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  1. Didn't Courtois just say he wants to extend his contract and stated how much he loved the club recently? Eden doesn't strike me as the kind to put himself into the spotlight glare at a club like Madrid either , I think he likes the relative anonymity of being at Chelsea. Daily Mail saying they're offering James and Morata in part exchange , two players I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole and would be a step down regardless of how good they are on "FIFA".
  2. Arsenal. Usually to Man City.
  3. As an aside , barring the Chelsea side of last year , I don't think there's a team in World Football who win the ball back and then wait for the opposition to get back into position before they attempt attacking. Every team is a counter attacking team .
  4. I am quite old . (I certainly feel it )
  5. I got ten . Not bad
  6. Allardyce ! I wondered what managers style of football we were playing and it's Allardyce. Said no-one ever.
  7. Thankfully it's at home and although Palace have hit a bit of a hot streak recently they have the dubious distinction of winning 1-0 without actually registering a shot on goal in the entire game. Can't see them bring much of an attacking threat though unless someone manages to pick out Benteke in the exact spot he's standing in as he certainly won't move .
  8. I'm sure I read that the most common score line in football is 3-1 and it's due to the counter attack , one team takes the lead 1-0 , the other team strives to equalize gets caught on the counter 2-0 , the leading team relax a little seeing as they are 2-0 up , lose focus and 2-1 , the losing team , re-double their efforts to try and equalize and get caught again 3-1. I'm with MikelBlue , we generally look to score first and then try and sucker the other side in. Counter attacking football is fine , that great Ronaldo inspired United side did it all game long although it was portrayed in the media as a constant maelstrom of attacking football but what's new there?
  9. Excellent , another London derby , against a team of cloggers. Great. After another tedious international break. Super.
  10. It probably helps the style content when the flair players aren't consistently being launched into the stands by the opposition whilst the referee studiously ignores it.
  11. Anyone seen "Hypernormalisation" by Adam Curtis . That's a real eye opener.
  12. Seriously , I just got it , too cryptic for me I'm afraid. We're talking Portuguese translations aren't we ?
  13. What does that even mean ?
  14. They do it on purpose , that's how they're trained. Awful isn't it?
  15. Have I seriously just witnessed Droy telling everyone to check out the stats on "this table" to back up his point only to back track and advise people not to use stats when low and behold they don't back his arguments up ? You couldn't make it up , well, obviously Droy can ! Comedy gold.
  16. I think you could argue that in the past we were over reliant on Drogba and Lampard to win games. We certainly do enjoy the counter , but it's not the only string to our bow. Two games in a row where we couldn't counter attack as the opposition didn't bother attacking where they were concentrating so much on kicking first Hazard (United) and Costa (United and Stoke).
  17. Most of Diego's antics were invented by Mark Hughes , like that bellend Martin Keown he's totally forgotten what he did in the past , Hughes was supposed to be striving to switch their play to a more easy on the eye style , the trouble is you cannot do that when the side is packed with players like the appalling Bardsley whose raison d'etre is to kick , kick and kick again. These morons only get away with it because the officials are of the barrel scraping variety. Every week the referees are compliant in ruining the games by , thanks to Mavis Riley agenda of managing the games , presumably to satisfy the EPL's narrative , rather than applying the laws of the game in a fair and transparent manner. It's becoming a bit of a joke frankly.
  18. Chuck Berry , most of what we know and love in rock music , he did first , 90 , not a bad innings , RIP .
  19. Job done , well done lads.
  20. If we can hang on this is immense.
  21. Cheryl Cole has had hit records and couldn't carry a tune in a bucket.
  22. No I was driving home , heard Talk Sport then got home and dived into the forum straight away. My dedication knows no bounds.
  23. Driving home so couldn't see it , thanks Ham
  24. Not what Talk Sport said , "bought a penalty if we're being kind" is,what they said and they hate us