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  1. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    Pleased to see Hudson-Odoi get a start, a goal and also play well. Emerson was excellent getting forward as one would expect. Absolutely baffles me how he's played so little this season. Christensen was assured down back, while Kante had a really solid game in midfield. Hard to really take much from the result itself, but it was good to see a more positive second half and that the young blokes all got a run out.
  2. That's not that I said though was it. I said that Klopp had adapted in general. While his basic philosophy has remained the same from his time at Dortmund and now with Liverpool, there are differences between how the two play. These adjustments made by Klopp, (along with naturally signing suitable players over the years to increase overall quality) have allowed for what we see now from them. Klopp hasn't just copy and pasted exactly what he did in Germany and expected it to work in England, he's made enough of his own tweaks to adapt to his new environment and the way both the Premier League is played and how opposition teams approach his side. Sarri on the other hand has made no tweaks or adjustments to his approach whatsoever. He's literally just copy and pasted his approach across completely disregarding the increased difficulty of the opposition he now faces, the style of the PL, etc. Heck, even his substitution patterns are identical. Sarri doesn't do adapting, he expects everyone to adapt to him. The only time I've seen Sarri actually make a conscious alteration to his system came when he moved away from his 4312 system he employed at Empoli to the 433 shape used Napoli. Ironic that he could do that at Napoli before they "understood the basics of his football" but refuses to change anything here.
  3. Nothing has changed with Sarri, that's the problem with him. When he was at Empoli, while he ultimately lead them to safety they didn't start the season well at all. Something like one win in their opening 10 or so games from memory. Sarri didn't alter a single thing, it was more important that his style of football was played irrespective of match day situations. When he joined Napoli from Empoli, it wasn't exactly a well received move by Napoli fans. ADL took a risk, something he knew he was doing and why Sarri only got an initial one year contract. Same applied though, his system prevailed over everything else. While he ended up doing well with them overall, there were more factors in play than just Sarri and his system working that allowed his side to perform as they did. This is the sort of thing that sums Sarri up in a nut shell. "A most recent example was in his pre-match press conference against Juventus with Sarri urging his players to “take risks” as they looked to trouble the champions. This sentiment was evident in regista Mirko Valdifiori, while attempting to construct an attack from deep into his area, had his pass intercepted by Sebastian Giovinco which lead to the concession of a free kick for Juventus’ opening goal. Speaking to Sky Sport Italia after the eventual 2–0 defeat, Sarri has affirmed that Empoli will not alter their attacking identity no matter the opposition. “We’ve been working together for three years, so we have our own identity,” Sarri said. “I preferred to face Juventus openly rather than sit back and wait only to end up losing anyway. “Even if we end up bottom of the table, we must always play our style of football.” We're seeing this here now. A disinterest in compromising his ethics to possibly better results. His system comes first no matter what and he'll always live and die by that approach.
  4. While I am no fan of Pep myself I do have to give him some credit for the way he has adapted his system across three clubs. His teams at Barca, Bayern and Man City are all varied from each other. It hasn't just been a carbon copy that he's tried to push on his respective team. Obviously it helps having managed sides that all have a big upper hand over the rest of the league, but he has adapted as required to his players while still being true to his philosophy of how he wants to play. Klopp has done similar with Liverpool. His desire to play a particular style has remained from his time at Dortmund, yet he's adapted where needed to the players he has at Liverpool to make sure the system functions. Sarri on the other hand has taken a direct copy of what he did with Napoli and tried to paste it here like for like. No real shock it hasn't worked when there's been zero adjustments made to cater for the players he now has and the style in which English football is played.
  5. Chelsea 3 Malmo FF 0

    If we want to win either of those than Sarri has to be given the boot asap. The longer we leave it the more damage he's going to do. I'd be pushing hard for Steve Holland as a short-term measure also. Honestly, at this point I'd even give the job to Hasselbaink if it meant Sarri being shown the door pronto.
  6. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Sarribore amirite. Didn't rate you at Empoli. Didn't rate you at Napoli. Still don't rate you now. One of the most overrated managers I've ever seen. That has somehow managed to bluff his way to where he is on the back of the aesthetic nature of his football, despite being second rate in just about every other aspect. Jog on.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Piatek has scored twice against Atalanta so far. Gives him 6 goals since joining Milan in January. Having watched him all season still find it bewildering we didn't try and sign him. The man scores goals. AC Milan got an absolute steal.
  8. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    We've had other moments most definitely, as you noted. For me though, this season takes the cake largely because it's the same predictable stuff week to week. That gets difficult to digest the longer it wears on. One could be more accepting of it if there was more of a proactive nature to the situation but there isn't thanks to the way Sarri has largely chosen to conduct himself. There's a sense of deja vu and seeing it all before in every game across all competitions. Sarri deserves exactly what he's getting. Being privy to how he can be prior to him being here, it's an entirely different feeling when he's doing it at your club. Outside of playing some nice football (which seemingly requires all the stars to align), there isn't really much upside to Sarri as a manager - and there never was or will be. Which isn't a shock to be honest with you when you consider his career to date and the way he conducts himself. Is the possibility of aesthetically pleasing football worth the discontent his management style breeds through the squad? Is it worth a self inflicted cap on the main players he uses? Is it worth his extremely rigid approach and unwillingness to adapt better to match conditions and his overall surroundings? Is it going to be worth the players we may possible end up losing and needing to replace - including some of our brightest prospects. Is it worth giving a 60 year old manager all this time to produce "his football"? There was an abundance of reg flags to begin with, all of which were quite noticeable to those who watched him regularly enough in the past. All of these red flags have come to the surface here, all within 7 months. While don't get me wrong, Sarri isn't the entire problem by any means. The players also hold a degree of accountability and responsibility themselves, something that is going to need to be acted on in the summer once and for all. With that said, Sarri is still selecting those same players he has heavily criticised as not doing as instructed. When you review Sarri himself he leaves a heck of a lot to be desired outside of the possibility of some nice looking football. The question becomes, is it worth persisting with? Is Sarri worth persisting with? For me, it's a clear no.
  9. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    That's zonal marking for you under Sarri and identical to how things were with Napoli. Players are instructed to mark space and not the man. The byproduct of this is opposition players having all this space and time to utilise to their advantage. Worked better in Italy where the intensity of games isn't as great and the competition down the table not as strong. These situations weren't punished as often as they are currently in a more competitive league. This zonal approach is a big reason why we've struggled when teams get in behind, more so now that Kante isn't that deepest midfielder. Under previous managers players were generally instructed to mark an opponent in a more direct manner, this makes virtually every player responsible for a man. It reduced space and put pressure on opponents to get into those more dangerous positions - particularly when it came down to set pieces. With Kante also now further forward than ever a lot of the time he's no longer in a position to get back and help out defensively. This responsibility has fallen more on Jorginho and Kovavic/Barkley, none of which are remotely in the same league from a defensive stand point compared to Kante. Most noticeably though, none have the ability to recover like Kante can. Makes a world of difference once you remove that little bit of extra security. Big reason why Fernandinho is so important for Man City and the functioning of their midfield. Without him, the balance isn't there. That's what we're facing now with how Sarri sets us up, an imbalance that ultimately leaves us vulnerable.
  10. Borussia Dortmund's Sebastian Kehl on Christian Pulisic: "He is a very young player and is learning to handle these things. He gets all the support from us, but on the field he has to work for himself. Now he is just not reaching his performance level."
  11. Malmo FF 1 vs Chelsea 2

    Story of our season really. I don't think I've ever found myself this disinterested in watching us play in all the years I've been a supporter. It's gotten to the point where some games this season I've found myself with the game on and it ending up as background noise while I do something else more interesting. It's ironic you bring up basketball because as a 76ers fan we had it rough during full process mode. Yet, I watched every game we played, including sitting through our 10 win season in 2015/16 and still found myself more engaged than what Chelsea has served up to date. Sarri needs to go, as do a bunch of players who can follow suit.
  12. I'm sure we'll not find it hard to move on most of the players who have uncertain futures either, we'll probably just not get much of a return on some them in terms of transfer fees - although wages will be saved. Meaning money to fund new arrivals of quality has to come from somewhere. Will be interesting to see what calibre of players we try and go with. There's going to need to be a good balance between potential and immediate ability if we're to not linger at the back end of the "Top 6" for awhile. Pulisic was an oversight, as was Batshuayi and Zouma. I'll adjust my post. He can be added to the players that are left over pile. If Sarri stays, you won't be seeing any of Tammy, Mount or Reece James in the first team. If this does miraculously happen, don't expect them to actually be utilised meaningfully as they'll unlikely be part of Sarri's core 14 that he likes. The financial side doesn't look bad until you factor in the sort of calibre of player we need and the number of them. With the way the transfer market is now, we'd be lucky to get two or three genuine quality first team players who can make an immediate impact for £100m. When someone like Pulisic for example costs £60m and still divides options in terms of whether or not he's good enough, we're probably looking at something around the £500m mark at least needing to be spent to not only replace those who leave, but also to improve on those who remain. Edit: Turns out I can't edit my original post anymore to update those I missed.
  13. Those who are out of contract at the end of 2018/19 season. Cahill - (Free transfer) Piazon - (Free transfer) Luiz - (Free transfer / 1 year extension) Green - (Free transfer / 1 year extension) Caballero - (Free transfer / 1 year extension) Giroud - (Free transfer / 1 year extension) Kovacic - (End of loan) Higuain - (End of loan / option to extend loan for €18m or sign outright for €36m) Those who are out of contract at the end of the 2019/20 season. Pedro Willian Hazard Hudson-Odoi Van Ginkel Those unhappy, on the fringes, linked with moves or are out on loan. Christensen Willian Hazard Hudson-Odoi Zappacosta Drinkwater Moses (Out on loan for 18 months) Emerson Morata (Out on loan for 18 months, includes €50m option to buy) Bakayoko (Out on loan until end of season, includes €35m option to buy) Leaving the following. Loftus-Cheek Azpilicueta Rudiger Jorginho Alonso Barkley Kante Ampadu Kepa This shows that we could see 5 first team members possibly leave for nothing at the end of the season. Possibly 7 depending on what we do with Kovacic and Higuain in the summer. We'll have 5 players going into the final year of their current deals to begin next season. We have 7 players who are either discontent with their role this season, have been frozen out altogether by the manager, or have been linked with moves away. That excludes Moses, Morata and Bakayoko. The possible picture we could be facing this summer in terms of upheaval and cost could be astronomical. More so when you consider how many genuine first team level players are going to be possibly needed, on top of good quality squad options. I wouldn't be entirely confident that all this could be covered by revenue generated by sales and it may require the club to actually dig deep out of their pocket more than they've in recent years. The magnitude of this summer could be something that makes or breaks the club for the next 5-10 years. We'll also be facing a transfer ban going into this off-season, which would be pushed back 12 months on a likely appeal. Just to make this a little more difficult.
  14. As much as I loved Zidane as a player I'd prefer his fellow Frenchman Deschamps at this point in time. Not that it will happen but his record across virtually every team he's managed has been excellent, including his time with the French NT. He has a significant reputation in the game that holds weight - both at a playing level and as a manager. Having also spent a season here as a player later in his career he has some familiarity with English football and the club as an added bonus.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    The Champions League has certainly been the white whale, no doubts about it. We've been chasing the CL for a couple of years now and this season isn't any different. That hasn't impacted the how the club has been ran though, nor will it likely do so in the future. When Higuain signed from Napoli for the fee that he did, it was all done within the clubs means. Just like with Ronaldo joining this season. Adjustments will always be made to counter whatever else is taking place. You have to remember the club came back from Serie B and had to reestablish themselves, the restructure of the club and the new stadium has put the club in the best position it's probably ever been in. As for Ramsey, we're also saving on agent fees. His contract is fine once you factor in we haven't had to deal with Arsenal directly etc. He also adds some much needed creativity and goals from midfield. If he can stay fit, he could turn out to be a rather good signing overall.