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  1. If Spurs drop points tonight, the champagne is on ice. If we also win at Everton I think that will be it. Our 4 games after this one leave little to worry about
  2. Back to the game itself, again we get the usual drivel in the MDF whilst the game is going on. Every goal conceded and we are sh*t, useless bottlers, and every goal we score, we are amazing. that is the danger of putting written word down when emotions are high. If we sit back and have a sensible look at it, a home win against a top half team 3 days after an energy sapping semi final is a brilliant result. Full stop. Yes, we didn't play brilliantly, particularly at the back, but we were playing a team who had 10 days rest, whilst Dave, Luiz, Alonso, Moses, Kante, Matic all started again having played a full 90 on Saturday. Wins like this win you titles. Let's see how the Spuds react tonight.
  3. Of course he was in a slump. The bigger problem was that we have nobody that Conte trusts to take his place. When Didier was at his best, he was kept on his toes by Crespo, Gudjohnsen, Anelka.....Torres, Shevchenko (alright clutching!) All players need competition to get the best out of them - reduces complacency.
  4. JFH one game quicker but a fair few if those would have been penalties.
  5. I lost count against Crystal Palace how many times the ball went across their 6 yard box only for nobody to tap it in. Tammy would be a great option IMO
  6. A nice, boring 2-0 win would do nicely.
  7. Either way, it is not a disaster. My personal favourite defender of all time was Cannavaro, who stood at 5'9
  8. Exactly the kind of centre forward we have been missing IMO
  9. Who? Ake is 6 foot, ditto Luiz, Cahill, Christiensen, Zouma, Alonso. Conceding headed goals generally hasnt been much of a problem, and even the ones we have conceded tended to have been free headers down to poor marking rather than players being out jumped
  10. "Best" is a difficult word to define......I would say he has been the most important in respect of our turnaround in fortunes. He is exactly what we missed in midfield last season
  11. Do you enjoy watching Chelsea? Incredible that the chokers won against a team that don't choke (7 straight semi final defeats and they aren't chokers?) Well........hope you enjoyed it Abysmal goalkeeping. You corrected yourself later on - fair play Good foresight. They bring on N'koudou, we bring on Hazard Not really. Ericson was far deeper and was an incredible assist. They scored 2 excellent goals IMO and apart from that, didn't have a shot for Courtois to save. Sometimes conceding a goal doesn't mean you have done a lot wrong.
  12. I don't disagree with a lot of this. For whatever reason though Conte doesn't feel certain fringe players are up to it, so we have a small squad of players he trusts. I also don't think anyone seriously expected us to be competing for the title either. The fact we suddenly found ourselves top halfway through has meant in a funny he has had less freedom. Got to keep winning to stay on top. I also think Conte initially wanted a back 4, so for left back we had Alonso and Dave, for right back, Ivanovic and Dave, and then possibly Aina. Centre backs Luiz, JT, Zouma, Cahill. With this in mind, maybe Ake and Kenedy were deemed surplus to requirements and sent on loan.
  13. I have lost all sense of what you are talking about.
  14. Why wouldn't you be wearing your wedding ring all the time, then? Translated, why not wear the coat with the United badge on it every game.
  15. We are. Even if Conte trusted Batshuyai, we have 5 players for the front 3, which is 1, possibly 2 short We only have one left wing back and one right wing back (unless we use Pedro there and then that leaves only 4 players for our front 3)