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  1. Other people have responded stating the fact about Bonucci, that I didn't know, and that's fine. "Completely dismissing" no actually, I just didn't know, ok? sorry for having committed such a terrible crime, seriously wtf is wrong with some people on here.
  2. It'll be incredibly frustrating if Milan just pop up and seal Bonucci and Belotti like it was nothing, quick deals done without any fuss. I wonder what Conte would think about that, knowing he could've had both players quite easily.
  3. really like Bats, hopefully he stays, great personality to have in the squad and I think he'll grow at the club the more Conte puts faith in him.
  4. Well, If we do sign Bakayoko and Aubameyang and combine them with Bats it'll bring some personality to the squad.
  5. I was amazed that we signed him up to a new contract, you can only imagine that we make a profit off his loans.
  6. cmon Chelsea, Baka,Auba,Belotti and cash+Matic for Sandro, even if it's just for the sake of James's health. lol so typing **** gets auto changed to Chelsea
  7. agree, towards the end of the season Spurs were using Trippier more than walker and I can see why, Trippier seems like a much tougher player. For me, Walker is a one trick pony, he has pace but no end product. I don't think any team in europe would worry about facing a £100m pairing of Stones + Walker.
  8. reports: Juventus have set an asking price of €45million (£39.7million) for Leonardo Bonucci. Gianluca Di Marzio of Sky Italia reports that a €45million bid should be enough to sign the wantaway Italy international, and it is AC Milan who have made the opening offer. anyone fancy 30yo Bonnucci for £40m?
  9. The thing that makes me eager to get this all done is the prospect of getting £40m for a 28yo Matic. I hope the reports of him training alone are true and we get the deal done, 40m for him lol what a deal.
  10. totally agree. If we did go for 2 of them, Belotti up front with Hazard and Auba buzzing around him would be incredible, Pedro-Bats-Willian as backup. Add to that Sandro, Rudiger, Danilo and Bakayoko and I'd be one very happy puppy. Sell Matic and Costa, plus the money from Oscar, Begovic, Ake, Atsu, Bamford and anyone else I can't think of and we'd be good to go. That'd be about 280m spent with 160+ back in, net spend £120m. Get it done Roman!!
  11. not to mention that apparently they're close to signing a striker, Zapata from Napoli also, some here might enjoy the medias reports of Aubameyangs "cryptic", as they put it, instagram post showing him by a private jet wearing blue and white. Aubameyang and Bellotti please Roman, that'd do nicely!
  12. and you have no idea what might have been achieved if we'd kept Mata, De Bruyne, Lukaku, Moses etc. what a stupid comment, but we all know you wont have a single bad word said about your beloved Mourinho Also, the period I'm talking about is one league title and one league cup and you dam well know that, not to mention the complete capitulation that followed it. What a ridiculous reply but then we all know you.
  13. right before Mourinho came back I thought we probably had the best young squad in Europe, it seemed like a really exciting time and we finally had put pieces together to have a fantastic team over the next 5+ years. Then came Mourinho......
  14. having just looked at Morata's stats, he actually had a decent record last season, 15 league goals in 26 games, 20 in 43 overall, not bad for a bench player so maybe I'm being a bit harsh. Belotti I'd hope to get for 60m maybe offer add ons to get it towards 70, Morata maybe 40m with add ons to get to 50m. It'd actually be quite funny if we bought them both and sold Costa and Bats. I know it wont happen but 100m up front rising to 120 and sell our two for 60m I'd be quite happy with. James is a good player but the last position I'd buy for right now is AM, we have Fabregas,Willian,Hazard,Pedro who could all do a job there, I'd rather we spent on every other area, FB's mainly so I don't really see what James could offer us that we really need right now.
  15. Morata for anything more than £40m would be a shocking piece of business, even 40 is a bit high. If we went for him instead of Belotti I'd be gutted. I can handle Lukaku going to Man U if we get Belotti but I wont be happy if we go for Morata instead.