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  1. SKY desperately trying to get Chelsea into trouble with the Premier League over the JT 26min substitution , why they cannot just report on the news rather than trying to engineer it is beyond me. It's the same 24/7 reportage as the DD " it's a f+++++g disgrace" which they ran and ran until he got a ban
  2. As an organization , the "Media" have hit an all-time low with their reporting of our latest Premier League title . The Daily Mail ,where they can be bothered to mention it do whilst sneering at JT , Football 365 have a poisonous look at us waving goodbye to our Captain . Meanwhile the "people's champions" are "back where they belong" and the "Medias Champions" fresh from wetting themselves after moving three inches down the lane are being feted as conquering heroes despite finishing in real terms , miles behind us. Don't ever forget the campaign is real. **** them all.
  3. Altrincham fc : Man United it is then
  4. How they could give the Cup final to that imbecile is beyond belief , what did they do ? Pull his name out of a hat ?
  5. Excellent stuff , well said . As I said earlier , Captain, Leader , Legend hardly does him justice.
  6. Not with that agent he won't.
  7. I'd like score to be 2-6 with JT coming on to lift the trophy. It'd be particularly delicious if Arsenal were 2-0 up at half-time.
  8. JT what a man. Captain , Leader , Legend. Hardly does him justice.
  9. Anyone fancy Michy for a cup final start ?
  10. Not without Sanchez and Ozil they won't.
  11. Nice to see Liverpool " back where they belong " poor old Arsenal. Anyway , let the pipsqueaks battle it out for mediocrity , we've got a trophy to collect to stick it up SKY , BBC , Daily Mail etc etc. And , and another one next weekend.
  12. The trophy presentation is live on SKY apparently. Imagine sending a crew all the way to Hull just for that . My bad , apparently Spurs aren't the Champions. You'd never guess.
  13. Rashford has started sixteen games in the Premier League this season. I haven't checked but I expect the majority of those came when Zlatan was injured or suspended. Mourinho was using him more regularly in all them cups he had no interest in winning though and in fairness he did bring him on for a run about in a further sixteen games on the back of a break out season where under LVG he wasn't shunted out wide and scored five goals in eleven games as a centre forward, the same total he has this season incidentally. I expect he'll get a game in the Europa League final all things considered .
  14. £40m for Walker ? He plays football like a dog chasing a balloon. The World has gone mad.
  15. Yes indeed ,lets hope it's a good one for JT to sign off on.