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  1. Because one had a reputation of entertaining attacking play (although, replicating it here failed miserably). While the other had a reputation of being more cautious and calculated in their approach. More leeway is given apparently based on the level of attacking inten had. Helps brush all the individual imperfections and team problems under the proverbial carpet.
  2. Formation

    Nit picking is an understatement. Alonso, even back in Italy flourished and came into his own when moved into the WB role at Fiorentina. His impact on games increased tenfold and far and away played his best football after being pushed further forward. That hasn't been any different since he joined Chelsea. His strengths lie up field and having that extra CB behind him in a 3ATB, provides that cover when he doesn't have the leg speed to get back. There's not even an argument to be had to be fair, they're all more effective in a back three system. It does the best job of nullifying the individual weaknesses had, while highlighting their positive attributes the most. No shock that Alonso, Luiz and Azpi all played the best football of their careers in such a system. Of course, I'm not expecting us to go down that route with Lampard but I think it would provide us with the best defensive foundation possible.
  3. Kante and Jorginho - The Conundrum

    I'd replace 'shoot from distance' with 'attempt to walk the ball into the net'. Shooting from distance would have been welcomed.
  4. Kante and Jorginho - The Conundrum

    I think we'll see Jorginho used similarly to how he's used by Mancini with the Italian NT. He'll have more of a licence to get into more advanced positions, something that's already shown during the couple of pre-season games we've played so far. A more dynamic role makes the most sense and makes things a little less restrictive tactically. Whatever system Frank goes with will have a big say as well. A 442 narrow diamond for example could see Kante at the base of the midfield, the two CM's in the middle being Jorginho and Kovacic and then at the point just behind the CF we could go with a few options; Barkley, Mount, Pedro, Willian and Pulisic. This would also mean being able to play two CF's. Which again could end up being Giroud and Batshuayi, Giroud and Tammy, Tammy and Batshuayi - or even pushing Pedro further forward and into the conversation. * Excluded CHO and RLC due to long term injuries. Midfield has some flexibility, although still lacking in a viable source of goals.
  5. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Which is why I'm still of the belief that a 3ATB system makes the most sense for us defensively at this point. It makes better use of the defensive options we do have and helps negate the array of weaknesses each individual has in their game. Alonso at LWB makes his attacking qualities shine, with some added defensive insurance. Luiz's mental lapses and poor decision making is offset by having an extra CB to help cover. Azpilicueta slots into a position where he can genuinely contribute without hindering us offensively. It may mean a little less going forward but right now we're struggling in that department anyway as it is. Not to say 3ATB solves all our issues, it certainly doesn't, as 4ATB has its usefulness as well, just a matter of the right balance for the right occasion. With the squad we have flexibility tactically is going to be rather important. There's no one approach fits best with this lot.
  6. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Villa have been mentioned. Would be a decent move with JT there. Otherwise, playing has to be the priority wherever he goes, even if that means dropping down to the CC.
  7. Confidence plays a part no matter if a player has played 1 game or 100. If you lack confidence, it can make you second guess all your decisions and hinder your execution. Kovavic though struggled because he was largely being shoehorned into a role that never really allowed the best of him to shine. He wasn't the only one mind you. I've touched on this before, but the player he was at Inter Milan to here is night and day. He excels in driving forward with the ball, breaking midfield lines and initiating attacking play. None of which he was really able to do here because of the way our system worked and the role not tailored to his strengths. I think we'll see a more relaxed and expressive player under Lampard, likewise will benefit Barkley too. Both players were shackled under previous management.
  8. New Kits

    Home kit is absolute garbage and the third kit ruined by a horrid collar/neck. This isn't perfect, but a damn sight better than any of the others. Not sure if it's enough to buy one though.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I believe it's the same odds as Conte being Real Madrid manager.
  10. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    I swear we played two up front once or so with Conte. Just can't remember if it was to start a game or if it came later on. Otherwise hard pressed to remember when it last happened tbh. Would have had to have been in the early Roman days.
  11. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    It would be in midfield most likely. Although, the level of that loss may not be significant given its likely going to be at the expense of a non-attacking threat. If the 442 narrow diamond is used for example, we we could even get away with not really sacrificing anyone and maybe use Pedro as a second striker just off the CF. Without the ball we could line up in a 4411 type of system with Pedro dropping back. With the ball we move into a narrow 442 diamond. Wouldn't shock me if as see a couple of different systems used, we have enough versatile options in midfield to make something work. The AM is an issue though, particularly with the injuries.
  12. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    442 narrow diamond. No need for wide players in such a formation, but makes use of the depth we have in midfield.
  13. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    He's better with a partner imo because it helps offset what he lacks in his game to play the role of a lone CF. Frustrations aside with his decision making, I'll take his willingness to have a pop and miss over not having one at all. I suppose we'll just agree to disagree.
  14. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    But harsh calling Batshuayi selfish. He's a striker, he's taken shots on goal he should be taking for the most part. While he's not quite had the success, he's at least worked the keeper with some regularity. A refreshing change of pace considering how allergic our players have been in recent years with taking shots on goal, preferring to try and walk the ball into the net.
  15. St. Patricks 0 Chelsea FC 4

    Good tidy finish by Mount. Also nice to see two upfront and the 442 diamond in use. Can see this being an option moving forward given our lack of wide options.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well if any of them are able to get into the box and stay there, that's already a vast improvement.
  17. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    I think the idea was to move him back to his previous ambassador role which he occupied.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Wouldn't call Costa a 'warrior' by any means. He was gritty and a handful for defenders when his head was in the game, but often it would only happen when it suited himself. There were also periods when we saw his poor and temperamental attitude undermine the teams good work. Appreciate the impact he had for us, but I honestly can't say the extra baggage and disruption he'd bring is missed overall.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    There's been some paper speculation that Everton were interested in bringing him back as well. I think I saw it last week floating around somewhere. Either way, between injuries, poor form and an even worse attitude, Costa is washed up. Edit: Out of curiosity I looked up his stats since leaving. In La Liga he's made 27 starts and 4 sub appearances, scoring 5 goals and collecting 5 assists. The stand out though is the 10 yellow cards and 2 reds he managed. Form in Europe over the past two seasons has also been poor - collecting 2 and 1 goals respectively in the Europa League and Champions League from a combined 9 appearances. Once again, picking up more cards than goals overall with 4 yellows. I'm glad we're transfer banned so the prospect of trying to re-sign Costa isn't an actual option.
  20. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Could make for a change to a 442 diamond in the short term until we have more viable options in the AM position.
  21. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    The part I was more focused on wasn't the 'f**k sarriball' tosh, it was more the fact that Sarri had absolutely zero affinity with the fan base or an interest to even try and be engaging. For me, that instantly sets a negative tone. That heightened as the poor performances begun and the stale nature of our play. The icing on the cake was the dismissive nature he showed when failing to applaud the supporters for their efforts over the season, then going on to thank the Napoli supporters after winning the Europa League. Sarri reaped what you sow with that sort of ****. F**k him. Glad he's gone and I'm whole heartedly behind someone who actually gives a ****.
  22. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Won't be getting any complaints from me if we finish anywhere between 5th and 8th. Heck, we could finish lower for all I care. The most important factor will be seeing some sort of progression. Be that with creating a better path for the youth players into the first team. Integrating the young players we do have on the cusp. Showing the ability to adapt to each unique match situation, opposed to rolling out the same thing no matter what the conditions call for. One big one though will be creating an identity again. Which I think Frank has the ability to really do. As a legend of this club who was around big characters and within a highly competitive and successful era, he has the right mentality to pass on. He knows what this club demands. There will be bumps along the way, but anyone who doesn't have their head in the clouds shouldn't be expecting anything more than a true transitional period. His ability to engage the supporter base will go along way to keeping most onside even during the tougher moments. Something that was drastically lost last season.
  23. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    ****, I couldn't be more excited to see Frank return. His interview has instantly injected enthusiasm and excitement for what lays ahead under a manager with Chelsea values. Welcome home Frank Lampard.
  24. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Clickbait headline as usual. AC Milan requested to be omitted. They haven't actually been banned but more of an agreement between both club and UEFA. This has been going on for awhile now, by being excluded from the Europa League it allows them time to sort themselves out and possibly even spend money without FFP worries.
  25. Square peg, round hole under Sarri. Kovavic at Inter Milan a few years ago looked very promising and had more impact on matches. Night and day between the player we've seen. If he's utilised correctly he can be a good player for us. Just not sure that £50m has value for money written over it.