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  1. John Terry

    We love you JT. You're an absolute legend. We'll do it next year, I know we will, and it will be the best feeling ever. I really hope it doesn't take him too long to get over this. He and the rest of the Chelsea boys have done us proud.
  2. John Terry

    100% agreed - the ONLY way to get back at these people is not to buy their papers. Watch the news/use the internet to catch up on whats happening, but do not fork out money to buy their drivel - it only encourages them!
  3. Injury News

    Apparently Frankie's got a broken toe - when did that happen?? Luckily it doesn't sound too serious, and he's still able to play. I love John Terry's comments that Frank is an example to the England squad because he's still 100% committed to playing in the England friendly despite his injury..unlike that other England player that the fans and press seem to be so in love with...!
  4. John Terry

    I guess people hate how much money we have rather than hating us because we're the top club. Chelsea FC are bad for football remember...?