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  1. Victor Moses (On Loan: 2013-2014)

    I dont know about you guys, but if Victor Moses is coming, does it mean we have pulled out of the Hulk deal? Isn't thisn going to be a big squad? GK: Cech, Hillario, Turnbull Defenders: Terry, Luiz, Cahill, Ivanovic, Cole, Bertrand, Hutch, Van Aanholt, Kalas, Ferreira Def. Midfielders: Lampard, Ramirez, Mikel, Romeu, Essien, Meireles, Josh, Attacking Mid: Mata, Hazard, Malouda, Marin, De Bruyne, Kakuta, Hulk, Moses Strikers: Torres, Sturridge, Lukaku I think we need to sell Essien, Ferreira and Malouda. Loan our Lukaku and De Bruyne. Keep Kakuta because he has said that if he leaves again, it will be for good and not on loan
  2. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    Please tell me that this is true and you aren't kidding!
  3. OFFICIAL - David Luiz Joins PSG.

    How is Zhirkov a waste of money? The guy has showed signs of being a great signing in the years to come. He wasn't signed for one season and shouldn't be judged over one season that was also affected by injuries. He was one of our best perfomers when Ashley Cole got injured towards the end of last season. All this in his first season. Look at the players we used to call useless I.e Malouda. They have now adjusted to the premier league and are world beaters.
  4. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    I watched the game and I have to say that I was impressed with Josh McEachran. Apart from the physical aspects, I think he is as talented as they can get. What a talent! he run the show in the middle of the pack and his passing is top notch. Deen Conteh had a solid game too and C.Clifford has Lampard written all over him with his style. Billy Clifford is actually more talented than I thought. He could turn out to be a very useful right back for us in future. Tore too has romise and so is Kaby. Mitrovic didn't have a good game while Sala had a good game in patches. I don't see why people give Arnesen alot of stick because I think out academy is looking good.
  5. Gael Kakuta

    How about a banner like "FIFA YOU ARE A FU***N DISGRACE" AT OUR NEXT GAME. Anyway this goes on to show how sill these mother fu***rs are. We should now let Kakuta train with the 1st team squad until his ban ends and we unleash him to the world in January. believe me he is far better than any player at spurs. We will appeal and the ban will be reduced we should have signed a few more players in the window if we knew this was coming We have some talented youngsters who can cover up for a year if his ban stands. (Kakuta, Stoch, Sturridge, Matic and Sinclair). Kakuta should be allowed to wave to the fans when we host spurs at the bridge and we should give him one hell of an applause. I'm worried that if he is not mentally strong, this could have negative results on his career.
  6. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    No Nemanja Matic? What's goin on?
  7. Didier Drogba

    We shouldn't sell Drogba unless we are going for a big name player like Villa or Ribery who may cost us about 40M plus. I would only sell him if I'm looking for money to buy a big name since he is one of the few players that can fetch for us 15m plus. For footballing reasons alone, we should keep him, though it will mean that we will miss a chance to ever get some money out of him. I think I'm willing to sacrifice Anelka to get some 12M for him. We can buya quick striker like Love to be Drogba's understudy. My friends at home tell me we should chase Dembele from AZ. Apparently he is talented as hell,pacy, only 21 and can play wide,centre and behind a targetman. I would fancy Affelay though This front 3 wouldn't be bad Joey/Renato...........Drogba/Love/Di Santo..........Affelay(Dembele)/Malouda Hiddink doesn't think Drogba's reaction will affect his future:,19528,11945_5299254,00.html
  8. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    If we don't become too scared to try them out, I can see Bruma, Hutchinson, Van Aanholt, Mellis, Woods, Kakuta, Bertrand, Cork, Stoch, and Borini all making it into the 1st team full time in their careers.
  9. Chelsea Finances Thread

    We just need to offload these players and our wage bill will be reduced to 45% of our turnover. Ballack 121k(5.8M saved per annum), Drogba 120 (5.8M saved), Deco 100 (4.8M saved), Malouda 60K (2.9M) , Mineiro (not sure but abt 20K, a saving of 1M), Ferreira (40k, a saving of 2m), Kalou (40K, a saving of 2M). Do the math; We will have made a saving of 24.3M per annum in a year. We can then replace Drogba with a big name striker on 100K like Benzema, and then Kalou can be replaced by kids willing to earn about 20K until they prove their worth. We can focus on kids from eastern europe and south america who are cheap to obtain for such figures
  10. Gael Kakuta

    I feel bad and sorry for Gael, because I was hoping that Hiddink would give him a chance before the season ends.
  11. Gael Kakuta

    Fabregas spent a season in the Arsenal reserves and was drafted into their squad the following season. That's hardly being "made a member of the 1st team". All they did was to sign him for the reserves, they then realised that he was talented (just like Kakuta), they gave him a chance and he took it. Mind you if you didn't know, Kakuta is highly regarded by everyone I know who has seen him play. From Man U to Liverpool fans. Its only YOU who thinks he is a high risk. Scolari too knows it but he would rather play his secret love child Deco and convince Roman that his 8M was well spent.
  12. Gael Kakuta

    Absolutely!!!! There are people on here, who claim that these kids are not ready, but Wilkins thinks otherwise. This article,00.html should put all the useless people who underate our kids to shame. Wilkins thinks the kids are ready and "can handle the situation", which is why we aren't going to buy in this window. He also says that they (the coaching staff) are "thrilled" at the kids who are training with the first team. So for the likes of hanuma, tweeds, bluegrass, droy, why dont you go and eat your hearts out because you have no clue.
  13. Gael Kakuta

    LOL! define my reasoning or your reasoning? Its comments like these that show me the level of your IQ. So your tiny brain tells you that a 21 year old who has played 2 seasons on loan is far better than our 20 year old defender who has played on loan for 2 seasons and is in the English national team? Not getting my point and not worth a response from me anyway, why should I bother?
  14. Gael Kakuta

    What makes you think we would have slipped against Southend playing the kids? It took the introduction of the so called "kids" to beat Stoke after the so called "senior players" had strollred around aimlessly for 80+ minutes.
  15. Gael Kakuta

    Oh yeah so you mean Kalou has all these attributes of positioning, passing, etc and all the crap you conviniently chose to see when analysing Kakuta but not Kalou, SWP, or Malouda.