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  1. Conte, stay or go? An article from Sarah Winterburn of Football365 , telling us how this ongoing saga looks to the outsider. More good news , Seri is negotiaiting with West Ham as he is unsure what's happening at the Bridge of Sighs.
  2. World Cup 2018

    Be my guest.
  3. World Cup 2018

    Argentina looking fantastic , remember when Sampaoli was touted as a future Chelsea manager ? His stock couldn't be lower if he dropped an Oxo cube down a mine shaft.
  4. Conte, stay or go?

    I did say what if he's replacing Steve Holland in Contes team just the other day ! Comedy gold should it happen.
  5. Conte, stay or go?

    The Daily Mail reckons it's imminent , they've picked out his backroom staff, added Zola as a flourish to top it all off and yet , nothing . We're signing loads of players Callejon has been added to Pjanic , Serri and half a dozen centre halves and yet , nothing.
  6. Conte, stay or go?

    They've already got in to trouble once for pulling strokes like this , constantly running Sarri to Chelsea stories whilst advertising their own betting site where , surprise , surprise Sarri is nailed on to go there , easy money , bang a bit on , get a little bit back plus your stake, money for nothing ....only ...
  7. Conte, stay or go?

    What if , Zola is coming , but he's coming as assistant to Conte ? Replacing the buffer we lost between a volatile head coach and the players when Steve Holland joined the England set up .