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  1. GK is one of the positions I'd not be concerned with. Begovic was a decent shot stopper, but for me the defence looked nervous of him and put them on edge. Eduardo is an international, if we get Cabillero we've one very good keeper and two able deputies. Striker (maybe two?), Verrati like midfielder, a creative one and a top quality full back (wing-back, ex-winger) ought to be the recruits. Assuming we don't lose first team regulars.
  2. I'd agree, it might only be for 6 months though? Athleti for me seem to be a fair and decent club, one that we appear to be able to work with to broker mutually beneficial transfer agreements. Unlike their city rivals Real who seem to systematically unsettle players they desire to meet only their ends. Trying to buy for the least possible fee, but asking extortionate fees for their fringe players they decide to move on Morata and James Rodriguez being the two recent cases in point. Not that I believe that either of those two would suit us. SAF had it right, when he said he'd not give Real Madrid a virus, never mind sell any of his players. This was during RM's unsettling of Ronaldo when he was at Man Utd.
  3. I've just finished reading the 'Art of War' (Costa's biography), Athleti renewed Costa's contract during the season prior to him leaving with the rumours flying around that he was coming to us. They wanted to sell him, they had financial issues at the time. The book alludes that JM and Chelsea had an agreement with Athleti in place during that first season of JM's second stint, Costa was reluctant to move so Athleti enhanced his contract to 'sweeten' the deal for him Personally I'd read no more into a new contract for AG other than Athleti protecting/enhancing any potential transfer fee they may get for him. Not sure he'd be coming our way anyway. The book isn't a bad read and insightful as to Costa, his mindset and some of his ways. I'm not so sure his time with us is done, there'll probably be some meetings where the way forward will be determined. The 'noise' is dimming, ego's being pulled in and hopefully some sense will prevail. We need two top class strikers for the coming season and a useful third option. Read Drogba's book too whist I'm away, again a good read and insight into the man, recommended.
  4. Indeed, a Happy Munich Day wished to all. The day had it all, fabulous city, fabulous weather, found a great place to sit, drink and mingle overlooking a great square and the opera house and the result. Undoubtedly my favourite moments in 35+ years of going to watch Chelsea. Have visited the city at least once a year since, for a long weekend to reminisce and enjoy the hospitality and even more Weissbier. It actually is a spectacular city with some great history (and some dark stuff to).
  5. There's a moment in the game on Tuesday night where JT is at the right place at exactly the right moment to intercept a cross and I thought to myself, this is the type of instinctive defending we miss and one of the reasons why we've been conceding a few recently (the other reason being opposition coach's devising methods to exploit our system), namely that there's no one with his defensive brain. JT has been doing this sort of thing for so many years now, that people watching just accept it. The old adage of "you never truly miss what you've got, till its gone" must surely apply?
  6. Back on the Everton game, it'll all boil down to whether the unlucky aspect of me never (to the best of my memory) seeing us win at Woodison when I've been allocated a ticket in the upper section of the stand is greater or less than the wearing of the 'lucky' socks, pants and shoes!!!!!!!!! Swapping tiers doesn't work either. 😉😉
  7. Excepting for our striker being in a poor run of form/lack of confidence/couldn't give a toss (dependent on whichever is actually correct) perhaps there's a combination of Sunday being a 'perfect storm' of loss of players, one at little or no real notice and an astute opposition manager who'd been beaten twice already by us and was clearly smarting, plus other managers and their highly paid/skilled management teams and numerous tactical analyst's actually devising systems that are making it harder for us to win games. Conte and his team really do need to up their game, as do the players - We'll see who the new leaders on the pitch are now., or maybe we might not!!
  8. At least they've won an away game, other than at a non-league ground! All that can be hoped is that they've still got the chance of 4th spot when they go to Sp**s, that and you'd hope the Nth London derby thing/stopping the other lots title bid, would motivate them to perform. It's the hope that gets you in the end.
  9. Luiz wore a specialised sort of strapping for months following the assault by Aguero. It's only in the last two to three weeks that he's not played with the knee strapped. In my view it's not Luiz we should be focussing on, it's Cahill's defending and distribution. Azpilicueta's form has also dropped off.
  10. Rob Wooton is definitely a Chelsea fan and a match going one at that, I've personally had him and I assume his son sat a few rows back from me at numerous away games this season. Not so many of late though. Good for him, but I suspect he can't push it too far as his employers will know of his allegiances, if I recall correctly he did a light hearted clip on SLY Sports of his singing a Chelsea song?
  11. Kante the only player who can hold his head up and enough's been said about the performance. No real excuses, however the defence seems not to trust Begovic and becomes hesitant. We'll probably have worked all week in a system with Alonso in it. Zouma unfortunately, isn't going to be an adequate replacement at either wing-back position. Add to that his passing and distribution is worse than Cahill's (he's not the best, not helped by the fact he's predominantly right footed but plays in the left-sided role in the three) and we ended up with a bit of a 'perfect storm'. When Zouma did get forward, after he'd been switched sides, he struggled to hold a wide position and didn't offer the width we usually get. Thus suited them and they were able to gang-up on Hazard and Costa, stifling the effectiveness of them. Zouma also kept taking the space and attacking balls that were clearly David Luiz's. Clearly the left wing-back position is a crucial one and one that we do not appear to be able to cover Alonso's absence adequately- get well soon son! I don't really know how much the semi-final result will effect the league form of either Rottenham or us, but we play our next league game before they do, we play Southampton at home on the Tuesday night, they play Palace, at Selhurst Pk on the Wednesday. This'll be the first time in quite a few games where we have the chance to post the win and put a bit of pressure on them to achieve the same result to keep pace. Traditionally they've wilted, however we have to get the win to put the pressure on and unfortunately they've the momentum and perhaps, and I'm loathe to say it, the belief and mental strength to keep winning.
  12. As we've moved onto CL & EL discussion, I was told today that BT Sport execs have got their knickers in a twist about a supposed plan being used by SKY of getting our teams who are/were involved in the two European Competitions, PL televised games as close as they can to the European game dates. Allegations are that SKY are doing this to do all they can to get the teams out of European Competitions to scupper BT who have invested heavily in these rights and cut their UK viewing figures and advertising revenue streams! Sneaky gits, IF true.
  13. Which it is, of course. BUT now carries a 'golden ticket' into the Champions League for its winner. What's he guilty of, being a bit of a hypocrite? Which top level manager isn't at times that suit themselves, not a defence or an excuse, just reality - in my view. Being the pragmatist that I think JM is, he will use the most likely method (in his own calculative mind) to qualify for the CL. This season that probably is via the EL, although they've still a real chance of qualification via league position. Personally and with our imminent fixture with them in mind I'd have hoped their potential for CL qualification via the league was far more remote than it is right now as he'd have possibly fielded a weakened team on Sunday as that fixture lies between their games with Anderlecht.
  14. Thought that one thing that last night did perhaps show us was that Zouma is going to struggle in a back three. Might be a case of him out and Christensen back in next season, good footballer that fella is looking and with ability on the ball and passing that would knit into and be well-suited in a three.
  15. Quite!! Alternatively, there are people out there who's view is so jaundiced that they have to hate someone within the managerial or playing staff. As one figure for that hate disappears it has to be replaced by another and at the first perceived sign, off they go again. Costa is working hard and needs a goal to spark him off. He ploughed a lone furrow last night with little service and against two decent centre-halves and a covering midfielder, that's why Delph was selected in my view, to shield the two defenders and pick up the pieces. He didn't shy away from any challenges. He may not be entirely happy, if that is true it's been that way for a while and certainly before the January window.