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  1. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    It was and is a charter for assisting the powers-that-be to get the result that THEY want. Imagine the scouse 'lynchmobs' ire, should their goal have been disallowed. They'd have boycotted SKY etc. The nations 'favourite' team has to win the league, Pep knows it, we know it - Get it over and done with, listen to the 'Insufferables' gloat for the next god knows how many years, it'll be like no other title anyone else has ever won and we can get on with it. Hopefully whilst Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus go about unsettling their players for next season.
  2. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    My own two-bob's worth on the Jorginho & Kovacic debate is that both look better players this year that last - And before people think/say it's Sarri that restricted their freedom and/or Lampard gives them their head or words to that/those effects. Jorginho looked like he does know for the first dozen or so game last season, then other teams worked out that you had to press onto him as early as possible and it nullified our passing movements up the pitch and we turned the ball over more easily. This season with Kovacic playing close to him and not out in wider area, we have two options for transitioning the ball through central areas, including one who can travel with the ball at a pace that beats or is matching those attempting to press. Kovacic is also very skilful, with great 3 yard movement and intelligent enough to make himself an extra yard a great deal of the time. Opposition teams now have to concern themselves with nullifying both and not just Jorginho. Both are creating space for the other one. Liverpool thus far, are the one team that have been mobile and quick enough throughout their midfield to have prevented the pairing/Lampard's two in central midfield system (in that game it was Jorginho & Kante?) from operating well. Barkley will never be smart enough to play in that role and I believe his time with us will end at the end of the season. If RLC comes back and hits decent form then we may even see Pedro leaving in the January window, especially so if we do get a ruling that means we can buy in January. In summary Lampard hasn't so much set them free as devised a pairing and system that means you may get to one but it's really difficult to take both out. Also both have had a season to adjust and a full pre-season to work with the manager.
  3. Watford 1 Chelsea 2

    Agree with this, he sees the ball going out of play and decides to go over. He's got plenty of 'previous' in similar situations, so it's not as though refs don't know this. Decisions such as this show VAR up to be the confused mess that it is with penalties currently.
  4. I'd agree with the points above. We can moan that he doesn't come off his line for crosses - what goalkeeper does these days? Not many, and I'd venture almost none from continental Europe or Sth America. Who would I swap him for, is another good way of judging how good he is (in comparison to his peers, not for keepers from all our yesterdays). Oblak from Athleti - maybe. He's ousted De Gea from automatic No.1 place for Spain. Any of the German keepers - Not sure now that Neuer isn't what he once was. Allison from Liverpool - maybe, but he was near the same money we spent of Kepa and probably wouldn't move now anyways. Courtois - definitely not. His reading of the game is improving and his decision making is becoming better - I think we have as good a goalkeeper as we can get right now.
  5. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    True, however as DWMH pointed out they had experience. Their ‘loans’ were the season or part of a season spent around the first teams at Gene and Anderlecht respectively. As the comment was about the young ones now being of better quality, I believed it was appropriate to bring these two into the conversation. Conjecture now, but if De Bruyne was with us now at 21 with SFL as manager, he’d not have left as he’d have had more game time. JM found it very difficult to get either of them game time for us. That’s not a criticism of JM as I think that he had different pressures and priorities at that time. I love that we are integrating our younger players into the first team currently, but the situation we are in in terms of losing our best player, the transfer ban and the managers recent history with us and his assistant managers direct knowledge of our younger players have contributed greatly to them getting their opportunities.
  6. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    De Bruyne and Lukaku May disagree on not being of sufficient quality. Also remember that both Mount and Tomori have had the opportunity to impress their manager a year ago, who now has this job. Ake had loan opportunities as did Josh, Chalobah (Nathaniel) Palmer, Mancienne, Sinclair. There’s been lots of very talented youngsters, however the point I was trying to make is that our club has been very results oriented whereas I think that SFL may have been offered a ‘freeish-hit’ this season - not that he or the club would admit it. Example: Ross Barkley is my penalty taker when he’s in the pitch. Two penalties later and he’s taken neither.
  7. Chelsea 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 0

    Solidish performance overall without being overly impressive. Almost a set-piece ‘moment’ that might have spoilt the efforts made. Barkley continues to prove that he’s not quite good enough for us. Mount is very promising and when he can do what he does for 90minutes and not for 70 of the 90 we will have a prodigious talent on our hands, and there’s no reason other than himself why this can’t happen. A bonus is Tomori, looking very reminiscent of William Gallas. High praise, because at his best Gallas was phenomenal for us. Tomori could turn into the real deal defender who could cover all positions across the back line. Again and just like Mount the main thing is to continue to learn and continue to improve. Right now all looks like it’s going well with both the above. Big difference between now and other times for the younger talents is that the manager now seems more inclined to use them, maybe that’s because expectations are different??
  8. Media / Press

    Mostly no surprise that we're worst off and no real surprise that the Mail are reporting it, probably delighting in it.
  9. Media / Press

    Yes, in my opinion they were. Gone was the fast collective press. On came Milner and Gomez to protect both full-backs, in particular their right-back.
  10. Media / Press

    Got to say that they were hanging on at the end. Although their front 3 looked more dangerous - generally. On the press side of things, We’re being reported as being the PL club that has suffered most from VAR decisions thus far - Quelle surprise!!
  11. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    William and Jorginho have one missed penalty between them I believe. I don’t recall Willian missing any for us. The penalty was right in front of where I was located, Willian looked to asking if Barkley was sure he wanted to take it and Jorginho looked to do the same. Silly decision as he’d barely touched the ball in open play since coming on. Ross will almost be a good player, that’s been his issue since he was 21, promising before that. What I noticed tonight, different seat with a better perspective view of the entire pitch was that Mount presses as a second striker and when he did that Valencia were hurried. As soon as he went off, Pedro not having his pace and probably match fitness sat 10 yards deeper and they were able to play the game at their pace more often. Another lesson tonight that Frank might take heed of, should he want the team to press high up the pitch. Come back Kante and Rudiger as soon as possible please, along with Mount of course.
  12. Media / Press

    Today’s “issues “, are tomorrow’s “challenges” and the futures “successes” Well, that’s how I try to rationalise things anyways. Head up and Up The Chels
  13. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Bottom line in the game was that Frank made the wrong decision in not bringing on Giroud who can hold the ball up and not putting a defensively minded 'screen' on our RHS, he'll do that, as has every manager out there. Not making the same mistake on multiple occasions will be a better measure of his ability. His mistakes will be critically analysed and commented upon, because it's easy pickings for the pundits and journo's and creates easy debate. Realistic expectations are what's required. If I were Frank I would be getting some 'tactical-work', plus gym work into our young American though.
  14. VAR and Chelsea

    Now, Kent Walton was a fine commentator but I'm not sure Jacki Pallo, Giant Haystacks, Mick McManus, Cry Baby Jim Breaks or even Kendo Nagasaki needed VAR to tell us about 2 x falls, a knockout or a submission on Saturday afternoons - "Ask 'I'm ref, ask I'm" ;-) As for VAR, the goal-line technology is great - the rest of it they'll make up as it go's along and to whatever agenda the paymasters want. It's not fit for purpose as the rules/guidelines are not strict enough. For example - How many 'phases of play' is too far back for VAR not to be referred to?
  15. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    My take on the penalty was that the keeper outthought him. On TA's approach to the ball (he's taking the pen with his right foot), the keeper feigns to his left, TA's right. TA is going to go to the keepers left, his right. The keepers movement makes TA change his mind and he attempts to go down the middle, problem is he hasn't the time to change his body and foot shape enough and starts the ball to the right of centre. it's this and the keepers early forward movement off his line combined that allows the 'save' (with his foot). Shows a lack of confidence, slight worry that he can't change technique quickly to cope with this - as a striker it's the ability to rapidly adapt your shape that gets you from a 10-15 goals a year to 20+ goals man. That's one of the reasons I think that TA will never be quite good enough for a top 8 PL team. Just below the quality needed. I would like to be wrong on this one though.