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  1. Chelsea vs Arsenal

    very cosmopolitan
  2. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Umm - over 200 appearances for the first team 2 x PL 2 x FA cups 1 x League Cup 1 X CL 1 x Europa Cup your right Cahill is w@nk. I feel sorry for all those team mates who have been carrying him for years and the dumb managers who pick him week in week out?
  3. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    He had his chance and blew it. Unfortunately the Monaco debacle is something which will always be a millstone around his neck when it come to Chelsea
  4. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    I you are not happy with the direction the club is going, you can always change allegiance
  5. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Looked Ok in the WC Damm - I must have been watching his twin over the past 5-6 years. Had a little wobble last season but recovered and made the WC squad, I suspect he already know his job is to bench warm until he calls it a day Going to be interesting to see if Luis is targeted by the Arse on Saturday
  6. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    It’s an opinion which is based on the club hiring a coach who has won zero in his career, and openly admits that his job is solely to coach the players given to him maybe times have changed and people and the board are happy just playing nice football and winning nothing Lets readdressed this question at the end of September
  7. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    At least I am consistent. BTW how many Hours do you spend on google to throw stats in someone’s face?
  8. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    Good old player power. How many managers is it now who’s have lost their job to player power Guess the yes man will be told who the elite starting 11 are. Dread to think of the repercussions should he dare start a game without the chosen few.
  9. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    So are you saying that we can expect to see a lot of square balls being played across the back line and how many team have the pressing defenders philosophy?
  10. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    And there was me thinking we had players like kante to protect the back four.
  11. Huddersfield 0 Chelsea 3

    Train wreck waiting to happen
  12. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Looked the part in a back 4 prior to his injury. Don’t think you can count his loan at Stoke because the whole team was sh@te.
  13. You could use that same question about the “yes man” coach?
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Correct. However he can finish and has not been given a run out to show what he can do. Tammy has looked a bit raw in pre-season and you will not get 20 goals between Morata and Giroud.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Don’t speak to soon The European market is still open for a couple of weeks.
  16. Official: Chelsea Sign Kepa Arrizabalaga

    its transfer deadline day will Jim white be wearing his yellow Kepa tie today? I'll get my coat
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    What, there has never been a better opportunity for Bats to claim his place in the starting 11 currently the options are a striker who cannot hit a barn door with a banjo. A 30+ one paced panic buy last winter and young Tammy who is not ready to lead the line. When was the last time you watched the team?
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Is it really 72 or should we subtract 35-40 for TC. making Kepa costing around the same money as Pickford last season If he is a gem then probably RM will come calling once they realise they brought a dud in TC especially if TC gets nutmeged in the Barca match.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    I would keep that statement until 17:01 on Thursday.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    OMG PC POLICE ALERT having met TC and me being the size and shape of a wheeble one looks upward to someone of his height and it was quite noticeable his nose is big Apologies if this playground humour offends you. I’ll get my coat.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    You are absolutely correct. However you need to come to the party and agree the bloke is a big nosed tw@t.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    57 varieties
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Matzinga gone to nantes loan /buy option DD recommendation bites the dust
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    When was the last time he did that? let him go to ManUre and take his overpriced restaurant with him.
  25. Chelsea 0 Manchester City 2

    No we have a yes man who is no better than the Sean Dyce of this world and has won sweet FA. Based on yesterday’s effort I think Hazzard & co will ask to leave. It’s going to be an interesting few days.