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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Pogba's classy, if you were to choose between Kakuta or Pog, you'd choose Gael, but Pogba could be one of the great box-to-box midfielders in the future.
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Remember Portugese Bruma, he's playing right now for Portugal. I was always impressed more with Benfica's Sancidino Silva, he'll be a star, but the game is trash. No news of Mesca though, who knows if both will figure in our youth team in the near future.
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    So the on loan & disillusioned roll call. Stoch ..........check! Bertrand......check! Jack Porteous Cork.........check! Mancienne..........check! Sinclair??........ Scott Sinclair???.............. "UmmmNobody knows what's happened to him miss"
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Looks like a few of our lil' big guns were out, Bruma, Mellis, Kakuta, PvA, McEachran.. Only other player I can confirm is Gordon.
  5. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    So what I've been saying is what Arnesen thinks is best for Bruma & PvA, that's all good, but, what does that tell you about the guys that are sent out on loan. If he believes for personal development it'd be better for their personal development to train & play 1st team football here. Unless what he was talking about was safeguarding against any potential foreign quotas they might have to fulfill, why should PvA for instance, a foreign younger talent get preferential treatment over Ryan Bertrand, are they a class a part?
  6. Salomon Kalou

    Good games from Sala.. With Malouda moving back to CM again, it's freed up space for another attacker, and Sala has been worth his salt.
  7. Following Chelsea's Loans

    They don't need to be playing 1st team football, of course they want to, they aren't teenagers and there are alternatives for them, other Premiership/Championship clubs are willing to offer them games. The likes of Cork & Bertrand have done nothing but be in the 1st team for their loan clubs, but, if you're honest it doesn't mean much in terms of their Chelsea careers, if for instance.. Bruma, Kakuta, Mancienne, Bertrand & Cork are the 5 academy players chosen to represent the academy, they'll all be in the same boat, there loans won't count for anything in terms of selection, and then you have, the likes of Kakuta & Bruma who are younger & aren't used to 1st team professional football it's inevitable they'll be more patient, they'll be happy to just be involved with the squad, there won't be a demand for a number of games just a hope. Now isn't this a better time period for us to want our youngsters to try and make an impression on the manager, on the squad etc.. but, the milk has already been spilled. If we look at Spurs and the likes of Huddlestone, Bale, Dawson & Lennon all of them are now 1st teamers for Spurs, and all have them had been highlighted for their quality, all of them had 1st team football behind them already for different clubs, when they arrived, yet all found it difficult to establish themselves as Spurs players. We're not Spurs, we're a level above so it'd be harder, but the likes of Cork, Bertrand, Mancienne & even Sturridge can use them as an example, as I've said on occasion In a team where the likes of J.Cole, Ivanovic & Alex struggled to get a 1st team place, you are going to need to be determined to make it, but, you're not going to do it on loan. No more loans, (I mean what for?) get back to Chelsea & fight for your place, like the Tottenham kids have done.. ..and that's why all the people criticising me when I was highlighting the problems we will face if we continue to have the same approach with loans, should now realise actually..actually.. I might have a point. Loaning especially these repeated loans over their teenage years into their twenties, it's lazy, it's just to placate them & it'll lead to us losing them. We have Ancelotti now, & I think G.Johnson would have made it here under him, he'll give the youth a chance, they just have to be around to take it. On the next generation, I don't see why Clifford, Kaby, McEachran etc.. should stick around to win the FA Youth Cup. If they ever go out on loan it should be now.... Now what Sinclair has done at Wigan he could have done here, if you look at Vladmir Weiss Loan at Man City, when you send your players out on loan, you're trusting other managers to play them & it's not always going to pan out like that. Find a club at the highest level, home or abroad where these players would be able to get games have them out on loan for a season, and that's it, then they get their heads down & work towards getting into the squad/1st team, no 2nd loans especially for the ones that are indispensable, some mightn't even need 1st loans. Squad sizes are limited so their should be more opportunity.
  8. Following Chelsea's Loans

    It was an Irish Interview, I tried to find it, but it's elusive.
  9. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I did say this would happen, murmurs of discontent from Bertrand, Cork, Stoch.. etc.. Connor Clifford says he is going on loan next season, if it's true, then let's hope he goes not to a Championship club but a top division side, with the success of Cork at Burnley, kids in are academy like Kakuta, and the FA Youth Cup success, I'm sure we can convince Championship play-off winner Connors better than what they have. It's not a good situation to have these players on loan in their twenties, out of site, out of mind.. It's difficult to find the balance between opportunity for academy players and a winning squad, but where we've previously bought squad players like the Sidwell's and the Ben Haims, and the Jarosiks, and the Belletti's we should have given our youth a chance, and Carlotti has spoken of his desire to show a route to the 1st team, so hopefully that'd happen.
  10. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I can appreciate that. He's 18, (if he's going) he's going on loan to a UCL club, he's probably going to be in the 1st team, and they want him to come back into the squad after he has finished, a clear plan, the loan is a means to an end rather than placating the player whilst creating squad space. If you do remember Bruma's interview, he said the club said that they didn't want him to go on loan, so perhaps the story is fiction, but, the idea is correct, they're thinking about how it affects the players more.
  11. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I just got a bad feeling about Kaby, even if it's a long term injury, I just hope he can play again... It'll be devastating for him and his family.
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Rohan Ince got away with a lot of stuff, he wouldn't have been able to if we were up against better opposition, but, he ended up having a good game. Bruma is immense, you could tell he was a level above everyone else on our team.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    The anouncer at the ground was like.. "Can the parents of Kaby go immediately to the... whatever, can the parents of Kaby go immediately to the... again whatever " It might be bad.. McEachran doesn't get on the ball nearly enough but when he does... Bruma was the unofficial captain, but Miroslav Connor, I mean Connor Clifford was an influence in midfield. Kaby can jump high, (lol how many headers did he manage to win) he's tenacious in the tackle, but, if he's going to make it he needs to be even more stronger and protect the ball, (How much taller is Maka to Kaby). Billy Clifford was good, Tore was frustrating but a weapon never the less, Sala was on the periphery but had some moments. Bruma was immense almost all the way throughout. MHL was very young today, which was fitting I guess. Now to win the League.
  14. Following Chelsea's Loans

    I personally don't care for Stoch here, he can get regular UCL football for Twente, will he get in front of Malouda, J.Cole, Kalou etc..
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    McEachran didn't get into the game in the 1st half, and even though in the 2nd half he displayed his talent he didn't have a great game.. You can see he is real good, but he is a difficult talent for English football to foster, I don't doubt he'll make it to the 1st team squad, it'll be interesting to see how his game matures though, because right now, it's easy for him to be on the peripheral of games. He was unlucky to hit the post in the 1st half, and showed some jaw dropping audacity in the 2nd half.