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  1. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    William and Jorginho have one missed penalty between them I believe. I don’t recall Willian missing any for us. The penalty was right in front of where I was located, Willian looked to asking if Barkley was sure he wanted to take it and Jorginho looked to do the same. Silly decision as he’d barely touched the ball in open play since coming on. Ross will almost be a good player, that’s been his issue since he was 21, promising before that. What I noticed tonight, different seat with a better perspective view of the entire pitch was that Mount presses as a second striker and when he did that Valencia were hurried. As soon as he went off, Pedro not having his pace and probably match fitness sat 10 yards deeper and they were able to play the game at their pace more often. Another lesson tonight that Frank might take heed of, should he want the team to press high up the pitch. Come back Kante and Rudiger as soon as possible please, along with Mount of course.
  2. Media / Press

    Today’s “issues “, are tomorrow’s “challenges” and the futures “successes” Well, that’s how I try to rationalise things anyways. Head up and Up The Chels
  3. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Bottom line in the game was that Frank made the wrong decision in not bringing on Giroud who can hold the ball up and not putting a defensively minded 'screen' on our RHS, he'll do that, as has every manager out there. Not making the same mistake on multiple occasions will be a better measure of his ability. His mistakes will be critically analysed and commented upon, because it's easy pickings for the pundits and journo's and creates easy debate. Realistic expectations are what's required. If I were Frank I would be getting some 'tactical-work', plus gym work into our young American though.
  4. VAR and Chelsea

    Now, Kent Walton was a fine commentator but I'm not sure Jacki Pallo, Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus, Cry Baby Jim Breaks or even Kendo Nagasaki needed VAR to tell us about 2 x falls, a knockout or a submission on Saturday afternoons - "Ask 'I'm ref, ask I'm" ;-) As for VAR, the goal-line technology is great - the rest of it they'll make up as it go's along and to whatever agenda the paymasters want. It's not fit for purpose as the rules/guidelines are not strict enough. For example - How many 'phases of play' is too far back for VAR not to be referred to?
  5. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    My take on the penalty was that the keeper outthought him. On TA's approach to the ball (he's taking the pen with his right foot), the keeper feigns to his left, TA's right. TA is going to go to the keepers left, his right. The keepers movement makes TA change his mind and he attempts to go down the middle, problem is he hasn't the time to change his body and foot shape enough and starts the ball to the right of centre. it's this and the keepers early forward movement off his line combined that allows the 'save' (with his foot). Shows a lack of confidence, slight worry that he can't change technique quickly to cope with this - as a striker it's the ability to rapidly adapt your shape that gets you from a 10-15 goals a year to 20+ goals man. That's one of the reasons I think that TA will never be quite good enough for a top 8 PL team. Just below the quality needed. I would like to be wrong on this one though.
  6. Manchester United 4 Chelsea 0

    Seems strange to say that this was a game of fine margins - for the first 50mins anyways. I was very encouraged by our performance going forward, especially the first 20mins or so. Very good passing and movement in midfield and created a number of chances and half-chances. However a blind-man could see the vulnerability through our centre-backs - played way too far apart generally and when they did get a bit closer together would both go in for the same ball. What did surprise me was how little marshalling came from the captain and how slow he was to press out onto Martial or Rashford, he jogged out there. That gives both of them time to get the ball onto their right-foot and cut inside and be moving at pace onto you, just as you're going the opposite direction. Naïve work at the back I'm afraid and lots of lessons need learning. I didn't watch our pre-season games in full, but poor defending was reported in most of them. Badly need an organiser back there, hopefully Rudiger improves this. I'd be tempted to play Tomori before playing Zouma, who's game looks to have regressed - he might be fine in a team who tells him to attack the ball all the time and let the others pass the ball, we don't and probably won't be able to accommodate a non-passing centre-half. Lot's of promise from Ross in pre-season, yesterday he went back into what we saw a fair bit of last season, dawdles on the ball and makes poor decisions. If he continues the same way as yesterday, he'll be the one making way for Kante. The back-four may actually restrict how we operate in midfield as FL may need to plug the gaps with two midfield players, Frank may need to do a 'Conte' and change systems, to gain some confidence within the team and get some results - wins will breed belief, losses will effect in the opposite direction, especially the younger players. We've got good players to come back in when fit, no panics or drama - They weren't 4-0 better than us, they made less mistakes, gave the ball away less in the dangerous places, had pace to stretch the defence with and utilised this by getting the ball forward earlier and had better finishers.
  7. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    I’ve no doubt that FL will have consulted the club as to possible outcomes of conversations with certain players. Any senior manager in any large business should make sure he knows the limits of their authority in relation to decisions they may need to make prior to meetings of the nature that FL had with DL. Another factor to consider is the potential that our owner may trust this head coach a tad more than previous incumbents? I agree, DL may well have done something that the owner allowed him to leave. The club broke their policy and gave him a two year contract at the age of 32. He then seemingly, almost as soon as the new coach gets here causes issues. I’d be mightily cheesed off with him. Senior player and all that. DL is far from a good enough player to make any demands regarding role or playing time
  8. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    None of us know factually, however what supporting statements there are suggests a disagreement between the pair of them. The manager clearly doesn’t want him around the team, as again it’s clear at that stage DL is going to tow the party line and separates DL away from those that are staying. See, we’ve gone down the Brian Clough style of debate here, had a discussion about it and decided I was right all long! 👍🏼😉
  9. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Have empathy with you on this, I'm also of the age where the NHS take a more active interest in men's bowels. Had the screening and it's uncomfortable enough without having to have any polyps removed. Looking on the positive side, I lost 5lbs whilst doing the prep for the screening (you'll know what I mean! 😷).
  10. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    My interpretation of the above is DL wanted to be a guaranteed starter, the manager says he can't and/or doesn't give those sorts of assurances. DL jumps up and down, spits his dummy out and the manager says thanks for your service, pull the door too on your way out.
  11. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    Assuming for a moment that the rumours are true as regards DL leaving. Clearly at this late stage, there has probably been some sort of disagreement/disenchantment/breaking down of trust - between the new management and DL. Possibly not a bad thing for FL and his team to 'flex their muscles', showing of authority and/or simply a message that if you don't want to conform, play our way and be part of the team, then we will have no problem with moving you on. Especially with a more 'senior' type player. Flip side of that coin is perhaps that one or two more precious souls react badly to this type of stance. Frank's experienced enough to have made proper and reasoned judgements and I'd trust him on this occasion. Conte clearly had his fill of DL after the Watford away game (Bakayoko got sent off in the first half and we lost 4-1 or 4-2?) and Luiz barely tried, he was disgraceful. That showed for me that he had it in him to put his own interests well before the teams and you cannot have people in the spine of your side doing that. We move on.
  12. Let’s hope that a permanent move for him gives him the feeling of belonging and contributing. I think that that he never really established himself at RM, similarly not a regular starter for his national team. With our apparent acceptance of a transfer ban, he has a good chance of regular starts for us. Loads of ability and now a chance to put down some roots and establish himself. If he can perform consistently as he did in our first few games of last season and as he did in the EL Final, where I thought he was up there with Hazard, maybe even a tad better - we’ll have got a good deal. A few goals need adding as well. Conversely, if we get the middle season version of him - mediocre. Lots of ability, fingers crossed
  13. Media / Press

    More chance of KFC getting done 🙂
  14. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Harmless fun really, so no worries. Coincidence really as this came from a completely different place than the Hazard one. A wise person once told me “A secret is only a secret until you tell someone”. Very little said in confidence, remains so. Just the nature of people really. As DWMH says with odds of 1/14, there’s probably other information more reliable than this, causing the bookies to be that skinny.
  15. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Nanny has been told he’s going to be spending more time back at home in London, by Christine. Not this time. :-)