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  1. Has a team ever been 10 points clear in April and not won it? I would doubt it
  2. Can we all get along? 10 points clear, we're having a laugh!
  3. Whoever does get Bakayoko, there must be a song to the tune of Going Loco down in Acapulco to be had.
  4. 10 games to go, 6 of which are at home.........would take some losing from here. League and Cup double - that will do nicely, although the FA Cup will be far from easy with Spurs and probably City the next two opponents.
  5. Vidal turns 30 in May, so not for me. The other 2 are top players, but will be hugely sought after and will cost a bomb.
  6. I think the point was most of our signings come from 2nd tier European clubs.......Marseille, Lillle, Shakthar, Benfica rather than Barca, RM, Bayern etc. I think that is true for most clubs as generally the top clubs dont sell their best players. that's not to say we haven't done business with Europe's top clubs, because we have.
  7. Guillaume Ballague (yes, I know) has reported we have agreed personal terms with Monaco's Bakayoko. Now need to agree a fee.
  8. Number of games played in the season before signing for Chelsea Felipe Luis 49 David Luiz 40 Pedro 50 Fabregas 55 Edit - not that you mentioned them being "regular" anyway. Previous quote was the top european clubs wont sell to us. Either way, 5 examples of first team regulars being sold to us are there for you.
  9. Well, they have.........and this is only recent past David Luiz Felipe Luis Diego Costa Pedro Fabregas
  10. That games was a perfect example of why people across the globe like watching the EPL, whilst at the same time,we are struggling in Europe (collectively). End to end, bags of mistakes, poor refereeing...... A viewers' dream. Either one of those sides would have been dismantled by a team who was more clinical. The Premier League is much like the X Factor - some talented people, odious judges (the FA), probably corrupt, and often hugely entertaining without producing top class performers.
  11. so only Liverpool have scored more in the first 30 minutes. to me, that doesn't suggest we start cautiously.
  12. Will be equally amazing if Conte can manufacture us to obtain a 0.64 of a point from somewhere. I wouldn't put it past him though.
  13. Ditto. Whilst on the topic of Luiz, I read someone suggest that if he was English and had a crew cut, he would be regarded by almost everyone as the best CB in the PL and one of the best in Europe. Agree with that entirely. He has been immense since coming back.
  14. here we go.......... We have scored a LOT of very early goals in matches this season. And we have been behind how many times? 4?
  15. You're 100% right, which is why English football and the National team will struggle to ever be at the same technical level of Spain, Italy, Germany etc. Technically good players are lost to the game due to being too small, and if anyone has the nerve to dribble past a defender, you get whacked for your trouble. Fairly certain that is what cost us Robben back in the day. Fed up of being kicked. Yes, it makes for a great "spectacle" and keeps games competitive, which is why the PL is the most interesting to watch, but at the highest level, we suffer. Can you imagine how many red cards Bardsley would get playing in La Liga. He would have a lot of time off. One day people will realise how good our results in Barca have been. The 0-0 in 2009 and of course the 2-2 in 2012 (also another 2-2 in 06/07 in the group stage with Hilario in nets) Every time City or Arsenal play them, they have their pants pulled down, and nobody comments on our performances / results.
  16. Oxlade-Chamberlain is one of a few players at Arsenal who I think could improve significantly by a change in scenery - eg play for a manager who hasn't been left behind. With the right coach Ox could be a very good player IMO
  17. Moses confirmed fit 2 players are doubts apparently but they are not being named.
  18. Why? Where would you play him in the 3-4-3? Not a pure CM to play in the 2 IMO.
  19. Thank goodness!
  20. Please explain. Stoke have won 9 matches this season. All of them against teams below them in the table. Their record against the top 6 is quite simply, awful.
  21. Literally impossible now with the rearranged games. We only have 3 games to play before then, so the max we could be ahead is 19 points and there would be 7 games, 21 points to play for (including that game itself). We could win it that day, but that would take City and Spurs both losing their next three matches, whilst we win our 3. Not happening. Mate, she was rubbish
  22. Which is why Stoke are riding high in the table....?? He has done pretty well in that role when called upon this season, albeit largely against lower league teams.
  23. They key difference this year is the lack of European football. One game a week for almost the entire season. Our forward line is desperately thin (thinner than last season) but Costa, Hazard, Pedro, Willian haven't had a serious injury between them and have had most midweeks off. Michy has barely played a game despite being only of two strikers available.
  24. I actually think the Spurs game was a lot more violent than this one. 14 fouls is not a huge amount - the difference being it was largely on one player, and there was a period in the first half where it was so condensed. The 2nd Herrera foul being seconds after they had a collective warning. No player on the United side committed more than 2 fouls in that half but they ended up with a red. Compare that to West Ham away and Kouyate committed 4 fouls in the first 40 minutes and got no card at all. Consistency is just non existent.