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  1. Look at this 'piece' copy & pasted, sorry written by a so called journalist. It's just a lift from another Chelsea forum, that theyre presenting as a story! They'll make up anything as long as they cannot be held accountable I.e. from an un-named 'source'. It pays their wages. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/832386/Chelsea-transfer-news-Arsenal-Alexis-Sanchez
  2. Goes back to Real Madrid's very public flirtation with Ronaldo and SAF having to do a 'deal' with him to stay one more season. Ferguson was very vocal in his criticism of Madrid, saying something like he wouldn't give/sell them a virus http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/manchester-united/3832913/Sir-Alex-Ferguson-wouldnt-sell-Real-Madrid-a-virus-let-alone-Cristiano-Ronaldo.html
  3. I'd venture to suggest that should that be true I.e. Real Madrid selling Morata to us for less than they'd sell to Man Utd, that it says more about those two clubs relationship with each other, than it may do about our own clubs prowess.
  4. I've only seen an 'AS' article in Spanish reporting this, therefore I'd not believe it at this stage. The best bit of business we could do this window would be to iron-out whatever might have happened with Costa (if possible of course, if he's determined to leave then that won't be happening). It'll save us £60-90m, less the cost of a second/third forward, and we can go strengthen the midfield and wing-back area's, reinforced by the saving. If the text message fall out did occur (or a falling out whatever the medium used) we've two Latin temperaments/ego's to pacify. This is where we need a Peter Kenyon type figure to smooth the way. An experienced senior executive to bring some rationality into play and make both parties think they've achieved something for the better.
  5. Jeez, sent to prison for being a Chelsea fan. As for the others, they've just mistaken the prison for Rhyl and think they're on holiday.
  6. Could be all sorts of reasons for this offer. Might be Everton trying to flush out a better offer ASAP, could be we weren't in for him, could be he never wanted to come to us, could be the first stage in a protracted 'dutch auction', could be a number of other reasons. We may have even been waiting for Conte & Costa to return to 'work' to see what's actually happened between them (if anything?) and if so can they continue to work together. Could be the best bit of news, that being we don't need to sign another lead forward and spend the money in other area's. Overpriced & overrated for me.
  7. Lukaku - We play one up front and have done for a few years now. Put quite straightforwardly, he doesn't work hard enough without the ball for me. I watched on at least four occasions last season where his own team-mates berated him publicly for not doing enough from the front, they were desparate for him to show up for them and just take a little pressure off them and he didn't. That's not acceptable at any club and will prove disruptive in terms of team ethic and spirit. Williams the ex-Swansea player called him out on the pitch for this. He'll get goals, he's talented, strong and direct, plus on his very good days he's a real problem when he has the ball. I'm far from convinced he has the right work ethic, ability with his interplay and not convinced he's worth the risk at the reported/rumoured valuation. If we are going to spend that sort of money, test Rottenham's resolve and bid for Kane. Alternatively it's kiss and make up with Diego - the best option in my view!
  8. GK is one of the positions I'd not be concerned with. Begovic was a decent shot stopper, but for me the defence looked nervous of him and put them on edge. Eduardo is an international, if we get Cabillero we've one very good keeper and two able deputies. Striker (maybe two?), Verrati like midfielder, a creative one and a top quality full back (wing-back, ex-winger) ought to be the recruits. Assuming we don't lose first team regulars.
  9. I'd agree, it might only be for 6 months though? Athleti for me seem to be a fair and decent club, one that we appear to be able to work with to broker mutually beneficial transfer agreements. Unlike their city rivals Real who seem to systematically unsettle players they desire to meet only their ends. Trying to buy for the least possible fee, but asking extortionate fees for their fringe players they decide to move on Morata and James Rodriguez being the two recent cases in point. Not that I believe that either of those two would suit us. SAF had it right, when he said he'd not give Real Madrid a virus, never mind sell any of his players. This was during RM's unsettling of Ronaldo when he was at Man Utd.
  10. I've just finished reading the 'Art of War' (Costa's biography), Athleti renewed Costa's contract during the season prior to him leaving with the rumours flying around that he was coming to us. They wanted to sell him, they had financial issues at the time. The book alludes that JM and Chelsea had an agreement with Athleti in place during that first season of JM's second stint, Costa was reluctant to move so Athleti enhanced his contract to 'sweeten' the deal for him Personally I'd read no more into a new contract for AG other than Athleti protecting/enhancing any potential transfer fee they may get for him. Not sure he'd be coming our way anyway. The book isn't a bad read and insightful as to Costa, his mindset and some of his ways. I'm not so sure his time with us is done, there'll probably be some meetings where the way forward will be determined. The 'noise' is dimming, ego's being pulled in and hopefully some sense will prevail. We need two top class strikers for the coming season and a useful third option. Read Drogba's book too whist I'm away, again a good read and insight into the man, recommended.
  11. Indeed, a Happy Munich Day wished to all. The day had it all, fabulous city, fabulous weather, found a great place to sit, drink and mingle overlooking a great square and the opera house and the result. Undoubtedly my favourite moments in 35+ years of going to watch Chelsea. Have visited the city at least once a year since, for a long weekend to reminisce and enjoy the hospitality and even more Weissbier. It actually is a spectacular city with some great history (and some dark stuff to).
  12. There's a moment in the game on Tuesday night where JT is at the right place at exactly the right moment to intercept a cross and I thought to myself, this is the type of instinctive defending we miss and one of the reasons why we've been conceding a few recently (the other reason being opposition coach's devising methods to exploit our system), namely that there's no one with his defensive brain. JT has been doing this sort of thing for so many years now, that people watching just accept it. The old adage of "you never truly miss what you've got, till its gone" must surely apply?
  13. Back on the Everton game, it'll all boil down to whether the unlucky aspect of me never (to the best of my memory) seeing us win at Woodison when I've been allocated a ticket in the upper section of the stand is greater or less than the wearing of the 'lucky' socks, pants and shoes!!!!!!!!! Swapping tiers doesn't work either. 😉😉
  14. Excepting for our striker being in a poor run of form/lack of confidence/couldn't give a toss (dependent on whichever is actually correct) perhaps there's a combination of Sunday being a 'perfect storm' of loss of players, one at little or no real notice and an astute opposition manager who'd been beaten twice already by us and was clearly smarting, plus other managers and their highly paid/skilled management teams and numerous tactical analyst's actually devising systems that are making it harder for us to win games. Conte and his team really do need to up their game, as do the players - We'll see who the new leaders on the pitch are now., or maybe we might not!!
  15. At least they've won an away game, other than at a non-league ground! All that can be hoped is that they've still got the chance of 4th spot when they go to Sp**s, that and you'd hope the Nth London derby thing/stopping the other lots title bid, would motivate them to perform. It's the hope that gets you in the end.