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  1. Ok, agree with the last bit, but an example of what I am talking about.... Lukaku scored the 3rd and 4th goals in a 4-0 home win versus Hull last week. Those goals are really nothing more than window dressing, but boost his numbers. Costa's contribution this season, particularly earlier on: Winners in close games versus WH, Watford, Palace, WBA, Boro, WH (again), 2 in the draw with Swansea, equaliser at Man City, opening goals home to Hull and Leicester A striker who regularly scores winners / important goals is in my opinion a better goalscorer than one who bags lots when the team is thrashing their opponent. I don't have Lukaku's stats to hand but I would hazard a guess his goals for Everton (albeit more of them) haven't directly contributed to as many points as Costa's By the way, I am a fan of Lukaku but I can understand those who question that because he has scored more than Costa that makes him a better goalscorer or indeed the right fit for our team.
  2. You think Hazard saying "I am staying" will squash the rumours? Ok......... Let's see if there are any more Neymar rumours this summer. I expect there might be.
  3. Think you missed the point. Lukaku does plunder a lot of goals in games that Everton win comfortably which boosts his numbers. Costa scores consistently and when we need it most, which is why we are flying high. To explain the point, Costa has scored in more matches than Lukaku, albeit has less hat tricks and doubles. On a different topic, I don't buy the argument that Lukaku will automatically score more goals by playing in a better team. As pointed out previously, how many teams play for a draw against Everton, compared to approx 2/3 (possibly more) of our league games.
  4. ? I don't follow that. Ronaldo was entering his peak when he was sold in 2009, aged 24 and had won everything there was to win at United. Hazard, albeit 2 years older, is in a very similar position, apart from no CL medal. The player he is now.??.....he isn't better now, aged 32. Current best and most valuable PL player - tick, tick. The situations are remarkably similar and like it or not, if Real flex their muscle and Hazard wants to go, I fail to see us being able to do anything other than negotiate the best deal we can. For avoidance of doubt, I hope we do all we can to keep him, and I am in no way advocating his sale. I am also not convinced the stories have any substance other than it is an obvious link to conjur up. Ronaldo is 32 and needs replacing soon. Who out there is available who could do that........
  5. The trouble with that is you end up with unhappy, under performing player who then walks for nothing. IF Hazard wants to go to Real Madrid and they are prepared to pay a world record for him, then I don't see any other outcome but him going. Of course I don't want him to go, and the story is most likely bullsh*t, but not many players turn down Real Madrid given the opportunity.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo says hello
  7. It will be interesting to see what Conte does if (God willing) we wrap up the league with 3 or 4 games to spare. I never understood why, in 2015, Jose continued to pick the same players who had played most of the fixtures in the remaining 3 games after the league was won. If we win the league in late April, I would tell Hazard, Costa, and Luiz to go and sit on the beach. Edit - my team for the run in (dead games) would look like a league cup tie. Bego, Zouma, JT, Ake, Kenedy, Moses / Aina, Chalobah, Matic / Fabregas, RLC, Willian, Batshuyai.......
  8. Lukaku. Their respective careers are chalk and cheese so far. If those two left and we got Sanchez and Lukaku, plus some spare change, then that would help heal the wounds.
  9. I remember when we played Palace at home last year, their defenders dealt with Costa by fouling him and being allowed to. On MOTD, Keown showed a handful of clips to illustrate how well the Palace defenders had done, and almost all of them were fouls. In the away game, Delaney booted Costa from behind and got booked after about 15 minutes, after which Costa had him on toast.
  10. Yes. I wouldn't say he is particularly poor or strong in the air, but someone of his height adds far more value defending set pieces than a Kante or Fabregas.
  11. Yup, don't think anyone has been 10 clear in April and managed to screw it up
  12. Has a team ever been 10 points clear in April and not won it? I would doubt it
  13. Can we all get along? 10 points clear, we're having a laugh!
  14. Whoever does get Bakayoko, there must be a song to the tune of Going Loco down in Acapulco to be had.
  15. 10 games to go, 6 of which are at home.........would take some losing from here. League and Cup double - that will do nicely, although the FA Cup will be far from easy with Spurs and probably City the next two opponents.