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  1. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Reports going around now are hinting that Derby will line up John Terry to take over if/when Lampard leaves.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Palasic has had his loan with Atalanta extended, opposed to having the buyout option activated. The club have also apparently turned down 35m for Willian from Barca and Atletico Madrid.
  3. Serie A could be different this season. Conte will immediately improve Inter Milan more than Sarri will Juventus. There's also manager shake ups at other top half sides. Juve also have an aging squad (seven players over the age of 30) and are in no way, shape, or form accustom to the way Sarri has his teams play. Sarri will also have to manage some big personalities in Bonucci, Chiellini and Ronaldo etc - players who've won it all. Not just that, but he's going to have to dramatically conduct himself significantly better than he does in the media. With there possibly being a call for him to look smarter and more professional on the sideline. Juve have put a lot of work and emphasis on their brand. I'd not be shocked if Juventus struggle (realitive to prior years) this coming season.
  4. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    Not unusual if it was to be true. Possibly used as a means to extract a little more compensation, possibly just chancing their arm with a better deal in the hope he may be tempted to stay. Don't think it changes much at this point.
  5. Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Boss?

    The whole "more experience" thing is a bit of a cop out. There will never be a perfect moment in which Lampard arrives, be that in 2, 5 or 10 years time. The inevitable doesn't alter based on the level of experience. The more important aspect is finding the right fit for the current environment. Right now, a combination of Lampard and Morris brings with it a excessive knowledge of the club, its youth setup and a familiarity with the majority of young players who are on the possible cusp of the team. In a situation where we've lost Hazard and have a transfer ban, now is as good as a time as any to have Lampard (and Morris) on board. What's gone completely under the radar is Morris' input tactically. He played a big role in our successful youth sides and often saw tactical flexibility - generally in the form of modelling the side around the system the first team were using at the time. We've seen at Derby how Lampard has switched his systems, adapted to match environments and still been able to get a young inexperienced side to play decent football with a fighting attitude. Jody Morris will have had a significant influence in this sort of thing. I don't care if we finish outside of the top 6. I'm actually looking forward to the prospect of having Frank and Jody return, the possibility of seeing genuine trust being put in some of our younger lads and simply having a bit of hunger and enthusiasm injected back into the team.
  6. Agree with this. There's never going to be a "perfect" time for Frank to join. Coming on board now he'll had more leeway than he'd have if we contending on all fronts. Next season we'll be likely in that 5-8 range for a PL finish. Save for a Cinderella run we'll unlikely do much in the CL. Leaving only the two domestic cup competitions. That's a better deal than coming on board in 5-10 years time and being expected to win immediately (if we're back in that position).
  7. A big issue was that a lot of people were expecting the performances of Napoli season 3 immediately. When in fact season one and two of Napoli also featured some inconsistent and dour football at times. Heck, it was still an issue (although, not nearly as often) during their third season towards the final months when they started dropping points. The difference in league quality also plays a big part. What you can get away with in Serie A is entirely different to the PL. All that aside it's a bitter sweet situation for myself. Thrilled to see Sarri leave, less so about the fact he's going on to join Juventus. Hopefully that's equally as short lived. He doesn't fit Juve's win first mentality, nor does his philosophy fit the win now situation the club is also in.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Atalanta will exercise their €15m option to buy Chelsea midfielder Mario Pasalic, according to Gazzetta dello Sport. Pasalic joined Atalanta on an initial season-long loan last summer and went on to play 42 times, scoring eight goals, providing six assists and helping the Dea qualify for the Champions League. Consequently, the newspaper expects him to complete a permanent move to Bergamo soon. The 24-year-old is one of Chelsea’s most prolific loanees, having never played for the Blues and also spending time at Elche, Monaco, Milan and Spartak Moscow.
  9. It's the manner in which Sarri poorly handles these man management situations. There's no issue with not believing certain players are to his liking, but have the decency and respect to sit down and explain in a professional manner. More so when it comes down to players like Fabregas and Cahill, two longer serving players who've contributed significantly to our club in since joining. It's a bit of common courtesy if nothing else. This season has seen way too many players express their displeasure, which highlights a clear issue. The whole situation also lacks class, creates unnecessary disruptions and negative attention. Not what we need more of.
  10. Eden Hazard

    Ugh. As prepared as one can be, this still isn't easy to take. Glad we got to experience such a fine player, and a humble one that at. Hopefully you'll be back at the Bridge in the future to receive the ovation you utterly deserve. Best of luck but most importantly, thank you Eden.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Top 4 next season is highly optimistic as it is.
  12. The dissatisfaction (if you will) about possibly appointing Sarri is because of a few things; Firstly, while entering the stadium on the Napoli team bus, he proceeded to give the middle finger to Juve fans last season. Secondly, Juve have a history of winning and a winning mentally, which is everything Sarri is not. He'd prefer to come second and play football his way, than sacrifice his methods to win. This is something he's spoken about numerous times over the years. That mentality simply won't cut it at the club. Thirdly, there's been a big emphasis on winning the champions league in recent years. Sarri virtually has no record in the competition at all. Sacrificing a competition for another as he did with Napoli won't cut it. The fact he's also not won a league title doesn't help either. Even with a Juve squad as it is, isn't a guarantee. With Conte going to Inter, and changes at other clubs. There's a lot of unknowns domestically at this point. Juve are also an old side and with a squad that doesn't really fit Sarri methods overall. Given Sarri's philosophy takes time to embedd, it simply doesn't fit the win now situation of Juventus. If he is appointed, he'll encounter similar, if not worse, hostility then he has here at Chelsea. The only get out of jail card he'll have is winning immediately.
  13. Insightful as always. I'm sure Juve fans probably think likewise of yourself too.
  14. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

    Fabregas mentioned that playing time (or lack of) is why he left, which was connected to Sarri's lack of rotation/preference of Jorginho. He spoke about his situation during the season and how it needed to change. Otherwise he was happy to continue at Chelsea. If Luiz got a two year deal, wouldn't have been unreasonable to see Fabregas getting similar. Although, I think he'd have been more accepting of a one year deal to stay in London.
  15. New Kits

    Better than anything else we'll be playing in next season.