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  1. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    A WB is technically neither a defender nor an attacker. They play that in-between position of a fullback and a winger/wide midfielder. To simply class them as a defender paints the picture that they contribute absolutely nothing to our attack, which is entirely incorrect. They spend a considerable amount of time in the final third of the pitch. Again, isn't so black and white. And we won the league last season with a 343. So, it's a moot point really. The league has also changed over time and this means systems change. Pedro's performances only improved once Conte took over and switched across to the 343. Prior to that he was quite underwhelming in his first season. As for Willian, he just doesn't fit well enough in any system that is going to require him to be more forward orientated. I really like Willian and I've backed him on a number of occasions, but I also don't allow that to get in the way of his limitations as a player. At this point, there's no need to disrupt what we have to include either Pedro or Willian into the starting eleven. He's done a lot better than I had expected at CB, I'm quite comfortable in acknowledging I was off the mark with that. But I'd rather see him at CB than return to being a limited LB like in years gone by. It's not the same position though, no matter how much you try and argue the cause it really isn't. They both take different sorts of players with different qualities. A WB is very much a hybrid position. But if you choose to think otherwise, so be it. More options doesn't mean better options. To start with, Rudiger is a much better CB than he is RB. Moses is a limited AM that struggled to establish himself across a number of teams and has really excelled as a WB since being moved. Why change that? So, instantly there you're taking two player from positions they're doing well in and moving them to ones they've often struggled to perform in. That doesn't make us stronger. Hazard on the left takes him away from the play and goal. He ends up isolated on the touch line and with no overlapping fullback play stops dead unless he does it all himself. Having him as a partner for Morata has seen him move closer to goal and provides him with someone to play off. This also has a roll on effect that benefits Morata. He becomes less isolated himself and he's always played better with a partner of some sort that allows him to link play. A tandem partnership is proving to be more beneficial to us then having both players spend more time isolated from each other just to accomodate a different shape and another "attacker". Again, you're viewing it merely as players on paper and completely disregarding the type of players we actually have. You're argument about the CM's is irrelevant because the same is going to happen in a 433 as well. We're still going to end up playing 3 of the 4 CM's we currently have. Just like the situation will be with the CF position. There's no way to escape that at present. We're a little light in areas regardless of what system we choose to play. Well, I said from the very beginning that Morata always worked best with a partner alongside him that he could link-up with. I've been saying this for years since he was at Juventus, you know, the other club I support and watch regularly. But you knew that already of course. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here, merely calling it as I see it based on years of prior experience of seeing Morata play. He's certainly done well on occasions this season, he's also showcased the less impressive side as well. My main issue, and again this was made clear from the start and has been an issue for years prior, is his consistency. If he can showcase a consistent nature to his game, regardless of who he's up against, then we'll have a very good CF on our hands. I've never questioned his ability, heck, I like Morata. I merely had concerns, valid ones at that, regarding aspects of his game. Ones that he's failed to improve on over the last couple of years. Maybe now that he's been essentially assured a starting position it may change. Only time is going to tell but his start has been impressive. That's an absolute crock. If 433 was such a good formation why did a lot of teams ditch it for the 4231 a few years ago? Why did Leicester win playing 442? How did we win the league last season with 343? 352 has been a successful formation in years gone by- outside of England. It's having a resurgence these days with a lot of clubs switching to it. I know for a fact that teams have been using it in Italy for years prior, naturally Conte had incredible success with it at Juventus. Napoli were always a dangerous side that played it a few years back under Walter Mazzarri. Egypt won the ACON with a back three IIRC in 2008 as well. Just because it doesn't follow the trend doesn't make it a inferior system. Even now after Conte's success we're seeing a lot of EPL sides switch to the system. Just as the case was with the 433 after JM's first stint here. Football evolves over time and there is no right or wrong formation per say. A lot of it boils down to the type of players on hand if and their qualities are best suited to the role asked. Right now, with our squad and players, 352 is the best fit and provides us the ability to get the best from Fabregas, Hazard and Morata - three of our key players. All this without creating an imbalance to the rest of the side.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me, Conte's intention was always to play 352 once the 424 didn't really take off in pre-season. Just as he did with the Italian NT prior. The issue at the time is that we had a lack of viable CM's and too many AM's to really make it work. Thus, he adapted to the 343 to make the best use of what we had already. Now that he's slowly bringing players in there's a real sense that he see's Hazard as a forward option and with the addition of Bakayoko and Drinkwater, he now has midfielders who can play as he desires. There's still work to be done and we do need another LWB, CM and CF mainly. I think the most realistic area we'll possible fill in January is a CF. I like Bats and I think in a system that allows him a partner he'll be more consistent. However, I still think someone a bit more all-round is needed as a foil for Morata for when he's out. The other two positions are probably better address in the summer. I'd still keep MVG at PSV for the season just for the regular game time again having had so many injuries. Plus, unsure if he can even be recalled anyway? He profile does seem to bit fitting for the role though he would take here and would provide something we lack a little of.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    He'd be a handy addition to the midfield. I think 352 is the way forward and this will mean another CM will be needed. He has some likeable traits in his game - being a midfield goal scorer is a huge bonus and something we do lack a little of. The question is going to more about if the rest of his game is at the level we need, even as a 5th choice option. Not seen enough of him to say personally, but his form seems to be good and being captain holds some weight. I think it's unlikely he returns in January, but next season there could be an opening. I can see Willian being moved on. Pedro ending up as alternative to Hazard in a forward role, and Willian's place taken by an actual CM. This could be Van Ginkle if he continues to do well and remains fit. He'll be 25 at the start of next season, so I feel that a decision is going to have to be made one way or another.
  4. West Brom 0 Chelsea 4

    The whole "5 defenders" thing is merely laziness when describing the system overall. We don't actually play with 5 defenders per say. Depending on the match situation it will often determine where our WB's take up the majority of their positions on the pitch. When we need to defend more then they'll tend to fall back deeper and form part of a 5 man defensive unit. When we're in control of games the WB's tend to be more advanced in their positioning and have greater involvement in that final third where they tend to be more midfielders than defenders. Simply labelling it as 5 defenders is doing a huge disservice to the work Conte has put into his 352/343 system and the players themselves. I mean, our WB's have often been influential in game and contribute more in attack than our AM's a lot of the time. Their role is one that's quite adaptable. Not having Pedro or Willian in the starting line up isn't weakening us. Willian has looked well off the pace for quite some time now (more or less since his mum passed away). Many here were slaughtering him earlier this year when he was playing because of his ineffective play - now all of a sudden he's the missing piece to making us "better"? Nah. He's a good player, one I like, but in Conte's system he doesn't offer us enough of what we need. While Pedro is a good foil for Hazard currently and provides a genuine alternative off the bench. 433 would create more problems than positives in my opinion. What happens with Azpi and his CB role? Does he move to RB or LB? What happens at RB? Are Moses or Zappacosta good enough defensively to actually play as a genuine fullback? Marcos Alonso then becomes a bit of a problem at LB because of his lack of pace and playing closer to goal. He got away with it more in a more tactical Serie A. Would he do so here in the EPL? We'd also be somewhat negating his biggest strengths in terms of getting forward and chipping in with goals. The CM options aren't overly impacted. However, upfront we'd be returning to a single CF system. We'd once more be pushing Hazard out wide. Is that more beneficial than the partnership he's got with Morata currently? Is the inclusion of either Pedro and Willian more valuable than unsettling the side and creating potential problems in other areas? Overall it's a little more involved than just names on paper and it reading well. For me, 352 is the best fitting system for us and the players we have. 343 still has a place for now, but it may be shorter lived depending on what we target in the transfer windows.