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  1. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I don't sell £1.5billion assets, however I've sold my home a few times and I got the best possible price for them by having a few interested people, bidding the value up. If it's happening, I would have thought it would be made known in the right circles that he would be open to bids. RA has been a fantastic owner, however even with his vast wealth he may be struggling to keep us at the very top table. Also he's not being treated well by our beloved politicians and he could have had enough or even being instructed to withdraw from the UK. Not scared by it personally, wary but it could prove to be positive (given a committed new owner/s).
  2. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Listening to the radio this morning (Talksport) and Alan Brazil was adamant that he had word from people in the 'City'(probably his man at Barclays HQ) that RA has Chelsea FC up for sale. Haven't seen this mentioned in the forum anywhere, so thought it was worth putting up.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Depends on the fine detail of the loan. Could be that the club still do not have the goalkeeping situation resolved? For instance if Courtois goes and we can't get a replacement within the budget (whatever that might be??) and Willy C has to step us as first choice, we'll need a senior back-up keeper - Eduardo comes back as that perhaps. If not he stays at Vitesse and they pay some or all his wages. Not much ventured financially, insurance policy perhaps?
  4. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    It would be so easy for UEFA to ensure FFP was enforceable, as DWMH states they do not have the will (or balls) to do so. Man City's main sponsor - ETIHAD Airways consistently lose a lot of of money, so much so that most 'real' commercial business's could not sustain them and would go out of business very quickly. They lost $1.87billion on a turnover of $8.36billion in their financial year ending 2016 and expected that position to not improve the next year. They have been accused of massaging their accounts for years and up to recently would not release them for scrutiny. They are continually bankrolled by their nation. Most other football clubs main sponsors have to operate in the real commercial world of profit & loss and have shareholders or private boards of directors to pacify. All UEFA need do is put constraints on sponsors based on profitability of their business and rate of sponsorship based on turnover and profit. Since the FFP rules have been put into place, Chelsea have attempted to operate within these rules, Christian Purslow was interviewed within the last 6 months and stated that RA no longer wanted to keep having to write cheques to cover the financial gaps and hasn't done so for the last threes seasons. Until the oil rich Emerati are made to play by the same rules, there will be the disparity in spending power we see currently.
  5. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    They did much the same to our team coach the year they (mistakenly) thought they were going to win the league and we "pi***d on their parade" by beating them 2-0. Saw it with my own eyes. Made the beating of them that much sweeter. That was organised, as was last nights criminal act.
  6. Barcelona 3 Chelsea 0

    Major differences were: The best player in the world plays for them Chelsea v Barcelona games - We generally defend better than they do, they were v.good. Not just the things such as getting blocks on our shots, but did the dirty things, such as the tug back or block in midfield when we did look as though we'd break. The second of their goals was a prime example of our naivety, our defenders tried to nick the ball rather than a 'professional foul' tug, block. Take the yellow (such as Roberto did for them) and we're still only one nil down (plus our keeper hopefully learned a lesson tonight, that he's not as good as his agents hype and he needs to work hard on his weaker areas) Dembele started in this leg, Paulinho didn't. That offered them so much more in an attacking perspective and also from what I saw last night, his work rate backwards is phenomenal. One or two of ours could learn from that For whatever reason, our players seem reluctant to pass the ball to Victor Moses. I've seen that far more this season than last, do they not trust him? Their flicks and tricks are done in and around the penalty box and worked, ours are in midfield and didn't work - note to Mr Hazard and Monsieur Giroud
  7. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 1

    Personally I’d do something different, just to freshen us up and try to put their own plans into slight confusion. Kelly and Van-Arnholt are poor defensively when ran at with pace and skill. Go with Hudson-Odoi from the start and get them going backwards. Zaha is still out for them, I think. Their record without him this season is awful. Press and attack, their mindset following their two goal lead surrender against Man Utd could be fragile.
  8. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    See below, you've made it personal by making a comparison to myself. That's exactly what I was referring to and respectfully, you've very little, if in fact any idea how gracious or not I am, or indeed I have regarding yourself and that's why I'd make no personal comparison - being a gracious person. I think he's an unpleasant character, based on all the criteria already laboured. I also think our current position and poor squad dynamics are legacy of his tenure.
  9. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    I've little motive, other than to state a personal view and no other personal interest than that. ME clearly did have personal interest, he was an employee and a position to protect. You have your view on him, based on very few, if any known facts. My view is based on his background as published, his associates, other peoples views (from within football, C. Ancelotti as one, he was also roundly condemned for the interview following JM's sacking) and things that he has said. Fair play to him though, he's probably earned millions of pounds and no-one here or on any other forum I've read, or people in the media could clearly define what he did, other than to repeat the clubs published profile. We're diametrically opposed as to his abilities and character. I'll not venture into any personal comparison as neither of us know enough to make and state an informed opinion.
  10. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Unless of course those people act in the manner ME did. He deserves to be questioned and his motives examined. In fact I’d welcome a frank exchange of views with him. There’s nowt said here that he’d need to get litigious about. FA was effectively sidelined following that documentary and following that the Kakuta saga. He was then quietly let go. Allerdyce wasn’t offered the England job for years following that programme, when he may have been the natural candidate. He got it when he was almost the last man standing. Then the press went for him and got him.
  11. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    4. I'd rather call it having dignity, decorum, good-grace, professional courtesy, respect and being a decent human being. Being respectful of a man who's football management achievements exceed and will always exceed what you (Emenalo) have achieved. A simple thank-you for the achievements, service and good-luck in the future would have sufficed. Pointed, barbed with bitterness, blame and completely unnecessary - childish in the extreme on his part. I'm very straightforward, in as much as you treat people the way you'd like to be treated yourself, especially at times and in situations that are unpleasant. I'm ok with the views I hold on Mr Emenalo, ones that are based on what can be gleaned from the public arena, his actions, words and company he keeps. Ancellotti wanted him nowhere near his team and he is generally regarded as one of the least outspoken men in top-flight football, that speaks volumes. 6. We all saw what happened with Sam, they got him in the end. Greedy and/or naive man. Of course if there was damning evidence with FA charges may have been brought. Or of course our club would have soon after shuffled him off quietly, without fuss or below the radar. Soon after he went.
  12. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    We'll get accused of being off-topic, but: 1&3 - During those years Roman's money was still getting splashed around, not in the extremes of 2004 -2010, where we were top of the hit parade, but our money was still very key to agents/interested parties. There wasn't comparable money available from one club. It was easier to get top players for us. 2 - I'm not in the camp of why he can't, oh woe is our fate. The landscape has changed, we play by the rules, others work around them and the governing bodies seem to ignore the obvious financial workarounds that are in use. 4. In ME's interview immediately following JM's 2nd sacking, he would only refer to JM as 'the individual', never naming him, not crediting him and referring to 'palpable discord'. Disgraceful way to treat the man. 5. FA only moved the dutch model to England, that others had began to do. 6. Link here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/2346167/Allardyce-accused-of-corruption.html Just one of a number of published articles available at the time
  13. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    In order: One relative unknown - CA, others on managers recommendation on existing reputation. Costa, Matic & Fabregas were JM 2nd season requests/shopping list players, no surprise that he made a play to get Matic with him at Man Utd, they remained on good-terms clearly. We did our usual with Willian & Salah, they played well against us, so we buy them. Did the manager want Salah? On the basis of how little playing time he gave him, I'd doubt it. Willian performed well, was given opportunity albeit he had to be patient and proved to be a good purchase. There are a number of £3-10m fee players who didn't make it, CA was the one (one) that did. The negotiation on deals was in the remit of others on the board, both ins and outs. My own argument is that any number of people with RA's finances behind him could have done the same, if not better. RA then tightens the purse strings, self funding etc and ME disappears. One could argue that had ME had a stronger character and reputation the likes of Salah, KdB, Lukaku may have had a longer future with us, or was his remit to make profit? The two latterly named haven't spoken critically, far from it of JM, who was roundly criticised by the media and others as being the one person who wanted them out. Any person who said what he did say regarding our most successful manager of all time, following his second sacking and couldn't be at least gracious, gets no grace from me. Spiteful, shameful and not needed or required and I'd question his motives for doing so. To be a first-team player at Chelsea (in the last 13/14 seasons and hopefully going forward) you need to be in the very top-tier of talent. Those are few and far between and I'd agree that players we are seeing now as potential regular first-team players and right now are as a result of the academy recruiting at U8 or a similar age. All the top clubs have been doing that since before FA came to Chelsea. I'd put that number at two at best currently, Hudson-Odoi is the best hope we've got. RLC and TA I don't believe will make it here, not quite good enough. We turn out a good number of solid professional footballers from the academy and just one saves us a huge transfer fee (£40-50m), if the financing of the academy is assisted by player sales and also the discounting of the costs against FFP then one can see the benefits. FA was filmed by the BBC having conversations with agents at the time of the 'bungs in football' scandal and the footage, pretty damning but no illegal payments were directly shown or referred to, was shown in the relevant BBC documentary (Panorama programme?).
  14. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    It would appear we have opposing views on Emenalo. Hazard was a well-known quantity who joined us because we were European Champions (his words). For every Hazard there were two Cuadrado's, Marin's, and to lesser degrees Van-Ginkel's The signing of a 'hamstrung' Torres without a medical was a masterstroke. You think he's great, I believe he's an odious individual who rode in on the back of a fraud and although clearly an astute person in terms of career progression, did it whilst living off the talents of some great managers. He could see the end was near for him. I'd also venture not as unpleasant or as leaving a bad taste as allowing/recommending £40m to be spent on a player that thus far has looked incompetent at this level (injured currently? After perhaps the worst 30mins on a football pitch seen this season from any player at this club) from a club that you latterly and shortly after the deal become an employee of - conflict of interest at best, at worst something a whole spectrum of shades darker. Unlike the full-back, (Mendy) or striker (M'Bappe), or midfielder (B. Silva) there did not appear to be huge amounts of competition for Bakayoko's signature. Our youth set-up is, in my view beginning to pay some dividends. This is because another ex-employee with questionable motives (enhancing his own wealth for one, BBC hidden camera footage) Franck Arnessen (spelling?) was outed and persons put in charge who had the best interests of the club in place - Neil Bath as the primary example. Monaco have had a single batch of 3 or 4 sought after younger players two seasons ago, Lyon used to do the same, Nice also. French clubs in general have had to use this model. The obvious exception now is PSG with their ownership/sponsorship by an oil-rich country
  15. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Probably not, but he's a good target as a fall-guy by the board for any perceived/or real underperformance. The 'board' perpetuate/extend their own highly paid careers and get away with the continual rotation of managers. I know that there'll be some that do disagree, but I think ME was found-out eventually and he became a casualty of the internal politicking that went on. He left here a very rich man though, after being brought to an elite football club from obscurity by Avram Grant in his short spell as manager. The argument that this method has been proven to 'work' I.e. we still have been a highly successful football club - in trophies won terms has often been muted, FWIW this was done with a spine of a team and characters/leaders in the dressing room such as Cech, Terry, Drogba, Lampard, latterly a player such as Costa - who despite some character issues, was a warrior on the pitch and dragged performances out of others, especially when the chips were down. Conte has lost the last two of these characters last season, Costa he was at least partially to blame for, and he ought to have foreseen this - perhaps he's misjudged the influence/character of the ones he's got left - perhaps he just messed up, perhaps he'd targeted replacements that we didn't sign, perhaps a number of other factors. I'm not sure that our cycle of replacing a manager every two seasons and still winning trophies is going to continue without the characters named above, in or around the side. I'm of the mind now that we truly need the board to have some longer-term vision and change the structure of the club, in the way Man City have done. I'd stated a year or so that they'd started to get a longer term plan in place with the ex-Barcelona DOF being appointed two or so seasons ago in preparation for PG to be installed as Coach/Manager. I'm not sure that our current board have this capability. We're two or so seasons away and hundreds of millions of pounds away from doing something similar, or perhaps we'll go a season or three without trophies, no CL, losing our best players - before the people/person in power at the club at the club takes some notice and recognises what's occurring. The above is assuming the owner still has the appetite to seriously compete for and win the top prizes in the game.