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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    well we have sold out I luckily got my ticket though
  2. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    all sounds like a good idea as you all know I was part of all this last season and we all met up for loads of games but it all went tits up unfortunatly
  3. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    as my mate said above I would be intrested in carrying this on for next season aswell
  4. alright mate, fancy seeing you on here...

    Simon by the way!!

    get some info bout roma on here

  5. Salomon Kalou

    I think Kalou is a very very good player. very tactial minded player. would get into any other premiership side.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    I dont think he is good enough to be honest the whole chelsea team has been lacking goals so you can't just blame it on Kalou so come on chelsea :D