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  1. I was referring to the club mate, not the players themselves. No **** that half those who did feature in that CL victory aren't here anymore, I've watched them leave. You can firmly stick the Conte apologist remark though where the fog don't shine. Apparently anyone who backs the manager is labelled some sort of apologist - exactly the same happened with those who backed Mourinho. Maybe, just maybe I want to see our stance with regards to managers change and put more onus and responsibility on the players performing their job to the level expected of them. Given that who our manager is isn't the core of our problems. You keep doing you though.
  2. Burnley 1 Chelsea 2

    Textbook Morata in this one, good to see he hasn't let me down though. How he continues to steal a living at top clubs baffles me. Good win nonetheless. Thought Cahill played quite well besides his one little slip up, with Grioud also very good once again. Emerson was also solid in his first real run out for us and it's nice seeing both WB's being able to overlap and get in behind when needed.