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  1. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 2

    Doubt it. Thought in the first few games Pedro was outstanding and set the bar for the new comers in regards of professionalism, desire and commitment
  2. Chelsea 0 Valencia 1

    Feel the same. The truth is he is overrated. Hopefully Frank keeps him doing enough for Selection by Gareth and cash in on him next summer. England player in his prime. 30-40m written all over it.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    I start with taking a look at the GK coaching set up at the club. Might be a job for the clubs new technical advisor?
  4. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Talking of AVB I did not realise the mighty Poch has only acummulated more Points and Wins in 2 of 5 seasons than AVB in his 1st season at the club. Also poch record doesent fair to good againt the AVB / Tim "I am the best thing since slice bread" Sherwood season with regard to number of PL wins in a season.
  5. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    Wee Brendan will be more than happy being king of the castle at Leicester which is his level. I like him a lot however his time at the bin dippers proved he's a bottler "along with Steve G" in the coming week the likes of Kante, Rudiger, CHO, Reece, RLC will be match fit and William may get rid of that big chip sitting on his shoulder, and take stock then.
  6. Tiemoue Bakayako

    Hopefully, he will play enough games for next summers window, when the club can cut their losses. I assume the club still get a fee for the loan?
  7. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 2

    comedy season is upon us
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    If he delivers the holy grail then his bullying was worth it.
  9. Norwich City 2 Chelsea 3

    Cosmo Smallpiece
  10. Chelsea 1 Leicester 1

    You are right about pedro and minutes played. He’s been outstanding in those matches and acting like a role model on how to give 100% for the team to the new additions in the squad I doff my cap to him
  11. Liverpool 2 Chelsea FC 2 (Liverpool wins 5-4 Pens)

    Regardless The penalty itself was crap.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absolutely agree. I would give Zaha a wide berth. Already a proven failure at a big club and not sure what he would bring to the party. Also his attitude stinks especially in this last transfer window his latest attempts to force a move. Zaha is all about Zaha and I do not think our developing squad needs a person him.
  13. Official: David Luiz Joins Arsenal

    He was a senior member of the squad who the owner brought twice and with the clubs current situation, he must have done something for the owner to allow him to leave. remember SFL is only the head coach.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Mark take a moment think about things. the ban is a bummer, however it’s has stopped the club financing the likes of RM and Barca who have spunked money this window without being able to offload any of their rejects to us and they are all trading on thin ice with FFP in some people’s eyes next season might be tough, however integration of those who want to play for the badge rather than the money can only be a positive. There is enough tallent in the squad to remain in the top 4, to keep going on 2 or 3 fronts might be a tough ask. look at it this another way 1 down with 1 to go. Keep the faith. Regardless of what we may think of those upstairs at the club, those above do have a plan and it will come to fruition in the coming seasons.
  15. Season prediction

    There are a few senior pros in the squad who will bare the brunt of any unhappiness, if there are any wobbles.