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  1. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    I’ve said it before and will say it again- midfield 3 of Kante Jorginho and Kovacic is too defensive.
  2. Chelsea 0 Everton 0

    Barkley has been awful
  3. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    See I get what you are talking about and I hope he is convinced that he sees his future with us. But if we are not going to play him in some low key matches then it will be hard to get convinced. Also consider Sancho example.
  4. BATE Borisov 0 Chelsea 1

    Whatever you makes sense but CHO will be looking at like of Sancho and how they are doing. With contract set to expire next summer, we have to give him some play time to make sure he signs new contract .
  5. Eden Hazard

    Very honest and open interview from Eden. Refreshing to see. One thing to worry about is he said he is not yet approached for new contract. Hard to understand what the club waiting for. I think signing Eden to a new contract should a top most priority for the club.
  6. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    I don’t understand how Willian keeps starting
  7. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    Hazard and luck.. nothing else matters
  8. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    Luck in our side yet again .
  9. Southampton 0 Chelsea 3

    Not feeling positive about this game . We do well after European game. Hopefully it will be different this time .
  10. Chelsea 1 MOL Vidi 0

    Hazard on bench and Willian starting. Can’t believe considering how much Willian had played recently. CHO not even considered against nobody. I don’t see him staying with us, or any other talented youngsters for that matter .
  11. Eden Hazard

    Just give him whatever he wants and make him sign a new contract .
  12. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Fuming right now. Moses and Barkley awful. Can’t understand why Sarri keeps picking Moses. Guy is useles and doesn’t provide anything unless he plays defense.
  13. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    ****ing Barkley giving away balm there without any pressure
  14. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    What’s the point of Moses? Odoi can’t be worse than him surely.
  15. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1

    Giroud has been useless this match