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  1. Antonio Conte

    Come on conte! Ill be happy to see a change of formation (two up front or one man off like eden) . I want us to dominate and pressure and this seems to be Contes thinking. However I have seen us aimlessly roll the ball left and right for the last few years so I wonder how he s going to introduce incisiveness in our attacking?
  2. Official: Cesc Fabregas Leaves For Monaco

    Just in case my fellow CFCers missed it: HE IS HOMEGROWN. Id like them to put the competing HG talent on the table. Smart signing. Good player- upgrade to Lamps in that position. Well done CFC. Smile :)))
  3. Yeah not a chance!!!! Absolutely crazy. Arsenal are content with being also-rans that make money. Jose is not their man. Its always been city or us, I hope to god the noise about pellegrini is right. Then JM either stays at Madrid or comes home. My bet is home- he s not well liked in Madrid and loves London and chelsea where he'l be treated like a hero. The EGO will re-land. Win all round.
  4. John Terry

    I think he's too slow and injury prone now. If we got 8m id bite their hand off. JT has been the heart of this club both good and bad. Ill always have time for him but its time to move on. He's fought tooth and nail. My one reticence would be who to get in?!! Cahill has been disappointing of late, dittio Ivo (though useful CB/RB for sure), Luiz is a super star in the making but where on the pitch I dont know yet. SO....who to buy at CB- and even if JT stays we need a world class CB to come in eventually....
  5. Frank Lampard Breaks Chelsea's All Time Scoring Record (#210)

    I more love the fact he's an absolute genius!! So under-rated by the media, I mean they acknowledge it with a nudge and wink, but if he was UTD and a giggs theyd wank forever about him (bbc documentary the lot). And declare him an amazing man for sleeping with anything that walked. But he's Chelsea. And thats not good. Well SIR Franky Lampard, we love you and thats all that matters. SUPER SUPER FRANK- best English footballer ever. Thanks Frank.
  6. Michael Essien

    The trouble with the British media is its all too easy to sling mud and retract. Therefore we will never stop the rubbish coming out.
  7. Chelsea Finances Thread

    At considerably less than we sell 42000 at! Nevertheless a case for moving perhaps, given Arsenals surge in profit? Like it or not football is a business these days....a thought for discussion....
  8. John Terry

    Agree with those sentiments, come on JT lets have a present!
  9. Didier Drogba

    Agree with the Gerrard thing, but perhaps Essien didn't get enough games in the middle of the park?...... As for Lamps, his stats stand up but I didn't feel he had his best season last year (and I'm a Lamps fan!)....prior to injury this season I actually thought he was on extremely good form for for us........
  10. Salomon Kalou

    I think he's got enough skill and pace to be a very good player. The one thing he lacks is a calm, clinical finish. If he can settle down in front of goal (experience and a couple of goals will help this) he can be an excellent part of the side. Whats particularly impressive about him this season is his increased strength in holding players off(a weakness last season). He has the ability to beat defenders and often finds himself in good positions, now he just needs that composure. he's still young and with a bit of luck he'll come good.
  11. Injury News

    I'm not worried about this. Its a sad day if we want to win the league and we miss one player (good though he is). Essien and Mikel? All day long sir, I'm confident.
  12. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Guys, do you think there will ever be space for players coming through?.....This is a genuine question as we seem to 'buy for the moment' rather than back our youth. I completely understand this policy as, for example, the gooners have won nothing and seem like they will continue to do so. My point is will any youth players ever be considered 'not too much of a risk' to play in the first team......... If we're not willing to play them how will they improve?All opinions welcome, I genuinely dont have a view or answer at the moment........
  13. Musical Tastes

    I find Cherry Ghost boring on the whole, but that single 'People Help The People' is just amazing.
  14. Michael Essien

    He's a big loss for any amount of time. Sorry Redman, he's better than Gerrard my son. I wonder if he'd even get a kick in our midfield. But to stay with topic, I hope he's back sooner rather than later.