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  1. You've totally misunderstood . I'm listing him because he's a left back we've bought , along with the others on the list , spending millions in the process , chasing what appears to be the "holy grail" of left backs across the seasons. I think Alonso was one of the players of the year and we require back up for him , not a replacement. As for what's wrong with him , l can only think his lack of explosive pace , personally.
  2. The problem is , we never have since Ash , £50m is a snip if we don't need to buy the equivalents of Del Horno , Rahman , Bertrand , Alonso etc. On a never ending quest to get a new one .
  3. Well , left back , left wing , practically interchangeable these days . I'm with you though , I don't think Alonso needs an upgrade , Cahill and Matic possibly but not Alonso , however Conte is a clever one , he probably has a cunning plan.
  4. Maybe the plan is to replace Hazard not Alonso ? At least for the first few weeks of the season.
  5. Manchester evening news reporting that Matic has agreed personal terms with United and we are waiting to hear their offer once we get Bakayoko in. That'll please someone.
  6. And of course , these "pet" reporters could also be used to supply a smokescreen to make everyone think we're after Van Dijk as we switch our attention to Manolas etc. Or to ensure we ramp up the money that our rivals have to pay if they want the player we are "after".
  7. Lets buy Dalbert !
  8. Wow ! He want's to go back to Athletico Madrid ? Why didn't he say something ?
  9. I'm a massive fan of Costa , when he's not got the hump he's as good as it gets , however , the media have made it almost an impossible task to play him as they spend all their time demonizing him , leading to the usual weak willed referees too scared to let him play his game and ignoring all the kicks and pulls and digs coming at him from the defence . Lukaku is a good player but I cannot get past the mental weakness of running away when his competition was Torres the inept and Old man river Etoo. Lewandowski , I have to be totally honest of only really ever seen him play in European national games for Poland and have never been overly impressed but he has also given me the impression that he's the kind of player the opposition would think had died during the game only to pop up in the last quarter and get a hattrick. My original post was just an attempt at humour regarding the Costa- Conte text gate affair more than anything. In an ideal world I'd stick with Costa but we'll end up with Lukaku because out of the three options he does appear to actually want to play for Chelsea and good luck to him , he's improved as a player and I have enough regard for Conte to believe he'll work him until he knows exactly whats expected of him and reap the benefit. I watched some footage of GNR and was thrilled to see Slash doing what he's best at and back where he's not selling himself short but chortled merrily at the girth of Axl who looked like a tubby version of Keith Lemon.
  10. You always were classy.
  11. Manchester Uniteds name will now be erased from the article as the media lead with " Chelsea in Lewandowski tap up row".
  12. I think when I first heard something referred to as ecru I thought "sod off that's beige that is"
  13. NO no no Diego ! Of course you're still in my plans , here, give Robert a hand with his cases , there's a good chap.
  14. Maybe someone on the board is having a laugh at Conte. Call yourself a coach ? Coach this !
  15. Home kit really nice, is that away kit "ecru" instead of white ?
  16. I understand they're changing the playing surfaces in their training school for this exact reason.
  17. I suppose , if you want to play with the big boys you have to buy like the big boys these days. The days of nurturing a Lampard into a World beater are gone , time is money.
  18. That's the rub isn't it ? Personally I thought Alonso was superb last year and so was Moses , although his game did drop off somewhat through fatigue I'm guessing. If you follow this assessment then surely nobody is safe from an upgrade. How will Alonso feel to see a £60M replacement usurp him ? It's all very good replacing Costa with Lukaku one wants to leave the other wants to come and you can argue the pros and cons of the respective players but what's the sense of rocking the boat with players who did better than anticipated and that the coach couldn't speak more highly about. Not when you have a Long John Silver sized lump in midfield who desperately needs upgrading. Maybe Conte has seen a box-to-box midfielder in Alonso ?! I'm confused.
  19. No . Not meh , excellent ;-)
  20. Reports that West Ham are after Giroud , would he be a better fit than Lukaku? He's got a good scoring record in the EPL too and the European experience that Lukaku lacks . Plus , it'd REALLY **** off Everton after the Stones fiasco.
  21. Hope we get the single white stripe down the shorts back.
  22. Yeah , how any of what horror occurred can be blamed on him is beyond me.
  23. I do hope the club watches what utter rubbish the Daily Mail is printing and takes some kind of retribution in the upcoming season, I'd like to see them banned from the Bridge for starters . So far , Conte is going to be sacked over texting Costa , he wants to go back to Italy , despite his wife and daughter coming over and we're not signing anyone , despite them connecting us with every player still breathing in World soccer. There is a decidedly anti Chelsea editorial agenda during every season but this is beyond the pale.
  24. I'm sure Ronaldo will go to United if anywhere , I'm sure they'll have written in a "first dibs" option.
  25. If we said , we want to wait until whatever time before we announce the deal or we're pulling out I'm sure they'd comply.