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  1. I can't buy into this for one moment. Chalobah had probably one of the best paths out of all the younger players who've tried to break through of late. He was essentially 4th choice last season at CM and this season could have remained the same if Matic is to leave. Depending how we line up (343/352) he could have easily been able to pick up more prominent minutes this coming season had he opted to stick around and fight for a place. There is a real possibility he would have been in direct competition with Fabregas for that 3rd option depending on the circumstances game to game. His mobility and skill set is a better fit in a two man midfield if we wanted to keep the side balanced, but he'd also be able to stake a clam in a 352 as one of the options that could flank Fabregas and provide extra legs. Ultimately, the path was there for him and he chose to go elsewhere where he was going to obtain greater guarantees. And that right there is the key. Unless you're a genuine world class prodigy talent (Messi, C.Ronaldo etc) there isn't going to be any guarantees. I can fully appreciate why he would want to leave. He's done his apprenticeship and is certainly good enough to be a regular player elsewhere in the league at a smaller club. He has the opportunity now to showcase this and if he does well, we could well see him back here if the reported buyback clause is true. I was certainly hoping he stayed, I think he's a really promising player and one I had hopes would make it here. But I cannot begrudge him the chance to play regularly if that's what he wants and can only wish him all the best. He made a rational decision and there isn't fault to be blamed on any party regarding his departure.
  2. You mean you're disgusted that Chalobah declined a new contract extension put forward to him and opted to leave in search of a regular first team place elsewhere. In which the club obliged him with given he had 12 months left on his current contract and could've left on a free.
  3. On the flip side, the season doesn't start tomorrow and there is still weeks remaining of the transfer window. Conte could also switch from 343 and go with something else depending who is fit at the time. Then you have those who complain about youth not getting a chance. Now that a couple have a potential opening in the squad all of a sudden we're in need of additional established quality. Which is only going to see the same people complain about youth not getting a chance once more. Can't have it both ways. You either allow for younger players to have a potential better squad role, or you negate them all together and fill their spots with proven players who are considered more reliable. For now, I am happy with where we are at. Isn't like other sides are exactly pulling up trees themselves.
  4. That is the dream!
  5. My thoughts exactly. Bakayoko replaces Matic. Then Baker and or Pasalic to add the depth. I like how some complain about youth not getting a chance, but then when it comes to giving such players a space in the squad to get games, they still want senior players in reserve instead. Can't win either way.
  6. Hard to really make a comparison when both Lukaku and Costa are playing week in, week out and more often against better opposition. Morata barely started until the final months against the weaker sides, which is who he scored the majority of his goals against. In saying that, he does score a lot of his goals from around that 12-6 yard mark. A positive because we've often lacked our CF being in the box enough. So hopefully he's able to replicate this level when playing in a tougher league and when playing longer minutes when fatigue can play a part. For what it's worth - he scored his winners against; Athletic Club (7th), Villarreal (5th) and Leganes (17th).
  7. It's nothing personal. :)
  8. We just got absolutely fleeced by Madrid. That sort of money for a player who couldn't establish himself at TWO top clubs and has a scored 10+ league goals ONCE in his entire career. Ridiculous. That said, I don't dislike Morata. He's a solid player overall but there's a bunch of concerns that remain courtesy of watching him when at Juventus. He's going to need to increase his goal output for one, his consistency is another big factor he's going to have to change. Neither the club or him can afford to see him go missing for long periods like he's known to do. Would have been more comfortable signing him at half the price we did and as a second option. However, it is what it is and I'll gladly take being proved wrong if he raises his game to warrant the hype he seems to have. He has my support nonetheless.
  9. Ah yes, all those important goals against largely below average sides. The rest of his goals are as follows. Celta (1) - 13th Athletic Club (1) - 7th Leganes (1) - 17th Alaves (1) - 9th Deportivo (1) - 16th Real Sociedad (1) - 6th Espanyol (1) - 8th Villarreal (1) - 5th Essentially 10 of his 15 league goals came against sides 10th and below. Given the strength of La Liga and the sides he scored against above, not much quality being faced. Essentially the story of his career beyond brief patches of form for Juve that generated all the hype to begin with. He's been riding it ever since.
  10. Given there's about 40m euro difference between the two sides, long way to go yet.
  11. If he could remain fit, sure. But he'd also in a way take up a position that could be filled by Baker. Also reports in Italy stating that Sampdoria are looking to sign him.
  12. Worth noting that of Morata's 15 league goals this past season, 7 of those came in the final month and bit against some of the worst sides in La Liga. Leganes (3 goals) - (Finished 17th and one spot above relegation) Sporting Gijon (1 goal) - (Finished 18th and relegated) Deportivo (1 goal) - (Finished 16th) Granada (2 goals) - (Finished 20th (last) and relegated)
  13. https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2017/7/18/15988140/chelsea-preseason-tour-of-asia-preliminary-squad-list Baker, Christensen, Boga, Musonda, Pasalic and Kyle Scott rumoured to all be making the trip.
  14. He could turn out either way at this point. On the bright side, he's going to have a manager who will actually coach him as a player and look to improve his game. Bonucci had an indifferent first season at Juve when he joined and had floated around a few different clubs via loan and then Genoa prior. Wasn't really until Conte joined did his game improve to the level he's been known for. Likewise with Barzagli, who was a regular for Palermo before moving to Germany where he did okay, but without excelling. He joined Juventus at 29 years old for £300k and look where his career has gone now, that all started with Conte. So, there's certainly hope that within the right environment and with a player seemingly wanting to work under Conte, there could be some further development had for Rudiger.