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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    And then on cue, injured.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Absurd tonight. Two half chances, ping. Net bulges.
  3. Real Madrid vs Chelsea

    I think this is a post we can all get behind.
  4. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    Ditto. I have improved with age, but the Mrs still knows to check the score and give the appropriate distance where necessary.
  5. Fouled 11 times. A CL record. Perhaps if he had only been fouled 3 or 4 times, the 7 or 8 other times he had dribbled past his opponents would have led to more shots and chances. Not his fault the ref took too long to get his cards out.
  6. Premier League Run In - 2020/21

    To be honest, the bigger games take care of themselves. It is the games against the poorer teams where we have struggled recently. Not sure it is horrific, City apart. Although they could be champions by the time we play them with an eye on the CL semi / final. If I was Pep and I was already champions, I wouldn't be risking a single key player in a league game. Arsenal and Leicester both at home, and both very beatable.
  7. Champions League 2020/21

    Been wanting to see us play Real for years.... It finally happens and we can't go!!!!
  8. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    To be honest, I was not sure. Mendy, Rudiger, James, Kante, Jorginho, Havertz, Mount all haven't. so it must be Silva, Azpi, Chilwell and Pulisic. Yes, Pulisic and Chilwell had both made sub appearances in the CL QF. So only 2, Silva and Azpi had started a CL QF from our starting XI yesterday (ignoring leg 1)
  9. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    Yes 7 of our starting XI yesterday had never previously played in a CL QF (before last week)
  10. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    I guess the easy answer is because it is Man City and a semi-final, not Luton or Barnsley etc. Not that I disagree with your suggestion(s). I'd play Gilmour for sure. Am fairly certain they will rest players, particularly if they get through later today
  11. Chelsea vs Manchester City

    Kovacic is ruled out of this one, and with doubts over Kante's fitness, it will be interesting to see what TT does in midfield. Do you risk NK again, when we have a stack of games coming up in a short space of time, or do you throw Billy in, who hasn't played since.........Sheff utd? Or you play someone else there. Dunno.
  12. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    When you are 2-0 up, you don't need to worry about creating. We didn't commit men forward most of the time. It would have been foolish to do so.
  13. Chelsea 0 Porto 1 (2 - 1 on aggregate)

    you say that, but how many shots on target did we concede? the onus was on them to do something. they didn't edit - they had 2 shots on target all night, with one obviously being the goal in the 93rd minute. This was from a team who needed to score twice to stand any chance.
  14. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Napoli home game....... Unbelievable Jeff. Even more so because of what happened thereafter.
  15. Which isn't right. Once the referee deems a particularly player is systematically fouled, the referee should book whoever does the next's in the laws