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  1. Media / Press

    EU member states can only flout EU law up to the point their own "home" court appeal system has been exhausted. On appeal to it, the Europen Court of Justice should then overturn any decision of a lower court that breaches EU law. If FFP breaches EU competition law (which it surely does) then in theory the ECJ should declare that to be the case (in which case FFP would be finished). The tricky question here is one of jurisdiction. Usually CAS (which is a Swiss independent court) hears sports cases. Switzerland is not in the EU and is therefore not subject to EU law. To appeal to the ECJ, I'd imagine City would have to demonstrate that CAS didn't have the judicial authority to hear the case and then exhaust another court system (presumably the courts of England and Wales) before appealing. EU competition law is enshrined in English law but I still don't know where there will leave things after the Brexit transition has come to an end (it would take years for this to get through the courts in England and Wales before appeal to the ECJ) given that City's business is transacted "cross border". It's by no means clear what will happen but I imagine it will be more difficult to challenge FFP than it looks on the face of it. Rather them than us (or me) - imagine the legal fees! Clearly our insistence on FFP compliance has been extremely sensible.
  2. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    The funny thing about this is that Jake Humphrey pointed out later on that it was the guy who used to play for Hull who got nutted by Pardew (the other pundit who wasn't Hoddle) who picked up on that run!
  3. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    As Mount went off and Lampard gave him one of those "half hugs" you could see Mount shaking his head and seeming to say he was s***. He was poor but he's set the bar very high and I think it's to be expected at his age, from time to time.
  4. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    The thing that struck me was how Gilmour (albeit with much fresher legs) looked so much more assured on the ball than Barkley. I'm not one of those who has been hugely critical of Barkley but he really is a liability in possession in the middle of the park. Gilmour looks to me like he might become a fabulous player.
  5. Hull City 1 Chelsea 2

    Frank's post-match interview was interesting. Also - I love Joe Cole as a pundit. He seems like a lovely bloke and a good laugh.
  6. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    This is just embarrassing now. Why don't you just get yourself off to bed!
  7. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Thank you. I'll be fine - I'm not having a post-match meltdown. Kante is exactly the sort of character we can't afford to lose at the moment. With his attributes he can fit into any team.
  8. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    There was that misplaced pass at the start. Not sure he could've done much about the 2 goals. Maybe he could've got a hand to the second but it looks like he saw it late.
  9. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    I don't think so. He's just out of form.
  10. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    Kante? Really living up to the fickle football fan stereotype there!
  11. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 2

    The only thing more embarrassing than that performance is this match day forum!!
  12. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 0

    Toys being thrown everywhere!!
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not a regular poster (just a reader) but this guy/gal is a troll and has also trolled you in the Forest thread. It's not remotely funny and they should try getting a hobby. For what my opinion's worth, I'd like to see them gone.
  14. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    We have been very good indeed. Everyone is playing well atm.
  15. Kawasaki Frontale 1 Chelsea FC 0

    Anyone know where Abraham is?