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  1. Why would Hiddink get the team playing well again? His last job was a disaster and the national team tactically was a mess. I have huge doubts.
  2. Feel the same. Hope Jose stays, I'm still loyal to him, though that has a limit aswell. Yet, I can't be angry at Roman if he pulls the trigger, he has every right.
  3. This is now getting even beyond boring.
  4. Two points above relegation now.
  5. Last year we were too high to play him. This year we are too low.
  6. I think 7th or 8th.
  7. Today it was bad luck. The others werent.
  8. I'm with Dave. We've played far worse this season. This one has been like some matches in the second half of last season, just with a lot of bad luck.
  9. Time for Djilobodji!
  10. Hiddink was great with us, but that's gone now. He's made a complete mess of the Dutch national side, even if there were some factors he couldn't control. I certainly wouldn't back him getting Chelsea out of this hole.
  11. The worst thing about this, is that the players lost their head again. They get frustrated, demotivated in the moments they need to be inspirational the most.
  12. So is this the time now for RLC to get a chance? Last season the team was too good for him to play and now the team is too bad?
  13. First thing he did was to moan about referees, making some outrageous claim referees are afraid to give us decisions. Then he went on a public plea not to sack him. He doesn't really know how to handle a bad situation like this. Probably because he never had one. But still, this doesnt help.
  14. I also think Jose should stay, but that interview was a mistake. He'll get the headlines he's losing it.
  15. Well, it never was the wrong decision though. Even if he gets the sack now, he has done better than anyone since he first left.