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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    1) Absolute utter nonsense. AC Milan average 17 shots per game, Higuain 3.7. They created plenty, they just don't convert them. Higuain being a part of this problem. 2) Proven yes, although significantly dropped off from his peak years. His form has questioned for the last couple of years. 3) True, although we've not exactly set the bar high. 4) You'll find he wants to play for Sarri, not necessarily Chelsea. 5) Don't think his plans are to be a backup. He'll also be on high wages if he stays. 6) Wouldn't have needed one if the issue was addressed in the summer like it should have been. Morata should never have lasted this long here. 7) Hopefully a sign the club has pulled their heads out of their own backside. Only taken like 5 years too long.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Copped 25/36.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, it's not without question though is it based on this season's form. Higuain is averaging a goal every 216 minutes this season, with Morata sitting at a goal every 168 minutes. Higuain is converting 10.4% of his chances with a shot accuracy of 32.5%, in comparison to Morata's 13% and 37%. Of course this has to be taken with a pinch of salt but it does provide some food for thought. While Higuain still has his qualities and is certainly better in a number of areas than what Morata is, it isn't exactly as cut and dry and you're attempting to make it seem. He's certainly not any where near that same level he was once at, with each season passing resulting in more criticisms about his form, fitness and overall performances. He is in decline and there's no real way around that. Look, I hope he does well here because he was a excellent player in his peak and we definitely need someone of that pedigree. His biggest issues won't be in front of goal, it will be with whether or not he's capable of adapting to a quicker and more physical league that won't afford him the same space and time on the ball that he acclimatised to. If he can adapt to that, he'll likely do alright. It's a big IF though.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    You do realise that people aren't questioning his entire career, right? There's reservations about the type of player he is now, and whether or not he's got enough in the tank to make the desired impact we need.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    I've seen around the traps that there's a lot of people under this illusion that because he's played under Sarri before and excelled, that he'll just slot straight in here and perform to a similar standard. I can't help but feel that a few of these people are going to get a rude awakening. He's not even the same player that last played under Sarri in 2015/16. His fitness has been an ongoing issue for the last few seasons to the point where he's been left out of games and heavily criticised for it. On top of that his form and general performances on the pitch have steadily declined in each season since leaving Napoli. What concerns me the most though is the pace of the PL. He's already someone that looks slow and laboured in Serie A games where the pace is slower, putting him into a more physically demanding league that is played at a quicker pace could see him struggle further. The other biggest aspect that is overlook is spacing. In Italy he has a lot more time on the ball and space around him to work with. That won't be the case in England, he'll have players close him down far quicker and games are generally more compact. He's better than Morata with his back to goal and does well for his overall size to hold up play and use his body, I'm just not sure if it's going to be enough. He certainly won't be out running defenders or winning many foot races in behind, so he'll be heavily reliant on supply and timing his run/movement in the box. Even if all that comes together he will need to improve his shooting from where it's been so far while at AC Milan. He's hitting the target less than what Morata has been and converting chances at a lower rate as well, all while averaging a similar number of shots per game. A big reason why he went 8 league games without a goal. With all that being said hopefully he can come in and do the business. As someone who has been able to watch my fair share of him over the last few years, he was a quality player in his pomp. Fingers crossed there's still something in the tank for us to enjoy and to make this deal a good bit of business.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hearing that the loan deal for Higuain is effectively the same one AC Milan had with Juve, it's just been transferred over to us. €18m fee with €36m option to buy, meaning we'll pay a €9m fee for our 6 months of having him.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Piatek is good, as is Belotti. Speaking of Belotti, he is under appreciated because he plays for the a side that's the definition of average. Torino have absolute no attacking talent on their side and Belotti effectively carries the entire goal scoring load himself. Despite that he's having another solid season and has hands down been their best performer. He's a player that one needs to watch to truly appreciate what he does. 55 goals, 17 assists in 10,021 minutes (113 starts, 8 sub appearances) across his 3 and a half seasons at Torino so far. With 7 from 19 this season. Hopefully he'll get a move to a bigger club soon.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Sportsitalia claiming Genoa turned down €35m for Piatek from West Ham that was promptly rejected. Genoa have set an asking price of €40m + bonus (around the €5-6m mark). Any deal has to be an outright purchase, no loan with option deal to be considered. Could be interesting to see how AC Milan come up with that sort of cash. Some reports say they may sell Calhanoglu to Leipzig for €22m but nothing has really been confirmed/denied.
  9. Petr Cech retires

    Quality keeper and professional. Glad we got his best years. Apparently the club have kept in contact with him since leaving and once he hangs up the gloves we'll be looking to bring him back in some capacity.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bloody hell, not a fan of this at all if it's the case. Higuain is not the same player he was under Sarri, he's steadily declined and even by Serie A standards looks slow and laboured around the pitch. We should not be entertaining anything more than a 6 month loan with no strings attached.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    That would make sense in that Milan wouldn't be able to afford to sign him if they fail to make the CL due to FFP, that however doesn't mean an obligation clause wasn't thrown into the initial agreement though. Would just leave Milan up the creek if they don't qualify for the CL and are still required to buyout Higuain. I know both obligation and an option have been branded as being part of the deal. As far as my understanding goes of the initial deal, it was the former. Which would make the most sense as to why Chelsea trying to sign him being a rather complicated situation. If it was just a regular option there's no real loss for Juve outside of maybe missing out on the full loan fee Milan paid initially. Which could just as easily be offset by making Chelsea pay that and more in a new deal. I suppose we'll see what happen. One thing I do know is that Higuain has been on a steady decline over the last few years and certainly isn't the same player that last played under Sarri. I can see this going completely pear shaped, so whatever deal we potentially strike has to be one we aren't tired into or going to cost us a significant financial amount.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Milan's loan included an obligation to buy, not an option. So yes, while the initial loan itself is only for a year, they're obligated to then purchase him outright for the agreed price set in the loan agreement. That's why the deal is as complicated as it is. Juve had effectively managed to get rid of him permanently, which allowed Ronaldo to be possible. There is absolutely no incentive for Juve to break this agreement with Milan unless Chelsea either cover the remaining years on Higuain's contract - be that via a multi year loan or an initial loan with agreement to buy. End result means Juve aren't liable for any of the remaining costs of Higuain's contract. Unless either of those two situations pan out, there is a strong likelihood that Higuain doesn't leave AC Milan this season. The only other option is Milan buy Higuain after his loan to complete their agreement, then immediately sell or loan him back out. Just not sure how that would work though for Milan given their FFP situation.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's a good player, which is why it absolutely bewilders me how poorly Sarri has handled his playing time. On the flip side, would love to have him at Juve if a deal was to materialise.
  14. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    He's on the big dollars now, I suppose it's only right that we expect him to now do the job of three players and not two. Gotta justify that contract.
  15. Chelsea 2 Newcastle United 1

    TBF Jorginho didn't really rack up a high volume of assists (or goals) during his time at Napoli either. While I don't agree that those ahead play their own part, Jorginho isn't exactly a Fabregas, Pirlo, Kroos, etc either. He's very much a player that plays a rather specific role and doesn't really contribute too much outside of that on either side of the ball. Good no frills player to add to an established side, not so much when there's a number of pieces missing and you need more from everyone on the pitch. Edit. Curiously looked at his stats. 11 league assists across his three seasons at Napoli, yet to register one here yet. With 3 goals total, two in Serie A and one here.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Juve want Emerson by the looks of it. Spinazzola would head out on loan after returning from long term injury, making it a like for like move.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Barella in the summer sounds more of a reasonable move. We don't necessarily need him at present while we have Kovacic. Barella can play across the midfield. He reminds me a lot of De Rossi in his prime. Not really a renown creator or goal scorer, but very combative and hard working. Loves a good tackle, is good with the ball at feet, and does contain a fairly strong long range effort on him. One of the best Italian prospects in the league. Paredes is more a direct replacement for Fabregas. More of a creator that would help cover Jorginho. Again, not a really a prolific source of goals. Haven't seen him play for Zenit, but he looked promising while at Roma and had a solid season the year before leaving. Would offer another set piece option, and looks to move the ball forward like Fabregas did. Has a bit of a fiesty nature if I recall so expect him to pick up bookings. Probably something he needs to work on. He makes the most sense to get now.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Will be one of Paredes or Barella I imagine. Seems we have deals set for both, just a matter of which is preferred. Paredes is a better direct replace for Fabregas. Barella could be a Kovacic replacement though, so maybe the club are planning ahead if they know a permanent move is unlikely.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Look, if you can put the ball in the back of the net I think they'll forgive your drop in pace. I do agree though. I'd say some have been underused already this season but what can ya do.
  21. But he didn't and that's the problem with Willian. He isn't consistent in front of goal - or within the attacking third in general. His Chelsea career in the PL reads; 27 goals, 23 assists, 11,617 minutes. Across 131 starts and 55 sub appearances. His European record for us reads; 11 goals, 7 assists, 2745 minutes. Across 31 starts and 9 sub appearances. Pedro since he joined has the following in the PL; 26 goals, 14 assists, 6663 minutes. Across 78 starts and 34 sub appearances. Willian joined in 2013/14 and Pedro in 2015/16. To expand on that around the league. Sterling across his time at Liverpool and Man City from 2013/14 onwards has; 56 goals, 38 assists, 13, 791 minutes. Across 156 starts and 27 sub appearances. Mahrez since 2013/14; 44 goals, 29 assists, 11,883 minutes. Across 138 starts and 20 sub appearances. Lingard since 2013/14 in the PL; 17 goals, 10 assists, 5848 minutes. Across 70 starts and 31 appearances. Willian just isn't good enough in front of goal to warrant being a regular attacking selection. Not when we require goals from our forward line.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    That would be some sight. You've probably got better odds on making a PL appearance yourself though Nobly.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not saying we should sign him. My preference is still to hold out until the summer and invest that £50m into a more proven player. As I mentioned earlier, it wouldn't shock me if there is some other motive behind our apparent interest (HG factor) in him.
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Two cruciate ligament injuries isn't great, but to be their they're his only injuries according to Transfermarkt - and he returned from his last one in Oct 2017. He doesn't look hampered be either one, so I wouldn't feel uncomfortable about them too much personally. He's no Jonathan Woodgate put it that way.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Batshuayi is probably the most likely to return it appears. With Valencia reportedly interested in sending Michy back to us. With Tammy turning down a move to Wolves, he'll probably stick it out with Villa. Too difficult to keep three strikers happy I suppose in a single striker system.