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  1. Aubameyang for 60m not looking so expensive after all :)
  2. £15-20m for a 32yo Llorente with a broken arm who's had 0 pre season isn't too bad?? It's utterly ridiculous. Also, I can't see us doing any sort of business with Everton, Barkley stories is just the media linking us to various English players. On a side note, Metro saying Ac Milan offered 44m for Sanches and Bayern rejected it. If true, Milan are crazy to offer that much money and Bayern are even more crazy for rejecting it. The footballing world has gone mad.
  3. absolutely delighted to get that much money for a 29yo Matic and if it means man u don't spend it on someone who is actually good then it's a double win.
  4. the referee really is so far below the required standard he's incompetent. He just blows for any touch regardless of foul or not, shocking.
  5. Moses is so frustrating, not once has he fired in a cross first time, every single time he stops and rolls it backwards, letting the def get setup.
  6. I use usually
  7. Sandro (buy) and Renato Sanches (loan) would make me very happy. fwiw I dont believe for one second we will do any business with everton.
  8. Renato Sanches would be a decent replacement for Chalobah and he's only 19.
  9. Moses and Alonso need to learn that at times like this they need to sit a bit deeper and tighter and help the team out, not stand on the touchline in attacking positions miles away from the ball and watch as we lose possession. If a team is doing a man marking/all over press they need to realise they have to help to get the ball up the pitch.
  10. how the hell did Bayern lose to Arsenal, shocker.
  11. 2-0 down, now we know how Arsenal felt. It's strange how some teams make football look so easy and we make it look so difficult
  12. must say I'm disappointed we didn't sign Danilo, we really haven't done too well in the FB signing department so far and at £25-£28m he was worth a punt.
  13. being linked with 20yo Richarlison, striker/wide attacker u20 brazilian, £12m
  14. If Swansea want £30m for Llorente it's the funniest thing I've ever heard, £30m for a 32yo, they must be drunk, go home Swansea!
  15. BATSSSSSSSSSSSs hope he stays, great personality, loves the club.