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  1. Fair Point Mate but on the back of the sun today it looks like "Boydy" as he is known to you rangers fan could be staying

  2. Everyone has there price and Murrays business's have obviously been affected by the recession I reckon

  3. I Know.

    Not Being Funny Or Anti-Rangers Or anything but why would they sell their star player?

    It's like Chelsea Selling Lampard

  4. Fergusons book is rank pal, Boyd on his way to Birmingham right now to sign.

  5. Was not at Goodison pal but knew few lads that did make trip down, next trip for me is Old Trafford

  6. No I'm not unfortunately, probably wont be going to anymore matches until march, well unless I can get a ticket for Southend away. Were you at Everton away because I saw quite a few bears up there?

  7. Geezer good to here from you.... Lennon is asking for it every match mate no wonder he took a tanking out in Glasgow in November, really have to get it together if want anything this season but we are the people.... You going to Old Trafford?

  8. Cheers for the xmas message mate. Hope you had a good xmas and new year. The 27th was a bit of a shocker. Shame nobody linched Lennon when he ran on the pitch.

  9. Already got my Sky+ box set for it young man, listen you have a good one son and hope your family has a happy occasion.

  10. Goin out in Glasgow tonight place called The Corinthian with friends and Girlfriend, Adele is driving as she is pregnant so will be good having zero taxi hassles. Yourself young man?

  11. Alright Mate

    How's It Going Today

    You Doing anything for New Year?

    Write Back

  12. I had a great Xmas Craig thanks for asking, have 8 month old daughter Molly so it first together as proper family with all our parents so was great fun. Yourself?

  13. I Don't Know about the Next Old Firm Game.I think if one of the club's make a BIG Signing it could have a big say in who wins the league

    Did you have a good christmas Mate?

    Write Back

  14. Poor game squire was very disappointed but hey ho. Celtic looking good for the league I reckon, Walter lacks options or chooses the wrong ones I feel, to be fair his recors in Lod Firm been very very good but just have to wait and see what happens.

  15. Alright Mate

    Apart from the Result How was the OF Game?

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