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  1. ?? Then what is Bakayoko? Unless your definition of "such" is "Portuguese"
  2. Doesn't mean we are not "big" even if United are still bigger
  3. Go abroad and ask them about Chelsea. That is your answer.
  4. Yes, they are. But the gap is a lot smaller now than it has ever been I think that comes down to the fact you are an old school fan who us used to us being "small" for a long, long time. To say we are not a big club now, with our recent success on and off the pitch is a throw back to small team mentality. However you question or quantify those numbers, we are a huge, global club now. When we play in Asia, Australasia and the USA, the fans are queuing up to see us. That is before you consider that our stadium here is sold out every game and getting tickets for away games is nothing short of painful due to the demand.
  5. he won't be first choice this season after Bakayokos arrival. clearly not in Contes plans, just interesting where he ends up
  6. Goal machine! Will be seriously p8ssed off if he gets shunted out on loan. Deserves a chance.
  7. and so it continues....
  8. Always? How many times in the last 20 years have we bought a striker over 30? Can think of eto'o and..... Drogba II
  9. Top player? Ha ha. What is this, April 1st?
  10. Depends on the steepness of the ramp, I would guess.
  11. Along with the 6.3m* other Italians living in London * this is an exaggeration, although this is it how it seems sometimes!
  12. Ambrosetti, Panucci, Balotelli, Maccarone, Silenzi, Borini, Grabbi, Diamanti.........plenty of bad Italian signings too. I am not sure, 1 goal in 10 games Casiraghi a success either.
  13. On point 1, surely it is only criminal if they are good enough. Moreover, Aina, RLC and Abraham are only loan, and all three of them probably need to be. Moreover, moreover, I don't see a role for Aina or RLC in the current formation. The same could be said of Baker. Solanke was slightly different as he and the club were obviously at loggerheads over a contract, and I think they decided that Abraham was the horse to back. Ake, I agree. Sad he has gone but I guess he wanted to play regularly. Lampard and Toure were bought earlier in their career though and were not new to the PL aged 29/30. Daft comparison, especially with Lampard. There are also no guarantees that just because these 2 did play at a high level into their early 30s that Vidal and Niangolan will too No. Big time Charlie, and poor far too often.
  14. Well quite! Predict everyone is being sold and link us with everyone and claim the exclusive when one is right.
  15. Why would Chelsea care what name is on his shirt at future clubs? Bizarre