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  1. I can't imagine anyone would be volunteering to be systematically targeted by Spurs "sharing out" the bookings when they're just back from an ankle injury
  2. I remember way back (I'm old ) us being linked with Johann Cruyff.
  3. You're probably right.
  4. I wonder what the board will do when Conte sends out the youth team for the FA cup and League cup games?
  5. Paul Ince ? Firstly he can scarcely speak English , secondly , of all people , how the ****ing hell would he know ?
  6. Have you been saving up?
  7. In fairness, the media have pitched EVERY player we've been after against United so they can then add some "much needed" drama to the tale. They then get another day out of " Player X snub to team A or B " they're a bunch of **** stirring fools with a capital C.
  8. Spot on. Get Azpi to dog Erikson and cut out the supply to Kane and make Alli actually work for his goals.
  9. It was probably this that did it , don't remember this skill set in a blue shirt "Matinho"
  10. There's an article in the Daily Mail today and the headline is "Azpillicueta hints at divisions in the Chelsea dressing room" , when you actually read the article there is not one mention however vague of divisions anywhere , not in their wildest dreams , nothing whatsoever. But , they've managed to push their agenda again which is based upon getting us out of the way so United and City can deliver the season they promised. There were eleven Chelsea related articles this morning , ten with a negative slant.
  11. Seems legit. If anyone would know it'd be a northern BBC reporter. Not.
  12. Your absolutely right , Contes words on the matter carry less weight than your opinion. I stand corrected .
  13. Unfortunately , that's not what Conte is on record as saying . He said they'd bough Bakayoko to understudy Matic and to eventually take over when Matic left which , knowing this is why Chalobah wanted to leave.
  14. Mahrez, Ox, Drinkwater,Bertrand,Ronaldo . it's doable.
  15. Surely the worlds biggest idiot would realise you cannot hope to fight on four fronts with seventeen players ?
  16. Stangely I feel quite serene reagarding the Spurs game , we've managed to make ourselves underdogs which is a refreshing change and they're hopeless at Wembley. I think we win this .
  17. He's out there in the field.
  18. The United of the South : Peter Kenyon I think its the Newcastle United.
  19. Train with the reserves. The amount we have left they're probably only playing three and in or headers and volleys , there's not enough of them left to play five a side.
  20. It has possibly been handled badly , possibly. But what if , as the club have stated Costa knew he was leaving in January and we got right on it working out an exit strategy to Athletic Madrid where as in the quote above he has demanded a move to and then suddenly AM get a transfer ban ? Were we to second guess the dodgy machinations behind the scenes at both the club who actively wanted Costa and UEFA ? . If anyone is the victim here its not Costa .
  21. He said: “My desire is to go to Atletico. I have rejected other offers. They want to sell me to China or other teams. If I’m off, I’m going to the club I want to go to, not the club that’s paying the most. He's calling all the shots and we're the ones in the wrong?
  22. We all know it's because you fancy a run out at the weekend.
  23. Whatever formation we utilise , can we just get someone to close Erikson down so we stop him loading the gun for Dele and Kane to fire? It reminds me of the old Liverpool games where , every time John Arne Riise would be allowed to saunter out of defence before picking a corner to rifle a shot into , we played Liverpool a lot then and he seemingly did it every time without anyone realising it would happen. All three Burnley goals came around the same way too .
  24. It's a truly amazing article , I for one , cannot get with the idea that Conte a man dripping with professionalism throughout his career , would suddenly jeopardise everything he stands for by just "winging it" with a text message , it just stinks. The fact that those banging the drum for Costa are the same newspaper at the front of the "Dirty Diego" campaign to rid the Premier League of a desperately thuggish player just make the whole sorry spectacle even more ludicrous. I like Costa , I wish he'd not wanted to leave for Athletic Madrid ( three times ) and would love it if somehow we could all patch things up but I also like Conte and am bemused by the whole negativity radiating from within the club (players not liking being shouted at FFS) I think we'd best start getting used to the idea of a wafer thin squad and a faceless drone in charge as soon as they can find someone with no demands and happy to be in a job , that is seemingly what the hierarchy at the club want. That and trophies.