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  1. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Incredible. I'm convinced if Chelsea were miles ahead in the Premier league the season would already have been cancelled and the media narrative would be completely different .
  2. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    I wonder if supporters of other clubs see them for what they are or if it's just us , I wonder if anyone else notices the way they are treated in the media like we do ?
  3. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    They've just announced their staff have been furloughed. I guess they're the ones that will be walking alone from now on.
  4. Coronavirus COVID-19

    I'm working from home at the moment which is a challenge with nine yappy dogs, especially when I'm normally in charge of the stores at work! At the moment I'm enjoying not getting up at 5 am and the fact we're only working from nine to one now but I'm getting a bit stir crazy as I'm high risk for various reasons and have been told to stay in for twelve weeks! I'm thinking of venturing out to walk the dogs tonight but when most people are indoors as I'm quite worried about getting it! My Mrs is so incredibly stressed by the situation that she's worrying me. My bosses have been brilliant so far so that's great and I miss my Co workers. Other than that ticking over fine.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good . Seems a good bloke to me .
  6. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Does anyone here know anyone who has it? Not self isolating but actually has it? Nobody at my company, or any of their extended families have it My brother works for the parts department of a large motor manufacturer who said they'd pay anyone who "had" to self isolate so 80 people coughed a bit and went off for two weeks paid holiday. Other than that nobody. I'm beginning to think it's a test run for something else that dumb and dumber are cooking up.
  7. Coronavirus COVID-19

    People . Think . What are Italians known for doing when they greet one another ?
  8. Media / Press

    Never mind , at least the ref who booked Cech for not leaving the field of play quick enough for his liking got promoted to the head of the PGMOL. What's a near death experience between friends? And people wonder how come we don't get a fair crack of the whip from referees . A fish rots from the head down .
  9. Media / Press

    One million percent he did , scum .
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Well , my firm , in Camden , is still working normally , 90% of us commute in , via tube , train , car , bike form all around London and the suburbs. Not only have none of us got it , none of us actually know anyone who has been tested and has it. Meanwhile the country is in full on Zombie Apocalypse mode with no food in the supermarkets . I'm beginning to think it's being used as some sort of distraction whilst the powers that be carry out various nefarious tasks. Just wait unit suddenly nobody has a pension anymore because we spent that money fighting Corvid-19 .
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's our own fault for employing Francisco Lampardini . No wonder he appears to be getting the best out of Rossinero Barklissimo
  12. Transfer Talk Topic Bloody Conte
  13. Media / Press

    Bloody hell Martin , stay safe , I'd be wearing disposable gloves and bringing some dettol wipes in to do the cab myself (if you can get them ) if I were you . Blimey .
  14. Media / Press

    Don't jump the gun yet my old mate , we are still awaiting the views of Steve Nicol , Steve Mcmanaman , Kevin Keegan and Ian Rush .
  15. Media / Press

    Apparently even legends of the game like King Kenny Daglish also think Liverpool should be awarded the title , if only we could get some joined up thinking like this at government level.