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  1. Summed up well by Football365. I don't understand those who are sympathising with Costa. He has been angling for a move since the end of his first season, then after being told he can go, he's thrown a strop about it. Mediawatch expects to reiterate this point on a few more occasions this summer, but Costa’s teammates can avoid the ‘worry’ about being ‘placed in a similar situation’ by following these simple steps… 1) Start by not telling your new manager on his first day that you want to leave the club on his first day in charge: “On Conte’s first day, I told him that I wanted to join Atlético and he was upset with me and didn’t even look at me. Luckily, I started to score goals.” 2) Next, don’t try and blatantly engineer a move throughout that first summer. “I did all that I could to return but it didn’t happen. When Atlético had to wait for me, they didn’t wait.” 3) After that, don’t then try and engineer a move away from the club again in January. 4) When that move fails to materialise, don’t have a blazing row with the manager in training. 5) Having been told that you are no longer wanted at the club at the end of the season, having spent 18 months telling them you want to leave, don’t effectively go on strike and refuse to come back to England until your club agree to sell you to the one club you want to join, despite being under contract and Chelsea having no obligation to sell to a specific club. Particularly when that club is banned from registering players.
  2. nicely put.
  3. If your employer told you go to work in Russia, you could politely decline and take voluntary redundancy in accordance with your notice period. I presume you don't have a 5 year contract? No football club can force a player to sign for anyone. The player has to agree first.
  4. Do you have to repeat the same old stuff every day? Our inept have overseen 2 titles in 3 seasons. Boo f*cking hoo.
  5. This might sound bold but I don't think he will start another game for us this season, before being shipped out on loan, when we buy a later target man type centre forward to be back up to Morata
  6. yup. look forward to seeing him tear it up for Southampton or Everton next season, only for us to try and buy him back for 40m a couple of years later
  7. I think you said the same this time last year :-)
  8. CB is hardly a priority for us, IMO.
  9. Excellent read. Pretty glowing reference for JT bearing in mind some of the players Robben would have played with.
  10. Anyone know if he has a January recall clause? Shame. Hopefully he won't miss too much of the season, as often is the case with broken legs these days
  11. Thank you, Bob! I tried to make that point in the matchday thread. We could have had a full bench of seasoned pros available, but that wouldn't have prevented the referee sending off our captain after 12 minutes.
  12. FWIW, and please take this with however much salt you want........I heard that a Chelsea fan ran into Bruce Buck on Saturday evening not far from the ground and questioned about the lack of signings / small squad etc.......his response, "we have got 5 deals almost done" (or words to that affect) I hope he means incoming!
  13. Didn't hear that. I thought Sergi Roberto was a left sided player. Happy to be corrected by someone who knows........ Edit - wikipedia suggests he plays on the right
  14. The Ox would be a great signing. Will believe it when it happens, but would be a big plus right now.
  15. I don't diagree with a word, but Conte was never going to make 3 changes after 15 minutes. Regardless of options, he must have hoped and expected the 10 he had on the field wouldn't be 3-0 down at HT.
  16. I understand the frustrations with the squad size, but realistically, it wouldnt make any difference if your bench is full of quality players and your captain gets sent off after 14 minutes, and your centre midfielder puts himself in jeopardy by firstly doing a silly, sarcastic clap at the referee, then doing a rah foul to bring us down to 9. The 10 we had on the field after the red card and substitution was a good 10, but we ended up 3-0 down. Yes we need players, but we could have a squad of 50, and if the selected players are that reckless on the field, we will still be screwed on a one off game basis. And the ref had it in for us from minute 1 BTW. I haven't seen it again, but from where I was Alonso got booked after 3 minutes for a clean tackle..........the fiasco that ensued was fairly predictable from there on in.
  17. You too? See you there Imperative we win this, otherwise it feel like Swansea at home in August 2015
  18. not you.
  19. Nope. Patronising tw@t Has Conte said anywhere that he wants to buy Barkley? No. Is there a thread of evidence anywhere that suggests Conte wants to buy him? What is the relevance of what Lampard said. Lampard thinks he is a talented player.........great.
  20. Can I ask what the correlation is between Lampard saying he is a good player, and Conte wanting to buy him?
  21. who have they bought?
  22. I see Super Frank is a free agent
  23. Remy?
  24. Presume no official confrmation on Bakayoko's availablity?
  25. So, the same XI from Sunday but with Rudiger in for Moses? Subs: Caballero, Christiensen, Morata...... Morris, Newton, Myers and Conte