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  1. I've heard them and don't believe them . They're going to get Jokanovic and let their star left back to to United apparently . It's all cobblers.
  2. Eden Hazard

    Being Chelsea player of the year , once twice or a hundred times doesn't mean he likes tracking back , I was going on the reports that he didn't like the constraints on his game under JM and that was why and hence , he no longer tracks back, although despite doing the square root of nothing against Leicester he did actually track back a couple of times, possibly in his haste to get away from an area where he'd have to take responsibility for his (non) actions. The comments about not liking Conte were born out of his behaviour when he was asked to put the teams performance before his own glory against City ( which I thought was poor from Conte) and the ignoring Conte and not trying since. (You may want to read my later comments on Hazard where I do show some sympathy with his plight.) I cannot believe you feel everything is hunky dory on the Hazard front ? He's playing like a ghost at the moment , he's easily the most talented player in the squad but he's simply no longer trying .
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    So , if we do sign the players we're rumoured to sign , can we blame the next incumbent of the revolving coach's chair for them being crap , before or after he's been given the job?
  4. Chelsea vs Tottenham

    In essence I would agree with you , however , since the "Man City - False nine" fiasco he's looked crest fallen and uninterested , I think he's going to leave post World Cup and I cannot really blame him , we have not really surrounded him with the quality we should have and he's always been left carrying the side , it's gotten to the stage where he's focusing on not getting injured prior to the forthcoming World cup imho. A sad state of affairs even given he's annoyed me recently with his attitude.