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  1. Let’s hope that a permanent move for him gives him the feeling of belonging and contributing. I think that that he never really established himself at RM, similarly not a regular starter for his national team. With our apparent acceptance of a transfer ban, he has a good chance of regular starts for us. Loads of ability and now a chance to put down some roots and establish himself. If he can perform consistently as he did in our first few games of last season and as he did in the EL Final, where I thought he was up there with Hazard, maybe even a tad better - we’ll have got a good deal. A few goals need adding as well. Conversely, if we get the middle season version of him - mediocre. Lots of ability, fingers crossed
  2. Media / Press

    More chance of KFC getting done 🙂
  3. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Harmless fun really, so no worries. Coincidence really as this came from a completely different place than the Hazard one. A wise person once told me “A secret is only a secret until you tell someone”. Very little said in confidence, remains so. Just the nature of people really. As DWMH says with odds of 1/14, there’s probably other information more reliable than this, causing the bookies to be that skinny.
  4. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Nanny has been told he’s going to be spending more time back at home in London, by Christine. Not this time. :-)
  5. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Never mind journalists or internet ITK’s. Gossiping nannies of the rich and famous are the real deal!! ;-) Hazard leaving was all but confirmed to my son by the partner of Hazard’s children’s nanny, who’d just been given notice of end of employment. I think, if memory serves me, I put the latter up on the Hazard or transfer thread on here.
  6. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Back on topic...............I have nanny related intelligence that strongly suggests SFL will be the next Chelsea manager/coach.
  7. I personally thought he was far too set in his ways to have been adaptable enough to thrive in the PL. He (and we) got lucky that the teams vying for the 3rd to 6th places were all much of a muchness and each respectively did their best to throw away the CL spots. The capitulation at Bournemouth was something I’d not seen a Chelsea team do for 20+ years, for me that was when I believed that there was something wrong I wonder whether Sarri wanted an in-between club, prior to the Juventus appointment. Either believing that this would then not appear to be as much as a ‘betrayal’ or that the direct move there from Napoli was not possible for a number of reasons. He didn’t convince me that he ever truly wanted to stay here. Far more concerned for us with no Hazard than no Sarri.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    They had him on entonox whilst they were getting ready to stretcher him off, not good at all.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, fortune isn't shining down on our most promising young players, first CHO and RLC out until after the season starts and now Reece James has been stretchered off with a really nasty looking injury in a meaningless Toulon Trophy match this evening. Just when it looked as though the younger players might get their chance, injury seems to be robbing them of it and us of home grown squad options.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    And that’s probably exactly why he’s allowed them to be published, namely to make a return back into our club far more difficult for the club. It will also make negotiating as high a transfer fee as would be possible more difficult for us. Again all part of his and possibly A. Madrid’s overall plan. I’d take him back, he can face the players (they’ll see these comments) for a while and loan/sell him to as least desirable place as is possible. Glaring example of poor recruiting and profiling.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think timing of the CAS appeal is crucial. As late an appeal as possible will limit their ability to schedule the hearings. As I understand the process, whilst the appeal is applied for and pending the hearing the transfer ban is removed. Which then should give us one window to operate in. This is what the Spanish teams did. The above assumes we want to appeal the ban, although every statement the club has made regarding it have stated they strongly refute the findings.
  12. And would fit the role of manager here very well in my opinion. Knows the club, the people in charge, would need a ‘Steve Holland’ as an intermediary - JT? Won most things as an assistant/coach with us as well. I had the feeling he was the tactics behind the Di Matteo CL win. Robbie did the emotional motivation. If he’s able to make the transition to the top job, he’s the ideal candidate.
  13. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I tried a few last night and you either get there too late or have to get away too early and spend 15+hrs travelling or waiting in airports. Additionally frustrating for us as I've scheduled the annual holiday to get away for an 'important' birthday for the wife (leave next week) and get back into the UK from the Caribbean on the Tuesday so I could get a flight out should we have gotten through to the final.
  14. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I'd have gone to £650 for the travel I think, plus all tickets etc. Moscow was 4hrs + on a plane and we were charged £550 ish each. There might be a few non-'official partner' charters pop up but they won't be much below the Thomas Cook rates. It's 2500 miles away, so the only realistic option for most is to fly. Agree with the UEFA comments, corrupt and rotten to the core. For themselves not the fans. No wonder their 'anthems' get boo'ed - That's one type of booing I do agree with.
  15. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Great night from the result perspective of getting to the final and reiterate the comments regarding those short-sighted individuals who choose to boo, what I thought at the time was the right decision. RLC had a good first-half and a poor second, for whatever reason. Now a rant, it's bad enough we're being allocated just over 6000 tickets for a European Final in a stadium that holds 69000. I'd get the chance of 2 tickets for the game, as the loyalty point gained will be enough to get into the first tranche of sales after the European Away Scheme Members. The Chelsea FC 'Official Travel Partner' - Thomas Cook has just kindly announced that they want £975 each for the airfare. Nice touch that, just blatant profiteering from a supply partner of the club, and the club are pretty much condoning this by allowing them to do it. By the time you factor in a ticket, travel to the airport, spending money etc it'll be £1200-£1300 each, and even I can't justify £2500+ for a Europa League Final. One of the reasons for me going home and away was to ensure that I could always get Cup Final tickets and a few other I know do the same. Just had a ring around and a number of people who can get tickets won't be doing so because the cost is so exorbitant. That's a cost too much for me - Many thanks to UEFA for choosing a place for the final you cannot get to and thanks to all the organisations trying to 'milk' exorbitant sums from fans. Chelsea FC should intervene and either lobby for subsidies or subsidise the travel. That would be the decent thing to do.