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  1. Eden Hazard

    Top man and top player. As far as I'm concerned, a legend as well. No arrogance nor a bad attitude, unlike certain modern day players from other teams I could mention. Goodbye Eden and good luck, you will be sorely missed.
  2. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Rubbish match, made even worse by BT Sport's amatuerish presentation and commentary. Why do you need 2 summarisers in the commentary box? Mythmanaman and Jenas are absolute toilet as summarisers, I hope BT lose the UCL rights, people moan abut Sky but BT are 100 times worse.
  3. Chelsea 4 Arsenal 1

    Crap season. Sack this **** now! Only joking! Absolutely phenomenal from the boys yesterday. Hazard was different class once again and will be sorely missed next season, Kovacic had his best game for us, Giroud, Pedro and Kante were also superb. felt sorry for Petr Cech, if it wasn't for him we could hae had 7 or 8. Arsenal, and Ozil in particular, were a joke, I despair at anybody who rates him, having Ozil in your team is the equivalent of playing with 10 men. Koscielny, Sokratis, Monreal and Kolasinac couldn't defend a sandcastle, Dick Emery really will have his work cut out next season. As for Sarri, he does deserve to stay, yes I have have criticised him at times, but credit where it's due, his tactics yesterday were spot on. If he goes, who do we replace him with? Frank Lampard? Nope. Hasn't got the experience, and I certainly dont wan't him to end up like John Hollins or Roberto Di Matteo. A third coming for Mourinho? No way Jose! He's more trouble than he's worth, and past it as a coach, his defensive football doesn't work anymore. Allegri isn't going to come, neither is Simeone. Well done Sarri and the boys, you have done u proud.
  4. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Villa up
  5. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Tony Pulis sacked by Middlrsborough. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Pulis, Allardyce and the like are just dinosaurs and they're 1980's style hoofball is now obsolete and defunct. Mind you mug teams will still offer Pulis a job.
  6. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Derby put dirty Leeds in their place. Will make an interesting final against Aston Villa.
  7. Taking The Pee Out Of Liverpool (For Khobar)

    Hughton was sacked because once again a chairman has got ideas above his station. Brighton will go down for sure next season.
  8. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Not looking good for Frank's lot, though they were done by a scandalous referee, that was a penalty all day long. Hope they pull off a shock and defeat the odious Leeds, they're players are just cheats like the teams of the past. Looking good for Villa though, came back well from being behind, and WBA have now had it, no Dwight Fail (OK, I mis-spelt it) for the second leg.
  9. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 0

    Hmmmm. This season has had more ups and downs than a see-saw, but our league performance has been better than last season, and if we win the Europa League, it will bet better still. However, Hazard looks a goner and will be almost impossible to replace. Some know-alls said tat Hazard was holding us back, what absolute BS! Who have we got that's better? Great players make great teams, not the other way round. As for Sarri, I have often been critical of him, but sacking him would do us more harm than good. Who would we replace him? Frank Lampard? JT? They're nowhere near ready for such a challenge. We won't get Allegri, Simeone prefers his comfort zone at Atletico Madrid, as for a third coming of Mourinho, no way Jose! He's finished, clapped out, over the hill, past it. And as for Sam Allardyce, **** off! The guy is a dinosaur and has never done anythig in the game. Cahill, Moses, Higuain and Kovacic will go for sure as well. Who will play up front for us next season? Giroud is the best of a pretty bad bunch, at least he contributes something for the team. I'm not sure Abrahanm is good enough, he struggled badly at Swansea when he was there. Moratta has the balance of a three legged table and can't finish his breakfast. Batshuayi hasn't pulled up many trees at Palace either. Hudson-Odoi and Loftus-Cheek thogh, are positive signs for next season. And hopefully Bakayoko doesn't come back either, he can't even kick a ball straight!
  10. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Yes folks it's that time of the season. Who do you fancy for the Championship play-offs? I'll put my neck on the block and say Derby, for Frank Lampard's sake. Don't mind Villa coming up, they are a Prem side on paper. Hope West Brom fail, the sacking of Darren Moore was a disgrace, what were their board expecting? To be in the top 2? Nobody has a divine right to be in the top 2, Norwich and Sheffield United have been miles better than WBA. Hope Leeds fail as well, hate them with a passion. And thank heaven Boro aren't there, nothing against the club, it's their manager and his anti-football which is so 1980's ale house trash.
  11. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    This been a proper rollercoaster of a season. Weel done to the boys and Sarri as well, although at times he looked more a hearse than a coach. As for the game, poor first half much better 2nd half. Loftus-Cheek was brilliant, and the good thing is is that Kovacic will bugger off back to Real, I really don't see what he does. Atsenal messing up made my day, as did Frank Lampard's Derby side edging out the odious Tony Pulis and his anti-football Boro side. Now let's win the Europa League and really look forward to next season.
  12. Everton 2 Chelsea 0

    Good first half, crap second half. We should have been 3 up at half time, Everton are a poor side IMO. Sarri isn't up to it. Why is it every time we play the ball out wide for crosses no-one is in the box? In fact every time we attack we have no more than one person in the box, you won't score like that, load the box FFS and stop farting around in midfield playing backwards and sideways passes that mean nothing. Our defence and midfield is poor and unbalanced. Hazard seems to be carrrying us all the time, if he leaves we can't complain, he's the only player we have that can be described as world class. I like Pedro and Willian, but they're getting on a bit. And why is Gary Cahill being thrown into the wilderness? I think the treatment of him is disgraceful, just because he doesn't do the crappy "playing the ball out from the back.. That has cost us a lot of goals, there are times where you just boot the ball into the stand, and f*** what the purists say. Alonso cannot play in a back four, the amount of times he's been skinned this season is beyond a joke, it's reminding me of the 2015/16 season when Mourinho kept picking Ivanovic wo was useless that season. We won't finish top 4 or win the Europa league with this squad or this manager.
  13. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Paul Scholes quits as Oldham manager. Coward. Next time he slags off a manager, I hope his victims hits back at that ginger scrote about the way he left a club. Scholes couldn't manage a brothel.
  14. Chelsea 3 Dynamo Kiev 0

    Great result. Looked a little shaky in parts, but thee bottom line is we've effectively killed the tie as a contest. Crisis? Why aren't the muppets in the press or on TV turning a blind eye on Flopp's team's performances? If we chucked a seven point lead away, we wouldn't hear the end of it. Once again the words "media" and "biased" appear in the same sentence.
  15. Media / Press

    Rather late, but Claudio sacked by Fulham