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  1. Tiemoue Bakayako

    I think this could well be a rather beneficial long for Bakayoko. He seemed to struggle a little with the pace of the PL at times. With Serie A being slower and more tactical, hopefully he'll be able to develop more in these areas. Of course if he does, Milan may well exercise their option to buy. Although it's a sizeable fee for a club that's had some financial struggles with FFA of late, so don't be surprised to see Bakayoko return in 12 months time. Although if he does, it's difficult to see where he fits exactly while Sarri is manager. He doesn't really have the skill set that fits with how we're looking to play.
  2. 2018/19 Expectations.

    Don't have high expectations overall. Premier League: 5th or 6th. Europa League: KO rounds. FA Cup: Fifth Round League Cup: Quarter-Final
  3. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Conte won Serie B with Bari in his second season, after taking over the season prior and leading them out of the relegation zone. Most of those players turned managers were also winners at the elite level during their playing careers - Mourinho being the exception. Sarri has had success at neither level. That's not to say he can't be successful going forward, but the one genuine chance he also had in achieving success last season, resulted in his side massively dropping the ball in the final stretch - despite actually doing the hard work and beating Juve late on. They followed that up with two terrible results immediately afterwards. Naturally there is going to be reservations about a top club appointing a manager who has little to show against his name outside of being known for his attractive football. There's a reason why he pushed so hard for the Chelsea job. At 60 years old and coming off the height of his coaching career to date his stock is at the highest it's ever been, giving him the best opportunity he'll likely get of managing a top club. What happens next we'll need to wait and see, but this is no doubt the biggest and most ruthless position he's ever been in. He's not going to be able to sacrifice competitions like he did at Napoli and is going to be expected to get the side challenging on all fronts. The question is if he's capable of doing this or not. While it doesn't all hinge on himself, the club are going to have to back him far better than they did Conte. Simply utilising what he's given isn't going to advance the club, we're going to need quality additions as we go along on top. Otherwise we're just going to end up treading water while other clubs continue to kick on and improve - as we've seen with Liverpool and Tottenham the last few years.
  4. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Conte didn't really "bin off" Costa though did he. All he ultimately did was grant a player the wish he had ever since he first stepped through the doors at Chelsea. A player that pushed and pushed for a move each and every transfer window, that also pushed for a move midway through Conte's first season to China. Let's not forget that Costa, as good as he was on his day, was always rather ineffective during the second half of the season. He was a constant source of distractions and negative headlines due to his actions on the pitch - including but not limited to literally downing tools mid game vs Swansea when he plonked his ass on the turf after Conte refused to substitute him. How about how he acted after being told he was no longer wanted? Rather than remain professional he buggered off and failed to return to the club, even at their request to force his move. Including partying in an Atletico Madrid shirt while still contracted to Chelsea. As much as I appreciate the good that Costa brought, it was never going to be a long lasting relationship between him and Chelsea. Of course, much of this is rather ignored because it doesn't quite fit the narrative that some like to pedal. As for Morata, there's enough there to suggest he wasn't Conte's first choice replacement either - that was Lukaku. That said there's always going to be two sides to this for as long as time continues. One interesting aspect is that there still seems to be an element of player power within this group and a certain Brazilian flavour having the problems with regime.
  5. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Regarding this, it isn't so much that Alonso can't play the fullback position, and is more that a fullback role doesn't necessarily provide the best platform to highlight his strengths and negate his weaknesses as a player. Big reason why he'd be pushed into midfield during his time at Fiorentina when they'd shift between 3ATB and 4. He's obviously capable at the fullback position as shown across the course of his career. The WB role though is simply where he excels more and where his best football has been played. Being positioned higher up the pitch translates to occupying attacking areas more frequently and having an advantage of less ground to cover with that head start so to speak. Even though being higher up the pitch typically means more space in behind, that's then nullified by that extra CB who can come across. So there isn't quite the responsibility and importance on being back in position so we're not left short handed - ideal for someone slower by foot and gives them more leeway. The higher position up the pitch also gives him more of a chance to get in behind or around the box to be a threat of some sort. At fullback he'll get more ball in deeper areas, without pace he's unlikely to beat his man too often so it's going to result in more passes back or infield. Getting into similar attacking positions like we'd see as a WB will require more work and time for him to do, and thus will likely be less frequently seen. Particularly if we're not dominating possession. He'll still be a solid player overall because he's a fairly smart player and will pick and choose his moments. Against quicker more direct wingers/wb's/fullbacks he may struggle a bit more and could be pinned back and taken advantage of. Which if so, is then going to increase the importance that our RB is able to get forward and offer something to our attack instead. Otherwise we're going to end up playing rather narrow. We've got some similar problems with our CB situation presently as well. What needs to be made clear though is that it isn't not about x player not being able to play a position, but more about if that position and role is as complimentary to their skill set in comparison to others positions/roles. This will be answered over time as the season progresses.
  6. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Pedro deserved that. Has worked his ass off off the ball and a neat finish to top a nice move by Hazard.
  7. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Neither Rudiger or Luiz have instilled any confidence. Was concerned about this partnership from the start and what I've seen so far hasn't changed my mind. A better side will only expose this more.
  8. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Luiz is a worry, beaten easily there.
  9. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Huddersfield unlucky there. We look lost with how to defend anything in the air.
  10. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Also credit to Willian for finally beating someone with a step over.
  11. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Not the most attractive finish but certainly effective.
  12. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Mindless by Luiz, get a bloody head on it rather than standing still and watching it.
  13. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    We look rather average so far. Get the ball into forward areas and play just breaks down completely.
  14. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Solid start by Morata. Offside and missed what would have been a sitter. Nice turn though, I'll give him that.
  15. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Ideally he'd play left back... on the bench. Unfortunately though, he's probably going to start. Can't see Sarri going with anyone else otherwise it won't look good on his behalf.