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  1. The clear daylight is already there. In fact, it hasn't been sunnier in years.
  2. What a terrible, terrible game of football.
  3. I'm thrilled with the score line, but we have to improve second half if we wanna kill the game.
  4. That would show a total lack of player management if he plays. Making him fly to Liverpool, train and then play, within 72 hours after your most disappointing moment in your career. Though they seem a bit desperate at the moment.
  5. Matic is really poor today.
  6. Moses has been very poor for a few games now. We really could use some cover in the wingbacks positions. Both of them.
  7. Moses playing two players onside there.
  8. Pedro hardly is effective in away games though, is he?
  9. I do have to laugh bout those little digs he's giving to Chelsea. We're the last ones to take that stuff seriously.
  10. Realistically those are the only two possible changes, if Conte makes any.
  11. Based on current form, we should knock the crap out of them. But the fact they treated a crucial Champions League game as a warm up for Chelsea, tells you it might not be as straightforward.
  12. Okay, I take back my earlier words.
  13. At a certain point we will stop winning though. It's not unlikely it will be against a Koeman-side, well drilled and not prone to give away loads of space.
  14. Why would Hiddink get the team playing well again? His last job was a disaster and the national team tactically was a mess. I have huge doubts.