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  1. Another unwanted import to push Tammy down the pecking order :0(
  2. Ashley Cole anyone :0)
  3. Not so sure if he's worth XXmillion transfer fee plus +110k per week he will want for wages. SWP MkII written all over it If he signs, I am off to the nearest bookie to have a punt on him being loaned out next season :0)
  4. He chose the Arse over the club when he left Southampton Enough Said
  5. Personally I think it's written in the new sky contract with the PL that clubs moss do the majority of there transfers on the last day of the window. So sky news can have all there staff scattered the length and breadth of the country waiting for that exclusive. This year will be PPV
  6. That's not an issue at the moment.
  7. Club has been burned too many times with extending managers contracts and firing them 6 month later. Hence no extension only a payrise.
  8. Que: DWMH
  9. James why do we want a chity reject. Also if aubameyang wants Italy let him go there. Want players who play for the shirt not a mercenaries who don't have anywhere else to go.
  10. Jim White exclusive on Talksport. In Chelsea’s continuing search to replace Costa, the club are promoting Fran Kirby to the senior squad for the tour of the far east
  11. James – have you been with those rocking horse people eating marshmallow pies again?
  12. Jose has left the building – Move On
  13. Conte?
  14. Is Bakayoko old enough for you?
  15. Conte has not conducted an interview since his return