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  1. Official: Chelsea sign Alvaro Morata.

    He's always been a good finisher around goal. That second goal was up there with one of his best. Although I felt he struggled for a bit after his initial goal early on. He wasn't strong enough in his attempts of holding the ball up and found himself being muscled off the ball easily. Also needs to get his head up more and make better passing decisions once he does gain possession. A few cheap turnovers saw the ball come straight back and didn't allow our midfield or defence to push back up the pitch, giving Stoke some good areas to work in and plenty of space. I think the next few weeks will be hugely important for him though. We've got some good opposition in big games, so he's going to have to work harder and value possession a bit more than he has done so far. Won't get it this easy against more organised defences. Certainly positive signs so far however.
  2. Stoke City 0 Chelsea 4

    Excellent result against an always tough side to face. Don't think we played overly well for periods and Stoke certainly had their moments where they could have hurt us if it wasn't for poor finishing or final ball. Gotta ride your luck at times though. Felt we lacked Fabregas' quality on the ball for large periods of play, his ability to move the ball around helps provide a bit of composure in the middle which isn't had with either Kante or Bakayoko. Those two need to keep possession better at times because against top sides we'll be punished for it. Both our AM's were quiet and I think that's credit to Stoke. Morata took his chances and besides his early goal didn't make much of an impact until the second half once we was afforded more space and wasn't having to play with his back to goal as often. His finishing and movement were first rate as per usual. But his general game still needs work if he's to have an impact in the bigger games. Still shows the same strengths and weaknesses he was showing 3 years ago. Hopefully playing regularly now will allow him to iron some of those areas out and develop further. Overall though, a very good performance. Credit to Conte as well for Rudiger over Cahill, thought he was very good once more. Did have a couple moments where he switched off but overall very good. One area we do need to vastly improve upon is our set play defence. Anything in the air we struggled to clear without a true commanding CB. I think had Stoke utilised Crouch earlier we'd likely have conceded.
  3. Stoke City 0 Chelsea 4

    Because he's coming back from injury and he played a full 90 min mid week. There is absolutely zero incentive with rushing him back into the thick of things. Conte is taking the smart approach to benefit the team and Hazard long term, opposed to a short term approach. Plus, we have two difficult fixtures to come where he'll be needed.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    He definitely has all the modern day tools to be a long term lynchpin here. At this stage it looks like Conte has him as backup to Luiz in that central CB role. Which, from what I hear is where he played when on loan in Germany. Will be interesting to see if he moves into one of the L/R CB roles at some point, although I am not thinking he will as that seems more like Rudiger's role. If he can get 20 odd games this season, I think that's a sign of real progress and a show he's got a real future here.
  5. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    IMO he's not a great player, a very good one (on his day), but not quite at that great level. Certainly not at the level that Drogba was for us over the years. He was only ever consistent enough for half a season at a time, he regularly made noise about wanting to leave each transfer window, his overall record and performances for us in Europe were extremely poor, and then you have the distractions he caused on and off the pitch. Despite the support fans showed him over the years he's not really done anything to showcase his appreciation for any of it. Sure, we'll lose that dogged chip on the shoulder fighter upfront. We've now replaced that with a more intelligent and versatile player with a more rounded overall game. What we lost with Costa, we've gained in other areas with Morata. I don't think we're weaker for it overall however. At least not at this point. Time will tell if Morata is capable of being a reliable and prolific player for us. The fee itself is far more than I'd have thought we'd end up getting, so that's a huge plus side. As for the handling of the whole situation, Costa made his own bed. Had he acted like a professional from the very beginning when he joined then maybe things would've turned out differently. And from what we've been told, Costa party was informed in January that his services were not going to be required leading forward into the future. Meaning what transpired with the whole Conte text situation wasn't fresh news to Costa. Given we've not seen these messages or the conversation in full, it's hard to really know what was or wasn't said, let alone context. Overall though at least both Costa and the club and put this to rest and move forward.
  6. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    Fairly routine game, no real surprises. Good to see Musonda start and score, while the other young lads who got a chance did themselves no disservice - Ampadu stood out particularly and wasn't afraid to control the midfield and direct things. While that crunching tackle was textbook. Kenedy may still have a chance of featuring here. Certainly has the power and drive going forward, just needs a bit more polish defensively. If that will come, who knows. Although could be seen as a depth AM option where he's probably better suited overall. Otherwise, onto looking forward to hopefully seeing a few of these young lads feature in the next Cup fixture.
  7. Chelsea 5 Nottingham Forest 1

    The perks of living in a parallel universe.
  8. Official: Chelsea Sign Diego Costa

    Pleased to see him go. When he was on song, he was excellent. When he wasn't, he was more often than not a hindrance. Could have been so much more had he been able to maintain a hint of consistency over a full season or produced more than the 2 goals in his 12(4) appearances in Europe. Also would have helped had he not constantly pined for a move away each season. That said, scored some important goals and was a contributing factor in our success while here, so he'll have that.
  9. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    I didn't say the basics don't have a place on the training ground, they just aren't the focus because most players should already have that fairly covered/aren't going to develop further. Training tends to focus on the upcoming game - including overall game plan, studying the opposition, tactical aspects, things that weren't executed corrected previously or things we can do to exploit an advantage, set pieces, etc. And Conte has clearly developed the side further because we're now a well drilled tactical team. This is important because collectively we suffer if we cannot adhere to the plan of the manager. Naturally player execution on the pitch is important to gain a result, however that's a lot harder to influence because of the array of variables on the day - including the limitations of the players themselves. Certain players certainly need to improve, but have shown they can achieve good things long term. Ultimately, this is one game. We weren't terrible, nor were we great. The result wasn't ideal, although not a disaster. It shows we still need to improve as a team. I'm not going to hang my hat on one result or game, that's for sure.
  10. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Well said. I hope we see more of a 352 in games like that where the extra man in midfield can make a difference. Hopefully once Drinkwater is fully fit it becomes more of a go-to option. For me, it's the better of the two formations overall.
  11. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    The Kante and Fabregas partnership wasn't the reason for our lacking performance. In fact, you could argue that without Fabregas we would have really struggled to break Arsenal down and create chances. The reality is that he had the second most touches (only Azpi had more) and had 4 key passes. He ticked over our midfield and provided opportunities into the final third. Our problems stemmed from our inability to complete our passes and take our chances. Had we done a bit more of both of those then we would have comfortably walked the game. Training has nothing to do with the basics. These are professional players, they should have grasp those already. Unfortunately for us, we've obtained players over the years who aren't excessively well-rounded. They excel in aspects but then lack in other important areas. Our midfield and AM options are prime examples of this. We've got midfielders who are either powerful runners but lack technique with the ball (Kante/Bakayoko), or we have technique on the ball but lack athletically (Fabregas). Drinkwater could be considered our most rounded CM at this point. While at AM we've got a mixed bag that ultimately all lack a polished final ball. Pedro is the only one who offers some off the ball movement and isn't just a dribbler. We've get a mixed bag that needs some further fine tuning to be a polished side.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Euro or Pound? Either way, I agree that we should accept it and rid our hands of the situation completely.
  13. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    And this is exactly why we need to sign suitable players to begin with. Rather then expecting players to change their game or adapt, we buy those who already have those foundations needed to excel and then simply refine them over time. Although I expect Morata to come good, whether or not he ever has the consistency we need going to be the defining point.
  14. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Pirlo is absolute quality. Fabregas might not be at that level but he's still a very effective player who could replicate the role Pirlo occupied within Conte's 352. The biggest advantage that Pirlo had was actually the players around him. He had other midfielders who were polished in possession and could spot a pass; Marchisio, Pogba and Vidal. These players were also proficient in the final third, be it delivering the final ball or scoring themselves. All three could run into space off the ball to make deep runs into goal scoring areas. Then in front of them Pirlo then had two strikers to aim passes at who also offered excellent off the ball movement and were direct. At Chelsea, we've got runners in Kante and Bakayoko but neither are as intelligent off the ball as any of those that Pirlo had around him. Nor are they as polished with the ball at feet when it comes to impacting the final third. Then we have players like Willian, Pedro and Hazard. Pedro if the sole option who offers off the ball running into good attacking positions. Willian works hard but his final ball or decision making is hit and miss all too often, while Hazard is best when he's in possession running at defenders. Ultimately, all three players are dribblers. Pedro the only one who really provides a genuine forward passing option for Fabregas to exploit a defence splitting pass int. Then upfront we have Morata who makes good runs but again his best game is played when he has space to turn on the ball and run at defenders. Fabregas has his limitations, no doubt. But it's hard to fault the one man who is capable of pulling the strings in midfield when the options he's often provided with in front of him are baron.
  15. Chelsea 0 Arsenal 0

    Isn't a poor line up by any stretch. We dominated early on and Fabregas opened Arsenal up a number of times. The problem is we've let them back in because we've been sloppy in possession and Morata hasn't been able to hold up play effectively to let us step up. Pedro has also been poor, along with Willian. Kante has cheaply turned the ball over and Cahill has been equally as sloppy. The players are responsible. That said, I'd say that Baka and Hazard will make an appearance within the first 15-20 if things don't change.