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  1. At long last! Common sense has prevailed!! For a moment I thought the big wigs at CFC were actually going to wait till the end of the season...., when we get booted into the lower divisions, before they did something about the problem facing the club. I Mean, if it can happen to Leeds it can happen to us. Now I can put my dancing shoes on and join the little Munchkins on the yellow brick road. NOW, I hope, we can begin to get our club on the forward footing without any emotional or psychological bearings weighing us down. I Posted posts after the medical doctors' debacle, that this action by Mourinho would only lead to disaster. "Get rid of the Man", I said. But I was told to stop smoking whatever it was I was smoking. Eleven games later...., look where we are. After Monday's 'showing' at Leicester, I had a feeling common sense will prevail. It was becoming a joke watching the Blues. The only person to blame is Mourinho no one else. I don't want to waste time bleating about what he did and didn't do. Let's move on! I'm sure Mourinho will do the same, some day, a tad more humble, I hope. As for a new manager, any decent manager will see us through to the end of the season, that's if the damage isn't too bad, but it wouldn't have been Mr Mourinho.
  2. Yes! I Just got back, what have I missed? WHAT??!!! Mourinho's still our manager?!! Oh dear....relegation awaits! If you don't mind me asking. How the HECK are we meant to do well in the CL if we are struggling to beat teams battling to get out of the relegation zone. On our premiership performances so far, it would be totally silly if we even get near the knock out stages. If we had got rid of Mourinho when we should have, Brendan will still be at Liverpool and we would have a new manager. Go figure.
  3. "Nominative determinism"!!! Just in case you have forgotten, it's only football. And who gave you the right to an opinion? You've got yours and I've got mine. If you think what I'm saying is 'BS', then leave Mourinho where he is and then watch as this club of ours struggles to make the top half of the table. You claim to be a supporter but it seems you are CLUELESS when it comes to the game. Your team just got 'HAMMERED' 3-1 by Southampton at SB. NONSENSE!!?? It's only just begun. Don't worry all that FOG will clear away one of these days. I Hope.
  4. Have I fallen down a rabbit hole? How the heck can this clown, Mourinho, be cleared by the FA? The fact they even wasted time employing a lip reader alone was hilarious enough. Didn't they watch the post match interview? The Man 'confessed' his sins on air. If I was Eva I would have poured a bottle of water over him. Mourinho's attitude on that particular day was just WRONG!! Forget about the technicalities of what happened to Hazard, "we would have been down to 9 men", is no excuse to be disrespectful and rude, how many men did we have on the pitch when Bradford caned us 4-2 last season? And as I WILL continue to keep on saying, as daft as some of you might think it is, it's this incident that will see the misfortunes of Chelsea FC as we know it. Mourinho will 'toodle' off to 'sunnier climes', why we will be left to feel the pain. Why did the Chelsea board side him on this particular issue? Forget about the football, it's this particular case that will shake our club to it's foundations. I just hope it won't create long lasting damage.
  5. Oh yes!! Do not say I did not warn you. 'Meaningless Ramblings' my posts may be, but I see what others don't, and what I see is what I see. My crystal ball never lies and what I see in it is nothing but DOOM for the Chelsea FC as long as we have Mourinho as manager, his stint as 'The Special One ' has expired, he's now running on borrowed time. You Guys can discuss the 'technicalities' of, what player needs playing or why certain players were not bought to bolster the 'poor' squad we've got, which I personally find outrageous. I Mean any manager worth his salt will kill to have a squad like ours. And to top off the list of absurdity, some 'fans'(I won't name them) have the temerity to actually spend time attempting to blame our lovely team doctor, Eva, who has bought us shed loads of GOOD LUCK instead of our strange behaving manager who seems to be getting stranger every week. Just to remind you, what was it he said about Arsene Wengers' lack of trophies in 7 years? If Mourinho stays, he can buy ALL the top players in Europe, and I can guarantee you now, in 7 years we won't win ANYTHING! A word is enough for the wise. It's time we bade Mourinho farewell. I Just hope Roman reads my posts.
  6. Let's get straight to the point. Mourinho needs to go. He's brought this upon himself, how he expects to win anything after his daft and disrespectful antics, past and recently, is beyond me. It's a bit too late for eating humble pie right now, the damage is already done. And as I have stated in my recent posts, Mourinho has heaped a massive truck load of BAD LUCK on our club, destroying the good work he had done in one swoop. It's alright to pick on members of your own profession, but when you think you can pick on members of a different profession, then you are just asking for trouble, and believe me, you will get it. Maybe Mourinho thinks winning the premiership makes him a medical expert, the real medical experts will beg to differ on that one. And if he thinks for one single minute that the reason why he keeps winning things is solely down to his management skills, then more fool him. Can we please stop talking about buying players or blaming the ones we've already got until Jose Mourinho steps down as the manager of CHELSEA FC. The Damage is already DONE!!!
  7. I mean, we BLUES fans shouldn't walk into a dark tunnel with our eyes closed. What's happening this season is something we need to take SERIOUSLY!! Any time the pressure is on with Mourinho, especially at the beginning of the season, CHELSEA never does well. I am sure we can all remember what happened the last time this happened? The Only difference is this time he's blaming the MEDICAL STAFF!!! I Mean, how ridiculous is that?? Did anyone watch the APPALLING performance against Swansea? Just in case we do give Man City a THUMPING on Sunday, I wouldn't let that cover the massive cracks in Morinho's psychology at this point in time. Only God knows what will happen if we fail to win on Sunday. His constant disrespect for other managers, officials and professionals will be the END of his managerial star. When you're frustrated, do not pick on the SMALL guys, the strangest thing is, the team Doctor, Eve, is actually a BIG guy in this setup, and she was actually doing her job. His team was woeful last week. Mr Morinho, BLAME THEM!!! BLUES FANS, piece of advice, DO NOT......get excited about our hopes this season. I feel an ill wind-a-blowing Stamford Bridge way.