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  1. He certainly had a very poor game against Southampton, along with a few others as well. Maybe he did some stuff that FL had specifically instructed not to and he's being taught a bit of a lesson perhaps?
  2. Leicester City 2 Chelsea 2

    We played well collectively for 25-30 minutes. Game of opinions and all that.................if we had their centre-forward we’re 2-0 up after that period. Kante was great, James was good. CHO needs to stop believing the hype and concentrate on getting the basics right - hard work and 100% focus and concentration. Plus not leaving his fullback to do his defensive stuff for him as well.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    An old friend of mine has just set up his own agency (former PL player). The way he describes contracts these days is, and the following oversimplifies it, as long as the player doesn’t submit a formal transfer request - said player gets the reminder of his contract paid up. Then they get a percentage of the transfer fee plus the highly sought after will get a signing on fee. That’s perhaps why the sign for 4 years, leave after 2 is happening.
  4. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Team relaxed about 10 mins after the sending off and intensity dropped. Never to be recovered. We’re not a good enough team to get away with anything less than all parts full on. I can’t remember when the last time was when we started the same starting 11 as the previous game. The only consistent thing we have is the centre forward, we all know why that is. We’re scarily reminiscent of Wenger’s latter Arsenal sides.
  5. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    A few weeks ago against Southampton at home, fella next to me was an ex-Southampton player (and Chelsea schoolboy), played lots of game for them and won the FA Cup with them. Being that he was a former professional footballer I took interest in his views. They were that we had lots of possession, but with no real purpose - his example in that game was no shots in the first half and when chasing the game, again a lack of chances being created. He also said we're too 'nice'. That we don't make enough tackles and provide teams with space to play. Last thing was that Abraham's needed his chances made for him and didn't do enough for the team. All resonated true in Saturday's performance. Add in our vulnerability at set-plays and defensive naivety and it results in why we lose so many games. Frank is continually messing with the midfield and it's showing now. Last season when all else failed we had the bail-out of 'give it to Eden' and see if he could work his magic. Now that's gone we're struggling a bit at times, especially when we don't get a goal up in the first half.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Heard that we are looking at Lucas Digne for the left back spot.
  7. Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2

    He’s caught that dreaded Chelsea wingback disease ‘sidewaysitus’, which then transforms into ‘backwardspox’. These, when untreated manifest into the condition “possession with no purpose”.
  8. Champions League 2019/2020

    As the 2012 topic has been archived, just a small festive reminder of our greatest ever night (and a picture of my Xmas present from my son, we go was with me on the day in Munich and the match).
  9. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    On Kovacic, the one player in our side yesterday who most definitely did not deserve to be on a losing side. Bloke has been one of our top performers this season. Mount, Abraham might have been the headline makers, Kovacic has been the most consistent. Hopefully Frank has been resting Jorginho and pairs them up again soon. They’re a joy to watch together when both players play one or two touch football. I’d personally prefer to concentrate on the league this season. CL has far better sides than us in it. The EL has very solid sides in it and means even more games than the CL. Our best shot at a CL spot next season is via the league position, that’s my thoughts
  10. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    Mark this one down to the manager. He’s messed about with an already suspect defence and is resting a midfield player who helps make our ‘work’. It looks to me as though he’s trying to find a way to fit James and ‘Dave’ into our defence and that’s destroying our balance. Zouma has the unfortunate knack of finding the wrong place to be when defending crosses and as for the third goal, it would be an insult to schoolboy defenders to call it that. I was there and he looked at Kepa, then as soon as Kepa releases the pass to him he turns away and runs away from the ball. Both the Centre-halves got bullied by Calvert-Lewin. He didn’t get a kick against Lovren in the week. Frank has got what he’s got to play with, however he’s gotta go with the best we’ve got and now reinforce the weak areas in January, if possible and assuming we can get in the targets we have.
  11. Everton 3 Chelsea 1

    I've always used and heard used 'Drunkan Disorderly' Just our luck to catch them directly after Silva going, plus we've a poor record up there recently.
  12. Chelsea 2 Aston Villa 1

    And there's the rub, generally I'd agree - a really good goalkeeper. Clearly kept his old team together defensively, when he was dropped last season their form fell to pieces and got better when he was put back in the team. But did people see him for our first goal last night, went out from his line and moved to his right thinking he was going to get the cross - mistakingly, leaving the centre of the goal free for Tammy to head into. If he'd have stayed where he was, he catch's the ball. That's the main problem with being a goalkeeper, their mistakes and sometimes not even their mistakes are costly and over-examined/criticised. What I'd say is that he's not the best I've ever seen, but has a massive price-tag and with that an unfair 'burden' of expectation that he should be. He's also quite inexperienced for a top-level goalkeeper, it took David De Gea at least two and a bit seasons to get his performance levels up to a point where he was being referred to as in the top two goalkeepers in the world. In his first two seasons, people were referring him to a bit of a dud, waste of money etc. Give our man some time, he's had a season and a quarter. We over-paid, no doubt in my mind of that - that's not his fault and that shouldn't be used as a stick to beat him with.
  13. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    It was and is a charter for assisting the powers-that-be to get the result that THEY want. Imagine the scouse 'lynchmobs' ire, should their goal have been disallowed. They'd have boycotted SKY etc. The nations 'favourite' team has to win the league, Pep knows it, we know it - Get it over and done with, listen to the 'Insufferables' gloat for the next god knows how many years, it'll be like no other title anyone else has ever won and we can get on with it. Hopefully whilst Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus go about unsettling their players for next season.
  14. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    My own two-bob's worth on the Jorginho & Kovacic debate is that both look better players this year that last - And before people think/say it's Sarri that restricted their freedom and/or Lampard gives them their head or words to that/those effects. Jorginho looked like he does know for the first dozen or so game last season, then other teams worked out that you had to press onto him as early as possible and it nullified our passing movements up the pitch and we turned the ball over more easily. This season with Kovacic playing close to him and not out in wider area, we have two options for transitioning the ball through central areas, including one who can travel with the ball at a pace that beats or is matching those attempting to press. Kovacic is also very skilful, with great 3 yard movement and intelligent enough to make himself an extra yard a great deal of the time. Opposition teams now have to concern themselves with nullifying both and not just Jorginho. Both are creating space for the other one. Liverpool thus far, are the one team that have been mobile and quick enough throughout their midfield to have prevented the pairing/Lampard's two in central midfield system (in that game it was Jorginho & Kante?) from operating well. Barkley will never be smart enough to play in that role and I believe his time with us will end at the end of the season. If RLC comes back and hits decent form then we may even see Pedro leaving in the January window, especially so if we do get a ruling that means we can buy in January. In summary Lampard hasn't so much set them free as devised a pairing and system that means you may get to one but it's really difficult to take both out. Also both have had a season to adjust and a full pre-season to work with the manager.
  15. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Agree with this, he sees the ball going out of play and decides to go over. He's got plenty of 'previous' in similar situations, so it's not as though refs don't know this. Decisions such as this show VAR up to be the confused mess that it is with penalties currently.