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  1. Sopcast links up now∂=sports try the second link!! tzonner sports 2nd link. Not sure if actually showing the match because I only noticed it at half time.
  2. Ashley Cole

    The only positive with all these injuries is that it is making our team stronger. Our team is becoming more versatile. It is also making us play differently to normal circumstances. What we would have considered to be our fringe players are getting more responsibility and our team will benefit next season. A. Cole just can't play there that is madness Essien or Geremi I believe are better cover but really I think Boulahrouz should grit his teeth and play the match with his shoulder injury.
  3. Didier Drogba

    He has 7 yellows in the league, 1 in the FA cup and 1 in european games.
  4. New Kits

    Everyone should just turn up in one of those fluorescent safety vests if we get a fluro kit. Maybe even helmets. Could be a laugh.
  5. Ashley Cole

    In the interview with Wenger after Man City it is a dead give away. Reporter: "would you be completely happy if nothing happens over the next few days?" Wenger:Hesitation in a french way "we are completely open on all fronts" I don't know but to me it indicates Cole is gone. Just what were they delaying it all for? Its worse for them that way with their squad as they look at the moment they suck.
  6. Ashley Cole

    If they involve Gallas or anymore money to the arse we will look like desperate fools. Gallas can not go to the arse it would be an outrage it would make them much harder to beat, Henry and Gallas are best mates or so I've heard. looks like coming to an end always is when they start saying it might happen it might not blabla...
  7. New Kits

    I don't like the stripes :( Is this for blackburn away then?