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  1. Based on current form, we should knock the crap out of them. But the fact they treated a crucial Champions League game as a warm up for Chelsea, tells you it might not be as straightforward.
  2. Okay, I take back my earlier words.
  3. At a certain point we will stop winning though. It's not unlikely it will be against a Koeman-side, well drilled and not prone to give away loads of space.
  4. Why would Hiddink get the team playing well again? His last job was a disaster and the national team tactically was a mess. I have huge doubts.
  5. Feel the same. Hope Jose stays, I'm still loyal to him, though that has a limit aswell. Yet, I can't be angry at Roman if he pulls the trigger, he has every right.
  6. This is now getting even beyond boring.
  7. Two points above relegation now.
  8. Last year we were too high to play him. This year we are too low.
  9. I think 7th or 8th.
  10. Today it was bad luck. The others werent.
  11. I'm with Dave. We've played far worse this season. This one has been like some matches in the second half of last season, just with a lot of bad luck.
  12. Well we actually tried for 10 minutes against them and scored twice.
  13. According to Gazetta, Chelsea and Juve agreed on a 62 million deal for Pogba, but the player wasn't interested in the move.
  14. Good luck to him. I don't really have huge expectations, but he might surprise us.