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  1. Boxing

    Doesn't surprise me in the slightest...
  2. Boxing

    He has apparently said this is his most competitive card... sure Frank!Re: Brook. Picked him out a while ago and Nelson wrote a decent piece on Sky Sports about him here. Personally think Brook will win comfortably and agree with Nelson - he will be as good as he wants to be. Fairly excited for the fight, though bit disappointed the Macklin vs. Barker fight isn't going ahead. Maybe it's a bit of blue bias, but I really think Barker can compete at a higher level -- love his jab, when he concentrates.
  3. Boxing

    Predictions for Saturday?
  4. Media / Press

    Rooney's playing Everton, Rangers and Liverpool next. We'll see if there's no booing...
  5. Boxing

    Hugh, fancy Barker vs. Macklin? I'm keen to go but can't find anyone willing to make the (slight) slog to the Midlands.
  6. Injury News

    Hugely underrated in the role as well.
  7. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I'd say Bruma on both counts. He's very intelligent when interviewed, well spoken and looks very at ease under the spotlight. I really rate his ability -- at 18, I can't think of many (if any) better Centre Back prospects around the world. Yes, he has a lot to learn, but I'm very confident he'll make the step up. I would love to see Clifford make the breakthrough, but given the level of competition (and young competition: Mikel & Ramires in particular, Essien is only 27) I think his path will be harder.
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    If Bruma makes it, I'd suggest he'll be the future Captain. I've even had a chunky wager on it...
  9. Media / Press

    I would be utterly shocked if there were any sort of apology to JT, he is after all the reason England were poor in the WC and the worst player in the PL for off the field incidents*.*to be read as Chelsea captain.
  10. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Bruma has a lot to learn positionally and in terms of decision making -- would not signing a defender hasten his development curve? Having him as a 4th choice (1st choice in League Cup/early FA Cup), he may make some mistakes but he will surely learn far much more. Certainly agree with the latter, but in terms of a pairing JT and Gallas were perfection in my eyes.
  11. Salomon Kalou

    By virtue of the fact he can connect his foot to his brain, I would say so. Well... at least as the third striker option...
  12. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Unpopular opinion but Gallas in his pomp was a superior defender and foil to Terry than Carvalho ever was. Insofar as Luiz goes I'm positive he's not worth that amount of money, but he would be a fantasic addition to the squad for pace alone.
  13. Gael Kakuta

    He's always underwhelmed up against Ashley Cole though ;)
  14. Musical Tastes

    Bed time tunes anyone?
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Juni, any thoughts on the number 8 in the Milk Cup side (apologies if there's a profile somewhere!)? The kid with the hair/hairband. I watched the highlights of the tournament and he looks a real player at this age group -- appreciate he's 15, but some of the things he's doing look very promising.
  16. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    The creed of a Uni Lad.
  17. Hi mate. Got the arse ache with this place post-Blackburn game! Didn't want to meticulously sift through threads and post a gigantic ha! Will be around a bit more the new season is upon us.

  18. Musical Tastes

    For those who like Sigur Rós, may I recommend Ólafur Arnalds: "Found Songs" -- I have it on repeat on the iPod at present.
  19. Musical Tastes

    I just thought I would share a few of the better music blogs I have been perusing of late: All have decent writers for those who like a bit of a read about the music and I always find something I like on them.
  20. Musical Tastes

    Strangely I downloaded a few tracks upon recommendation of Martha Wainwright, read some interview with her in a paper and I am certainly warming to them. It's good to see another Los Campesinos fan -- liking the direction of the group since they've added the girl.I'll also throw out Soweto Kinch who I saw recently -- truly original and rather good it must be said.
  21. Musical Tastes

    My current train mix consists of... Cliquot - Beirut; My Girls - Animal Collective; This Is Not The Fire - My Tiger My Timing; Ára Bátur - Sigur Rós; Twelve - ¡Forward, Russia!; We Used To Vacation - Cold War Kids; Cousins - Vampire Weekend; A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke; Looking For Astronauts - The National.
  22. Didier Drogba

    Someone should remind our African counterparts that a certain Michael Essien was injured playing for who last season and was out for how long?
  23. Following Chelsea's Loans

    If you saw his performance against City I think there is a lot to actually be quite hopeful about. Up until their rather fortunate goal I thought Wolves were the better side and considering their pace Mancienne was doing well in controlling the middle of the park. Quite an underrated level of distribution, decent in the tackle and quick -- could McCarthy have discovered a future squad member? I mean, if we are having to use players like Belletti in the holding role, why not Cork or Mancienne?
  24. Boxing

    Absolutely second that opinion. The thing that people are discounting is that Floyd can fight more than one way - on the back foot, pinching rounds; step it up as the aggressor when he senses the opportunity and simply outclass his opponents. Manny has a Plan A - to blast his opponent out of the water - if, as it has for anyone who has tried that against Mayweather, that fails, then what? Did Roach also not say that every other trainer in the world has said that pre-fight and no one has been correct yet? Roach isn't stupid - hence trying to bulk Manny up with a crack at another weight.
  25. Boxing

    I did try and preface that comment by suggesting "if he sorts his act out." You are quite right about his recent outing, but that level of performance seems the exception rather than the norm. I, like Hugh, am scratching my head at the next real wave of talent to come through in Britain. Small, just by his demeanour and style, could force his way into the world picture IMO. It's not a question about dancing, it's a question of ability. FMW is arguably the greatest defensive boxer in history -- look at his record and you see how he has overcome every possible style of boxer that you can imagine. That is a plain fact. The question to be asked in this case is that do you think Pacman's offence is better than FMW's defence? If, as I imagine, FMW is as fast (if not faster) than Pacman and Pacman cannot land solid shots on FMW, who is going to nick the rounds? Mayweather is the master of pickpocketing rounds - doing just enough to frustrate the opponent and then unleashing combinations and shots that score points. I've liked Brook for a long time and I personally think out of all the names mentioned he would be the one to become a "big thing" within the sport. We're talking about a young kid with beautiful technique, a sense of timing some boxers never develop and most of all that instinctual ability to turn it on when needed. The McIntyre fight was his moment for me where I really thought we've got a prospect on our hands here. I can't remember three better punches in one round from anyone off the top of my head as I frequently recall in that fight. I think what I was trying to get at with the reference to DeGale is that he is the most likely to be challenging for a world title within two years. I think his gold medal holds a lot of sway and has, as we've seen with Khan, acted like a fast track method of escalating up the world rankings. Oh, entirely. As I said above I think the Olympics is almost like the X-Factor of boxing now. I'm taking nothing away from DeGale (who I've met, nice lad as it goes), his amateur gold medal I was cheering on like made for; it just seems that those who come up through the ranks seem to take far longer to gain any notoriety. It all depends on Khan. If Khan's defence is there, he can win. If he leaves his chin out there, who knows?