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  1. PSG 0-2 Chelsea (Hazard, Oscar)
  2. WBA 1-2 Chelsea (Terry, Oscar)
  3. Official: Eden Hazard Departs For Real Madrid

    Call that a hole? Eden Hazard could dig one 25% deeper than that
  4. I reckon Jose's rehearsing for his forthcoming appearance on Stars In Their Eyes. Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be.............Rafa Benitez
  5. Maybe I'm reading the tables wrong, but don't they both say 199?
  6. I have been following this thread fairly closely (although I admit losing it a bit with the company law, articles, etc) and forgive me if I've missed it being said before, but are shares back on sale after the suspension? If they are is anyone keeping tabs on how many have been sold since the EGM? If they are not back on sale, are there plans to put them back on sale, and what's to stop 20 more mystery punters snapping up 100 each?
  7. Maybe not exact, but The Telegraph have reported that there were 5796 votes cast. I make that 3570 votes for Yes, 2226 votes for No. If you take into account the (alleged) near 2000 Yes votes which were purchased in the last week of sales, it may give the whole thing a bit more perspective?
  8. I think Buck/Gourlay feel the same way. Why would they still be courting share holders with 5 votes if they were confident of having 75% in the bag?
  9. I actually agree with everything you've written chief, except this. You've overlooked Kerry Dixon and we can't have that!! Carry on.
  10. If you read the actual words he said (and not the tabloid version), I don't think he has been too offensive to Liverpool fans. Torres said: "It is like the destiny. It is not perfect for me but we will see what happens and I only have good words about Liverpool. They made me a top player and gave me the chance to play at the top level. I will never say anything bad about Liverpool, I have been very happy there, but now the history is different and I am playing for Chelsea. If I have the chance to play I will do my best for Chelsea and hopefully I can score."
  11. Media / Press

    This surely isn't the same Super Soakaway Sun whose 'Chief Sports Writer' penned this piece of made-up twattery just six weeks ago?
  12. New Kits

    On the Megastore website, they're selling next season's shirt with all the FA Cup Final 2010 embroidery, so I think Chelsea will be wearing the new shirt.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Does anyone know why the ref didn't wear a bib, instaed of making the whole Chelsea team wear them?
  14. Didier Drogba

    I hate when people keep bringing this up - If Drogba didn't roll around so much, the ref wouldn't have added any time on. Ironically, I think you'll find the longest stoppage (and the one which caused most of the time added on) was Abidal (and team mates) complaining and taking his time to leave the pitch.
  15. Gianfranco Zola

    Go about things the right way??? You shouldn't even be in this division after your seedy Tevez/Mascherano deals. You're just another mug who pretends to believe the 'we-play-lovely-football-but-we're-always-shite-academy-of-football' theory fed to them by the media. At the root of it all, you're full of jealousy and know that Zola said in the summer that he wasn't ready for a big club yet because he's still learning. When he's ready, he'll come home.
  16. New Kits

    Yes, this new home kit (and all future home kits) will be used for just one season. They mention it about half way down the article
  17. New Kits

    Jayme - Is fluro yellow the same as the Barcelona / Borussia Dortmund away kit?