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  1. Brighton and Hove Albion 1 Chelsea 3

    Not the most cohesive performance. Lacked width a bit and quick passing movements. On the bright side Werner was as sharp as a tack, good movement and really does bend his runs well to attempt to stay onside. Havertz struggled a little, but some classy touches and ran 70 yards at the end of the game to correct a mistake - fair play to him. With the players we have to come in, we can only get better. Sluggish, but as Lampard said - we might have drawn the same game last season.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Like a lot here, I didn’t realise you were on your’ ‘lonesome’ on here in terms of moderating. Given the amount of support being openly offered, it’s really clear that you’re much valued and I’d add my own thanks to all the others that have already stated it. Now take a few hours off, enjoy a beer or two and hope and pray that we win this evening, cause if we don’t it might get lively in the match thread later on 😉
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    As regards Kante, for me with the central defence/defence being as vulnerable as it has been this season, we need cover in front of it. For a number of reasons this season that’s not been possible. Teams know they can run past and pass around Jorginho, so if we’re going to play him centrally to control possession of the ball there, then you need Kante - effectively to be the interceptor and prevent teams just running past us. There may need to be a compromise in midfield in terms of having a destructive type player as opposed to a team full of creative attacking players. There’s very few better than a fit Kante, Verratti maybe?
  4. Chelsea Finances Thread

    I took the money and ran. Thoughts were fairly basic - in so much as that at the time of making the decision I didn’t think we’d get to attend matches again this calendar year and the money is better with me than the club and it’s £600. I budget each year for the ST costs, so getting some back was a bonus and I just start again next season. If there’d have been an option 4 of giving up the whole of the amount to ensure the season went null and void, I’d have happily donated! I’ve donated a bit to charities of my choice (animal welfare related) and bought a small shed!!
  5. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Wishing all those who have and are suffering hardship as a result of this virus, my very best wishes. Our football club is the one piece of common ground we share, in some respects it's good to have the game back being played - gives us something else to put our minds to.
  6. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Yes, indeed there were three options offered: Pro-rata based refund on home and away ST's Discount on next season's ST's Donate the money to a Chelsea FC nominated charity Any other tickets purchased (LCFC FA Cup Quarter Final was an example or CL Away) were straight refunds.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    HMRC have habitually put out campaigns about how they will pull back people Who are self employed but who they believe should be employees. It’s been a scare tactic in the past and slowly as companies increasingly became ran by Financial/Commercial Directors (non-risk takers by training), the bigger players came into line. Many saw it as just what it was and carried on regardless. IR35 has even got those companies running scared. The fact that it’s been deferred a year may suggest it’s a further attempt to reel a few more in, having been here a number of times, this one felt different. Just have lots of clients, substituting arrangements and the ability to carry out the ‘work’ when you choose to - or a combination any of these should see you ok.
  8. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Aren’t the stents used to ‘open-out’ the effected arteries? More blood in and thus more oxygen - that’s what I thought. If you were doing the first 1.5k then getting tired, guessing that the heart wasn’t getting enough blood. My nephew had a heart attack at 35, turned out to be a benign growth in one of the atrium, bit of it came loose and blocked an artery - result was mild heart attack. Got really lucky, if the bit that got in the artery had gone to the brain - goodnight Vienna! Open heart surgery to get to the growth and apart from losing some heart muscle as a result of the attack, he’s far fitter than he was. On the money side, all UK tax payers will subsidise the billions paid out on the furlough scheme. Taxes and as you say inflation, if taxes don’t do the job. Basically anyone who’s got money will end up worse off for a good while. While the work shy will, as is the way these days be uneffected. Didn’t claim a penny myself, critical worker and all that. However even if I wanted to, wouldn’t have got much - small limited company paying dividends and corporation tax. But they knew lots of the self employed did exactly the same as this when they put the SE scheme forward. IR35 still lurking next year as a means of upping Govt. revenues from the self-employed.
  9. Coronavirus COVID-19

    @DWMH Glad to hear that you took the correct ‘turn’, the left hand turn into the cemetery clearly wasn’t the one for you. Would guess that with the stents in you’ll be feeling a touch better than you were. Although not the best way of finding out you needed them. There’s a great deal of negativity being spoken about our governments actions or inaction. On the flip side of the coin, a great deal of people have a lot to thank this government for - 80% of their wages for sitting at home doing nowt, deferred mortgages, loan repayments etc.
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    It was my attempt to be eloquent, but I believe you have summed it up in one word ;-) Absolutely, the desire for them 'to be there' and scale of it will be extreme. They'll probably just need the two games to gain the title, then they'll get the warning and will broadly comply, getting plaudits for 'listening'. On the opposition coach's treatment - It's been going on for years up there. I still recall the 'greeting' our team coach got on the day we played them when SG slipped-up they got beat by a JM tactical masterclass and they blew the league. Bottles, bit's of wood anything they could get their hands on went at the coach.
  11. Coronavirus COVID-19

    There may well be posturing/gesturing and lobbying going on right now and even now there are articles on the same website as the article I linked to saying that the FA will not intervene on the PL's decisions https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11986600/premier-league-restart-clubs-hope-season-can-be-finished-at-own-stadiums However all of officialdom are seemingly doing all they can, even considering no relegation to appease those clubs who are voicing (albeit not formally) concerns as regards playing in neutral venues. There's no way in god's earth that the scousers (real or plastic versions) will not turn up en-masse to any location they're playing at. Empty stadia or not there will be mass gatherings, that will fly in the face of current guidance/law. There is only one answer to the season that's safe and that is a Null & Void ending - Someone though has to make that call and that's where it's in jeopardy - no one organisation has the will, or the courage to do it.
  12. Coronavirus COVID-19

    See, only took a few hours for the FA to ‘take charge’! https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-liverpool-set-to-be-champions-as-premier-league-rules-out-voiding-season-11986674
  13. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Most normal people know that the N&V ending is the only sensible way of curtailing this season and simply start over in late July/August. Problem with the above is it will not suit the PL Money Men, the written and broadcast media, even the government believes they can court favour with the public by getting the PL started- the latter showing just how out of touch with the footballing public anyway! I personally had hope that the relegation threatened clubs might scupper the re-starting by refusing to play on neutral venues. However now there appears to be talk from those clubs that they’d go for that if relegation was scrapped for the season. I’d never underestimate the lengths that officialdom will go to, to get the title to that mob.
  14. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Used to hate it, but having worked with Irishmen in the power supply industry (alright digging flippin great big holes and putting big damn cables in them) for the last 35 years - if you didn't conform you were not included, particularly being non-irish back in the early 80's and that included 'breakfast', you got a taste for it. There's a white pudding for those that object too much to the ingredients of the black version. I do try not to indulge, but occasionally nostalgia gets the better of me. On the second point, I agree - I can only dream of home made bread and home made ice-cream - Mrs EL has many good points, culinary skills aren't amongst them, self acknowledged so I'm not speaking out of turn there. Although she does turn out a really decent banana, walnut & honey loaf/cake. Chara is also right in saying that American bread is pretty dire. Another odd thing is that the lockdown seems to have created a wave of home baking, certainly in my area of Surrey anyways. Pot luck getting any sort of flour, even now.
  15. Coronavirus COVID-19

    On the basis that going through what we are now and that thinking too much about the future is wasting time - go for massively thick pure white bloomer bread, slavered in butter, Covered in full fat, sugary with added salt baked beans, runny yolks with a top dressing of sliced black pudding. Melted Nutella, on top of Cornish dairy ice cream to follow