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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's still at Juve and playing frequently. Tends to play more on the left hand side of attacking midfield these days, with the odd run at CF when required. Speaking from a personal point of view, Allegri hasn't used him greatly. Moving him to AM has limited him a bit more than when he played upfront. Victim of his own work rate in some way. Always preferred him playing upfront with a partner. Though, still a good player even at 31.
  2. Brighton 0 Chelsea 4

    And that right there is the pickle Conte has to contend with week to week. 352 is better for Fabregas and our midfield creativity, 343 gives us an extra attacker further forward but without the guile in midfield to take advantage. In a way, Conte will have known this and it will have been the exact reason why he wanted someone like Nainggolan or even Vidal - both of which have more rounded games without the gaps of Fabregas, but are still able to create and contribute going forward. Instead, he got another player that has limitation on the ball but offers more mobility and defensive contribution.
  3. This. I doubt he's unhappy in his job, because he clearly still shows a passion for it and wanting to win. That said, he's also a clearly frustrated manager. Which largely stems around not quite having the squad or players he ideally wanted. This has then impacted performances at times because he's sort of stuck with what he has - and while he's still made a good go of it, there's probably that side of "what if" had he gotten the players had originally wanted instead. More so after having won the league last season and sort of feeling like he'd be backed a bit more with what he wanted as a reward. A realistic example could have been something along the lines of... Courtois Azpi - Christensen - Cahill Candreva ---------------------------- Alex Sandro Kante - Fabregas - Nainggolan Hazard - Morata With the likes of Llorente and Vidal being thrown in there to top if you wish.
  4. Official: Chelsea Sign Tiemoue Bakayako

    As I echoed in the Brighton match day thread. He's become a bit of an easy target for many lately. I thought his performance against Brighton was probably one of his best all-round performances to date. Overall, he does a serviceable job and allows Kante that extra freedom - although this can at times cause a bit of confusion between the two tactically and positionally. He's a solid tackler and breaks up the play well - while being statistically our best midfielder when it comes to making clearances. Naturally, there's still improvement needed in areas. His passing for one still needs to be executed better - hopefully allowing him to keep it simple will aid that. His awareness at times lacks and I think some of that has to do with the pace of the EPL a little. Can get caught on the ball at times and could learn to use his strong frame more to protect possession better. Won't be the dynamic sort of player that Kante is, or Essien was, but can still be a good player in his own right. A bonus would be if he can improve his finishing at times, that way the powerful runs he does make going forward can have a bit more purpose and danger about them. Hopefully with a season under his belt - followed by an injury free run and an actual pre-season, next season he'll be better equipped to make a greater impact overall.
  5. Brighton 0 Chelsea 4

    I see a few still being hyper critical of Bakayoko. Thought he was actually very good overall and had probably one of his best all-round games to date. He was tidy in possession when he had the ball and kept things simple when he needed - with more focus on simply recycling possession. Had a couple of good midfield runs where he was able to break the line a little and set us on our way going forward. Protected the ball better when under pressure and didn't really cough up possession. While continued to make his tackles and break up play when required as he tends to do solidly. 96.4% pass completion (only bettered by Christensen out of the starting side - and Musonda and Zappacosta overall). On top of 2 tackles, 2 interceptions and 2 clearances. Only Kante had more tackles (3) and interceptions - along with Alonso (3). While he had the most clearances of any midfielder. And the one shot he had was on target and forced a decent save by Ryan. I think he's become quite an easy target for a few here - kick him while he's down sort of thing. He may not stand out and impose himself on games like I presume many thought he would given his physical stature. However, he's still done solidly from a tactical standpoint while winning his tackles and breaking up play well enough. He's only behind Kante in terms of tackles per game, 4th best in interceptions (Luiz, Kante and Alonso ahead) and he makes more clearances than any other midfielder we have. If he can improve his passing completion rate further, and his awareness when on the ball - using his size to protect possession, then I can see him being quite a solid player at the end of the game. He won't be a game changer, nor as dynamic as Kante or Essien, but he can offer a sizeable contribution to the side. The bonus would be if he improves his finishing on top of all that and contribute a few goals here and there on top.