in". Well precisely Diego so let's be having you.
  22. I didn't catch MOTD last night. Are you talking about Martin Keown? I can stomach Lee Dixon on ITV but him..............just awful.
  23. Look at the date.........:-(
  24. Just out of interest, what did you think of Hughes when he played for us Pete?