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  1. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    A physically and mentally weak 'performance'. Not a leader amongst them. Arsenal got after us from minute one, pressing high and fast. Our lot couldn't cope with that and didn't have the strength of character and maybe the physical presence to deal with it. Sarri's insistence on funnelling our first phase of play through a woefully out of form and lacking in confidence Jorginho isn't helping either. Kante's trying to do a job not natural to him and also cover Jorginho. The lack of a quality centre-forward is absolutely stifling us. The full-backs we have don't suit this system and Alonso in particular is a waste of a shirt, and has been for two months. Sarri has to get a striker, a central midfielder and a full-back at the very least to continue with his approach. If he doesn't get the full-back and the midfielder he needs to change tactics and return us to a back five, put Kante back into his natural destroying role and work on the attacking fours interplay. I warned that we could have issues with lack of leadership when JT left us after the Conte title winning season. We're not in a good place right now, Sarri's right to call the players out, he also needs to have a good look at what he's asking of them too and his own performances. TBF you could see this manifesting itself with Conte last season, some of our issues lay with him. We watched some really poor performances during Jose's and Conte's last seasons respectively. In the last 6 weeks some of the 'efforts' have been equally as bad, culminating in getting duffed up by a pretty ordinary side tonight. Disheartening really.
  2. Media / Press

    I think that the club have reacted to the pressures put on them by the 'vigourous' media reporting of a number of occurrences. Where they have been consistent is the singing of songs where the fans use the same word that the Spurs fans use. To them it's their badge of identity, to our fans it's a collective and used thus in a derogatory way. It's the lack of balance in the reporting that I think is wrong. Reading the statement/social media quote from the fan, he was a STH. He says he confronted the fan and got abused. Looks like a fellow Spurs fan to me.
  3. Media / Press

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11675/11607380/tottenham-investigate-son-heung-min-racism-allegations Racism again at Rottenham, 2nd time in a month or so. First banana's thrown at a black player, now someone being racist towards a player from Korea. Dare say that there won't be banner headlines on front and back pages and whole TV programmes devoted to it. Still no charges levied against those who abused Stirling.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    A non-too subtle clue might be that we've managed just the one goal against PL class opponents in the last four games -Leicester, Palace, Southampton & Tottenham. It'd tell me I'd need to change something and if I can't change the people too much, then tactics is the next stop? Conte did it with Morata when he first arrived, the deep cross from Dave into Morata resulted in about 5 goals if I recall correctly. If Sarri's chosen set of tactics are the ones we've seen already then I'd look at our full-backs, neither match the modern version of requirements for the position. Converted wide midfielders or wingers who have the natural characteristics of speed, naturally staying wide and stretching out back fours/fives, good crossers/passers and generally being quick with a trick or two beat their man/get the yard required for a cross or pull back. We've a great defender on one side, but limited in attack and a nice footballer who's not the best defender, pretty pedestrian and can't get past an opposing full-back (and is currently on an extended run of poor form). This is really causing us problems and I'd be giving Emerson a run for up to four games to see if it improves us.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    On Tammy Abraham, get the ball into the box and he'll score you goals, so will Michy, so will Morata & so will Giroud. If you accept that the common theme is get the damn ball into the box as early as you can, the four strikers we have will get goals - Problem is we don't though, for a number of reasons - deep lying defences etc. What TA has currently that the others won't have is confidence and that's a really, really big advantage over the others, the other trait that he's showing (at Championship level anyway) is anticipation, he's that fraction of a second quicker of thought and movement than defenders. Whether that would through at PL level is the gamble. If we can't get a permanent striker solution in this window, I'd bring TA back - My guess is he'd get more goals than the ones we have currently, whether his other contributions are good enough to balance out any deficiencies in general play is a roll of the dice.
  6. Media / Press

    Jenas's latest view on who else should leave us, he really does have an issue with us and if it harps back to his playing days when he got lots of stick - should be a lot more professional and objective. Others could very well have the same argument re: Erikkson etc https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46811467
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    6. Has two reconstructed knees, he'll pay the price for those injuries 7. Misses lots of chances, against the one he does score
  8. Tottenham Hotspur 1 Chelsea 0

    From last nights effort it would seem to be any decision that benefits Sir Harry Kane MBE. MBE my a***. They only gave him the gong because that’s how he pronounces the name of their current home ground.
  9. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Or he's a bit of a sulky git. And I'm guessing my guess is the more likely scenario.
  10. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    Firstly I was pleased to have been wrong about an upset. Cesc could take a 50% pay cut and bottom line, be no worse off if he ends up at Monaco. I only saw the last 30 minutes of the second half and it looked a pedestrian affair. Morata straight down the tunnel when he went off and Fabregas close to/or in tears. Odd really, the one who clearly wants to stay, has to go and the other one doesn't seem to care too much either way.
  11. Chelsea 2 Nottingham Forest 0

    I've a feeling that the wages, he was the highest paid player until Kante's new contract, combined with Sarri's team selections have been the major factors in whomever's decision it's been to permit him to leave. Maybe Cesc wouldn't lower his wage requirements? The reported £250k per week Cesc is on, could fund 2 or 3 squad players wages though, or a major signing? I chose not to go to this one also, regret it now but wasn't to know. Cesc has been in in for us during his time here, I personally wish him well if he is to go. Not sure if it'll be a happy ending, I've a nasty feeling our available players and lack of goals might result in an upset today.
  12. Crystal Palace 0 Chelsea 1

    I read this somewhere yesterday, being at the game I can state categorically that I heard absolutely nothing of the sort. My wife, who was there with me said she didn't hear anything either. The usual song that contains the word that gets labelled as being anti-Semitic was sung once and as is the way very recently, was curtailed at the point that the offending word used to be sung.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    After watching him fail miserably in that role on Sunday and sulk his way through the game, until the last 10 minutes when he was moved wide, I'd steer clear of Zaha in that role. For £40m as a wide man or supporting a proper centre forward (ala Costa, Drogba) he'd be good. Problem is we don't have the latter and he'd fetch £20m+ on top of that these days.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'd want to play too at his stage of his career. If he does want to keep playing at the best level he'll adjust his wage expectations and take a move to AC. If he ends up in Turkey, the wages will be better, but as tends to be the way there and for whatever reason, they don't last long. We need some pace and the ability to interact with Hazard, Willian, Pedro - Giroud will offer a back to goal alternative but can't turn with any and make a run in behind. Until we get a decent front man and some more pace in central midfield, to cover Jorginho's and Cesc's lack of pace we are gonna struggle to challenge again for the league. New systems get a team maybe 6 months worth of grace, then other coach's catch up and devise ways around it. Sarri got 2-3 months until teams sussed the reliance on Jorginho. Morata is finished at Chelsea, best for all that he finds somewhere where he can play happy. Yesterday's half time warm-up was the most unprofessional effort I've seen in years. No surprise that when he had to come on, his performance matched that. We've no forwards to rely on and for that reason alone we need bodies, who might sell one that'll be of use. PSV might be persuaded for the Mexican, Lozano. That might get us over the line and qualify for the CL (beware Man Utd). Then look to strengthen again in the summer.
  15. Crystal Palace 0 Chelsea 1

    For me he's not either. Has nowhere near Cesc's range or vision of passes, shares his lack of pace though and gets run past in midfield. Can't cover space the way Kante can, doesn't tackle or steal the ball the way N'golo can or for that matter has his anticipation of where he needs to be in defensive situations. What Jorginho does do is provide a way of recycling the ball for the more creative players to receive it again in better positions for them. If I were to liken him to a former Chelsea player I'd say he's in the image of Didier Deschamps. Very true, in my view it was a really poor quality game of football. Far too many mistakes, poor play and poor decision making and Palace were far worse than us. Ross Barkely needs to step up his game significantly. Takes far too many touches and to compound this does it whilst too static himself. The main reason he's too easy to disposess and also stumbles over the ball. We were standing directly behind the linesman for the Giroud 2nd half offside and he looked 2ft onside, will have to look again later but it looked a really bad call to me.