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  1. Antonio Conte

    You are right, Martin. However, we’ve got previous haven’t we? Would you put your mortgage on it not happening?
  2. Antonio Conte

    Would be a complete (relative) disaster. This is a guy you bring in when you have a side brimming with talent, just needing their egos massaged. Ie us the first time round, or Real after Jose. We are not in that position. He is not a builder.
  3. Crystal Palace 2 Chelsea 1

    It's the predictability that's most infuriating. The THIRD time we've hamstrung our own manager, and twice in two title victories. I'm beyond mad. Conte isn't without blame, picking the waste of space that is Willian for example, but my word, talk about setting ourselves up for failure. I suspect now would be a good time to start the Next Chelsea manager thread, anyone who thinks this is hyperbole or premature hasn't followed us for longer than 14 months.
  4. Antonio Conte

    The lines are obvious aren't they? That his family weren't in the country last year (don't know if they're here now, or if they're settled) and the fact he signed a new deal which merely included a pay rise, not an extension. As for those "eager to see the back of Conte" find one post where someone has said or suggested that's how they feel.
  5. Christ, no thanks. Bayern fans detested him
  6. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    I have no dog in this apparent fight, there is no agenda. KDB played 3 premier games for us! That's not enough time to be branded bad, or indeed anything. He had had a great loan with Werder Bremen, which led to firm interest from Dortmund. He wins MOTM on his full Chelsea debut, then hardly get's a sniff. Granted he might have been poor in the odd minute he got elsewhere, but he was a 22 year old, of course he's going to be inconsistent. Especially given it was clear Jose didn't like the cut of his jib, and continued to play the utterly pointless Oscar. He goes back to Germany and wins player of the year just 18 months later. The whole of Europe knew how good this guy was. Jose was charged with managing Chelsea and it's players. You work with players who apparently don't yet understand or are able to perform what you want from them, you teach them, you don't freeze out players that talented and ship them off at the first opportunity. It was grossly poor management that has and will continue to cost us dearly.
  7. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    I'll raise you a KDB but I agree with the sentiment
  8. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Eurgh, don't even go there. Would be heartbreaking, this guy is the real deal. 21 years old, already this mature, composed, elegant on the ball, reads the game. He's a minimum 100m defender, no question.
  9. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Players as stupidly talented as Hazard will always leave that niggling feeling they could have been more. It's understandable. When we see that a player has the physical attributes and ability to do as he pleases it's hard to not lazily think "now all he needs is to have the drive and confidence and he can be the best". We sometimes assume that the mentality is the easier bit, perhaps because we don't physically see it, and that it's a given he'll eventually transform into a Ronaldo-esque mindset. In reality I believe mindset to be one of the biggest differentials between great,good, all time legend players, and it's not something easily improved. It would take something drastic and very rare for Hazard to become the direct, goal machine, game by the scruff of the neck chap we want him to be. He is what he is, a world class, laid back dude who doesn't quite seize the initiative as much as he should.
  10. He can't play football. Funny guy, superb finisher, will be remembered forever for the title winning goal, but still might as well be a recruitment consultant who can score. Conte clearly doesn't trust him, and we can see why when he attempts to lead the line.
  11. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    City can only beat what is put in front of them. We were a damp squib, and they dealt with us accordingly. Had we offered literally anything, then yes, It would probably have made it harder for them.
  12. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    You don't have to lose 5 nil to be completely outclassed. Rudiger cleared one off the line, and Tibo made 1 great save. They go in, it's 3 nil, and by your logic have we then been dominated? A strange retort to Kezza.
  13. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    3 nails on one head. Especially the 2nd Edit: Cahill is 5th choice centre back for me, undoubtedly
  14. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    We were crushed possession wise. It makes me wince to watch us struggle to put 3-4 passes together before either soiling ourselves and hoofing it, or easily wilting under the opponents pressure. Fabregas was terrible, though not alone. Conte has a lot to answer today. We either play our most athletic and powerful players in an attempt to counter teams who dominate the ball, or we make a genuine effort to pass and attack in a coherent and meaningful manner. Not some half assed blend of the two.
  15. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 1

    Nah that's not the argument Kez, it's that KDB had the temerity to want to play ahead of the utterly irrelevant Oscar. Or indeed anywhere in the side.