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  1. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    That's sorted that statement out. One of the worst cameo performances I've watched, he did not do one thing right. One that gladly for us, and for Barkley in the longer term, our manager got spot on. We didn't press the ball enough and showed them too much respect. We didn't have too worry about Walcott, ineffective and Richarlison was offside more than Morata, and that took some doing yesterday. When we did press them was at the start of the second half and we looked as though we might score. If we were a bir braver in that aspect we could have opened them up a bit more.
  2. Media / Press

    I sense that as far as the media/press are concerned JM is getting an easier time than he was a month or so ago, results helping this. Perhaps the hacks finally realise their jobs are easier with him in the PL than him not being about. His team have the characteristics of one cobbled together and unusually for a JM team, no natural leader and lieutenant. They play when they want to play, that's another major problem he has got. Use Martial as an example, he's decided he wants to be a footballer again now that his contract is up and he either wants a Sanchez sized renewal or a move with those sort of terms. Pogba plays when he wants, he'll look a world beater tomorrow and then be so, so for a few weeks again. I'd speculate that the Sanchez transfer, instead of solving issues there, caused lots of problems inside the squad. It would be no surprise to me to see Sanchez go to PSG as early as the January window.
  3. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    Man Utd players were wanting him to get his rather large derrière into the channels, he wouldn't and when they didn't get the ball to him in the way he wanted it, he flapped his arms around like a spoilt child. He does this regularly, I think he's lazy and a flat track bully. Did Lukaku have a shot yesterday? MOTD has called him out previously for this lack of work rate. Rudiger had him in his pocket until he got booked, then couldn't be as aggressive for fear of Mike Dean the drama queen over-reacting. Even Luiz outmuscled him twice. He's one of those who'll always be a better player in his own mind than he actually ever will be. Morata looks shot to pieces mentally. Shame, as he's got most of the tools necessary.
  4. Chelsea 2 Manchester United 2

    ............... and that useless, lazy lump in front of him. Allegedly there was circa £150-£160million pounds worth of centre-forwards on the pitch, starting the game yesterday. On reflection it probably shows the dearth of high quality forwards around if that pair can command those sort of fees.
  5. Michael Emenalo

    Just as we are 😉. I can think of 4 others rather than Bakayoko that they might be missing more. Bakayoko might have been Mr Emenalo's parting gift for us and his way into there. Certainly, thus far his influence can hardly be seen as being positive.
  6. Michael Emenalo

    Clearly having an effect on his chosen new club. From near champs to chumps in his first 12 or so months there. Currently third bottom of their league, a mere 18 points off the lead already.
  7. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I was told to type 'gobshite' into the search facility of google maps today and see where it takes you too. Quite appropriate result really 😂 Probably been around for years, but it was new to me.
  8. Clearly a good start to his career here. Defence needs a decision as regards Luiz, for me he's back to the man who lost concentration far too often. I see no reason why AC shouldn't get a chance. One thing he does seem to have a happy knack of is positive, game changing substitutions. Yesterday was the third game in a row where we've won games following his intervention.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not entirely surprising. ;-)
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Some mega bad ones £40m for Bakayoko, £30m+ for Drinkwater plus the most pointless fullback I've seen in Zappacosta is enough gross incompetence in one window to get the bullet. Panzo and the lad who went to Liverpool at the start of the window - another two academy products who'll more than likely have professional careers - but not at the top level. There's no great loss there for us. Thankfully, or so it would appear Marina saw through him.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Very good in fact..........................her first summer transfer window without the interference 'advice' of Mr Emenalo.
  12. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I don't sell £1.5billion assets, however I've sold my home a few times and I got the best possible price for them by having a few interested people, bidding the value up. If it's happening, I would have thought it would be made known in the right circles that he would be open to bids. RA has been a fantastic owner, however even with his vast wealth he may be struggling to keep us at the very top table. Also he's not being treated well by our beloved politicians and he could have had enough or even being instructed to withdraw from the UK. Not scared by it personally, wary but it could prove to be positive (given a committed new owner/s).
  13. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Listening to the radio this morning (Talksport) and Alan Brazil was adamant that he had word from people in the 'City'(probably his man at Barclays HQ) that RA has Chelsea FC up for sale. Haven't seen this mentioned in the forum anywhere, so thought it was worth putting up.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Depends on the fine detail of the loan. Could be that the club still do not have the goalkeeping situation resolved? For instance if Courtois goes and we can't get a replacement within the budget (whatever that might be??) and Willy C has to step us as first choice, we'll need a senior back-up keeper - Eduardo comes back as that perhaps. If not he stays at Vitesse and they pay some or all his wages. Not much ventured financially, insurance policy perhaps?
  15. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    It would be so easy for UEFA to ensure FFP was enforceable, as DWMH states they do not have the will (or balls) to do so. Man City's main sponsor - ETIHAD Airways consistently lose a lot of of money, so much so that most 'real' commercial business's could not sustain them and would go out of business very quickly. They lost $1.87billion on a turnover of $8.36billion in their financial year ending 2016 and expected that position to not improve the next year. They have been accused of massaging their accounts for years and up to recently would not release them for scrutiny. They are continually bankrolled by their nation. Most other football clubs main sponsors have to operate in the real commercial world of profit & loss and have shareholders or private boards of directors to pacify. All UEFA need do is put constraints on sponsors based on profitability of their business and rate of sponsorship based on turnover and profit. Since the FFP rules have been put into place, Chelsea have attempted to operate within these rules, Christian Purslow was interviewed within the last 6 months and stated that RA no longer wanted to keep having to write cheques to cover the financial gaps and hasn't done so for the last threes seasons. Until the oil rich Emerati are made to play by the same rules, there will be the disparity in spending power we see currently.