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  1. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    On the first sentence, well yes the evidence quoted would suggest that in the five players you quoted there is some improvement in at least two of them, two others have stood still and the other one is as vulnerable as he was in his first stint here. However I do take the general point that there's a time, later on in players careers that they do deteriorate. I'm not sure that's a valid reason for stating that Sarri is doing slightly better with a worsening team. Second paragraph - It got figured out by Tottenham, was it 19 games in. They were also good enough to nullify Hazard and others on the day. Since then other sides gave copied, not all but those who have the right players and appropriate style to do the same. Sarri's game plan appears to be 'samey' , if it doesn't work do the same but with different people, a bit like Conte did latterly in his stint here. The figuring out is just my own way of describing it, I don't take very much notice of the media. Most of it being gossip, rehashed to sell their rags and to feed the information hungry football fans. I'm not actually sure whether he's good or bad, his results over a 3 month period (just over a third of the football season calender) are very poor. Right now over the season he's doing the same as a number of our previous encumbants to get himself sacked. If the people who make the decisions at the club can't see his way working, either now or in whatever plans for the future he's reported to them, then we know what will happen. The club took the chance with an unproven PL Manager, who'd done best of the rest in Serie A only. It was and is a gamble, professional footballers know (especially multiple trophy/title winners) a great manager and make their assessments. If enough of them don't rate him he's done for. They'll do as they're instructed and keep doing it, if he's no-one in his coaching staff to query him then it will be a change of players or him changing. I've two good friends who played in the PL and that's exactly how they describe their and their teamates modus operandi in similar scenarios.
  2. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Luiz, who worked in a 5, but not a 4. Conte come up with the 5, to cope with the shortcomings of the back 4 during the Arsenal defeat in the title winning year. Plus he's not a forward, Sarri continues to persist with him as a first choice - is it because DL continually tows the party line? Conte never played him again after his disgraceful performance away to Watford last season. Actually Conte had to go with a back 7, Matic & Kante doing sterling work to cover in front of the three, whilst the full backs (particularly Alonso) joined in the attack. Pedro who has been lauded as having his best season, this season. Certainly he's excelling in terms of goal scoring - 10 so far this season, 5 last season. No worsening in performance there. Willian, the usual from him. Higuain - no comparison to judge him on. Giroud - less league goals, far more in the EL. I'd say that those examples, don't really prove that they're worse. We're conceding slightly more goals per game and not compensating by scoring more. Miles on the clock is the better measure, that's why I used the Rooney, Drogba comparison. There are more, Ian Wright bring another late developer who played at the top level as a forward well into his thirty's. Sarri must look at himself and ask if he's doing enough to adapt, my view is that he's not and hasn't since his system was figured out. Hence my view on what I perceive to be his stubbornness - it'll cost him this job. Maybe it's what he wants, he wouldn't be the first of our managers to engineer his early departure.
  3. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Conte's defensive record will in all likelihood be better than Sarri's over the course of the league season. In Conte's favour there wasn't two sides cut adrift and as poor as Huddersfield and Fulham. I wouldn't put all the blame on Sarri, although I am feeling he is limited, as well as stubborn - some of the players haven't stepped up and don't look to me as they are taking responsibility on the pitch. Yesterday was a good example, all was fine until we went a goal down and the ball started to be passed aimlessly sideways again, not creating the chances we did in the first half. I most certainly wouldn't have the same level of feeling I had with Conte, the previous season. He simply stopped trying too hard because of whatever had happened between him and the board. Doing what he did with Costa, robbed us one of our on the pitch leaders as well as 15 goals a season - perhaps the difference between where we finished and fourth? I think that maybe Sarri is struggling to adapt his techniques as well as not having a Steve Holland type coach, with experience of the PL, who is brave and confident enough to challenge Sarri, offering workable alternative strategies. As regards the age reference, take a 29 year old Rooney - started at 17 - a career of 12 years which is to many is their career in top flight football, not looking after his body professionally for a few years and he's fit for the MLS at 30. Oppose that with Drogba who played top flight from about 23 years old, looked after himself and played competitively until he was 36 at the top level. The analysts who study players performance can see when the players start to dip and you'll see clubs adjusting playing time accordingly or selling.
  4. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    If I recall correctly, it was at Jose's insistence that he didn't want the away fans at the side of the pitch near his dugout and where the players were located and warming up.
  5. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    We've conceded 33 in the league this year, 38 last year with Conte barely bothered. Conte's team in his PL winning season conceded not too many more than we have thus far, but scored mid 80's. We have Conte and his Costa episode to thank for last season, more so than who he didn't get by the way of transfers in. Mid 30's is about average, we'll exceed this in this season. I'd not agree that the team is weaker, age is no sign of strength or weakness - the true test is one you or I probably can't answer as it's in the individuals stats. That is until the players get above 33 for midfielders or forwards and assuming we are comparing the same players, broadly speaking. We lack pace throughout the side, that's one of the reasons we are where we are as is not having a forward who'll provide 15-20 goals, as well as full backs who can't do the attacking job required of them. They try and Sarri hasn't sussed that we need cover in the space they leave behind them. Conte had this one sorted until Matic was sold. When you look at season on season stats you'll be quite surprised at how many we concede, the best seasons being in JM's best seasons, plus it's a fallacy that we didn't score that many in his tenure. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, unfortunately I think our man's limited. Rolling banner on Sky Sports News right now says that Chelsea board are reviewing the seasons disappointing results etc.
  6. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Not really, it means we had a fantastic start (18 games) and been poor since the start of December and very poor for two and a half months in the period when we're playing the most games - January to now. A bit better than last year Is not a ringing endorsement of where we are at. Our recent history tells us that when we are in a downward set of results such as we're experiencing now, it doesn't get better until there's a change and we all know what gets changed. I've been to all our league games bar one this season and we are looking a very limited side, right now. I'd say worse than Conte's efforts of last season, at least he'd had us conceding less goals. Perhaps better in Europe, but we are playing teams thus far who'd be fighting relegation in the PL or top half of the Championship thus far. I'd say that Sarri hasn't got many more cards to play, he will struggle to get better league results out of this squad now. In my view he's tried all he has in his managerial locker.
  7. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Since the start of 2019 we have the second worst away record in the Premier League, only Fulham have a worse record. Even Huddersfield have a better away record. A damning statistic that should shame the Manager and the players and one that demonstrates just how fragile we have become.
  8. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    And also with the yellow vertical stripe down the back.
  9. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    You'll see what I think of our current crop of players when looking through past posts. However they lack leadership from within and from the manager, if they loose faith in his tactics they end up looking like we've looked in at least 6-8 games since December. One nil down and it's in most cases a loss or an occasional draw. Sarri's football did as well as could be expected in a one team dominating Italian league. Once it got found out here, he's not been willing or able to adapt. Professional footballers being pretty smart when it comes to assessing how good their manager is will know this. Pro's do as they are instructed and rarely break ranks and rebel. They know where the buck will sit and in my view they're now sat waiting for the buck to settle. We might get lucky and the players will use all their talent, and Sarri's tactics might do well for us in the EL. So far so good in that competition, but he's stinking the place out in the league.
  10. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Just got Home from that soulless second half performance and too tired to go into to much of a dissection of it. I've sat in the fence a bit with Sarri, but he appears to have our lot so tactically tied up in knots that if they can't get their noses in front and plan A isn't working, they've no belief that any other plan or even Plan A will work. He (Sarri) appears to be sucking the enjoyment out of them, sad to see and only one ending now.
  11. Thibaut Courtois Departs

    I think the £100million question is ‘does Eden want to join him?’
  12. Dynamo Kiev 0 Chelsea 5

    It's good that you spotted that. ;-)
  13. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    Hardly, and I'd suggest that most businesses or any entity requiring a 'team' would have issue with you saying lack of leadership is a pathetic excuse. You've glossed over an important point, we don't come from behind to get points/win games. Leadership comes from the manager and the people he appoints, they set the standard and the tone. City have a clear leader, not on the pitch so much these days, just like JT in Conte's title winning team. L'pool now have one and he's helped to turn a joke of a defence into the best one in the league. The rest of the top 6 don't, one of the reasons they/we aren't doing so well. We've people capable of scoring and creating, maybe not in the quantity that we need right now because we keep letting in goals.
  14. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    Which in a nutshell is exactly what Man City did. It was a very well defined strategic plan set into place, in all likelihood when they appointed Pelligrini. They put in place Sorriano and Tixi (can't spell his surname) and probably bought to Pep's requirements. Even then they had a year finding out the flaws in the team and then sorted those before last season. It's a blueprint model of how to plan and build for success - one that could be learned from. And yes, they had almost unlimited funds to do it with and probably won't be able to do so again. However they're a well structured team and squad right now. FFP if applied as intended might give them some issues going forward, but they've a strong base to build on. We had the opportunity but failed with the structure and quality of appointments. So the boom, bust, boom cycle was created, although this current bust cycle might be a bit longer than we have been used to over the last 14 years.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    I for one don't think they have the means at the moment for more than two 'galatico' type signings. Their bankrolling by the Government has ended (albeit and maybe temporarily). They may get Hazard, we'd be madder than I think we are to let them get Kanye too. At the moment Zidane going back there is a hot topic, with the journos etc going rabid and rehashing stories. Get used to it as it won't die down to after the Summer window closes.