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  1. Media / Press

    Danny Mills was a dirty b*****d, couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  2. Chelsea 2 West Bromwich Albion 5

    Bloody awful! Getting trounced by a team managed by Sam Fattardyce is just too much to take! We badly missed Kante in midfield, Jorginho was terrible, Kovacic OK in parts, but by and large the game passed him by. Pulisic, despite the goal, poor again. Sliva looks well past it, hopefully Rudiger is back for Porto o n Wednesday. And why not start Oli Or Tammy up front? Werner doesn't look even remotely like scoring, and Ziyech was hooked due to Silvas's stupidity. And to rub salt into the wounds, that donkey Callum Robinson scores twice, after doing **** all for virtually the whole season. Hopfeully Thomas will kick a few backsides and get a response for Wednesday.
  3. Media / Press

    There were other anti-Chelsea hacks from way back in the day as well, who never had anything good to say about us, always slagging us off (Stuart Jones, Deryk Brown, Mike Langley, John Sadler, Roy Collins and more recently Steven Howard, Mick Dennis and James Lawton to name but a few). They were never objective with their reports or articles, they clearly hated us and were biased against us. And even if we did win something, they would still find an excuse to spite us. Sod 'em all!
  4. Chelsea 2 Sheffield United 0

    Not the best performance, but that often happens with so many changes. International break next, which I bloody hate with a passion, and when we return let's give Big Fat Sam a helping hand in sending his team down to the Championship. The pie and mash brigade thew away a three goal lead those muppetts in N5, and the grossly overrated Man Utd got stuffed by Leicester as well. A good day indeed so far, I believe we can also beat Citeh as well.
  5. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    OUTSTANDING! I was worried we would struggle without Mount and Jorginho, but everyone in the blue shirt was excellent, particularly Kante, that was the Kante of the 2016/17 season. Loved it when that tosser Suarez was subbed, Rudi must have found him still in his pocket when he got back to his home. And TT's tactics were spot on, we made them look bang average, but the fact is for me, like Serie A in Italy, La Liga is no longer what it once was, I won't have sleepless nights about the thought of playing this current Real Madrid side, the only teams I really fear are Citeh and Bayern, PSG could be tricky as well.
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Once again a football club owner/board of directors get ideas above their station. I won't be at all surprised if Sheff U don't return to the PL for a very long time. How can owners/boards think they know more about football than managers or coaches?
  7. Chelsea 2 Everton 0

    Great performance again. But for Pickford and poor finishing, we would have thrashed Everton for the second season in a row. Havertz was class, and our defence (AC, Dave and Zouma) didn't give Calvert-Lewin or Richarlison a kick. Now for Leeds on Saturday.......
  8. Chelsea 2 Atletico Madrid 0 (3 - 0 on aggregate)

    I just hope we get a good strong ref for this game, to watch out for Suarez's usual cheating and gamesmanship
  9. Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1

    Perfect away performance. Feared the worst when Timo's effort was ruled out for a miniscule offside, but thankfully Mount saved the day. Christeansen (who I've been very critical of in the past) was magnificent, didn'y give Firminho a sniff, and Dave and Rudi were also excellent in defence. James and Chilwell were also good, and after looking like being mired in mid=table like the Arsenal, TT has turmed it around very well and we can now genuinely believe we can finish in the top 4. Shame Kelly Cates wasn't on SKY for this games, would have loved to see her miserable as sin after her beloved team got beat!
  10. Media / Press

    Saint & Greavsie was great, much better than the clapped out Soccer AM any day. Greavsie was the real funnyman and the Saint was a great foil for him, they went together like fish and chips. RIP Ian St John, and it's also sad to see Greavsie isn't apparently in the best of health either.
  11. Chelsea 0 Manchester United 0

    Rubbish match, and how the Gremlin Faced Assassin can whinge about no penalty being awarded is a bit rich, they get enough dodgy penalties as it is. I would have loved that to happen to Ferguson, who would have really had a right strop! And a memo to Sky, please no more Roy Keane as a pundit, he's nothing more than an attention seeker, and yesterday looked as though he rolled out of a trash can. And a crap manager to boot.
  12. Atletico Madrid 0 Chelsea 1

    Great result. Mount being banned for the second game is a blow, but I still think we can do it. Atletico, like Sevilla before them, are drama queens and flat track bullies, and I wonder if some people still want Simeone to be our coach in the future? I mean, do you really want to watch his excrutiatingly dull football? Appointing him would be like employing Allardyce, Pulis or Aitor Karanka! And Luis Suarez is still a cheating ****. What a pity he didn't play in the '70's, Chopper Harris would have sorted him out, that's for sure, and the ref wouldn't have seen a thing.
  13. Media / Press

    Wouldn't bother with his judgement, the guy is Garth Crooks Mark 2, a total fool.
  14. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1

    Great result and team performance, Thomas looks like he's getting a tune from the group already, and top 4 certainly seems acheivable, the only disappointment was we didn't win by more, Spurs were so insipid we were in danger of becoming lackadaisical. And if any confirmation of that Mourinho is a dinosaur was needed, this was it. Dull, negative football is now obsolete, and fortune favours the brave, not cowards. If there fans at the ground, the atmosphere would have been very toxic indeed.
  15. Tottenham Hotspur 0 Chelsea 1

    I live a mile and a half away from it, and like most modern stadiums look like it is built out of Lego! Sunderland's so called Stadium of Light is the same, it should be renamed the Edge of Darkness!