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  1. Frank Lampard Appointed Chelsea Head Coach

    Forget the negatives, focus on the positives, Frank is very ambitious and driven and most importantly he knows the English game and Chelsea. So good luck Frank may you become a legend for the second time.
  2. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    I thought when we first went for him that for the money he was worth a punt and have not as yet seen anything to change my mind, still young, English and shows potential if we can keep him fit. I do agree that he is not going to be the next Gazza which is what was bandied about when he first broke on the scene but don't understand the animosity shown towards him. IMHO a useful player without being outstanding but I do think he will also improve.
  3. Thank you Bob, more a problem with my eyes at my age. I hope Conte does not read this, will be another blow to his ego, (Can't even get my name right).
  4. When Conti first came I was optimistic, thought he's got a good c.v. worth a go. After a few matches that had changed to typical Italian defensive mind set, this does not look good. Then the Arsenal game and the change in formation. Luck, genius, devine inspiration who knows but we went on our long winning streak and what a team we looked and what a manager he looked. At this point I thought "we've got a good one here, this bloke is going to be great for Chelsea and then we lost.........And the defensive mind set returned. I was still optimistic, we still went on to win the league, not with the panache shown before but I was still hopeful Conti and Chelsea would re-find their mojo. Then we had this season not only was the defensive mind set apparent but also the hurt ego. Conti had not got his way and gone into a strop, defensive not only in his tactics but also in his misdemeamor, he was right the whole world was wrong. I remember reading a post by Jane B on here and she said " this just saddens me" and I feel the same, from the heady days of the winning streak to the dismal defensive football we are trying to play now. It's just sad. So my Vote: GO.
  5. Media / Press

    RIP Butch.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well I look at the loss of KDB with the same sorrow that I did with the loss of Jimmy Greaves, yes I go that far back. You look at KDB's display against the Spuds and he's a absolute impact driver of a player either driving forward at pace or splaying out instant passes to the wings. I can understand comments saying that he wasn't that player when he was with us but players need time to develop. We appear to be to busy running a pig breeder system where we fatten the piglets up and sell them on at a profit without having the resource or wherewithal to be able to pick out and bring on the first prize winners at the county show. A really big loss and I'm gutted.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    I really think we should sign Gareth Barry.....................Stand him at the end of the tunnel and get him to kick Hazard when he walks by on his way to the pitch.
  8. John Terry This surprised me a bit, I always thought Robben left after a bit of animosity, obviously wrong. Thought he was a great player for us, shame about the injuries and what he says about John Terry can bring a tear to your eye.
  9. Official: Eden Hazard Joins Real Madrid

    Best player we have, we should now build a team around him and play to his strengths. It is now about what is good for CFC not petty politics or personal vendettas.
  10. I have been employed in positions of responsibility that took intellect and reasoning, I am now retired so I am at the age where I've even learned some wisdom. So yesterday I was trying to rationalize all that was happening at Chelsea and coming again and again to the conclusion "could things get any worse". Then I had a revelation and that was "Fcuk it, I'm Chelsea what ever you want to throw at me I will still be Chelsea." So bring it all on Press, Pundits, Politicians have your go I am now holding my head up high. The intrigue, infighting and Machiavellian plots that that can match anything from history I love and embrace it all.