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  1. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    One excellent pass towards the end of the second half . Replacing Hazard . Lol.
  2. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    The mark of quality.
  3. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Second half was OK, were just not very good. Still too many place holders waiting to be moved on for me. One decent pass a game isn't really enough from Willian for me. Other than that it was as expected.
  4. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    It's like he's pathologically opposed to taking on the defence, every ball he plays is the cheapest option. He's hopeless. Shows you how good Pulisic must be.
  5. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Oliver an absolute melt.
  6. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Someone needs to go through Henderson at 1000 mph from behind.
  7. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Replay shows Matip bundling over Abraham in the area, great effort, says Carragher.
  8. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Which is why VAR was introduced so they can manipulate results to get what they want. Having not got what they want previously.
  9. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    The PGMOL in cahoots with SKY desperate for a Liverpool title win. Desperate. Anyway, why didn't they let Tammy score and then rule it out like, you know, they're supposed to?
  10. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    So, why when Tammy was one on one with the keeper didn't the officials let him score and rule it out for offside instead of stopping it. Why? Because they use the "rules" to suit their preferred outcome.
  11. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    As a football team we're far too nice we have no muscle, no nastiness, we are so easy to swipe aside.
  12. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Still, as always, it's nice to have Carragher explaining away every Liverpool offence and telling us why VAR was right. I hope they lose 1-0 on the last day to a VAR given offside goal and lose out on the league.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    The offside law was introduced to stop players goal hanging not to outlaw goals scored twenty passes after someone's left toe was "offside".
  14. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    They're Spurs without the class.
  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Another free kick that wasn't, 0-2 Oliver is a cretin.