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  1. The Run In

    Yeah, there are so many positives to take from the last few years. But Sunderland does come first. I also remember last season when we went to Goodison and nobody gave us a chance with their amazing home record... well we ended that. Here is hoping to another great trip to Merseyside.
  2. The Run In

    I haven't read the entire thread so somebody may have brought this up before. In 2008, we played Liverpool away on (UCL Semi) the 22nd of April, United at home on the 26th, and then Liverpool at home (UCL Semi) on the 30th and we came through it. Lets keep the faith, it has been done before. Sure the United game was at home then, but I think we can win all three games with enough belief and luck.
  3. It totally was Mata.
  4. Back to his best tonight. This is a guy, a passenger, who has won everything. How he managed to do it will be debated for years, maybe even worthy of a straight to Youtube documentary!
  5. Buu...buuuuut the service!!!!!!
  6. Jose is phenomenal, but he is no magician. That will be his greatest triumph.
  7. He is here to stay. I don't see how we can't have him as a backup striker. But him leading the line next season, well that makes me uneasy.
  8. Agreed, something so obvious should not be mentioned!
  9. Anyone know when he is going to be knighted? Sir Frank Lampard for his contributions to the beautiful game and being an ambassador of the Premier League, showing loyalty to his long career at Chelsea. Through constant managerial turnover he was able to show his quality all over the pitch. I am sure all of that calls for some incredible recognition.
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    If there is a way to **** this up from our position, Rafa will find it.
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    So spurs for 3rd then. Oh well, straight fight between us and Arsenal.
  12. And playing for money doesn't help?
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    With City dropping so many points, one thing is certain, we are so catchable from behind. Everton and Spurs are coming.
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    You expected us to win there? It is away from home so you never know I guess.
  15. His touchline pass today was the highlight. I don't think many players could have done that if they tried, in a competitive atmosphere. If only someone had a GIF!