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  1. No. No it wasn't - not sure why you can't acknowledge that by now either ;-)
  2. Of course he"had" to pick Costa , we had a league to win and you don't throw an untested player you never even wanted, into the firing line when you can almost touch victory, what with Spurs "putting the pressure on" especially when there was a hope his form would return , which , miraculously it did .(just in time to engineer the move he was after the cynic in me would say)
  3. Shame he'd rather be somewhere else (three times)
  4. In fairness , it's the Daily Star which is less fact based than the "Beano" , however, I did hear the rumour a few weeks ago too , they're probably just re-hashing it to keep the old "Chelsea in crisis" story going a bit longer seeing as we've never actually been in one.
  5. Yes indeed.
  6. Don't even go there.
  7. They published some more stuff that Eni Aluko claims that Sampson said and I have to agree with Ham ( I think ) that he is a right melt if they're true. That photo does look ridiculously skewed one way to me too but I suppose that there's all sorts of factors involved in the selection process.
  8. They were surprisingly of the view that had either got a red card nobody could argue after the Cahill card.
  9. Again from things I've read , the arrested analogy was used to show how tight you should be to the player you're closing down , like you are trying to arrest them , this was in a meeting with the team reviewing a performance I believe.
  10. No , its the subs bench when the window closes.
  11. I don't know who the player was that he asked although I believe she was mixed race , but I do know Eni Aluko wasn't there at the time. I also heard that she was offended by the coach shouting at her to close a player down and not "being so ****ing lazy" which is standard practise at any football team I've played in normally aimed at me. I've never had to live though racist abuse although my first wife was mixed race and you got the odd look when you were out together , so I can't really comment with any authority on the matter but I really don't believe any of what happened was racially motivated on behalf of the coach. edit: this all ,may be complete bollocks , but it's what I've read in various newspapers.
  12. I don't want to open a can of worms here when we all agree that racism has no place in society , especially in this day and age when we've probably all got mates with different skin tones and cultures , but from what I've read he never asked Eni whether she'd "ever been arrested" rather , he said to another player " You've been arrested, what is it , four times now?" which is completely different.
  13. You don't need footage , you need new friends. Ones that aren't clinically insane
  14. That's my reading of the situation too . Imho I think he'd had a row with the hierarchy who'd reminded him he was the coach and not the manager , probably when he had the hump about signings , the tracksuit was a protest.
  15. That's not even a good likeness , he's very handsome .