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  1. Media / Press

    I thought he had snuffed it! Burley was an absolute digrace on S**tanta and ESPN years ago, and is still bitter at being ditched by us in 1997. The truth often hurts Craig, you just weren't good enough!
  2. Media / Press

    I forgot about him, but the list is the anti-Chelsea brigade is so big I just can't be ar**d to name them all.
  3. Media / Press

    Oh no, don't remind me of the days when Jonathan Pearce acted like a rabid Gooner. He's not much better these days either. Ian Wright is an imbecile. but he's no worse than many others (Alan Shearer, Danny Murphy, Roy Keane, Jermain Jenas, Martin Keown, Alan Brazil, Micky Quinn and Tony Gale spring to mind).
  4. Newcastle 1 Chelsea 2

    That idiot is Andy Hinchcliffe, who must have been watching the game whilst under the influence of drink or drugs, Jamie Redknapp and Graeme Souness (rightly) both pilloried Newcastle's ultra negative approach, they were the home side after all. That's 3 wins in as many games, let's keep this going.
  5. Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2

    On yesterdays game, it was sure exciting, but if we play like that every week I won't survive till the end of the season, this sort of football isn't good for the old ticker! We might just make the top 4, if Man U keep defending the way they did today.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Absolutely shocking performance by Man U. Mourinho teams are supposed to be well organised and able to defend, but this defence cannot defend a sandcastle. Mourinho will be gone by the turn of the year, everything goes pear shaped in his 3rd year at any club.
  7. Media / Press

    Sorry, I just can't be arsed. Jason Cundy? He may be ex-Chelsea but I never really liked him as a player either, and his career disappeared down the toilet the moment he left us.
  8. Media / Press

    No it isn't. It's only aimed at Man U, Liverpool and Tottenham fans, as far as I'm concerned it's the voice of the lowest common denominator. Voice of the people my backside. Bob Mills wasn't funny 20 years ago, and isn't funny now. Every time Jim White comes on Sky I change channels, , can't stand the pillock. having,g said that, the Beeb isn't much better, it employs idiots like Alan Green , Robbie Savage, Danny Mills, Chris Waddle to name but a few.
  9. Media / Press

  10. Media / Press

    Talksport is crap. It only caters for the lowest common denominator, and the presenters talk rubbish and know **** all about football. Stopped listening to it 10 years ago, I'd rather listen to music than that crap, and if I want to catch up with football news, their are plenty of other sources. I'm not interested in the opinions of drunkards, freeloaders, smug jounos amd mediocre ex-footballers. Rant over.
  11. Official: Zola Returns!

    Whatever we may think of Sarri, Franco coming back to the club is great news, I don't care that his managerial record isn't great, he's a number two, and as a player he was a legend here, and everyone here can identify with him.
  12. Official: Chelsea Part Ways With Antonio Conte

    It was inevitable I suppose, but good luck Conte whatever he does next. Two years ago rejuvinated a demoralsed and disorganised side to the league title. And as the old saying goes"be careful what you wish for". The likely appointment of Sarri doesn't fill me with much excitement TBH.
  13. World Cup 2018

    Great result, even though Sweden were pathetic, I despair at anyone who said they were a good team. They are not, beating the worst ever Dutch and Italian sides in qualifying does not make you a good side. In the final game of the quarter finals, I think Croatia will have too much quality for Russia, who have done well to get this far, they're certainly better than Sweden, even Japan were better than Sweden, but they unluckily lost to Belgium. That semi final between France and Belgium will be quite something to watch.
  14. World Cup 2018

    I don't rate this Sweden team one bit, they're certainly not a patch on the Euro 92 or USA 94 teams, which were miles better. This Sweden side plays like a Sam Allardyce side, negative tactics and downright bloody boring to watch. England should beat them, but even if Sweden win, Brazil or Belgium will destroy them in the semis.
  15. Media / Press

    The female pundits have good, better boring old Lawro (with his usual naff attempts at humour), and the ITV pundits (the male ones) are a joke, a f*****g joke. Why do they insist on using Roy Keane as a pundit? He's nothing more than an attention seeking, overbearing windbag, just like his boss O'Neill. Henrik Larsson is terrible, and the less said about Ian Wright and the insufferable Patrice Evra the better.