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  1. wouldn't disagree with that. Pedro and Willian to come on in the second half to wreak havoc. Couple of years ago, Jose did a similar thing at Stoke, playing Matic and Mikel with Fab in the 10.
  2. Whether you think that penalty was "soft" or not, we were already 2-0 up and battering Sunderland This came 2 weeks after a meek home defeat to Bournemouth.
  3. Why, what have you read that is laughable? not seen anything?
  4. If we are going to avoid making tackles in a bid to not concede free kicks, we will concede more from open play.
  5. There wasn't. Not a stoppage that warrants additional time at any rate. A regular free kick with no talking to, or booking doesn't result in added time. If you added 30 seconds for every free kick, the game would take forever.
  6. Incidentally, one would assume that Batshuyai wont be here next season, Llorente would be a great squad option IMO.
  7. The ball went in on 46:28 seconds. The half time whistle should have been blown about 28 seconds earlier.
  8. Agreed 100% That doesn't mean that because we so strong from open play, that makes us bad from set pieces
  9. When was the last one? The Burnley free kick was slightly different as it was an incredible hit rather than anyone being at fault. Before that? Arsenal, no, Liverpool, no, Leicester, no, Spurs no Edit - 5 goals conceded from set pieces. Only 4 teams have conceded fewer.
  10. A bit like calling last orders!
  11. BTW, their equaliser...... 1. Never a foul, but as a mistake, that wasn't a howler and could be forgiven but.... 2. It was miles over the allotted time I can excuse referees for getting free kicks for fouls incorrect. the game is so fast and sometimes it is hard to tell what happened even after 5 replays, but when all you have to do is read your watch, there is no excuse. Before someone says, "injury time is a minimum of whatever is shown", the referees are supposed to blow up after that allotted extra UNLESS there has been a stoppage in that injury time. They use the term "minimum" to allow for the case that a player gets injured, or for any other stoppage during the time given. If none, (there wasn't) the whistle should be blown at the end of the added minute / 2 minutes, whatever. Why are they never brought to account? The same happened to us last year at home to Liverpool.
  12. Or call one stand the "Cech, Terry, Lampard, Drogba, Zola stand" Some Comedy value if nothing else! Edit - would be amazed if Roman took any limelight by putting his name to anything. He is hardly indulgent when it comes to media spotlight. always looks like slightly awkward and embarrassed whenever the camera is on him
  13. Which it makes it sound like Kante carries the team, which of course, he doesn't. Luiz, Azpilicueta, Hazard, Pedro, Costa have all had brilliant seasons. Costa has now scored in 15 separate matches, which is a great achievement.
  14. Azpilicueta could mark tightly, time his jumps to perfection, and still struggle to deal with Caroll due to the height differential
  15. Which is why I would choose Zouma. Massive!