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  1. In response to the bolded bits 1. It is one, not two defenders 2. re Lukaku - well it is down to the alternatives. There aren't many strikers available,which drives the price up 3. Current economic climate is irrelevant. The current football economic climate is booming and prices are soaring 4. Every circumstance different but none of those listed inherited a squad that finished 10th 5. Plus not being in Europe
  2. Well if Liverpool hadn't have had standing in the first place, we wouldn't be having this discussion Makes sense that everyone else can go back to it
  3. Arguably the best in the world in his position. But yes, an extortionate amount for someone who will have no resale value.
  4. There is often smoke without fire. It's called agents.
  5. If we spend 30m on Dembele and loan out Abraham to Swansea, I will lose my sh*t.
  6. Would agree with that. The other players we are linked with cost a lot and are marginal upgrades at best. A back 3 of Luiz, Bonucci, Azpilicueta (in that order) would be phenomenal.
  7. Is he much better than Zouma?
  8. I doubt Conte has any issues about Kante's ability to play CL football.
  9. I am not sure who dioff is but there you go. Hector was never signed with the intention of being a first team player, so not sure why that's an issue. Rahman, well I am not sure there is much evidence either way apart from the fact he struggled. Had he turned up trees, I doubt anyone would suggest he was a club signing. Either way, there have been plenty of "club" signings that have been fantastic.
  10. So, nothing then.
  11. where would you see Barkley playing in our formation? I don't see a natural fit.
  12. Can you explain then why Pedro played there a few times this season then?
  13. To whom?
  14. Barkley to me is a big time Charlie. Not sure where he would fit in our system either. As pointed out, similar to RLC in that respect. Wouldn't have the tactical nous to play in the 2, and not good enough in the final 3rd to play in the inside forward roles. Based on?