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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    BTW, this isn't Courtois' responsibility. Moreover, it isn't true. In 2017 we earned just over £158m in TV money
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    You really have lost sight of anything relevant. His shagging is 100% irrelvant to his football abiltiy, his contract, his transfer fee or anything that matters to what we are discussing. As for the rest, Courtois could have easily signed a new contract on more money with us, then demnaded a transfer. Does that make him more loyal? How is he taking the club to the cleaners? Please explain, 4 years ago, the club offered to pay him to play for CFC for 4 years. He is now 3 years through that contract. He hasn't done anything wrong!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's also quite bizarre how you rate someone so poorly, yet are so annoyed he wants to go. A bit like that stunning girlfiend you didn't want anymore but you are angry has dumped you.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    That is the contract he and the club entered into.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Only in the fickle world of football can someone honour the contract they sign and be labelled disloyal. I'm not Courtois' biggest fan, but your views have gone beyond sensible discussion. Edit, as for the last comment, come on..... I heard those sort of comments at school.
  6. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    I was at that game, and certainly don't remember any shouts of "Judas"........... When your team is battering the oppo 4-0, you can expect some banter between fans, but I was at all of the games in the run up to Jose's departute in Dec 2015 and the fans were 100% behind Jose, and not the board.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Of course it matters. If Real do or do not want to buy Courtois, it directly impacts how likely it is we need or do not need to replace Courtois.
  8. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    I would happily sell both to be honest. Rudiger or Christensen could fill in at RB if we needed them to. Probably Zouma too. That would leave Def - Rudiger, Azpi, Cahill, Luiz, Zouma, Christensen, Alonso, Emerson.... you could still sell one, then use the money from selling Moses, Zappa and one other to help fund a winger.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Something about him I cannot stand. A lot of my non Chelsea supporting mates don't understand when I say this, but my Chelsea lot do...........must have been something that happened in the Everton games, but I just think he is a little weasel. The fact he is getting praise for taking an extremely talented side to 3rd place in the WC is gauling
  10. Squad Status: 2018/2019 Season

    Well, if we assume Sarri is going to play 4-3-3, he currently has these options: Def - Rudiger, Azpi, Cahill, Luiz, Zouma, Christensen, Alonso, Emerson, Zappa. That is 9 players, possibly 2 too many Mid - Kante, Jorginho, Baka, DD, Cesc, RLC, Barkely, Ampadu. 7+1 players, which again is possibly 1 too many, although perhaps not great in quality. 6 plus Ampadu seems right Wingers - Hazard, Willian, Pedro, Moses, CHO (4+1) least 1 too few for my liking, especially if CHO isn't going to be used much Strikers - Giroud, Morata, Batshuyai, Abraham. (3+1) If they all stay, I am happy with that trio. think we'll get more out of Morata now that there is sufficient cover. Presume Tammy gets another loan. 23 senior outfield players plus 3 younger ones - of course we don't know which will still be here on 9th August. Edit - if we get one top class winger in, I don't think the squad looks too bad so long as not many go!