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  1. Ross Barkley

    Looks to play with far more freedom for England and subsequently looks more confident and comfortable. Glad he's performed well also because I also think he gets singled out unfairly at times.
  2. CHO

    ^ 119 minutes in the PL from 6 sub appearances. 414 minutes in the Europa League from 4 starts and 4 sub appearances, predominately with the B team against noddy opposition. That works out to be the equivalent of 1.3 PL and 4.6 EL appearances at 90 minutes. So many appearances. So many minutes.
  3. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    This is why xG stats were created because they give a score of how likely a shot from specific areas are scored, opposed to just going based off shots on goal. They give a more accurate representation. xG against naturally details the quality of opportunities we're giving away at the other end as well. A good striker may improve us but it isn't the source of our problems either when it comes to chances - just as you've said.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Provided Atletico don't take up their option on Morata of course. Even then, I wouldn't want Morata back transfer ban or not. Not for the first time has a player been unhappy with their playing time this season. I'd also like Giroud to stay, he does fill a specific role although he certainly wouldn't be first choice, he is however still handy to call upon at times. Abraham, Batshuayi and Giroud would offer a bit of everything. While it looks increasingly likely the club won't prolong Higuain's deal either.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Giroud frustrated at bit part role, hints at leaving.
  6. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Has been some classics doing the rounds. Had a laugh at this one personally.
  7. A little something from some Napoli fans when comparing Sarri to Ancelotti and who they preferred.
  8. You could use that point for virtually every manger though. What's made the stance on Sarri shift so dramatically in recent months is largely down to his manner of management. Sarri is rather one dimensional in his approach to coaching, this has in turn made us more predictable than ever before as a team. His rotational decisions (or lack of) are questionable at best. His stubborn nature and inflexibility has often made our job harder at times to get results. While we've seen a number of players go backwards since he arrived - despite Sarri making a big point about coaching his players to improve, it hasn't happened. I don't think any single player has really looked better since Sarri joined, which is rather concerning. Our general play is drab to say the least, while creating probably the most disinterested atmosphere among supporters of any manager we've had in the past. On top of this Sarri isn't a top manager with a winning history, mentality or attitude. His priorities have always rested with playing football his way and having fun, winning a distance third. It's difficult to be satisfied with his performances so far and justify why he should be given more time when he's made so many questional decisions. While the players hold a certain level of accountability themselves, we should be performing better than we have done. More focus needs to be put on what Sarri has had control over and whether or not he's done enough in these areas to justify being backed beyond this season. For me, he hasn't and it's gone largely as I had initially anticipated. Wrong manager, wrong club, wrong time. Another square peg in a round hole.
  9. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Higuain wanted to leave and his brother had gone out of his way to make it happen - hence the hostile reaction that followed. In turn Napoli received an Italian record of €90m which was then used to bring in the likes of Milik, Zielinski, Pavoletti, Diawara, etc. But sure, let's continue with the excuses to justify Sarri's lack of results and his overall shortcomings as a manager.
  10. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Again, context plays a significant part and is frequently overlooked when addressing what Sarri did, because most barely took the time to actually watch what he was like on a regular basis as a manager. Inter and Roma competed for half a season before fizzing out (a common trend in recent years). AC Milan haven't been a real player for years. Leaving Lazio and Fiorentina as the only other bigger reputable clubs and neither of those have done anything either on a grand scale. Effectively, Napoli only really had to compete with Juve on a serious level. While they certainly managed to do this for much of the season - including beating them during the final stages of the title race, they went and immediately threw it away. Keeping in mind that Sarri also made the decision to sacrifice Napoli's other competitions to push for the title. In the end it was a bit of a joke to walk away with absolutely nothing other than plaudits for playing nice football. Second place may look good on paper but in reality it was an absolute botch job that should have really ended with Napoli winning a title. To quote De Luarentiis. "There remains the pleasure of having played well but also the bitterness of not having won anything," De Luarentiis said. "We gave Sarri everything and in three years we didn't win anything. That is Sarri in a nutshell.
  11. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    This is the problem with taking situations at face value and nothing more. Finishing second looks good, no doubt. Apply a bit of context though and the shine quickly wears away. Sarri's reputation is built purely on his football aesthetic first and foremost. Something he's virtually copy and pasted as he's jumped from team to team over the years. He isn't a winner because as far as he's concerned playing football his specific way takes precedent. We were gullible as a club for buying into what Sarri was selling without really being educated enough on what he was truly like. All the finer points of management were disregarded because "attractive football", and we're seeing the result of that now.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    You don't let 100m+ walk out the door for nothing unless you're absolutely daft - which given the way the club is run currently I wouldn't be shocked if it were to happen. We have to take the money though, even if it can't be used to immediately replace Hazard, it can be used in the future to obtain a decent option that can take us forward once the ban is over. If the ban sticks this summer I'd be gutting the squad now and suck up a true transition phase utilising as much of the young quality we have in our ranks. Giving them a full season of true senior PL football is going to help us weed out those who aren't going to cut it long term, but may also help us work out who can actually be contributing parts to the club moving forward.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Why would Hazard be less likely to go? If anything, he's more likely to leave now more than ever. With Zidane returning to Real Madrid, Hazard entering the final year of his contract and our club facing a transfer ban. Where's the incentive for him to stay? We're not even an attractive option from a competitive stand point either like we once were. We either sell him this summer and get whatever transfer fee we can from him, or we keep a hold of him out of pure stubbiness and watch him sign a contact with Real Madrid for free. Can you imagine the flak the club would cope if we let our most prized asset literally walk out the door for nothing?
  14. My post wasn't being critical of Sarri, I was merely stating the current situation with regards to Paul's prior post.
  15. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    I'd put it down to a combination of both a lack of leadership and reliability within the team, but also a lack of adjustment by Sarri tactically to push for a result. We play the same way whether we're drawing 0-0, 3-0 up, or 0-2 down, etc. We rarely look to deviate from the idea of how Sarri wants to play and there's never really any reaction to make something happen when our plan of approach isn't working. Substitutions only impact so much if they're just slotting into the same systematic approach and are effectively like for like changes. There has to be more willingness to be proactive, be it playing route one football, throwing an extra body or two upfront, taking off a defender, etc. Anything that can envoke the opposition into changing what they're doing. Instead we go through the motions and hope something ultimately comes from it. This statistic clearly highlights a major flaw.
  16. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    We've only won once this season after going behind (vs Cardiff). Having failed on 8 other occasions.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    From what I understand Higuain's deal was for an initial 6th month loan (taking over the 6 months AC Milan had still remaining on their initial deal with Juventus, and paying the remaining fee that was initially agreed in the Milan deal). Chelsea then have the option to trigger another 12 months if desired for a set price. Edit: Sussed the Juventus website and this is the terms of the deal.
  18. Win our one game in hand and move up to 5th. 2 points ahead of Man Utd, and squeezed out of 4th by goal difference to Arsenal.
  19. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    This was noted in the commentary of my feed. Sarri made substitutions but our style of play didn't change to go along with the match environment. It was more of the same pass, pass, pass, cut in side, pass, etc.
  20. Chelsea 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 1

    Wolves play to their strengths and have a manager who is capable of adapting when the circumstances call for it. When the conditions allow for them to play more attacking football, they do so. When they call for something more reserved and organised, they do that. I thought they were excellent in this in this game and a lot of that rests on how well Nuno Espirito Santo has drilled the team and gone about his business. He hasn't tried to take an approach that doesn't fit with what he has to work with - square pegs are being placed in square shaped holes. It also helps that we aren't difficult to play against either. Team's now willingly let us have possession, sit off us and just wait for their moment - which will always come. Making the possession stat truly irrelevant when reflecting on our games. We're probably up there with being the most predicable side in the league - and are heading down a similar path Arsenal took in Wengers latter years.
  21. Captain Rudiger

    I used to think Luiz was a good shout but watching him again this season I realise he'd be an extremely poor choice. He never takes responsibility for his mistakes and all too often points the finger at others for his poorly handled situations. His attitude can be rather sulky at times also once things go a little pear shaped. He'd be a poor representation of the club on the pitch because of those less desirable traits. The fact he'll be 32 next month, has no long term future here, and would be the most droppable out of his partnership with Rudiger. He simply doesn't make the cut as captain material.
  22. Captain Rudiger

    Don't disagree to an extent, but those were also different times as well. More eyes and responsibility are on those at the club these days and I'm not sure I'd be wanting someone like Rudiger as our official captain. By all means allow him to be a leader, just not officially.
  23. Captain Rudiger

    While I do really like Rudiger, he's not really someone I'd be wanting as captain on a full time basis, despite his presence. The biggest reason for this is because he can be too hot headed at times, and when you're on the pitch having a captain that can be rather temperamental isn't exactly ideal. He can also be somewhat outspoken. Azpilicueta is the best of what we have right now. While also not perfect, I'd be carrying on with him for the time being.
  24. Fulham 1 Chelsea 2

    Couple of familiar faces having a yarn at the Watford game.