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  1. Media / Press

    Poch and Zidane are the long term favourites by reports. I'd reckon Conte could be in the mix. Carrick is favourite as caretaker. They'll not appoint a new full time manager until end of season though.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Can't really blame him for wanting to play. He came back from loan last season, worked his way into Conte's side and did well for the most part. He finished with 23 starts under his belt at like 21/22 years of age. In comes Sarri, and he's virtually marginalised him (along with Cahill, Fabregas, Moses, Emerson and Zappacosta), leaving him with 1 single start and 90 minutes of PL football so far. He's then sat on the bench and watched Luiz routinely struggle for a substantial part of the season thus far and he's still not had a look in. I mean, I wouldn't be happy either if I was him. Sarri is virtually rotating three positions when it comes to his PL side - CM, AM and CF. While using a core of like 14 players. The only way it's looking likely Christensen is going to get a game is if Luiz or Rudiger go down injured or are suspended. We've used the second least number of players in the league so far (20), the only side who've used less is Wolves (18). Playing games in secondary competitions against some fairly poor sides isn't going to exactly be deemed satisfying enough - nor should it be. Zappacosta 18 minutes (2 sub appearances) Cahill 21 minutes (1 sub appearance) Moses 26 minutes (2 sub appearances) Christensen 90 minutes (1 start) Fabregas 138 minute (1 start, 3 sub appearances) Loftus-Cheek 247 minutes (1 start, 6 sub appearances) Emerson 0 minutes (Isn't even named in match day squads) While no-one is exactly these guys to be locked in starters, they're certainly all capable of contributing. Sarri is going to royally screw us in this area, just as he did with Napoli. He isn't going to have the excuse of not having the funds or the squad numbers this time around though, he's chosen to manage in this way. There's good odds we'll need to replace all of those guys come the end off the season, some maybe sooner, which will be tough if meaningful football is going to be limited for those in these backup roles. So yeah, can't really begrudge Christensen (or any of the others), if they want to leave and play football when this is what they're currently facing.
  3. Brighton 1 Chelsea 2

    Good to get the three points in the end, particularly with Arsenal losing. As for the game itself, besides a couple passages of play I'm not of the opinion that we played all that well overall to be honest. Felt like we got the goal early and then looked disinterested in asserting ourselves on the game further - just as we've shown throughout the seasons so far. Thankfully we managed to capitalise on a poor pass by Brighton that left them open defensive, Willian played a nice ball through to Hazard who did the rest with an excellent finish. We're still guilty of moving the ball incredibly slow in our build up play, allowing opposition defences to get back and set themselves. When we're having the possession that we're now getting, we have to do more with it. We ended with 10 shots with 3 on target in this one, that's not a great return back. Thankfully we took our two big chances, which ultimately made the difference again. Willian, while solid, was frustrating as per usual for most of the match, particularly his offside calls that were both avoidable with a bit more care. Thought Kovacic and Kante were both largely poor in the midfield and neither really stamped themselves on the game whatsoever. Alonso once again struggled and was lucky to remain on the pitch in the end. I've said it once, I'll say it again, he's just not a good fit as a fullback in this system. Thought Sarri dropped the ball once more by not giving Emerson a run, while he may not be the solution to our problems either, we can't persist with someone who just isn't doing the basics well enough. I'm sure his form will improve at some point, but for now a spell on the bench might be a good move. Azpilicueta, Hazard and Pedro were all excellent and our three standout players. I thought that block made by Azpi early in the game was crucial and something we've lacked lately with defenders willing to to put their body on the line *cough* Luiz *cough*. Otherwise the officiating was poor at times, impacted both sides who were both probably likely to finish the game with 11 men. With Leicester (H), Watford (A), Palace (A) to finish the PL year out, we should be aiming at taking all 9 points on offer. None of those sides have been doing overly well lately, so dropping points in any of those (although, I do expect it to happen) will be disappointing.
  4. MOL Vidi 2 Chelsea 2

    Not to mention most of them are lucky to get one game a week as it is. It's hard to expect a lot from a player when they have little to no match rhythm, sharpness or form behind them. As a player you want to play regularly, not this stop, start, stop, start sort of situation Sarri has created.
  5. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    You're right, but that comes as no real surprise. From a positional stand point he's still ultimately playing central midfield, it's just that the instructions for that role have now changed in comparison to previously. In general terms he is a defensive midfielder by nature - a player tasked with breaking up the play and providing defenders with protection. Generally this sort of player is a good tackler, gets stuck in, and looks to keep possession with simple passes. They're also often seen as someone who begins offensive moves by being able to make simple passes into the more attack minded players around them. This is where the position gets largely misunderstood - people perceive a defensive midfielder to be a defensive "anchor" - someone who holds the midfielder and anchors it. They aren't. Think back to someone like Makelele for example, he was more of an defensive anchor - a water carrier or holding midfielder as he was often referred as. Kante is defensive midfielder with the unique athletic ability and engine that affords him the additional freedom to roam the midfield more than anyone else. Prior to this season Kante virtually played the role that was more geared towards that of a defensive midfielder - with the odd foray upfield now and again. Under Sarri that role has changed once more and he's been moved into more of a box-to-box role - this comes with even more freedom and responsibility to get forward and impact play in those advanced areas. Unfortunately, he looks lost at times in this new role because he's finding himself spending more time in advanced areas of the pitch that he generally wouldn't be in. Not having the technical ability on the ball doesn't help either. The only real offensive skill he has comes in the form of his ability to press high up the pitch. That's just not enough if we're being honest. particularly with the limited production we're getting from Jorginho and Kovacic. Something will eventually have to give.
  6. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Sarri has always been about making his players fit his system, opposed to his system fitting the players. Hence why we currently see a handful of players in roles they aren't ideally suited for currently. Kante is meant to play Allan's role at Napoli, which is essentially a box-to-box midfielder, except with little freedom to actually roam the midfield except for vertically up and down. That's where Kante is struggling, because he's always been someone that would cover the entire midfield, now he's being asked to be more positionally disciplined as more of a RCM. With a greater emphasis on pushing forward to close down in the final third. Firstly, that's not really Kante's game. He's a roamer that breaks up play, lays it off and stays more on the defensive side of the ball than ahead of it. Secondly, Kante lacks the technical skills on the ball to create or navigate the midfield when congested. His game has always seen him basically win the ball and then lay it off with a simply pass. Sarri is now asking more of him. This has seen him caught on the ball more often and making sloppy passes, which immediately gives possession away. Thirdly, because we have so much possession now and Kante has the job of being further up field to close down, when we do lose the ball it's not difficult for opponents to cut through our midfield because generally all three are in advanced areas of the pitch. This is why we're suspect on the counter and when sides play more direct, particularly when they move the ball at speed. Jorginho often can't provide reliable cover in that central role, and that leaves Kovacic as the only other person who can get back - except he has to also shuffle infield from the left, providing he's also not pushed forward himself. He's also not really a ball winner of note. The end result is Kante looking lost and the team looking soft in the middle at times. It worked at Napoli because Allan is more technically gifted on the ball compared to Kante, with a greater sense of tactical/positional discipline. While Hamsik being quality in the attacking third provided the creative/scoring outlet, while also having exceptional technical quality. We don't have that balance, so naturally holes are going to poke through. The other big aspect is that Serie A isn't as direct in term of play style. Teams will generally look to play the ball around at a slower pace. That's not a luxury in the PL, it goes end to end quickly and that can mean the midfield being bypassed more often. Our issues defensively then get highlighted. Either our midfield becomes more balanced, or Sarri alters his system. Otherwise this is likely to be an ongoing issue and we'll see Kante continue to fluctuate with his performances.
  7. Media / Press

    Why do fans need to abuse players anyway? It doesn't exactly provide a positive contribution in any way, shape or form. The only thing you're going to get from it is **** like this, which ultimately does nothing more than create unnecessary drama and drags the name of the club though the mud. Ultimately fans need to be more accountable for their actions, particularly ones who are old enough to know better. If you know whatever is going to leave your mouth could cause problems, don't say it. Common sense really.
  8. Media / Press

    Racist remarks or not, don't put yourself in such a position to begin with - particularly when you're old enough to know better. It's not bloody difficult.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Morata isn't a confidence player, he's simply an average player in general that will once in a while go through a purple patch of form. You could have virtually plonked anyone upfront for Real Madrid and they'd score, given the riches of quality they had on hand. Morata's record at Madrid isn't impressive either, go and review his goals. He was virtually spoon fed, with the bulk of his goals coming against some fairly ordinary sides. Sure, he had a couple of nice strikes here and there but nothing that really suggested he had made any sort of progress as a player. Go, watch for yourself. It was largely the same story during his two seasons at Juventus. The reality is, he's the Kmart version of Torres. The only thing you're right about is that he should be sold. It should have happened last season, but too many were gullible enough to think he'd actually improve.
  10. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    Unsurprisingly Martin, you've missed the point. Sarri is gushed over for his "Sarriball" and the number of passes and possession his sides have. For us to actually have a chance in this fixture we largely had to revert back to methods seen during periods under Mourinho and Conte. Sarri is praised in this particular instance because we won, the others however were criticised. Yet, the foundations of our play were rather similar, if not the same in some aspects.
  11. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    It's interesting to know that we apparently had 20 more passes and 0.7% more possession in this game in comparison to the 0-1 loss we had under Conte last season. One manager is being lauded, the other heavily berated and criticised. This wasn't some tactical masterclass on Sarri's behalf or turning of a corner. We rode our luck defensively as we've done frequently throughout the season so far, when we did manage to obtain possession we were sloppy and careless with the ball, while particularly in the first half we did nothing more than chase shadows around the pitch. The other key aspect to keep in mind is that Man City were without arguably their two best attacking players in Aguero and KdB. What it did show was that when we play without the ball and in a way that resembled something between what we'd see from Conte and Mourinho, the players looked more at home with their roles. Azpilicueta had arguably his best game of the season - even David Luiz showed more maturity and leadership putting in a commanding performance himself. The most defining part though was that we took advantage of the limited chances we did create. This result will mean nothing through if we drop points in our next league fixture vs Brighton. So it's going to be important that Sarri makes the most of this victory moving forward. While it shouldn't be used to mask our problems that still remain either. We were still poor for large periods of the game overall - Jorginho in particular was very poor. Alonso didn't look great once again either and Willian still remains a liability in the final third. Maybe this gives Sarri something to think about in terms of his system moving forward, we'll wait and see. For now though, I'll enjoy the excellent (and unexpected) result.
  12. Alvaro Morata.

    He's blown 10 "big chances" already this season according to the PL website. 32 shots, 14 on target, 44% accuracy. 5 goals from 14 appearances. 0 assists, 0 big chances created. 18 offsides. He's getting 2.3 shots per game his season, which sits second in terms of shots per game averaged since his first season at Juventus in 2014/15. 2014/15 - 1.8 shots per game - Juventus 2015/16 - 1.4 shots per game - Juventus 2016/17 - 2.1 shots per game - Real Madrid 2017/18 - 2.5 shots per game - Chelsea His PL career to date reads; 45 appearances, 16 goals, 6 assists. 111 shots, 48 on target, 43% accuracy. 27 big chances missed. 10 yellow cards, 47 offsides. He's played at three of the top clubs in three seperate leagues - Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea. He's failed to establish himself at any of these days. Has managed to score double figures in a league season only twice in his career - 2016/17 at Madrid (15 goals), 2017/18 at Chelsea (11 goals). He's played alongside some of the best players in the world and under equally good managers. I think it's time people just accept him for what he is; a below average striker, rather than continuously trying to excuse his incompetence.
  13. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    I get the impression Luiz and Willian are the two biggest culprits. I've noticed lately how disinterested Luiz can be at times, particularly when he's being told what to do. While Willian, well we all what how sulky he can be at times with his poor body language and a sense of entitlement. Think it's about time we ship them out (and a few others).
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers 2 Chelsea 1

    Conte had left when Morata was signed, they never worked together at Juve.
  15. Chelsea 2 Manchester City 0

    We're probably better off just forfeiting this one and taking the 3-0 loss. Going to be a lot less painful than watching the pathetic football we've served up lately.