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  1. And would fit the role of manager here very well in my opinion. Knows the club, the people in charge, would need a ‘Steve Holland’ as an intermediary - JT? Won most things as an assistant/coach with us as well. I had the feeling he was the tactics behind the Di Matteo CL win. Robbie did the emotional motivation. If he’s able to make the transition to the top job, he’s the ideal candidate.
  2. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I tried a few last night and you either get there too late or have to get away too early and spend 15+hrs travelling or waiting in airports. Additionally frustrating for us as I've scheduled the annual holiday to get away for an 'important' birthday for the wife (leave next week) and get back into the UK from the Caribbean on the Tuesday so I could get a flight out should we have gotten through to the final.
  3. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    I'd have gone to £650 for the travel I think, plus all tickets etc. Moscow was 4hrs + on a plane and we were charged £550 ish each. There might be a few non-'official partner' charters pop up but they won't be much below the Thomas Cook rates. It's 2500 miles away, so the only realistic option for most is to fly. Agree with the UEFA comments, corrupt and rotten to the core. For themselves not the fans. No wonder their 'anthems' get boo'ed - That's one type of booing I do agree with.
  4. Chelsea 1 Eintracht Frankfurt 1 (Chelsea win on penalties)

    Great night from the result perspective of getting to the final and reiterate the comments regarding those short-sighted individuals who choose to boo, what I thought at the time was the right decision. RLC had a good first-half and a poor second, for whatever reason. Now a rant, it's bad enough we're being allocated just over 6000 tickets for a European Final in a stadium that holds 69000. I'd get the chance of 2 tickets for the game, as the loyalty point gained will be enough to get into the first tranche of sales after the European Away Scheme Members. The Chelsea FC 'Official Travel Partner' - Thomas Cook has just kindly announced that they want £975 each for the airfare. Nice touch that, just blatant profiteering from a supply partner of the club, and the club are pretty much condoning this by allowing them to do it. By the time you factor in a ticket, travel to the airport, spending money etc it'll be £1200-£1300 each, and even I can't justify £2500+ for a Europa League Final. One of the reasons for me going home and away was to ensure that I could always get Cup Final tickets and a few other I know do the same. Just had a ring around and a number of people who can get tickets won't be doing so because the cost is so exorbitant. That's a cost too much for me - Many thanks to UEFA for choosing a place for the final you cannot get to and thanks to all the organisations trying to 'milk' exorbitant sums from fans. Chelsea FC should intervene and either lobby for subsidies or subsidise the travel. That would be the decent thing to do.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    If you read the quotes from the club relating to us completely refuting the allegations, you may well take from those quotes that the club believe they should get the ban overturned. Now this may be part of the brinksmanship game being played to get the ban suspended/postponed for the period that CAS takes to hear our appeal and/or reduced.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Speak to the people who predict the players marketing values, they'll tell you the answers - as they appear to call the shots now. Revenues from the good'ole US of A will be great.
  7. Eden Hazard

    According to my son, who's a top level ITK (that's his version! Actually this comes from his best mate, who's girlfriends sister is the person in question). The Hazard's have just given 1 month's notice to the Nanny who looks after their 3 children. Could signify she's not good at what she does, could be they are off to pastures new?
  8. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Sorry, when it comes to this stage of the season and teams like Burnley & Brighton are scrapping for every point with 9or 10 behind the ball. You cannot afford to let in 2 goals or more from a limited number of chances they do create, or set-pieces they get. To lose yet another goal to a cross (this time a 35 yard, cross field dead ball) to beyond the far post into a zone most teams know we don't put anyone into, is unforgivable. And to add to the pain to do so having initially having gone behind, played superbly for 20mins and go into the lead. Ask Arsenal fans tonight or after Sunday whether defending has cost them. -2 on their goal difference as well. Too many false hopes wasted to get overly hopeful of us capitalising on yet another chink of an opening for us.
  9. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    Yes, what needs to be added is that they score one and get three points. The way we defend we need to score three and four to win.
  10. Chelsea 2 Burnley 2

    The injuries did not help, but we played the second half with too many players playing to deep. The manager has to take the responsibility for that and for yet another goal conceded by a deep cross beyond the far post and our lot staying in their 'zones', as they no doubt have been instructed to. First twenty minutes was very good and we needed to hold onto that, the equaliser knocked us and being as fragile as we clearly are, couldn't recover. Our forward, either Higuain or Giroud are isolated with no support or anyone to play off or to pick up the bits and pieces that might fall around them. Second half was painful to watch, you could see we weren't going to break them down, when Kante went off so did our only midfielder who was prepared to run into the box for crosses, cut backs. That alone is damning on the tactics employed. We could have easily gone three at the back and played with Emerson higher up the pitch to stretch their back four out, like CHO did in the first half. Too safe when it was s**t or bust for us as far as a top four finish go's. Tonight was our chance and I blame the tactics employed as a reason for not getting the vital win. There are some managers who are nearly men, for me it's looking increasingly like ours is one of those.
  11. Media / Press

    Back to Wolfsburg for him, plus Fiorentina & Roma for the other one that developed and learned that hard work pays its dividends and then some! It was a good job that our Technical Director and whoever else was making the sales/exit agreements had the skill and expertise to put in the buy back and sell on clauses - oops! 😉
  12. Media / Press

    Just home, pleased to report an impeccably observed minutes silence (noted by the stadium announcer at half-time) and respectful applause for Tommy Smith. Their fans throwing a red flare/smoke bomb into our fans area will probably get no news report, could have very badly hurt people. Unsurprisingly their fans were 'outraged' when the poor sod where it landed lobbed it onto the pitch. Pointing fingers and condemning us, I think the irony of it all was truly missed. Just added more weight to the old phrase "always the victim, never to blame".
  13. Media / Press

    We were both wrong, partially so. There will be a minutes silence in remembrance of the Hillsborough tragedy and its victims. I’ve received an email from the club ‘informing’ match going fans of this and that any instances of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. It also refers to the people in Prague and how it has embarrassed and shamed the club. Under the spotlight today.
  14. Media / Press

    I suspect you will be correct. Won't stop the criticism should just a few be seen or heard misbehaving, and there'll be camera's + microphones awaiting.
  15. Media / Press

    The media and their supporters have a very convenient and myopic view on their own less than glorious 'istory' as regards their own supporters behaviours. For me they will no doubt, 'honour' him. That extract reads much like Paul Canoville's stories. Unfortunately playing in that era resulted in many tales such as this. Prejudice and ignorance (lack of knowledge and empathy) was rife. I played all through the 80's and at one of the clubs, the three or four hundred fans we'd get christened one of the players a name that these days you get arrested for. He appeared to react positively, I spoke to him once and he appeared to be not effected, see below for why I spoke up. I'm mixed race (Asian/British), Asian Christian name, British surname. Predominantly white with olive/Mediterranean appearance. When I look back on the stuff I'd get at school 1970 onwards, by today's standards it was vile. Cruel then, looking back now - character building. The likes of Tommy Smith and his attitude reflected in that extract were a result of that periods attitudes, the influx of immigrants around that time, events in people's lives and aforementioned ignorance