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  1. Antonio Conte

    You are right, Martin. However, we’ve got previous haven’t we? Would you put your mortgage on it not happening?
  2. Antonio Conte

    Would be a complete (relative) disaster. This is a guy you bring in when you have a side brimming with talent, just needing their egos massaged. Ie us the first time round, or Real after Jose. We are not in that position. He is not a builder.
  3. Antonio Conte

    The lines are obvious aren't they? That his family weren't in the country last year (don't know if they're here now, or if they're settled) and the fact he signed a new deal which merely included a pay rise, not an extension. As for those "eager to see the back of Conte" find one post where someone has said or suggested that's how they feel.
  4. Christ, no thanks. Bayern fans detested him
  5. He can't play football. Funny guy, superb finisher, will be remembered forever for the title winning goal, but still might as well be a recruitment consultant who can score. Conte clearly doesn't trust him, and we can see why when he attempts to lead the line.
  6. Eden Hazard

    I agree we're probably one short of being able to play 352 throughout a season. Chalobah would have been perfect, perhaps RLC can be that man from next season. It's a very difficult signing/addition though. Too established a star and that could put Fabregas off signing that naff one year deal he'll soon be presented, too young a prospect and he'll worry about game time. See Barkley and the Ox (bullets dodged though they may be). Oh, and Willian isn't even close to being one of our best players.
  7. Media / Press

    A rare, insightful dissection of Morata's second against Stoke:
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Initial reported fee for Costa is 50m. I would say that given we were on the back foot from the off regarding this (everyone knew we wanted him gone, and that he only wanted Atletico) we have done good business here. I'll also add the fact his hamstring issues are well documented and I believe physically he is past his peak. Certainly doesn't run with the ball half as well as he did at Atletico. To play devils advocate, had the above circumstances not been in play, I think 90-100m might have been attainable. Lukaku was 90m, and whilst 4 years younger is not in the same league. Higuain was 75m I believe, and that was 2 years ago.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quite possibly, Mark. It is from Law who seems to have at leat some tentative sources within the club, so who knows. Whoever thinks it however, is plain deluded. Real Madrid have set the bar the last 24 months, we simply aren't equipped to compete. Now there's a side who has relatively quietly for them, made some very clever signings the past few years. Kroos, Isco, Marcelo, Casemiro, to name a few.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    Chelsea confident Antonio Conte now has squad capable of fighting for Premier League and European glory Funny stuff. I think we have the best 11 in the league, but to actually challenge for the champions league and prem simultaneously is nonsense.
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    I think the clincher from most reports is that Llorente wanted a 2 year deal, or at least 1 with option of another. Given our bizarre policy, he wasn't going to get that here. Skysports reporting that Costa deal to At Madrid "unlikely but not impossible". Good on us for not buckling under the pressure, they're offering about 20-25m says sources.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    And Thibaut
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Good post Bert and you're right, Abraham and RLC could be great additions next year. RLC is an interesting one, like many others I saw a guy who played with a cigar in his mouth, looking like he was playing within himself, maybe a little too cocksure? However watching him against Liverpool I saw dynamism and bravery for the first time. Perhaps what I mistook as arrogance was actually the opposite, he was intimidated, or at least nervous when he made cameos for us (with good reason too I might add). This year is a bigger concern, and whilst we've just about put a decent squad size together, I can't help but wish for that 1 statement signing, that 1 "we're champions and this is going to elevate us" signing. That said I'm so excited to see Hazard link up with Morata, the latters movement should help Hazard immensely.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    That apparently fell through because Arsenal didn't have a replacement sealed, which from all accounts was meant to be Lemar who politely told them to do one. Does seem odd that he remains at Leicester. There have been links to Barcelona however, possibly a back up to Coutinho?
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    It would be our greatest Title win since Roman took over, comfortably too.