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  1. City are not ******* around . 42 mil for Silva sounds bargain to me. Their attack is going to be best in the league easily .
  2. So people saying he did it on purpose were right after all.
  3. Cesc and costa has been noticeably poor.
  4. Conte celebrating like a fan..incredible
  5. Can't understand what Conte is waiting for. We have been dreadful and our passing is awful.
  6. I would also bring Cesc on Forbes Pedro
  7. Very poor in final third . Hazard and costa should be scoring those .
  8. Wow such high praise . Reading this I want Tammy to stay with us.
  9. That would give us some hope considering his current form
  10. What the hell captain is doing there ??
  11. ****ing ridiculous . From a foul throw
  12. Changing your back theee on top of goalkeeper was not a good idea at all. I can't understand Zouma ahead of Ake at all.
  13. Alonso replaced by Zouma. I would have thought Ake would be natural replacement .
  14. Uh oh .. Alonso injured in warm up ?? Hope not .
  15. That's what I was thinking too. This game and scenario is ideal for Mourinho.