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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    Well, six months time.
  2. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    I'm sure winning the league multiple times on the spin in Italy is no badge of success, I expect some expert at Juve will make sure he knows he's only the coach.
  3. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Rumours abound that Guardiola is going to Juve ! Can't see it myself but the chap reporting it is the same one who broke the Guardiola to City story . I wonder if he does go City will wan't Sarri , seeing as he likes to play the same way as Guardiola ?
  4. Petr Cech retires

    Chill out dude . It was a joke . However ain't just Jim White .
  5. Petr Cech retires

    Just as well you weren't about years ago . "Messiah ! Says who?" " Peace in our time" Not in my time it ain't . "England expects ...." No it doesn't . " Man on the moon" Impossible.
  6. I saw Emma Hayes being interviewed on TV once and she did come across as very knowledgeable on the game , I'd be worried that our precious lot would struggle with being told what to do by a woman though seeing as they appear to dislike being told what to do by anyone , the amount of coaches they've seen off.
  7. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    I hope whoever gets the new number eight shirt makes as big an impact .
  8. Media / Press

    Vincent Kompany leaving City to become a living Saint is a nice touch .
  9. Media / Press

    City win the FA Cup six nil. They really are the best three teams the Premier league has ever seen.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm thinking sans Hazard who , in my opinion is the main reason we are where we are . I suppose we could win every game 0-0.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Kovacic does keep the ball well. Should cement us in about tenth.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's been injured a lot , my point is that Kovacic is expensive when he's a squad player who'd hardly play if there was any quality anywhere in the midfield . Save the money buy quality and keep Van Ginkel as the back up , he's not amazing but he's ok , just like Kovacic without the £30m price tag. I don't expect the board to do this though they'd rather waste the money and he does fit the philosophy so Sarri will undoubtedly want him to stay . The philosophy is all.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think all in all I'd rather save the Kovacic money , reinstate Van Ginkel in his place and add the saving to the funds to buy a top player .
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I'm beginning to think my sarcasm has missed the target!