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  1. Mourinho's response:
  2. Remember seeing a Top Gear Special in Burma where they stood talking about how the area they were in had probably never been influenced by western culture...
  3. Lol :D Clearly a moron with an agenda
  4. "Jeremy Clarkson is perfect match for Chelsea"
  5. New sponsorship deal Guessing that's what the major news announcement is about later https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/570999975582277632 Someone has already done a mock up, doesn't look as bad as I thought, at least it hasn't got the word "rubber" in it :P
  6. Be interesting to see what media coverage this gets
  7. Graham Poll in the Mail
  8. They've won Toure and Bony won't be playing :)
  9. Clattenburg appointed ref for Saturday's game and City taking the mick tweeting about it :/
  10. They are - Official NYCFC supporter group's reaction:
  11. https://vine.co/v/OOehwb73EjQ
  12. Kind of surprised that nowadays players aren't given flu jabs as standard.
  13. Well this sounds promising...
  14. Ban to remain at 3 matches http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21282917