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  1. Eden Hazard

    Maybe he is just out of form. Jan / Feb he was on top of his game.
  2. Eden Hazard So he was Chelsea POTY twice (out of 2.5 or 3 seasons) under JM, and once (out of one) under AC. But he "apparently" doesn't like it.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Jesus, James, the window isn't even open yet and you are getting annoyed at nonsense speculation. For the sake of your (and our) sanity, perhaps step back from every rumour you care to stumble on?
  4. Media / Press

    I see the price hikes for the FA Cup semi final and final have gone down like a lead balloon, and quite rightly. The FA are the biggest bunch of hypocrites going. On the one hand encouraging the £30 away ticket cap, and promoting concessions etc, then the next they are hiking the tickets by £15 and £20 for their own games.
  5. Media / Press

    Not really wanting to open up a can of worms, but......... Anton goaded him about his private life and was hoping to get a reaction. He got one. JT said something in the heat of the moment, which he shouldn't have done. But for Anton to then play the victim card is symptomatic of the modern world. Much like the driver in the Carragher incident. Not condoning the behaviour of either if you try and provoke someone, then they react as you want them to, you are in no position to complain. If I walk into a pub full of Spurs fans and starting singing anti Spurs songs, would you have sympathy for me if I got hit?
  6. Chelsea 1 Barcelona 1

    No, this thread got derailed - I was responding to a comment that "Courtois cost us the tie"