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  1. Media / Press

    The latter. Mind you these are the same PR people who turned a blind eye when Gadaffi was buying half of London and sponsoring various uk institutions
  2. Conte, stay or go?

    for those who recorded the final, take a look at when the winners and losers medals were being handed out. You will notice that Marina was very friendly to some of the ex players and coaching staff on the opposition also to our players, however although Buck and conte has words and a hug, when Conte came to Marina look a both parties body language, lack of eye contact and the half hearted hand shake between them. There lies the real story of where the club is at this moment in time. I am really surprised some Journalist did not pick it up
  3. Media / Press

    Total Fabrication Roman is a business man who owns a football club which pays huge amounts of tax to Government along with all the players and staff it employs, He is also consideirng investing another 750million in a stadium which will employ several hundred construction staff for 3 -5 years. You will also know being in the visa industry that at this time of year the process of visa applications are slower due to demands. Especially when you have Royal wedding
  4. Media / Press

    More Media BS I doubt Roman has any visa problems, moreover it's the press trying to fill inches in there paper because they have no idea if Conte is going or if he does go who will replace him.