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  1. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    Wish you the best Mata.. Was a joy to watch you.. Did CFC make the right decision? time will tell.. But make no mistake, you do not sell a Marquee player like Mata to a RIVAL.. Forget what is going on this season at Man U.. It is no different than what CFC went through post Ancellotti... CFC might benefit short term but Man U have a gem to build their team come long term (next season and beyond).. Worse off is if Moyes is fired and they get a arguably a better manager.. As for those slagging off mata claiming him and KDB ran at the slightest hint of a challenge? I can only laugh at such petty conclusions.. These two players train everyday with the team and are in a better position to know what the score is... There are games likes of hazard/oscar/ram/lamps have been poor only to resurface the following game in the starting line up.. Jose stuck with them.. I will not begrudge Jose for taking a decision he feels is in the best interest of the team relative to his plans (tactics/system) for the team, but arguably marginalizing Mata and then selling him is a decision I do not agree with.. Madrid/ozil comparison is not so accurate as we forget that Madrid already brought in Isco and Bale.. And Mata's world cup place (albeit more of a squad player) is without doubt in jeopardy if he does not get good PT.. He has to compete with silva/carzola/thiago/isco/navas for back up slots..
  2. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    The only issue IMO is that Ramires offensive contribution is at its optimal efficiency when CFC is playing a counter attacking game.. In a possession game where CFC has to control proceedings, Ramires offensive output is more like "touch and go"... But definitely need to give all pivot combos a try.. Ram-Lamps CM pairing is another I will not be too excited about.
  3. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    IMO, I think that will arguably be the worst pivot pairing of the combination of midfielders at CFC.. Offensively, Ramires is only effective when he arrives at the end of a pass with his blistering pace or when he is carrying the ball through on goal.. Outside of those two scenarios, he is not much effective offensively as his passing is average at best and recently he runs into cul de sacs when running at opposing CMs form deep in midfield... Pairing him with luiz raises the question of who sits/is disciplined and who roams.. As well as who will be responsible for efficient/effective ball distribution.. I do not fancy ram as a sitting midfielder.. But glad CFC has all this CM options and it is up to rafa to mix and match ans seen fit..
  4. César Azpilicueta

    Cesar reminds me of Ferreira in his early years at CFC.. Nothing flashy but veyr reliable...
  5. Not clinical enough.. Cannot get anymore clinical than the goal he scored today.. The positive is that he is at least starting to play better. can hope to improve from there.. agains 2 assists and a goal in 2 games of full 90mins.. I choose to keep the faith as signs are looking good..
  6. AVB is the coach and I respect his management style but for a player like Torres with a fragile confidence, that might not be the best statement.. I am looking at the bigger picture which says Anelka and DD are on their last legs and may not be here past this season.. I also doubt the board might be willing to cough up 20M + for another top striker after what they have spent on torres and Lukaku... Hence, it is in our best interest to figure out how to get Torres going. Like I replied to a fellow poster, neither Anelka nor DD (currently injured) are playing a blinder as strikers. DD off to African nations cup in January.. Torres' performance vs. Stoke still remains the best performance any of the three have produced since the season started. Just stick it out with torres for 5 games of full 90mins regardless of performance.. Jose stuck with Sheva (whom regardless of goal drought, one could see he was giving his all). Jose stuck with DD in his early days even to the chargrin of a lot of fans. Next 5-6 games - Leverkusen, Man U, Fulham (CC), Swansea, Valencia, Bolton. With the exception of Man U, in which I would only start Torres if DD is fully recovered, the other games are a great opportunity to give Torres an extended run. For a relatively young Torres, who should be in his prime, form is temporary, class is permanent. In the bigger picture it is best AVB figures out how to get Torres going now.
  7. Unfortunately, none of our forwards (main target man) are scoring either.. Although very early, the scoring charts have a man U striker and two man City strikers at the top.... Might as well give Torres a serious go.. Anelka did not inspire much today and seems much better as a roaming forward.. DD is injured and Lukaku is untested... Just give torres an extended run of play without prematurely shooting down his confidence and lets see if that will help.. He needs some serious booster in confidence and taking him off prematurely while playing well (vs. WBA) or bringing him on with 15mins to go while taking off Mata (I bet torres was hoping to link up with him) will not help matters.. The brief 5-10mins Torress and Mata had together vs. Norwich showed some sign of the old Torres.. We cannot write off 50M like that we must exhaust all possiblities on how to get this guy firing on all cylinders again..
  8. Not sure what is going on with Torres, but I feel he needs an extended run on play .. At least 5 consecutive games of full 90 mins... He started the first two games of the season (Stoke and WBA) and he looked fired up. Chasing lost causes, chasing down opposing defenders, making runs, taking on opposing players, trying to create plays.. . There was a lot of fire about him.. Since getting subbed vs. WBA (did not understand why) he has been sub par. I think that subbing shot his confidence down.. AVB needs to restore some confidence back in Torres and I think starting him vs. Leverkusen (and making him play all 90mins) will do him a lot of good. And possibly another start vs. Man U.. Remember Jose's statement about Sheva - will keep startign Sheva until he scores. Might need to do the same with Torres.. Given the options we have, its either Torres or Anelka.. There is currently no difference between both.. Might as well start Torres and give him an extended run... An please have Mata in the same starting line up..
  9. Josh Mc Eachran

    Josh should go on loan. Even if it is a half season loan. He can only improve with playing time and he will not get it at Chelsea this season..
  10. The Torres we saw yesterday was a far cry from the Torres in the Stoke and WBA game.. Looks liek the early shower in the WBA game has sent him back to the sulky form.. We need to figure out how to get our forwards firing... Tough decision needs to be made.. I dont believe DD and Torres can start together.. Only either or and then an Anelka
  11. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    A few of us voiced this out way back in June but we heard we are only 3 weeks into the transfer hence wait.. We have 2 weeks left and we seem to be in panic mode.. I have said it time and again, the board/management does not seem to have a clear idea on what they want and how to transition the team.. Seem torn between getting players for instant use vs. players for future.. I will give them credit for at least getting some bright youngsters in but that will not solve our "immediate" needs. I also felt uncomfortable as to why AVB felt he needed almost 6 weeks to assess the squad before making demands for changes.. He will find out nothing that we fans do not already know - a creative CM/playmaker and a RW... For a professional outfit, the club needs to get its act together.. I hope this is the last summer we see such disorganization regarding transfers.. If we do manage to get Modric + Mata in addition to the bright younger players added, the team IMHO will be more balanced.. Will be ncie if we can move on at least Anelka.
  12. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    yes Yossi should be given a chance but at age 31 in part exchage + cash for a 25/26yr old that can provide the same talent and with longeivity is a good piece of business..
  13. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    I dont think any of the fans voicing their "opinion" is being spoilt. Everyone wants us to wait? Afterall we have about a month left in the window. Unfortunately, the cream of the crop in the transfer window are gradually getting snapped up one after the other. Lets be honest with ourselves, AVB assessing the squad will not "Significantly" tell us anything we as fans don't already know - A winger (especially on the right) and a playmaker being top of the list. If AVB feels the needs to assess the squad for almost 5 weeks before going into the market, then I will be slightly worried as to how prepared he was prior to taking this job. Why? Because I now question if he got any squad briefing/did his background home work prior to starting the Job. Look back at some of our prior Managers, they all came in knowing what they had on ground and what they needed to execute their playing philosophies/ideas. If they could not get their targets in on time, it was mostly due to the board taking charges of transfer. AVB is new and will get my backing hence will do my best to cast aside any early criticism but there is nothing spoilt about fans trying to figure out why we cannot seem to lock in and seal our targets. Furthermore, we seem to have no clear transfer strategy this summer. We seem all over the place chasing the "flavor of the month". To be honest fellas, competition in the transfer market has never been any greater with the financial pull of City, PSg and Malaga; then add in the allure of Madrid/barca/Milan. My only concern is that when teams like city can match/blow away our financial offers (something we were accustomed to doing in the past) to prospective targets, what is our other intangible to attracting these targets.. What is our selling point in the face of competition? Yes we have spent 70M in January, but 50M (too early to call) of that money was not spent wisely and looking like it could be a Sheva size mistake (I hope to God not).. If we truly analyze the current squad - 50M of the 70M did not really address our more critical issues. Make me wonder - when we spend lavishly, its on something not totally needed at that point in time, but when it comes to addressing the main deficiencies, the board seems to get distracted.. On final thought, I will at least give the board/coaching management a pass mark for some of the youth signings they have made (although none will address our immediate problems). But shows they have the future in mind..
  14. Salomon Kalou

    Kalou gets a lot of stick from fans. Many undeserved. I know he most times mix the brilliant with the silly moments. Truth be told, I doubt at this point in time we can get another 3rd or 4th tier back up striker that is a significant upgrade from Kalou.. A back up forward that scores and assist as much as he does is rare to find.. He is also versatile as he can play on the wings or as a striker.. Sometimes I do feel for him.. I just feel if we get someone like Neymar over the summer, Kalou will have to leave.. We need to lay off the lad. I think he has done more than enough to merit being a part of the Chelsea squad but not necessary a starter or go to guy...
  15. Injury News

    Wow!1 All of a sudden our squad looks so thin in MF and Attack... I now see why Jose loved going for players that could fill into multiple positions... As for MF.. We now only have one true player that can play DM and thats Mikel.... Good news is that Mikel can also play as a CM if lamps/deco/Ballack is out..... The only question now is who can cover for Mikel in the DM spot.... I am not sold on belletti and I will not mind getting a purely defensive player in that position...Someone whose job is just to sit in front of the back four......ferriera is a weak option. This is the time for Ivanovic to step up if given the chance to play DM..... Speedy recovery to Essien... Will mis shis energizer bunny like style of play... his never say die attitude and his surging runs will be missed greatly..... this is a big blow..... I say we play a 4-3-3 system with two hard working wing forward against the two mancs.... I dont think we can take another injury hit to our MF...