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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I’ve supported Chelsea since the 1990’s and for the first time I’m getting fed up. There is not stability at the club. It looks like 2 mangers in 2 years. Just as one manager comes in, gets used to the club, the league and the squad of players, there off. Bring in a new manager, start all over again. We NEED stability. Even if we finish 5th in the league, keep the manager and let them try and impose their philosophy onto the team. We get a new manager who will come in, they are immediately under pressure so won’t play the youth and play the older experienced players because the club demands instant success which is far fetched now a days! There’s ultimately 6 top teams challenging for 4 places. So every season, 2 big teams don’t get in the Champions League. In terms of transfers, part of me wouldn’t mind the ban because we’d have no choice but to turn to youth. Players like Reece James, CHO, Mount and Tammy have all proven they are good enough for first team football. Yes they did it in the Championship but they need to be given an opportunity. Otherwise they will leave. And we will try and sign them in a few years for a far inflated fee.
  2. Eden Hazard

    All this talk about what impact Hazard may have, who knows, it could be the 7 million Marko Marin that grabs the headlines?
  3. Eden Hazard

    The thing is, I do worry...RDM favoured him ever since he took temp charge and if he gets the job and encourages the board to offer Kalou a new deal, I would be deverstated.
  4. Eden Hazard

    Hazard is the PERFECT player for us. Just what we have missed since Robben/Duff. Its been years since we have had a player capable of beating players with pace. I'm just praying we let Kalou go because he has done nothing but frustrate since he came and has never looked anywhere near the quality of player good enough to start.
  5. Eden Hazard

    Lets be honest now, he wont be joining us. Its going to be either Manchester (United/City). He is probably the best young talent in Europe and is going to want to play Champions League football, not Europa League.
  6. New Kits

    Beautiful kit but then you stumble upon the price....£50. Absolutley disgusting! We have 3 new kits every season and if you buy all 3 thats £150 a season, let alone those who buy Season tickets and Memberships or even just match day tickets! Where will it end!
  7. I think a good pre season and a break from an international comp in the summer will set Torres up nicely for the season.
  8. Yet again we start with Torres on the bench. What a joke. How the hell can we expect to see his confidence improve when one minute he is in the team, the next game, on the bench and so on. I also dont accept Carlo's reason that he started on Tuesday...Malouda started and does today.
  9. New Kits

    After reading the official club website, it looks as if the players kit will be skin tight as it is using the TechFit 'technology' and it says that us the fans will only be able to get the ClimaCool version.
  10. New Kits

    The kit isn't skin tight. Drogba is probably wearing a shirt one or two sizes too small for him. When people were discussing red being on the new one I wasnt keen but looking at it....I think its the best one in years. Love the lion on the socks!
  11. New Kits

    WOW!!! That home top is amazing! I would go as far as to say I dispise the one further down with the red on!
  12. New Kits

    I really hope it doesnt look like that retro shirt that is being mentioned. On a persoanl note (and to be honest I think I'm in a minority here) but I really like Frances new kit and I like the skin tight look.
  13. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Well done Chelsea youth. 2nd final in 3 years.
  14. Michael Essien

    How accurate is that site?
  15. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    Mills is 16. But for a 16 year old he is a beast. He looks to have the right attributes for a top centre back. The most impressive thing about him was his composure. He looked calm and confident on the ball. The most disapointing player for me had to be Sala. Greedy and rarely an end product. But overall, for such a young team, they showed some good signs of potential.