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  1. Official: Torres Makes Milan Move Permanent

    On this matter (in the England Friendly), I was quite surprised how Nando was continually singled out by what sounded like a large, highly motivated section of the crowd. What was that all about? At first I assumed that it was an anti-Chelsea thing, but neither Ashley nor Frank seemed to be getting any abuse. Nor Mata. (No Mata?) I presume it wasn't the Spanish, was there a big mob of spiteful micky-mousers at Wembley, practicing for Sunday? Can anyone who was at the game offer any explanation, 'because I can't find one on-line anywhere. Assuming no Facebook or Twitter campaign, did he simply put in a dirty tackle that I missed? Did he pull a Poppy from behind his ear and spit on it? Is he considered to be the anti-christ because he had the fortune / misfortune to be obscenely over-priced by his current employers? Or is it just the bad hair / ladyboy thing that so offends all those macho fashion icons who pay up & pitch up at Wemberleee. Normally players only get boood like that if they have actually DONE something unpleasant, or they are particularly feared...but this was inoffensive little Torres! WTF?!? Anyone shed any light?
  2. CFC Offer To Buy Back CPO Shares. Stadium Move On The Cards?

    My contact there has reaffirmed that the Nice Mr Buck has indeed shown his true colours, and that the CPO Board Members have been clueless and useless. Thank Christ we seem to have pulled this one out of the fire...for now. Sickens me that we have this division between Club ownership and true fans...
  3. John Terry

    Anton admits he never even heard anything! Strikes me that some Chelsea/JT hating mischief-maker (not necessarily a QPR fan then) thought they'd stick it to him/us based upon what they thought/hoped they'd spotted on the TV close-ups. Now apparently some others have jumped on the bandwagon. Can't believe he actually DID add the word 'Black' to the abuse uttered, but needless to say if he DID, I'm not condoning it.
  4. New Kits

    Hear Hear. We looked like effing Birmingham, or God forbid, a blue Arsenal from a high viewpoint! And I say this EVERY TIME: wake up! They are dropping (have dropped) our proper and unique colour ROYAL Blue! A few years back, some knob somewhere decided that we needed to go several shades lighter, so that we now seem to be permanantly adopting the Everton / Wigan shade of blue. Those poncy horizontal stripes don't help either. About the only thing this kit gets right is the numbers on the shorts back again. Bah. At least it's only going to offend my eyes for two Seasons... PS Hey, I saw a big old bald lad wearing an original graphite & tangerine shocker on Sunday. Amazed he could still fit into it...although I still regularly wear my headache-inducing red & white diagonal diamond job for footy practice...
  5. Ashley Cole

    Apparently the injured lad had been taking the mick out of Ashley after his Penalty v Everton, saying "Dunno why you took one, you can't friggin' shoot!" Ash went to his motor and - the rest is history.... ;-)
  6. Gael Kakuta

    Fulham..jeezus CHELSEA REJECTS!!! Managed by Hughsie, assisted by Eddie and Hitch... playing staff Duff, Sidwell, Eidur and now Kakuta. Not to mention all the knobs in the Stands who couldn't cut it as Chelsea fans, bless 'em Mind you, I loved every one of the ex-players above (apart from the gingernut of course) so good luck to 'em
  7. Salomon Kalou

    I just watched the SKY coverage, what a lovely shot of Kalou's bare arse the cameraman lingered over after hed been fouled, floored and half-stripped...well dodgy pants too, looked like a blimmin' loincloth he had rolled up under there! As a player, so frustrating though. Often useful as a Sub, but should never start unless there's absolutely no other option.
  8. Injury News

    Yeah, particularly if we end up facing the front-wheel-skids at Wembley in May... And on the injury front, I have a sneaking suspicion that we will actually see Big Pete back for that Milan game - Essien will never be sufficiantly match fit, even if the setback report was bogus. And I reckon that of the two possibilities, we will actually benefit more from the keeper (and a reasonable back-up on the bench). Unless it goes to Pens. !!!!
  9. John Terry

    Yesterday (Sunday) at 13:36 I recieved a call from a good mate of mine, who had just been contacted by his Brother-in-Law (both are Chelsea fans) who is part of the Management at the Raddisson Edwardian Hotel in Manchester. A room had been booked by people representing the Arabs who own City, and their Chief Exec Gary Cook was there. I was horrified to then be told that John Terry had just arrived at the back entrance and been taken upstairs in the Service Elevator. This has nagged at me ever since, and I've thought about just keeping it to myself to avoid more anquish, in case it's a wind-up. But I have complete trust in my mate's opinion, he's no fool. He says he totally believes what he's been told, so with heavy heart I'm sharing it. Can only hope that JT and Roman have agreed that he should go and hear what they have to say out of respect...but that soon we will have an announcement from JT himself that he's definately going nowhere. OK one day he will retire, or leave with our thanks and blessing, or God forbid actually die for us on the pitch, but surely he won't go like this - surely?
  10. Didier Drogba

    I've defended Drogba to the hilt...but even I am fearing there's no way back now. The man's heart controls his head - and perhaps his tongue. Which is why I DON'T want to see it every time I open this Forum!!! Not looking so funny and defiant as it used to...
  11. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Bayern yes, but read your own post my friend - we CANNOT play dem scousers, same FA!
  12. John Terry

    Terry parts the pink bits...
  13. Injury News for the pessimists out there, may I present the provisonal Team Sheet for Saturday :-{ Hilario (Cudicini's mystery absence continues?) Ferreira - Ivanovich - Bridge Miniero - Mikel - Butch Wilkins - Malouda (Minnie and Mickey in Midfield Disneyland) Kalou - Shevchenko (emergency loan recall) Subs: Sinclair, Stoch, Kakuta, Mancienne, Bosnich (free agent!) Almost wish I was going!
  14. New Kits

    The last time we had the "proper" ROYAL BLUE home shirt colour was way back, the one that had the red and white zig-zag bits on the front of the shoulder. Andy Townsend was our best player then, that's how long ago! All these mid-blue efforts make me vomit, think it's all to do with wanky fashion consultants analysing what colours go best with jeans or something. And the Club just swallow it. And seemingly so do most of you lot. Not sure about these newest Black shirts, perhaps it's so we don't scare the Refs when we get round them in a cozy huddle? The last couple were quite tasty though. In my opinion, the Home shirt should always last for 3 Seasons, but they can play around with Away shirts every Season to please the Manufacturer and all those who want to buy something new. I was going to put 'mugs' there, but what the heck, free country, if you want to throw away more cash then it's your decision. It's not compulsory to buy them...