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  1. Ah, right. Forgot about that, thanks
  2. Great fun watcing us go with two on top, haven't seen that since the early day of Mou's first season I think. Also delighted to see Traore, Chalobah, Aina and RLC do well, maybe finally they and other deserving youngsters will get a real chance? Ah well, better not get my hopes up..
  3. I don't really feel Hazard fits in with that group, he seems quite down to earth and likeable to me. For the rest of them though.. Seems like a talented but spoiled generation
  4. No deal involving selling Hazard will ever be good for us
  5. Don't know anything about Batshuayi but I'm glad we didn't spunk the big bucks on Morata og Lukaku - not overly impressed by either of them
  6. It's understandable that Mourinho going to United creates strong emotional responses from our fans. But all this talk of "one of us"... Maybe he once was one of us, maybe he's never been. Fact is we sacked him twice so we can't really begrudge him going anywhere. I can't really blame him for endearing himself to his new fans either, with all this "mythical club" talk and what not - it's part of what he needs to do to be successful in his new job. Fact is while I'll always love him for what he's done with us I wouldn't take him back over Conte now - it's just too much acrimony and conflict for me. So I say, let them have him with the good and the bad - we have our own stuff to worry about
  7. I love Mourinho for the titles and the memories but honestly, if I now had to choose between him and Conte I'd choose Conte. Not because I necessarily think he's the better manager but there's ony so much tension I can take and Mourinho brings a LOT of it. I'll happily let them have him for the good and the bad - we have our own stuff to worry about.
  8. Sure! Not sure how much I can help but I'll try :)
  9. I'm assuming when we sold Lukaku, we put in some clauses regarding percentages of next transfer fee etc. I wonder if this means we actually get him cheaper than the touted price?
  10. I will never, ever understand the logic behind buying Djilobodji, Hector and Miazga. What are these guys supposed to do that Chalobah, Clarke-Salter, Christensen, Tomori and even Kalas - can't? If they were really young I could understand - the hope of finding a gem or at least get good resale value. But they're not, and they're not even good enough to be trusted as backup. I just can't think of ONE good reason to buy them - anyone?
  11. I do understand the need to respect the competition, thus playing a full side today, but we really are going to piss away our golden generation because we never EVER find the paticence and trust to play them. Desperate stuff. Ah well, at least Tottenham didn't win the league!
  12. Could you imagine if Leicester need a point against us to win it and our sorry lot actually turns up and beat them and hand Tottenham the title? Absolute scenes!
  13. I can only assume they want him to reduce his wages and he refuses - wich well he should seeing as he's still the captain and the first name on the teamsheet. Come on, we can't let JT go!!
  14. Almost every manager gets the sack and is viewed as an idiot by a section of the fans at the end. I remember even Carlo got a LOT of stick on here at the end. Not sure Pardew is the right choice but I'd be curious to see how he'd do at a big club. He'd probably last 1,5 - 2 seasons and I doubt our next man in charge will last longer than that anyway. Doesn't hurt that he's a Chelsea fan either. I don't believe for one second he'll get the job though
  15. 100% agree with all of this