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  1. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    We should give more home grown players a chance then, instead of wasting money on duffers. Pedro and Rudiger to be fan decentir have been decent, but thre rest of them can only be described as s**t.
  2. Manchester City 6 Chelsea 0

    SHOCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last time I was almost ashamed to be CFC supporter was way back in 1991 when got smashed 7-0 by Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest, I was at the City Ground that and actually wanted to cry. Mind you, the excus for the that team was they were a limited mid-table side, and I also remember Ken Bates slaughtering the players in his column for the match programmr for the next game. Heads must roll. Sarri clearly doesn't have a Plan B. And the football isn't as attractive as it's cracked up to be, it's mostly boring backwards and sideways passing, the only exciting player we have is Hazard. Pedro and Willian are past their best and need moving on. Jorginho is, well. rubbish, my true feelings about him are unprintable. What on earth does he do? Kovacic should be sent back to Madrid, thankfully, he's only on loan. Give Hudson-Odoi and Loftus-Cheek a decent run in the team. Restore Kante back to his proper position. And why did we sell Cesc, who can pass the ball better than Jorginho, Barkley or Kovacic? I can't see Hazard staying either, he must be right cheesed carrying these impostors masquerading as footballers every week . Kepa is no Cech, Rudiger is OK but not top class, David Luiz is a disater waiting to happen, Azpi looks clapped out and Alonso, Zappacosta and Chritiansen are simply not good enough. As for a manager, who do we bring in? Simeone? No chance, a complete Mourinho clone, with his style of play and behaviour, and he just loves the cushy numberser he has at Atletico Madrid, he doesn't show any enthusiasm for the EPL. Franco Zola? Nope. JT or Lamps? Not enough experience. Pochettino? No chance of getting him, and the club won't give him time to build a team with youth players, they'll sign duds against his wishes. David Moyes, Mark Hughes, Sam Allardyce? Eff off! Marko Silva might be available soon though (Ouch)! We've in the brown stuff.
  3. Media / Press

    Oh no, how could I leave out Ian Wright and Stan Collymore?
  4. Media / Press

    Well, it was a hate list after all. I also respect Rooney and Fergie as well, albeit grudgingly. Agree with you abut Warnock though, horrible little man.
  5. Media / Press

    OK. Ex Blues I can't stand (players/coaches managers and why) Ernie Whalley Caused a revolt with his methods, he was more a hearse than a coach, John Hollins should have kept Ian McNeill Craig Burley Bitter and twisted **** Muzzy Izzet Mentioned earlier Emmanuel Petit Mentioned earlier Chris Sutton An unmitigated disaster, looked like a dip stick glued to a loo brush, and played like one as well Didier Deschamps Didn't try a leg , couldn't pass wind and was slower than a political party conference Eddy (sorry, Avram) Grant Incredibly negative, we got to the CL final and almost won the PL in spite of him, not because of him. That team was bloody good. Jose Mourinho A true Blue would never join a rival, nor belittle the people who once worshipped him. This odious man has no class nor manners, hope he never returns. AVB A mini Mourinho, tried to get rid of JT, Drogba, Lampard and Ashley Cole, and would have replaced them with some right dufffers Graham Roberts Good in the old 2nd division, but the main reason we fell apart in the league in '89-90. Always blamed his team mates for his own incompetence. Alan Hudson Not a true Blue, a Fulham fan as a boy. After leaving us, did nothing but slag us off as if we owed him a living. Stoke didn't exactly look after him, did they? Rafa Benitez Have you got all day for me o explain? Paul Parker (yes, he did play for us briefly in '96-97). Absolute crap player and person, with a chip on his shoulder. Peter Nicholas More clapped out than a Morris Minor, and about as much use as an ashtray on a unicycle Roy Wegerle Was useless with us, and not as good as many people made us believe at any of his other clubs either. His scoring record is mediocre at best. Winston Bogarde Whose idea was it to give him the scandalous wages we paid him? He basically stole a living out of us Christian Panucci short loan spell in 2000-2001, was absolute pony, was sent packing by Ranieri because of his attitude Ruud Gullit tried to blackmail the club with an extortionate salary demand, just because he won the FA Cup, but deservedly got the bullet. Frank Lebeouf never fancied a battle, never seen any defender fake injury so often, it was embarrassing at times
  6. Media / Press

    Exacttly why I included him in my list, he's as bad as Neymar at cheating
  7. Media / Press

    Xavi - a crybaby and a sour loser, doesn't like it when people don't allow him to play Francesco Tooti - downright overrated and I've never understood the fuss abou him Muzzy Izzet - Whinged when not given a proper chance, he was simply not good enough, and was nothing special at Leicester IMO Emmanuel Petit - Ponced around the field as if he never wanted to be here, and did nothing but slag us off after he retired Andres Iniesta - see Xavi So there!
  8. Media / Press

    There are plenty, but as I've said before the list is endless. A few non-Chelsea players/managers I respected: Bobby Robson, Ruud Van Nistlerooy, Gary Neville, Neville Southall, Roberto Baggio, Lothar Matthaus, Roy Hodgson. I could go on, but I'll stop there. And for good measure a few more football people I hate: Edmilson, Paul Scholes, Paul Parker, Neymar, Ron Atkinson, John Gregory.
  9. Media / Press

    I missed out a few mind, Beckham, Schmeicel (Peter), Tevez, the Ferdinands (all of them), Garth Crooks, Jason Roberts, Steve Claridge the list is endless.
  10. Media / Press

    It's an absolutely s""t list, compiled by morons for morons. Anyway, here's my most hated people in football (in no particular order) Sepp Blatter Michel Platini Jose Mourinho Arsene Wenger Kevin Keegan Vinny Jones Chris Waddle Johann Cruyff Rivaldo Robbie Savage Chris Sutton Jermaine Jenas Craig Burley Alan Green Sam Allardyce Rafa Benitez Tony Pulis Dave Bassett Matthew Syed John Aldridge Mark Lawrenson Graham Roberts Dave Whelan Jonathan Pearce Joey Barton David Bernstein Sven Goran Eriksson Any Talksport presenter you care to mention Daniel Agger Xabi Alonso Xavi Frank Rijkaard Francesco Totti Paulo Di Canio Martin O'Neill Roy Keane Muzzy Izzet Johnny Giles Mike Channon Rodney Marsh Charlie Nicholas Uli Hoeness Dani Alves Luis Suarez Emmanuel Petit Zlatan Ibrahimovic Andres Iniesta Eric Cantona Paul Ince Steven Hunt
  11. Chelsea 5 Huddersfield Town 0

    Certainly ramped up the goal difference, hopefully Citeh will trounce the Goons tomorrow, but of course, we play them next week. As for people saying "It's only Huddersfield", you can only beat what's put in front of you I just hope this season is the same as last. Delighted for Higuain, always rated him.
  12. Bournemouth 4 Chelsea 0

    For the second time in 12 months we got absolutely stuffed by Bournemouth. They're a decent side, but not exactly a Man City or Barcelona. I'm getting cheesed off with Sarri and his philosophy, but who else is out there? Mark Hughes? David Moyes? Sam Allardyce, who's football is crap and he's crap? Mourinho won't come back, and in truth I don't want him back, he's a busted flush as a coach now. As for the players, Kepa is decent keeper, but not top class. Azpi is having a tough time, but Zappacosta is not the answer, in fact Zappacosta is bloody useless, can't defend to save his life. Ditto David Luiz. Rudiger, again decent, but not top class. Christeanen is simply not good enough, doesn;t read the game well, is ponderous and slower than a funeral. Ampadu should be given a chance at CB. In midfield, Kante should be restored in his rightful position of DM, he's probably the best in the world in that position. Jorginho is just a joke, what does he actually do? Can't run, can't tackle, can't shoot, and only passes the ball backwards and sideways. We must get rid of him, but he's basically Sarri's love child. Ditto Kovacic, but thankfully he's only on loan and easier to get shot of. And to think we got rid of Cesc, one the best passers of the ball in the world! Barkley may have his faults, but still a better bet than Jorginho and Kovacic. The less said about Bakayoko the better. Hazard has taken plenty of stick from some people on here but he's basically carrying the team and it's not fair on him. Would anyone trust Sarri wit the 100 million or o we would get by selling him? Who else is available out there? Name names. Willian and Pedro both look past it, their performances have been inconsistent for a long time now. Loftus-Cheek and Hudson-Odoi should be given a proper run in the team, and not be castigated as not good enough when we see mediocre performances from their seniors week in week out. Up front, it's still too early to write off Higuain, but he won't score if we don't pass him the ball. I like Giroud, but age isn't on his side anymore, and he's not really prolific. Morata? Has the brains of a rocking horse, and the balance of a three legged horse, I walked to answer the phone, brkoe wind next to the TV and Morata fell over! Will probably leave in the summer anyway. Batshuayi doesn't convince me at all, he hasn't pullled up many trees at Valencia. Abraham might have a good chance of making it though if we allow him, people might point out his difficult time on loan at Swansea, but their team was just utter rubbish, most players would have struggled in that team. Rant over.
  13. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    No way Jose! The bloke is a dinosaur, clapped out, well passed his sell by date. Woe betide any club stupid enough to employ him, after the Man U flop, he shouldn't be touched with a barge pole, if he stayed on 2015/16, we would have got relegated.
  14. Arsenal 2 Chelsea 0

    Utter pish. If we play like that on Thursday, the Spuds will piss all over us properly. This playing out from the back is a joke, why give the ball away in our own penalty area or close to it? Sarri is now just another Scolari and AVB. He's turned Kante from the best defensive midfield player in the word into a mediocre attacking one. What on earth is the point of Jorginho? We sold a great player in Fabregas, who can at least pass the ball forwards, instead of backwards and sideways like Sarri's pet Jorginho. Kovacic can bugger off back to Real Madrid, he's just a Jorginho clone. Kepa is a decent keeper, and with a good defence around him can be a top goalie. Rudiger is decent, but not top draw. David Luiz? Has one great game, then one average, followed by a bloody awful game. Azpilicueta needs resting, and as for Alonso, the less said the better. Willian must be offloaded, his body language tells me he wants to go. Pedro's best days are also behind him, and we must give Hudson-Odoi, Barkley, Emerson and Loftus Cheek more game time . They can't be any worse than the players blocking their path into the first team. The player I feel for most is Hazard, a world class winger suffering he's playing a crappy position as a false number nine, which I frankly don't believe in. Sarri must go, but who we replace him with? Simeone? Has no intention of coming to the EPL, and his football is trash, and no longer effective. Franco Zola ? No chance. Great player in his day and a club legend, but would just be another John Holins. Mark Hughes? Don't make me laugh. David Moyes? The less said about him the better.. A third coming for The Finished One? Aaaaagh shut up! Sam Fattadyce? **** off. Couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. We've had it!
  15. Petr Cech retires

    Top keeper and top man. Better than Poortuois will ever be. Yes, he signed the London Reds, but that was our clubs fault than his. The best CFC keeper since Peter Bonetti. Thanks for the memories big man.