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  1. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Can you imagine the collective media hard-on had VVD scored that Tomori goal?
  2. Olivier Giroud

    Dembele is no better than Abraham. Basically has scored 1 in 2 in two p*ss poor divisions, the SPL and Ligue 1. Abraham scored at a better rate in a far more competitive division, and is 2 years younger. He is now scoring a better rate in arguably the toughest division there is.
  3. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    So you think newcastle will score 3 times from set pieces? I admit it is a danger, and our track record this year isn't good, but to concede 3 in one game from set pieces against a poor team would take some doing, even for us.
  4. Olivier Giroud

    I don't think he is off, but I can understand why he doesn't necessarily fit into the way SFL wants to play
  5. Olivier Giroud

    I don't think it is that odd. Frank likes his teams to press. Giroud, for all of his strengths, can't really run.
  6. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Bit of an exaggeration.They have managed 5 all season and have played against other teams with poor defences.
  7. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    yeah, out. talk he would play in the U23s
  8. Chelsea vs Newcastle

    Rudi is out. Emerson out. Kante, christensen and Kovacic all TBC. I am expecting Kepa, Dave, Tomori, Zouma, Alonso, Jorginho, Barkley, Mount, CHO, Willian, Abraham.
  9. I'm not sure we can blame the international break..........our players generally are getting injured FAR more frquently than under previous management. I don't know what has changed behind the scenes, or whether they are training too much / not enough.........I don't know what it is but it is getting beyond a coincidence / run of bad luck now.
  10. 2 lovely goals....... fully expect he starts Saturday
  11. Media / Press

    Rice has been hyped beyond belief. Ordinary player, but the media love to make out like Chelsea were fools for letting him go. If United want to pay £60m+ for him, I will laugh my tits off. Maguire isn't all that either BTW, not at the top,elite level, which is what they paid for.
  12. New Stadium Plans

    I sit in the East Upper......will have a look at the Newcastle game
  13. New Stadium Plans

    It does. I also think if you remove one brick, that constitutes as "starting the work" so you can effectively nullify the deadline
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    He's only 2 1/2 years younger than Emerson, who I was really impressed with pre injury. Since then Alonso has really upped his game too. but we're saying the same thing - other areas to focus on
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    the rumours suggest Chilwell will cost anywhere between £50m and £70m.......if we spend that on a fairly unproven left back, when we have two more-than-capable alternatives, then we are certifiable. I am not sure he is even any better than the two we have.