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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Eduardo wasn't punished was he?
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Diving Ngog stopped them from complete embarrassment but it's still 2 points dropped. I'm off to put a pound on Liverpool to get relegated! :D
  3. Chelsea Finances Thread

    Roman has to be the best one out of them. In the short-term, the Glaziers look like an excellent introduction but if you look long term Glazier must be the worst considering the amount of danger he has put the future of the club in, if Glazier decides to pack his bags United will do a Leeds.
  4. Musical Tastes

    Yes, Man on the Moon is a very good album. Also some of his singles are good :
  5. Gael Kakuta

    Even though there's lot of jibes in there , gotta love it:
  6. Gael Kakuta

    In case someone threatens to shoot Sepp Blatter and the Daily Mail decide to run with it.
  7. Gael Kakuta

    Somebody I know works for FIFA and says he's been getting calls from angry Chelsea fans all day!
  8. Musical Tastes

    Downloaded Em's album and have to say I'm very disappointed. I was hoping we were gonna see the return of the old serious eminem ( pre 2004) . But no. He uses that stupid voice in practically every song on the album apart from Underground (which is the only song I like at the moment). It'll remain on my itunes but it's not worthy of my money. :( Edit: I've deleted 14 of the tracks.
  9. Musical Tastes

    Indeed. Although I'll have a listen to a few of the tracks before I consider if it's worth buying.
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    They've been crumbling since 1989.
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Through gritted teeth I can say well done to Fergie & united on the title well deserved... but we'll be back next year you greedy b*stards!
  12. Didier Drogba

    I do hope he stays with us for as long as possible. The past few seasons I have questioned his loyalty and passion to the club but now I am more than convinced that he is , as you say, one of us.
  13. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Bye bye Arsenal , Arsenal Bye bye! Depressed gooners are so entertaining! If when we win tomorow, we will have our revenge on united in the final.
  14. Boxing

    Paid £14.49 for a 6 minute fight :'( Hatton has fought two great fighters and has got KO'd on both. Ricky went in to eager he should have just soaked up the first 3-4 rounds , didn't seen enough jabs from him but in the end Pacquiao was too quick. I liked his interview at the end , seemed a very humble guy. Well done to him truly deserved.
  15. Musical Tastes

    Anyone else interested in buying the Skamania album? Also, on Oasis, I agree with litchy they have released about 4 good tracks since the mid-nineties.
  16. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    I personally think Hulk was a cut above the rest of the Porto squad and is destined for bigger things. A move to La liga or even to England (Spurs etc) in the summer looks like it's on the cards. He's got the physical build to handle this league too.
  17. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Take a bow son. Not too sure where the 5 minutes came from... oh wait where was it being played?
  18. Michael Essien

    Didn't get to see the game today but as soon as I saw his name on the scoresheet I said "we've been missing him". Essien is a beast in midfield. I was discussing with a friend of mine, who would I rather have - Essien or Gerrard? It was Michael every time.
  19. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Avoid Barcelona and United; then I'm confident we'll go through. Gurantee there will be at least on all English quarterfinal ... Conspiracy #1: there'll be little bumps on the balls so that they know which teams to pick out :O
  20. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Oh dear Arsenal through.. On the brightside, all 4 English teams are through again!
  21. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Sudden death... Come on Roma!!!
  22. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Ah yes I didn't realise.
  23. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Very even game. I still think it will go into extra time. By the way, is the sponsored silence at Old Trafford in aid of Comic Relief?
  24. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Oh dear not good for Jose so far. I predicted a 0-0 in 90 minutes so much for that. I do like their Vidic song though, makes me laugh.
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Howay the lads!