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  1. Didier Drogba

    Read this,19528,11988_2809226,00.html When a player asks for a transfer its ok with me, but when a player plays for you and tells there is no way he's playing for a club other than Chelsea, and with all disrespect changes his words and says he never wanted you, and that he came without his will. This is the lamest, most childish reply I ever heard from a footballer. Thanks for all what you've done, but no thanks after this betrayal.
  2. John Terry

    Its a blow, and an unfortunate season...But let us not just moan, but give reasons to be optimistic in this season.
  3. John Terry

    This is a great Chelsea depression...Although I have faith in our great fighters
  4. Salomon Kalou

    A year ago when SWP arrived to Chelsea he was seen as a hot prospect for the future...And if what I said about Kalou was instead said about SWP a year ago, I would have the same attack right now...But right now SWP is seen as a inefficient player for Chelsea...So I'm sorry for not waiting for the right time to critisize Kalou. And thanks again for sharing your point of views.
  5. Salomon Kalou

    I would thank everybody for his reply...I think everybody has his point of view...And I thank exileblue for backing me up. I don't think I'm a person with powers to make a choice in Kalou's future...I'm expressing a feeling that Chelsea fans shared with me...So I dont think its decent for some people to attack our point of view harshly...I think it would be more decent to share point of views in a grown up and building way...And by the way I'm convinced by many people that opposed me in this idea. In the end we all have one common love CHELSEA.
  6. Salomon Kalou

    I know it's something hard to speak 'bout...But I would really appreciate your pount of views. In the end nobody is perfect.
  7. Salomon Kalou

    What we saw in the last match (against Newcastle) was not what we saw last year in the Netherland's league. Kalou was given a chance that most players wouldn't get. And to me (and many people) he blew it. At least 2 chances in front of the goal were wide. A normal attacker would've at least kicked one into target. I know it's harsh, but in teams like Chelsea we can't afford missing easy chances. I think at most Jose should only give him one more chance.
  8. Michael Essien

    Essien is a SUPERB player...But guys Essien would'nt be there without the special one...And he's the one thats getting every atom of potential and confidence from each and every Chelsea player. Through the years we've seen extraordinary teams with extraordinary players...But unfortunately, every single time we see that happening we have to see conflicts and "Survival of the strongest"...But over here in this Glorious team we see friendship, love, and self-belief which is even more extraordinary than what any of these "Big clubs"...Which makes us even bigger than them. This woudn't be true without the extraordinary leader, manager, peacekeeper...etc there's only one word discribing our Special one...EXTRAORDINARY.