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  1. Apart from the way they look, I dont see that many similarities. Makelele used to patrol the area in front of the back 4, making crucial tackles and interceptions. Was a brilliant ball player too. Would take passes in horribly difficult positions, control, turn, lay it off. Kante is much more of a hunter of the ball, and far more suited to the 2 in CM, rather than Maka who played behind a 2.When Kante played behind 2 CM at the start of the season, I thought he was pretty average as the best bit about his game, the hunting, was being very limited. both great players, but very, very different.
  2. Wonder if our 30 strong loan team is going to be significantly trimmed next season A few calls will be made on some like Christiensen and Traore who they may feel another loan is pointless so it will be sell or keep time.
  3. I can only recall Alonso taking 5 free kicks at goal. One went in, 3 hit woodwork and one went gently into the GK's arms. He should be taking far more, I agree
  4. They finished 18 points behind us. They have virtually no centre backs available. The only player they have who would get in our team is Sanchez. Take care of him and the game is a breeze.
  5. So, since buying anyone we have moved on: Oscar, Cuadrado, Atsu, Ivanovic, Mikel, and JT The last 3 may not have brought in a fee but a collective amount of wage off the bill If we can pad out the squad with some of the likes of Ake, Christiensen, Chalobah, Baker, possibly Abraham, that leaves whatever funds we have to go big on 2 or 3 players in key areas.
  6. Not hugely surprising TBH. Probably sensible.
  7. I have a sneaky suspicion he will retire, but have no basis for that other than a gut feel.
  8. Are you? It's JT. People were always going to go mad, whatever he did. When Drogba got carried off (that was cringe worthy) 2 years ago, nobody said a thing. It really is a case of "nothing to see here". It was a dead rubber game, and the Chelsea fans wanted a send off like that, much like JT did. **** everyone else if they didn't like it. We did. He did. KTBFFH
  9. We had a Gerrard w@nkfest for about a month when he retired. JT gets subbed and applauded off and the media are up in arms
  10. Really? Oscar and Ramires sole for £85m combined. Luiz sold for 50m then bought back for 30m. Courtois bought for 7m, Azpilicueta bought for 7m, Kante for 32m (ridiculous fee in current market)........despair because we have broken even on one player? Get a grip
  11. I think this every year. They won 6 out of 6 at the start. How the squad finished so far behind us is unreal.
  12. 5 years ago today! The greatest weekend of my life. Remember it like it was yesterday Happy Munich Day everyone
  13. Good point. Imagine trying to sign a 24 year old version of any of those........ If Stones is worth £50m (he isn't).........
  14. Veratti would be the dream CM signing IMO. Alongside Kante would be great in the big games.