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  1. Yeah , every time I see him play he looks like he's got something other than raw talent. Mind you I honestly believed Josh would be the one and look where that went.
  2. The most amazing thing for me is they managed to catch Charlie Adam sober. As with Cech and Lamps , should it happen it will be our own fault entirely , he's got plenty left in the tank and imho remains head and shoulders above Cahill , Azpi and Zouma.
  3. Of course it would have been acceptable , we're scum , our players are scum, our owner's stolen everything he owns and we were nothing before he arrived. That's the rhetoric they've been playing up for years. This is what happens when the only press you get is bad press and it's force fed to the supporters of other clubs that they could have been doing so much better if it wasn't for Chelsea cheating their way through life. The natural course is now to make everything that happened because of their actions our fault , they're just following it to its conclusion. Don't forget they tried to pin Heysel on us too.
  4. Glory Glory Tottenham Hotspur .
  5. I make you right about JT , I think he definitely has it in him to play for us still .
  6. What about the one percent on here who keeps having all his theories proven incorrect and cannot see what's really happened?
  7. We need to win this one , Arsenal "always" beat Spurs so this will be the year they don't. They're good at home but we're good away , I think our tail is up at the moment but I worry about set pieces where against Southampton we were all at sea but I think Costa has gotten through his crisis of confidence now , he was a different player after his first goal and looked back to his tigerish best and Hazard and Fabregas were both excellent. I think we've just got too much class for them providing Lukaku can be kept quiet , I don't think after his last attempt that Koeman will match us up in formation so that gives us an edge too . All we need now is a ref who realises their support claims for handball approximately sixty times per half and we're golden.
  8. I wonder who his best mate is? clue ; he's currently unpicking the embroidered crest off his body warmer.
  9. Hmmm the law of the ex appears strong at the moment , coupled to our clownish defending on set pieces ......... We'll see just how much Lukaku loves Chelsea methinks. If we can win this I think Spurs will falter.
  10. And still time to throw another one in. We really are clueless in defence.
  11. That was a peach , Diegooooooooo.
  12. I don't think we've been bad , just too nonchalant at times , we've played some lovely stuff, kept going after gifting them a goal but we're just not ruthless enough.
  13. Every sodding time they get a corner they look like scoring and we're happily gifting them to them . It's not good enough, someone needs to take control. Game bloody management cobblers.
  14. Genial Irishman Niall Quinn. I looked up "genial" in the dictionary , imagine my surprise when it didn't say "retarded".
  15. Good goal Diego , well done.
  16. Absolutely . No more dicking about , go for the win. Hazard has been great but he needs to be ruthless and not try to give his mates a tap in.
  17. I think we may need six new centre halves come summer . One's that can defend a corner without looking like headless chickens.
  18. There is something horribly wrong with Costa , Hazard scored the goal and drew attention to Costa for the pass , this is not the behaviour of someone who doesn't believe his mate is putting it in . Costa must surely be playing through injury , there's crises of conference and then there's tripping over your own two feet whenever the ball is near . As typing we continued with the Keystone Kops defending that has been the theme recently and have gifted yet another soft goal away . Excellent.
  19. Points win prizes , if we win all our remaining games 1-0 and Spurs win all theirs 10-0 , we still win the league. And it would be hilarious.
  20. They don't watch it , they think its a noddy league.
  21. Actually , he was. (I checked)
  22. Hugely enjoyable , especially the deranged bloke behind them .
  23. Difficult one for me Bats isn't all that but the missed header in the Spurs game tells you where Costa is at the moment , that was a powder puff half arsed off target excuse of a goal attempt , from a player I'm convinced wants out for whatever reason. Players have headed the ball back to their own keeper with more venom. Ake is already better than Cahill so he keeps his place.
  24. Poor old Spurs , the best side they've had since 1961 and they're still in our wake.
  25. OMG ! A Howitzer for Mr Droy.