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  1. Keeping Costa is going to rely on Costa himself. His contract ends in 2019, he either signs a new deal this summer and stays or he has to be sold. There's no way we can risk taking him into next season with the possibility he becomes available for clubs to sign on a free come January. If he chooses to stay, then I have no issue keeping him, but he has to renew his contract. As for Abraham, talk is that both Newcastle and Brighton are heavily interested in him. Good chance he'll spend a season on loan in the EPL, which will be good for him. Traore is an interesting one. His talent suggests he could get a chance but he's not quite polished enough at the same time. He's very left footed and loves to cut back inside onto that left foot. Any good defender will pick up on this and force him outside, which is where he lacks a little of that dribbling ability and technique to still remain a danger. Judging by what bits and pieces I've seen from his spell at Ajax, it would seem he played more as a left sided AM than a striker. Don't think he'd play much upfront here anyway because he lacks the physical size and strength to lead the line and hold up play. Would definitely like to see some of these better loan players though get a run in pre-season to stake a claim.
  2. It's a no brainer when it's based on reputation. Isn't so clear cut when one factors in player form. Since 6/03/17 against West Ham, Costa's had one genuinely good stand out game - his double against Southampton on the 24/04/17, which also included an assist. He scored one against Middlesbrough at the start of this month (8/05) and was solid although not spectacular. Otherwise one would need to go back to that West Ham game for his last genuinely impactful game. In what's nearing nearly 3 months of football, he's scored a total of 4 goals (West Ham, Southampton (x2), Middlesbrough) and had 2 assists (Southampton and Sunderland). Although I do expect Costa to start, I'd honestly prefer Michy because of his form and better looking play in general. I'd lean to Costa if he was playing well and just not getting the luck but even his general play has been incredibly underwhelming. Not something that aids the team overall.
  3. Apparently Gibbs is also now an injury doubt for Arsenal also.
  4. It was said in a dramatising way, yes. Although, I'd still say Michy is in better form overall and that's shown in both players general play. Costa just looks out of sorts, be it in front of goal and just in his general play. In saying that, he's got the quality to make the difference. Just a question of which Costa is going to turn up.
  5. We were linked with him at one point, but as you say the main two have been Lukaku and Morata. The latter may not be an option either anymore as there's reports that AC Milan have already agreed a deal with him.
  6. The ignore feature is a true blessing. Although, still have to endure the quoted snippets.
  7. Well, any striker we likely sign that's had a good season is going to end up being ridiculously expensive - just as any signing we make is going to be a risk itself. I don't see that as being a rule to dismiss someone like Belotti from contention, or using it to justify someone else. We could certainly wait and see how he goes next year, sure. However, it could also mean his price only increases more dramatically. It's a double edged sword. When you remove all that though and simply look at the player himself and his characteristics, it's hard to argue that he isn't an ideal fit. Size, strength, speed, strong in the air, good at ground level, excellent finisher, solid passer and offers a defensive contribution through his hard work. He'd work in a lone forward role in a 343 or with a partner in a 352/424. As for Mbappe that's a convenient way of looking at it though, is it not? I mean, some refuse to see us spend huge money one someone far more proven like Lukaku who's been among the top scorers each season he's played since joining Everton, in a far tougher league than in France. The reality is this has been Mbappe's first full season of senior football. He's done well, but from what I've seen he's still got much to learn. That's not even taking into consideration he's not the sort of CF we really need (he's weak in the air and his passing is hit and miss). Against good defenders physical defenders (like in the Juve tie of the CL) he struggled. There more sense in waiting to see how he continues to develop at Monaco before breaking the bank. He could end up having a much tougher second season know he's known and teams are aware of what he can do. For me, I think our CF needs to be signed on fit - both within our system and the league.
  8. I dare say the team for this picks itself for the most part. There's probably only three possibilities in terms of where a decision will need to be made between who get the start - Matic or Fabregas in midfield, Pedro or Willian at AM, and to a far lesser extent Costa or Batshuayi. I'd be genuinely interested in seeing Michy get the start. He's in form and has done just about more in the last few games than Costa has managed since January. Of course, unlikely to happen, but there has to be some temptation to maybe start him. On the plus side, if Costa starts as expected, Michy now gives us an option from the bench if Costa fails to make an impact. So, that's a positive option in itself.
  9. Curious, have you seen Belotti play? He's essentially everything one would want in a CF, particularly in the EPL. He's got physical size, speed, he's excellent in the air, works hard off the ball, contributes defensively, good with the ball at feet, and an exceptional finisher. And it wouldn't be ridiculous to state that he's actually equal, if not better than Costa in some of these areas. 25 goals, 5 assists for the season. Not to mention he's still only 23. This gives a glimpse into a little of what he's about and why I rate him so highly, even if he does play for Torino.
  10. When you view his stats for the season overall they do indicate a good season had, and he did have a good season - but to an extent. I wouldn't have expected his goal output to keep pace with what he was producing in the first half of the season, that was likely to dip at some point. What disappointed me the most was that his overall play outside of that nose dived too. He begun fluffing his lines in front of goal, his decision making was often poor, as was his execution and first touch. One thing that stood out also was the time he wanted on the ball and how long it took him to control it. Often he'd take so long getting the ball controlled or not laying it off he'd end up being disposed, or he'd cheaply give it up. If he contributed more elsewhere in a positive fashion when his goals dried up, I'd have no real qualms. For me though, he only half hit the mark. Although that half was exceptional. We're going to have to cross that bridge though. We're not in a position to really just leave the matter untouched, particularly from a business standpoint. It would be unforgivable letting a player of his class walk on a free. With that said, we don't necessarily need to buy a £70m-100m valued striker either to replace Costa. We just need one that is going to offer the characterises to complement our system. Given how Conte operated in the summer and based on his Juventus past, I wouldn't be surprised if he looks to remain conscious about making sure he's getting value for money and not overpaying. I suppose it also depends on just how many positions he wants to strengthen and making sure the money he has is utilised smartly. Unlikely to happen, but my preferred big name CF target is Belotti. For me, he ticks every box. However, a more budget like option could be someone like a Dzeko who's had a cracker of season for Roma and already familiar with the league. Even someone like Ciro Immobile would be worth looking at and another who's had a solid season. They might not have the hype or prestige, but a 15-20 goal a season striker would be enough, particularly if we're able to bring in another quality AM who provides goals like a Sanchez. Striking a balance will be key.
  11. I've essentially grown up with Terry being a huge part of this club and it's sad to see that come to an end. I doubt we'll see anyone else like him, let alone have such a profound impact on the club. Makes me sad just typing this out. Glad he'd been able to bail out on such a high note, and fingers crossed there's one more FA Cup for him to collect. As a defender, he is the epitome of everything I admire. It's been a pleasure having had the chance to witness this over the years and appreciating him more as I've gotten older. It's going to be strange not seeing that familiar #26 involved in the future.
  12. Spreading out the payments is more common than you might believe. Easier for clubs to budget for while still being able to spend the money they need to strengthen. Kinda like back loading contracts in the NBA to help with managing salary cap. As for value, we plaid 31m euro originally to sign him. Loaned him to Juve for 1.8m euro the first time, then for 5m euro the second time (this season). Now we've sold him officially for 20m euro. In total we recouped 26.8m euro, plus whatever we've saved in wages. Not entirely terrible given he was barely given a sniff to begin with here. Could have been a lot worse like some of the deals with had early in the Roman era .
  13. Costa was brilliant for half of the season. The second half he's woefully tailed off and become more or less a non factor in most games, which is a worry because when this happens he contributes little and is more interested in the niggle. One also needs to remember he's also been quite average for us in Europe overall, certainly a shadow on his league form. Factor in his contract situation, his future needs to be decided this off season. Either he signs a new deal (current one expires 2019) or he's sold. There is no way we can afford to lose him on a free by keeping him for next season and banking on trying to convince him to renew. For me, I'd sell him. As good as he can be on his day, I think it's the right time to move on. As for the formation, that's going to be the deciding factor with the players we sign - more so in the midfield/attacking areas. Pedro and Hazard could certainly play just off the main striker in a similar way Dybala does now, and someone like Vucinic did under Conte. While Willian could play a CM role of some sort with his energy and work ethic. We'll just need to wait and see what unfolds I suppose. Shall be an interesting summer I feel.